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Hello! I’m Anjali. I’m a board certified health coach, author, wife, mom and food lover from the SF Bay area (now living in Seattle, WA!); with a passion for delicious food and a desire to make healthy eating easy, tasty and fun! Learn more about me here and stay for a while!

Anjali Shah

80+ Vegan Dinner Recipes To Try Tonight!

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Are you trying to eat more plant based, looking for more flavorful meatless meals, or are you just tired of repeating the same old vegan dinner ideas to feed your family? Then this guide is for you! These 84 vegan dinner recipes are super easy, satisfying, and are totally family friendly. Not only that, they’re flavorful, substantial and hearty enough to please meat eaters too! So read on for the best vegan dinner recipes to make mealtime delicious!

Collage of vegan dinner recipes on a white background.

There are millions of easy vegan recipes for dinner online, but finding actually flavorful tasty meals can be challenging sometimes! On this list, we have something for everyone – from casseroles to pastas, pizzas to curries, no prep vegan meals, meat alternatives – even vegan food for non vegans and kid-friendly meals too.

All of these recipes are tried-and-tested, easy to make, healthy, and packed with flavor!

Vegan Casseroles & Bakes

Vegan Eggplant Parmesan

Slice of vegan eggplant parmesan served on a white plate with a fork.

You’ll get the Italian flavors of traditional eggplant parmesan in this vegan recipe without the unhealthy fat and calories! Perfect for a plant-based diet!

This vegan take on eggplant parmesan tastes practically identical to the traditional recipe! With fewer steps and fewer calories, you’ll have this scrumptious meal on the table in about an hour.

Not only is it gluten-free, it’s very simple and foolproof to make. Oven baking the eggplants skips the additional steps without compromising crispiness.

Make a big batch because the leftovers are even more delicious! This will surely be one of your favorite low-carb vegan dinner recipes once you try it. 

Calories: 273 kcal — Fiber: 8g — Protein: 4g

Vegan Enchiladas

Vegan dinner recipe - vegan enchiladas - in a white baking dish.

It only takes 5 minutes to make the mouth-watering sauce for these enchiladas with tender sweet potatoes. You and your family will want to devour every last hit of this easy vegan dinner because its balance of Mexican flavors is to die for.

These are hearty and satisfying without a high-calorie count. A crowd-pleasing dinner recipe brimming with flavor, low-carb, high fiber, and easy to make.

This casserole is truly one of the best vegan recipes when you want something easy that can be meal prepped! And it happens to be kid-friendly, too!

Calories: 339 kcal — Fiber: 11.3g — Protein: 9.7g

Baked Vegan Pasta

Baked penne in a glass baking dish with a serving on the side.

A vegan baked pasta casserole high in nutrients and quick to make. You’ll love how easy it is to assemble and it is a great vegan dinner party main course.

Not only is this healthy pasta bake full of fresh veggies and an amazing tomato sauce, but it’s also satisfyingly cheesy. This is a recipe that even non-vegans will appreciate because it’s flavorful and irresistibly good without the added fats.

It packs a healthy dose of protein, fiber, and nutrients, making it the perfect meal for your family. Creamy pastas like this are the best vegan recipes for dinner!

Calories: 350 kcal — Fiber: 10g — Protein: 16.1g

Vegan Moussaka

Easy vegan moussaka in a baking dish, with a slice cut out and placed on a plate.

Lentils replace the traditional ground beef or lamb in this vegan moussaka, but you won’t know it by the taste. This filling and outrageously delicious recipe is cheesy, creamy, decadent, and hearty.

Best of all, it’s made of highly nutritious and easy-to-find ingredients. Better yet, it’s a foolproof recipe that requires only 15 minutes of prep. It’s perfect for busy weeknight dinners.

It’s a Greek-inspired rich vegan casserole that satisfies all your cravings without dairy – no animal products here! This low-calorie goodness is a must-try! 

Calories: 264 kcal — Fiber: 6g — Protein: 6g

Keto Enchiladas

Vegan keto enchiladas in a white baking dish.

If you’re looking for vegan keto dinner recipes, this high-protein and high-fiber enchilada recipe is the answer. Not only is it super easy and quick to make, but it’s vegan-friendly and tastes just like traditional Mexican enchiladas.

This budget-friendly recipe transforms simple ingredients into a wonderful Tex-Mex dinner. You can have this prepped and on the table in over half an hour. 

It’s a low-carb version of enchiladas that’s easy to make for the ketogenic diet. If you love vegan make ahead meals, you will love this!

Calories: 453 kcal — Fiber: 34g — Protein: 24g

Pinto Bean Casserole

Pinto bean casserole served in a black skillet.

This family-friendly recipe turns the humble pinto bean into a delicious and flavorful protein-packed dinner. This super simple recipe gives you a healthy dose of fiber and plant-based protein.

It’s a well-balanced Mexican casserole that’s ready in no time, uses one pot and is absolutely good for you. This is one of those fun vegan dishes for a potluck, too!

It’s perfect for weeknight dinners, and it’s naturally gluten-free. Double the recipe because the leftovers taste even better!

Calories: 263 kcal — Fiber: 12.2g — Protein: 10.9g

Vegan Enchilada Casserole

Vegan enchilada casserole in a white baking dish.

A guilt-free twist on the beloved Mexican classic, this is one of the easy vegan dinner recipes you must try. It’s family-friendly, with the perfect harmony of Mexican spices.

This crowd-pleaser is a lighter version of the traditional recipe, loaded with veggies and protein. Even meat eaters will appreciate this casserole when topped with vegan cheese shreds. 

Ready in 30 minutes and vegan friendly, this is a healthy way to enjoy your comfort food on bustling weeknights.

Calories: 300 kcal — Fiber: 7.8g — Protein: 13.2g

Layered Taco Casserole

easy healthy vegetarian layered taco casserole with tortillas in a white baking dish

A Mexican-inspired hearty casserole that’s great for family dinners – this is a low-calorie and protein-rich delight that your kids will love.

Like a Mexican lasagna, this is a cheesy vegan casserole that packs a lot of flavor and even more nutrients. You can make this entire recipe in just 45 minutes, and it’s great for potluck dinners. It’s already gluten-free, and a simple swap makes this vegan.

A quick and easy weeknight meal, loaded with veggies and kid-approved. Great to add to your vegan dinner party menu, too!

Calories: 246 kcal — Fiber: 10g — Protein: 9g

Mushroom Gravy Pie with Garlicky Kale Mashed Potatoes

This vegan, gluten-free savory pie is made with wholesome ingredients like olive oil and baby portobello mushrooms. It’s one of the best mushroom dinner recipes for vegan diets, but honestly anyone will love this recipe because it’s so satisfying that you won’t miss the meat.

Garlicky mashed potatoes are paired with superfood kale, to create a recipe that’s full of flavor and good for you. It’s relatively simple to make and packs a surprisingly high amount of protein. As indulgent as this dish is, you’ll be happy to find out it’s naturally low calorie – at less than 250 calories per serving!

Calories: 242 kcal — Fiber: 7g — Protein: 11g

Vegan Biryani

easy, gluten free, healthy vegan biryani recipe with cauliflower in a bowl

A vegan take on the traditional recipe for mouth-watering biryani that’s packed with veggies and naturally gluten-free!

Make this delicious vegetarian dinner for your family, and they’ll gobble it up. Adding chickpeas ups the protein and fiber content, and this absolutely delicious recipe gets even more nutritious.

This is the perfect one-pot casserole dish, great for meal prep and easy cleanup.

It’s also low in calories, so you can enjoy this spicy dish guilt-free. Adjust the fragrant spices to your preferences, especially if you’re feeding kids or those with sensitive palates!

Calories: 282 kcal — Fiber: 9.4g — Protein: 11g

Vegan Pasta & Pizza

Vegan Pasta Primavera

Vegan pasta primavera served on a white plate.

Incredible flavors and a healthy dose of fresh veggies come together in this 25-minute dinner that’s vegan, low-calorie, and high in nutrients. 

A low-sugar marinara brings together a rainbow of delicious vegetables in this easy pasta dinner that’s perfect for feeding a crowd. Italian seasoning adds loads of flavor without being too overwhelming, and you can load up on fresh veggies with this pasta, so this is a great dinner for kids or for the whole family.

Use more or less veggies, but you’ll ultimately get a ton of protein and fiber in this healthy vegan recipe for dinner!

Calories: 382 kcal — Fiber: 14g — Protein: 15g

Vegan Bolognese

Vegan bolognese with lentils on top of penne pasta, on a white plate with a parsley garnish.

A hearty bolognese that will rival any traditional recipe, this is low-calorie, high-protein, and vegan.

Ready in less than 30 minutes, this family-friendly recipe for meatless bolognese will impress even non-vegans. It’s incredibly easy to make too!

The bolognese tastes so meaty and full of umami that you won’t miss the traditional recipe. One of the best vegan meal ideas for meal prepping and perfect for weeknight dinners. Add some vegan meatballs for extra protein if you’d like!

Calories: 160 kcal — Fiber: 8g — Protein: 8g

Red Lentil Pasta

Red lentil pasta served on a white plate with superfood marinara sauce.

Packed with nutritious veggies and protein from the lentil pasta, this recipe doesn’t compromise on taste. It’s an allergen-friendly dinner option that is full of delicious Italian flavors.

This vegan-friendly pasta dish is balanced, naturally gluten-free, easy to make and unbelievably delicious. Pasta is one of my favorites for vegan date night recipes, too!

Calories: 318 kcal — Fiber: 14g — Protein: 23g

Vegan Peanut Noodles

Vegan peanut noodles tossed with veggies and tofu in a bowl with a fork.

Savory, sweet, and spicy – this vegan main dish recipe is the perfect way to satisfy your takeout cravings. It will quickly become your new favorite dish!

This simple vegan noodle dish is packed with Thai flavors. Tossed with an easy peanut sauce, this recipe will quickly become your go-to solution for quick dinners, with minimal steps and maximum taste.

Enjoy the versatility of this recipe and change it up however you like! Combine crunchy peanut butter (or almond butter) with soy sauce, curry paste, and coconut milk. You can make this in no time and get the satisfaction of a wholesome, plant-based indulgence. 

Calories: 440 kcal — Fiber: 12g — Protein: 23g

Teriyaki Noodles

healthy easy vegan teriyaki noodles with veggies in a bowl

This vegan take on teriyaki noodles is ready in 45 minutes, big on flavors, and also happens to be healthy (but it doesn’t taste like it!)

This spectacular recipe is incredibly delicious and allows for a lot of customization. Add your choice of veggies to the homemade teriyaki sauce for an easy dinner that’s tough to beat.

It’s also easy to make this gluten-free by just using a gluten-free friendly noodle. The recipe is a family favorite for a reason: a sweet, thick, tangy sauce that envelops noodles and veggies. Quick vegan meals for dinner make things so easy!

Calories: 282 kcal — Fiber: 2g — Protein: 9g

Vegan Chow Mein

Healthy vegan chow mein noodles with vegetables served in a white bowl with chopsticks.

This is a wholesome meal that you can make in half an hour. Satisfy your cravings for Chinese takeout in a healthier way that tastes just like the real deal.

This family-friendly vegan dinner is flavorful, easy to make, and is packed full of protein and healthy veggies. 

Even better, it’s a versatile dish with multiple variations. All the ingredients are easy to find, making this all the more convenient. Feed this vegan chow mein to your family because it’s full of clean ingredients and perfect for a weeknight dinner!

Calories: 549 kcal — Fiber: 13g — Protein: 24g

Poolish Pizza Dough

Poolish pizza dough topped with tomatoes and basil, baked in the oven and served on a wooden cutting board.

Make this light and airy pizza dough for your family or whenever you need to feed a crowd. While it looks complicated, this vegan pizza dough is much easier to make than most traditional pizza dough recipes!

Add your favorite toppings, and you’ll have the perfect vegan-friendly pizza for pizza nights, made with wholesome ingredients and easy to whip up.

The best part? You don’t need special equipment to make this homemade pizza; and you can even make it gluten-free!

Calories: 480 kcal — Fiber: 4g — Protein: 13g

Tofu & Tempeh

Tofu Fried Rice

Vegan tofu fried rice, served on a white plate.

This will be one of your family’s favorite vegan tofu dinner recipes because it’s super easy to make and ready in no time.

It’s a one-pot low-calorie meal that’s ready in 20 minutes and tastes like take-out – but even better! This crowd-pleasing recipe is super versatile, mildly spicy, and satisfyingly good.

We’ve packed it full of veggies to make it a complete meal. Even tofu skeptics will love this recipe – they won’t believe that tofu can taste so good!

Calories: 262 kcal — Fiber: 5g — Protein: 9g

Tofu Broccoli With Sesame Noodles

Tofu broccoli stir fry with sesame noodles served on a white plate.

Crispy tofu and a spicy peanut sauce are a winning combination in this simple and quick vegan main course that’s way better than takeout.

You’ll be surprised that preparing this meal takes less than 30 minutes because it tastes like it’s been cooking all day. Indulge in the flavors of Asian cuisine with this healthy recipe that is as effortless as quick.

This dish combines various textures and bold flavors using wholesome and healthy ingredients. I love this as an option for healthy vegan meals for picky eaters since it is so simple, can easily be customized, and just about everyone loves noodles!

Calories: 315 kcal — Fiber: 5.5g — Protein: 21.2g

Vegan Frittata

healthy easy meatless vegetarian and vegan frittata recipe in a cast iron skillet

Now, even vegans can enjoy a crustless quiche or a frittata! This vegan take on the Italian dish doesn’t hold back on flavor or texture. It only takes a handful of ingredients found practically everywhere and only 15 minutes of prep time.

Crispy and tender, this eggless frittata is a quick and light protein-rich dinner recipe that’s gluten-free and great for anyone with dietary restrictions.

Change up this vegan recipe with different variations to get an entirely different meal, or keep it simple. Either way, this low-calorie dinner is a perfect addition to meal prep, for breakfast, brunch, or dinner!

Calories: 187 kcal — Fiber: 4g — Protein: 8g

Vegan Palak Paneer

Vegan palak paneer, served in a bowl with rice.

This vegan palak tofu tastes almost identical to traditional palak paneer. It’s creamy and indulgent, full of warm spices while still remaining dairy free and plant based.

It’s a rich and creamy vegan stew, packed with traditional flavors, that’s high in protein and easy to make. Coconut milk gives this a velvety texture that’s traditionally achieved using dairy cream. So even though it’s dairy free it still has that rich, luscious quality of the authentic Indian recipe.

This recipe is easy to make gluten-free, and it’s also low-calorie. You can make it with mild flavors or as spicy as you like! Either way, because it’s so customizable, this dish is family-friendly and kid-friendly too (just skip the cayenne!)

Calories: 183 kcal — Fiber: 4g — Protein: 11g

Vegan Tikka Masala

Vegan tikka masala served with rice and naan on a white plate.

This 35-minute Indian tofu curry surpasses takeout all in one pot. Creamy, rich, healthy, and quick – a flawless dinner.

Perfect for busy nights, this recipe transforms tofu into a kid-friendly dish that everyone around the table will love. This low calorie meal tastes authentic; it’s a fragrant and mildly spiced curry made with healthy ingredients that you find at any grocery store!

Calories: 180 kcal — Fiber: 5g — Protein: 5g

Vegan Panang Curry

Vegan panang curry served in a black bowl with rice on the side.

This curry is the perfect introduction to Thai food. With its blend of spices and flavors, this recipe tastes irresistibly good. It’s the perfect balance between sweet and spicy, making it a super flavorful dinner.

Sweet, crunchy, and silky – this curry is a great way of turning tofu into a comforting protein-rich meal.

The healthy vegan recipe for dinner uses a ton of fresh veggies, making it filling and nutritious too. You can make this kid-friendly by skipping the cayenne, and cut up the veggies small so they don’t notice them – it’s a great way of sneaking in some veggies into their diet. 

Calories: 400 kcal — Fiber: 8.8g — Protein: 16.9g

Vegan Paella

Enjoy the flavors of a traditional Spanish paella without the meat. You’ll still get an astounding 11 grams of protein in this comforting dish that is fragrant and flavorful.

This is a low-calorie and highly nutritious recipe for paella that doesn’t skimp on flavor, and is super easy to make. The dish is perfect for feeding a crowd, and all the ingredients are easy to find at any grocery store. Add this to your list of easy vegan dinner recipes for the family!

Calories: 228 kcal — Fiber: 7g — Protein: 11g

Sweet And Sour Tofu

Sweet and sour tofu served on a white plate with rice on the side.

Fragrant and delicious, this protein-rich recipe will give you tons of veggies in a tasty dish that’s tastier than Asian takeout and with less sugar.

Sweet and sour tofu is a classic takeout dish, but we’ve remade it to taste just like (or even better!) than your favorite takeout without the unhealthy ingredients. Pan frying the tofu reduces the calorie count, and this recipe also happens to be low sugar and high protein!

Enjoy the tangy-sweet flavor of the sauce, which coats your choice of vegetables. Even picky eaters love this recipe, making it perfect for family dinners.

Calories: 272 kcal — Fiber: 9g — Protein: 17g

Vegan Matar Paneer

Vegan mattar paneer on a white plate.

Tofu replaces paneer in this traditional recipe that’s rich and comforting, providing a healthy dose of plant-based protein, but without the dairy. You can have this recipe ready in just 20 minutes, and it tastes like restaurant-quality Mattar Paneer.

It’s a rich buttery and satisfying dish yet incredibly healthy, packed with protein, and low in calories. It’s full of warm Indian spices, and the tofu is melt-in-your-mouth good. This quick recipe also happens to be great for meal prep and tastes even better the next day!

Calories: 229.1 kcal — Fiber: 2.6g — Protein: 14.1g

Vegan Shawarma

Easy vegan shawarma wraps with tofu served on blue plates topped with vegan tzatziki sauce.

Vegan shawarma is an easy Mediterranean-inspired vegan wrap full of fresh ingredients and packed with flavor.

Crispy tofu, fresh toppings, and creamy sauce are the main ingredients to creating a fantastic vegan shawarma. This may not be a traditional recipe, but it uses all the same spices and tastes very similar to the original.

With a high dose of plant-based protein, this recipe is family-friendly and loaded with wholesome ingredients. A simple swap turns this into a gluten-free wrap, and you can pick and choose the toppings according to your preferences.

Calories: 331 kcal — Fiber: 6g — Protein: 14g

Vegan Burgers, Patties, Meat Alternatives

Vegan Meatloaf

Vegan meatloaf served on a white plate with a gravy on top.

Meatloaf gets a vegan makeover with this scrumptious recipe. Lentils are a good source of protein, but they’re disguised in this recipe for a meaty texture everyone will love.

This is the perfect meatloaf for anyone trying to consume less meat because it’s satisfying, full of wholesome ingredients, and topped with a tangy tomato glaze.

With only 20 minutes of prep, you can have meatloaf on the table in an hour. You can easily make this gluten-free, and it’s great for leftovers because the loaf doesn’t get soggy. Better yet, it’s freezer-friendly. It’s one of the best vegan meals for non vegans, since it still has that meaty texture!

Calories: 180 kcal — Fiber: 6g — Protein: 8g

Vegan Schnitzel

easy homemade vegan schnitzel on a grey plate

A vegan schnitzel packed full of protein with a crispy coating and tender patty, this is an easy recipe everyone loves.

This recipe looks much more difficult than it is. It uses seitan tofu to replace a traditional schnitzel’s pounded meat, resulting in an irresistibly tender patty.

Well-seasoned, crispy, and unbelievably satisfying, this easy dinner is perfect for special occasions. It’s also kid-friendly because the flavors are so subtle.

Calories: 427 kcal — Fiber: 4g — Protein: 34g

Chipotle Black Bean Burgers

Vegan black bean burgers, served with fries on a white plate.

Bite into a juicy burger guilt-free with this hearty veggie burger that tastes like no other. It’s slightly spicy, filling, and just so good!

Even meat eaters won’t mind this burger because it’s surprisingly meaty. The patties are ready quickly, so it’s the perfect way to satisfy your burger cravings. You’ll be pleased to find that the burger holds together well, and you can customize the toppings however you like.

Perfect for summer vegan dinner recipes, this healthy burger is packed with plant-based protein, gluten-free and delicious.

Calories: 359 kcal — Fiber: 14.2g — Protein: 15g

Lentil Falafel Burger

Lentil falafel burgers served on a white plate.

These lentil burgers are one of the best high-protein vegan dinner recipes – and it’s so satisfying that this burger will impress even non-vegetarians. 

This vegan-friendly recipe makes a hearty burger bursting with flavor. This recipe packs a lot of nutrition by combining two different types of legumes and a variety of veggies and seasonings.

They’re great for family dinners and perfect for meal prepping. Better yet, the burger will keep you full without weighing you down. Customize the burger however you want, and swap the bun to make this gluten-free.

Calories: 363.5 kcal — Fiber: 11.4g — Protein: 18.2g

High Protein Veggie Burgers

High protein veggie burgers on a white plate.

Great for weeknight dinners, these veggie burgers will satisfy your cravings without the preservatives and stabilizers typically added to pre-made veggie burgers.

High protein veggie burgers are ultimate comfort food ready in just 30 minutes. It’s a hearty, filling option to serve for vegan main dishes.

This easy recipe is also more budget-friendly than store-bought burgers. Customize them to your family’s preferences, and you have a family & kid-friendly meal that’s nutritionally balanced and tastes awesome.

Calories: 508 kcal — Fiber: 22g — Protein: 29g

Vegan Chicken Sandwich

best healthy meatless vegan chicken sandwich recipe on a wooden cutting board

This vegan version of the classic sandwich packs a whopping 30 grams of protein and tons of flavor without the added calories!

Grab this satisfying and flavor-packed dinner that gives you everything you want in a chicken sandwich without the guilt. Even the ranch dressing is vegan here – and the plant-based patty is crispy on the outside while tender on the inside.

You’ll get a healthy dose of nutrition in this sandwich, all while being under 300 calories. Serve this with your choice of fixings and freeze the leftover patties (if you have any!).

Calories: 286 kcal — Fiber: 3g — Protein: 30g

Vegan Philly Cheesesteak

easy, authentic, healthy, vegetarian and vegan philly cheesesteak recipe on a white plate

A vegan version of the iconic Philly cheesesteak that packs a whopping 32 grams of protein and doesn’t skimp on flavor or cheesiness!

Homemade beef, seitan, and vegan cheese come together in this nutritionally balanced and healthy meal that tastes extremely close to the real deal!

It’s the perfect dish for feeding a big crowd; even kids and picky eaters will approve of this recipe. The textures and flavors of this sandwich are incredibly close to the traditional sandwich, and you’ll have the entire recipe ready in 20 minutes.

Homemade seitan is much easier than it sounds, so go ahead and try this version of the hearty comfort food classic!

Calories: 431 kcal — Fiber: 6g — Protein: 32g

Vegan Wellington

Vegan Wellington with lentils and mushrooms, served on a white plate with roasted veggies on the side.

Get your dose of healthy plant-based protein with this comforting vegan wellington that’s bound to impress your dinner party guests. Perfectly seasoned and nut-free, this transforms lentils and mushrooms into the perfect meaty dish without the traditional beef.

It’s great for special occasions, and even your non-vegan friends will approve of this recipe. The flaky, buttery pastry is exceptionally tasty, and the recipe packs protein and fiber.

This impressive dish is one of the best vegan dinner party recipes, it’s flavor packed, healthy and a total crowd-pleaser!

Calories: 363.1 kcal — Fiber: 10.3g — Protein: 11g

Cauliflower “Steaks” with Chimichurri Sauce

This vegan take on steak has great flavor and texture, and it’s so good you won’t miss the meat!

Even meat lovers will approve of this mock-steak that is hearty and flavorful. This vegan dish takes only 20 minutes to make, and you can have a mouth-watering dinner on your table that the entire family will love. The chimichurri sauce really elevates the dish, so every bite is an explosion of flavor.

Calories: 145 kcal — Fiber: 4g — Protein: 3g

Vegan No Tuna Salad

Everyone loves a tuna salad sandwich for lunch or dinner, and this plant based recipe recipe makes over this comfort food classic into a vegan friendly dish!

It’s very easy to put together and keeps well in the fridge too. The only unique ingredient is the granulated kelp – which is the source of fishiness in this recipe.

Enjoy this low-calorie vegan alternative to tuna salad with the same texture and flavor of the traditional recipe. If you want no cook vegan meals, this is the one!

Calories: 99 kcal — Fiber: 1g — Protein: 1g

Main Course Salads & Veg-Focused Meals

Roasted Cauliflower Salad

Packed with flavor, this is a delicious way to enjoy cauliflower alongside the perfect blend of leafy greens and protein-rich chickpeas.

Roasting veggies is an excellent way to add tons of flavor without any calories. This filling salad with fresh spinach is an amazing recipe for whenever you want something tasty without feeling weighed down.

It’s naturally gluten-free and vegan, but even meat eaters will appreciate the flavors of the simple dish. Make this ahead as it keeps well in the fridge, requiring only one pot – meaning less cleanup! Top with spicy sunflower seeds for added flavor and crunch.

Calories: 321.5 kcal — Fiber: 10.2g — Protein: 9.6g

Vegetable Stir Fry Sauce

Vegetable stir fry served with brown rice on a grey plate.

This is a refreshingly good but light stir fry packed with veggies. This flavorful sauce is ready in no time, making this easy and stress free!

This quick recipe is a great way to get your dose of veggies or try tofu for the first time. Quinoa makes this stir fry lighter than the traditional rice and adds a bit of protein.

The mild flavors make this perfect for family meals, and you can pick whichever veggies you want to add – try green beans, cherry tomatoes, red onions, and shiitake mushrooms. It is the best way to use up vegetables in the fridge.

In just 15 minutes, you’ll have a flavorful dinner that everyone will love!

Calories: 210 kcal — Fiber: 6g — Protein: 7g

Black Bean Fajitas

Black bean fajitas served on a white plate garnished with lime and jalapeno pepper slices.

An enticing recipe for vegan fajitas, this dish packs great flavor. This is a vibrant vegetarian Mexican delight that’ll bring the family together.

Healthy and easy to make, this recipe will quickly become one of your favorite vegan dishes for dinner.

Customize the toppings however you like, and have a great meal in 20 minutes. It’s a tasty way to enjoy your veggies – and soak in all the flavors of traditional fajitas without the meat! 

Calories: 184 kcal — Fiber: 10g — Protein: 8g

Italian Ratatouille

Healthy vegan Italian ratatouille with potatoes, also known as Ciambotta, served in a white bowl garnished with fresh basil.

If you’re looking for easy vegan dinner recipes for your family, this Italian ratatouille is more filling than the French version. It’s budget-friendly and easily customizable with whatever veggies are in season, and it’s perfect for a weeknight main dish.

You can have this easy recipe on the table in under an hour. This family favorite is packed full of Italian herbs to give you that authentic flavor, and it’s super satisfying. 

This is an easy, seasonal Italian dish full of awesome flavors, and our version is naturally vegan and gluten-free. One of the best veggie packed dinners!

Calories: 312 kcal — Fiber: 11g — Protein: 8g

Black Bean Chilli Stuffed Peppers

Black bean chili stuffed peppers served on a white plate.

We have created a vegan-friendly recipe for cheesy, tasty stuffed peppers that are satisfying, flavorful, and an easy weeknight meal!

If you’re looking for a healthy yet satisfying recipe to feed your family, this delicious recipe for stuffed peppers is the right choice. This is a combination of hearty vegan chili and cheesy stuffed peppers. With a serious punch of spice, you’ll get a healthy dose of veggies and a whopping 20 grams of plant-based protein.

Add as much vegan cheese as you like, and customize the flavors of this easy meal to your family’s preferences. With only 10 minutes of prep time, you will love this vegan friendly dinner idea!

Calories: 360 kcal — Fiber: 14.5g — Protein: 20g

Vegan Empanadas

Vegan empanadas served on a white plate.

You’ll love this astoundingly delicious recipe for vegan empanadas that’s comforting and replicates the flavors of traditional recipes. 

Flaky dough and well-balanced spices in a black bean filling make for a winning combination in these vegan empanadas with no meat! This healthy take on this Latin American staple is savory, perfectly spicy, and super filling.

Calories: 96 kcal — Fiber: 3g — Protein: 4g

Mexican Flautas With Black Beans

Black bean flautas served on a white plate.

Enjoy crispy flautas that taste so good you can’t help but ask for seconds. These are big on flavor and even bigger on nutrients.

Packing an impressive 13 grams of protein, these are not only good for you, they are healthier than traditional flautas. Oven baking makes these low-fat, and they’re a definite show-stopper.

This flavorful Mexican recipe is such an easy vegan family dinner, you’ll want to make it again and again!

Calories: 315 kcal — Fiber: 15g — Protein: 13g

Healthy Vegan Curries

Spaghetti Squash Curry 

Spaghetti squash curry, served on a white plate, topped with cilantro and chopped nuts.

This healthy and satisfying Indian curry is exceptionally delicious, low-carb, and also happens to be perfect for the whole 30 diet, while still being vegan friendly!

While this genius recipe can be slightly laborious, it’s worth the trouble. It’s a vegan Indian curry that uses spaghetti squash instead of pasta. You’ll get all the satisfaction of eating spaghetti without the extra carbs!

This dish also serves up a healthy dose of fiber and protein from the chickpeas, and you can also add extra veggies for more nutrition.

Calories: 283 kcal — Fiber: 13g — Protein: 12g

Aubergine Curry

aubergine curry (or brinjal curry / eggplant curry) served with rice in a bowl

Even if you don’t like eggplant, this texture of the eggplant in this curry might convert you to being an eggplant lover! Pan roasting brings out all the flavor in the eggplant, which absorbs all the flavors of the tomato-based sauce.

This is comfort food at its best, that’s naturally gluten-free and vegan! With its warm spices and creamy chickpeas, it’s brimming with so much flavor.

Serve this vegan chickpea and eggplant curry with brown rice for added nutrients, and you can’t go wrong. A great option for vegan cooking for beginners!

Calories: 192 kcal — Fiber: 8g — Protein: 5g

Butternut Squash And Chickpea Curry

Butternut squash and chickpea curry, served with couscous on a white plate.

This hearty and filling vegan chickpea curry is full of protein and the goodness of wholesome ingredients – all ready in under an hour with minimal prep time!

Butternut squash curry is a stick-to-your-bones Indian curry that’s totally delicious. The spicy and luscious curry sauce is a winner, with the perfect spice in every bite.

With 13.5 grams of protein per portion, this healthy dinner will keep the midnight munchies at bay. Your kids will even love this, as the butternut squash adds sweetness, and the curry isn’t too spicy. It’s low fat and low calorie too! 

Calories: 387.3 kcal — Fiber: 14g — Protein: 13.5g

Chickpea And Lentil Curry

Fragrant, rich, and full of spice, this is a natural and simple vegan dinner recipe full of protein and fiber. This is vegan made easy!

Enjoy a bowl of cozy Indian curry that’s hearty and filling. The plant-based sauce is creamy and flavorful. You’ll also get a healthy dose of minerals and vitamins, so you can indulge in this dinner guilt-free.

Don’t forget to add a vegan flatbread because you’ll want to sop up every last bit of the sauce. The recipe is freezer-friendly, too, so it’s perfect for meal prepping.

Calories: 483 kcal — Fiber: 19g — Protein: 19g

Vegan Thai Green Curry

Vegan Thai green curry, served in a grey bowl with quinoa on the side.

A vibrant, creamy, spicy dinner appealing to everyone, this Thai curry is a healthy and wholesome meal you’ll love to make.

In our vegan version, you can indulge in a creamy curry without the added grease and heaviness. This Thai curry recipe suits all palates, with warm and cozy spices that give the green sauce its unique taste.

While this is a creamy sauce, it contains healthy fats from coconut milk. It looks complex but the recipe is actually super simple, and all the ingredients are also easy to find.

Enjoy this protein-rich, vegan-friendly recipe full of light and bright flavors for a perfect weeknight dinner.

Calories: 250 kcal — Fiber: 9.9g — Protein: 11.1g

Lentil Cauliflower Curry

Vegan lentil curry, served in a silver bowl with naan on the side.

This vegan and gluten free lentil curry is a nutritious, low calorie dish that’s super easy to make. Thanks to the Instant Pot, this curry takes only 20 minutes of prep time and cooks perfectly with minimal effort!

It’s a healthy, plant based dinner that you’re guaranteed to return to. Feel free to change it up by adding different veggies or spices – it’s super versatile so you can make it your own! This is perfect for feeding a crowd or meal prepping, especially because leftovers freeze well. 

Calories: 114 kcal — Fiber: 7.4g — Protein: 7.9g

Chickpea And Potato Curry

Vegan chickpea and potato curry served in a grey bowl with rice and yogurt on the side.

Many vegan potato recipes for dinner are bland, but not this one! This stew uses Indian spices and hearty veggies to make a well-rounded one-pot meal that is satisfyingly good.

This chana Masala-inspired recipe is a gluten-free and kid-friendly stew. The ultimate ​​vegan comfort food!

It’s pretty simple despite the complex flavors, and it’s ready in practically no time. Adjust the spice levels according to your taste, and switch up the veggies with what you have on hand. No matter how you make it, it will taste great every time!

Calories: 226 kcal — Fiber: 9g — Protein: 9g

Chana Aloo Masala

Potatoes and chickpeas come together in this authentic Indian recipe for an easy chickpea curry that is super easy to assemble.

This is one of those recipes you’ll want to make an extra big batch of because this vegan curry is full of warm spices (without being too spicy!), creamy, and naturally gluten free too.

It’s a hearty and filling dish that your whole family will love, thanks to the thick gravy that’s delicious and full of flavor. It’s ready in less than an hour, and I consider it a rich source of plant-based protein. If you are looking for quick vegan entrees, add this to your list!

Calories: 227 kcal — Fiber: 7.3g — Protein: 9.9g

Vegan Potato Curry

This quick recipe for vegan potato curry is incredibly tasty, with soft potatoes and a rich tomato-based sauce. This healthy dish also happens to be oil-free without composing on flavors, and is loaded with plant-based foods.

Make this flavorful, comforting potato curry for dinner, any night of the week. The added veggies give a boost of vitamins to the dish. Cozy vegan meals like this really warm you up!

Calories: 290 kcal — Fiber: 5g — Protein: 6g

Thai Peanut Curry

Vegan dinner recipe for Thai peanut curry with chickpeas served in a white bowl.

Calories: 200 kcal — Fiber: 12g — Protein: 14g

Why You’ll Love It: Experience the ultimate comfort with this one-pot vegan wonder that’s truly satisfying. Versatile and easy cleanup – topped with cashews for a nice crunch.

Loaded with inviting flavors, it swaps tofu for chickpeas for a twist. Garlic, onions, and warm spices infuse richness. Peanut powder and coconut milk create a creamy sauce embraced by veggies. Enjoy over jasmine rice, quinoa, or as a stew. Generous leftovers freeze well. Plant based recipes for dinner do not get much better than this!

Vegan Stews & One Pot Meals

Instant Pot Lentils with Tahini

Vegan dinner recipe for lentils and tahini served in a cast iron skillet, garnished with red onions.

Protein and fiber-rich, one of the best plant-based meals that’s ready in no time, uses one pot and tastes unbelievably good.

This dinner is full of healthy plant-based protein will keep you satisfied for a long time. The hearty lentils pair well with the creamy tahini, creating a rich stew that’s low in calories but big on flavor. It’s also ideal for feeding a big family because scaling up the recipe is quick and effortless.

Calories: 261 kcal — Fiber: 11.7g — Protein: 12.8g

Sweet Potato Dahl

Vegan dinner recipe for sweet potato dal, served in a white bowl.

This is one of my favorite vegan, gluten-free dinner recipes! This one pot meal is a different take on a traditional Indian dish, packing it with even more protein and nutrients.

Not only that, but it’s a great recipe to make anytime of the week because of how easy and satisfying it is. You can remove some of the spice to make it more kid-friendly and puree the veggies for picky eaters.

This tasty gluten-free recipe that turns boring old lentils into a modern and intriguing dish. This dahl does it all, and it’s fast and easy too! 

Calories: 311 kcal — Fiber: 11.6g — Protein: 17.1g

Vegan Pozole

Vegan pozole in a white bowl garnished with lime and cilantro.

Pozole is a traditional Mexican stew that’s typically made with pork. But our plant based version replaces the pork with pinto beans for a vegan one-pot meal that’s hearty, super flavorful and so satisfying!

It’s high in protein and fiber, and the rich spices bring together the ingredients seamlessly. This quick and easy vegan Mexican stew is full of bold flavors and varying textures. It’s great for fall and winter dinners, but honestly is delicious anytime of year too.

Using an Instant Pot means it’s ready in no time, too. It’ll taste better the next day, so make a big batch!

Calories: 207 kcal — Fiber: 8g — Protein: 8g

Pumpkin And Sweet Potato Soup

Pumpkin and sweet potato soup, served in a blue bowl, topped with fresh herbs and coconut cream.

You’ll love this light and creamy soup that’ll warm you up from the inside out! This creamy soup without the cream is perfect for a low-calorie dinner that will keep you full.

It’s a healthy recipe full of comforting, rich fall flavors. The delightful combination of pumpkin and sweet potato is always a winner, and making this in the Instant Pot means it’s ready in no time.

You can easily customize this silky soup to suit your preferences, but it’s already suitable for most diets – it’s naturally gluten free, vegan and it also happens to be ready in just 30 minutes!

Calories: 155 kcal — Fiber: 8.7g — Protein: 5.4g

Tuscan Bean Stew

Tuscan bean stew served in a grey bowl garnished with vegan parmesan cheese.

This deliciously satisfying, protein-rich, low-calorie recipe is full of healthy ingredients and is super easy to make!

Using whole wheat pasta in this vegan stew ups the protein and fiber content in addition to the beans. This vegan dinner recipe is a great way to get in an extra dose of veggies, especially for your kids – and you can customize it as you wish.

The best part? This recipe is ready in 30 minutes, perfect for busy weeknight dinners. This is a filling soup with mild Italian flavors that everyone will love!

Calories: 288 kcal — Fiber: 15.1g — Protein: 15.1g

Mexican Bean Soup

Mexican bean soup served in a bowl topped with avocado and tortilla chips.

Enjoy this comforting Mexican soup that’s hearty and exceptionally delicious. It’s an effortless and quick recipe that packs a ton of protein and fiber.

Everyone around the table will love this hearty, meatless meal, perfect for cold winter dinners. It’s also versatile because you can change the toppings however you want, making it the ultimate comfort food. Fresh herbs like cilantro provide vibrant flavor and work well as a garnish.

You won’t be able to get enough of the authentic Mexican flavors in this gluten-free, low-calorie, and delicious healthy bean soup. You’ll really enjoy healthy eating with vegan soups like this one – it’ll become a regular at your dinner table!

Calories: 248 kcal — Fiber: 11.6g — Protein: 12.6g

Stewed Beans

Vegan stewed red kidney beans served in a blue bowl with a spoon.

A hearty Caribbean-inspired stew that’s ready in no time and makes a delicious family meal that’s budget-friendly and good for you. 

This vegan and gluten-free recipe is versatile and easy to make, regardless of your chosen method. Rich with Caribbean spices, this recipe will remind you of Jamaican stew peas.

You can easily customize it, and the recipe is as nutritious as it is tasty. Yummy and satisfying, this is a perfect dinner for feeding a crowd. 

Calories: 308 kcal — Fiber: 10g — Protein: 9g

Indian Rice And Lentil Stew

Rice and lentils sound like simple ingredients, but when combined Indian spices and veggies in this vegan dinner recipe, they turn into the most rich, protein packed meal!

This low-calorie authentic Indian stew needs only one pot, and is ready in no time. Make a large batch of this Indian stew for your family because it’s incredibly easy to prep.

Using rich, warm Indian spices and adding in lentils makes this a filling and flavorful meal perfect for dinner. You won’t be disappointed with this healthy stew that’s kid-friendly and highly customizable too. 

Calories: 210 kcal — Fiber: 12g — Protein: 9.2g

Thai Sweet Potato Soup

Enjoy a bowl of this flavorful & spicy Thai soup for your next meatless meal! It combines Thai and Mexican flavors to make a delicious soup perfect for a warm but light dinner.

This light soup also happens to be low-calorie, flavorful, and comforting. The poblano peppers give this a punch of spice, but you can adjust that to taste. 

It only takes 20 minutes to prep if you are looking for easy vegan dinner options. You’ll get a healthy dose of nutritious veggies in this soup and a wonderful flavor profile like no other!

Calories: 100 kcal — Fiber: 2g — Protein: 1.4g

Ginger Carrot Coconut Soup

easy, creamy, ginger carrot coconut soup recipe (vegan, gluten free and dairy free) in a white bowl

If you’re looking for healthy vegan dinner recipes that won’t weigh you down, make this cozy and comforting soup. It’s full of flavor, and the recipe is naturally gluten-free.

Even kids will love this soup because it combines sweetness with the mild spiciness of the ginger. It’s a velvety, rich, and creamy vegan soup that doesn’t require any heavy cream. When it comes to fall vegan dinners, this is a winner.

Italian Chickpea Soup

Italian chickpea soup served in a white bowl garnished with basil and with bread on the side.

This protein-rich recipe is brimming with Italian flavors, and it’s foolproof. It’s a vegan-friendly simple Italian soup that’s hearty and nutritious. It’s low-calorie, gluten-free, low-fat, and one of the top vegan dinner recipes for busy nights.

Versatile and adaptable, this gluten-free wonder is a nutritious, low-calorie option that your whole family will love. It’s a comforting soup, and tastes amazing. Pair with an Italian or caesar salad and some crusty bread on the side!

Calories: 254 kcal — Fiber: 12g — Protein: 12g

Vegan Stew with Beans And Rice

Beans and brown rice served on a white plate with corn and salsa.

Rice and beans is one of those tried-and-true recipes that everyone loves, and it also happens to be naturally vegan!

It’s a family-friendly dish that even kids will enjoy and packs ample protein and healthy nutrients. It’s perfect for batch cooking and freezes well, so you can conveniently make this ahead. This is a great choice for simple vegan recipes!

Calories: 342.5 kcal — Fiber: 18.2g — Protein: 17.2g

Vegan White Bean Chili

Vegan white bean chili topped with avocado, jalapeno slices and lime in a white bowl with a spoon.

This recipe is rich and creamy, and the blend of warm spices makes it incredibly tasty. It’s a flavorful vegan chili recipe made with white beans! It’s also naturally gluten free and packs a protein punch. Great if you want a tomato free version of chili!

This is a hearty chili that is satisfying and healthy, and you can adjust the spice levels according to taste. Enjoy a bowl of this comforting chili on cold winter nights. It’ll feel like a guilty pleasure without the guilt!

Calories: 273 kcal — Fiber: 9g — Protein: 11g

Vegan Black Bean Soup

Vegan black bean soup in a white bowl garnished with avocado and cilantro.

This convenient vegan recipe is a great option for busy weeknight dinners. It’s a filling and hearty soup with simple ingredients that comes together in one pot in under 1 hour!

It’s full of flavor and nutrition and a cozy option when the weather is too cold outside. Vegan winter dinner recipes like this are so comforting and nourishing, you won’t be able to stop eating this soup!

Calories: 250 kcal — Fiber: 14.4g — Protein: 14.3g

Moroccan Stew With Chickpeas

Vegan moroccan stew served on a white plate with quinoa on the side.

Full of bold Moroccan flavors, this stew is inspired by the traditional Tagine. It’s a rich and savory stew that will satisfy your cravings, but this version contains tender veggies.

Chickpeas and quinoa add a healthy dose of protein while keeping it relatively traditional. The recipe uses three spice blends mellowed out by the sweetness of dried apricots, making this an explosion of flavor.

Perfect for cool weather days, this is an easy recipe full of flavor, vegan friendly, and satisfyingly healthy.

Calories: 238.8 kcal — Fiber: 8.3g — Protein: 8.8g

Vegan Butternut Squash Chili

Vegan butternut squash chili in a white bowl garnished with green onions.

This hearty recipe turns butternut squash into spicy chili that will soon become your family’s favorite. Beans add a healthy punch of protein, and the crunchy corn provides heterogeneity, so you can enjoy every bite.

Even better, the awesome recipe uses basic ingredients that you probably have on hand. It’s a kid-friendly and super flavorful comfort food that’s perfect for rainy night dinners.

This is a low-calorie and gluten-free chili that’s big on flavors and textures, and easy to make. Vegan fall recipes do not get much better than this!

Calories: 207 kcal — Fiber: 10.4g — Protein: 9.7g

Indian Fried Rice (Khichdi)

Khichdi served in a cast iron skillet garnished with cilantro.

Khichdi (or khichri) is essentially like an Indian fried rice dish that’s traditionally made with rice and lentils as a base, with numerous variations on add-ins based on tastes and preferences.

This authentic Indian dish is wholesome, low-calorie, naturally gluten free and vegan friendly! It’s hearty, healthy, full of nutritious ingredients, and requires just one pot! While it’s full of spices, they’re all relatively mild, perfect for a family meal with the kids.

The entire dish is ready in 45 minutes with minimal prep and is easy to make. It’s a great option for making ahead of time because it tastes better the next day. If you are looking for easy one pot vegan meals, add this to your list!

Calories: 243 kcal — Fiber: 6.9g — Protein: 10.3g

Slow-Cooker Yellow Dal

Slow cooker yellow dal served in a white bowl with cilantro as a garnish.

The slow cooker is a brilliant way to get creamy rich lentils in your yellow dal. The turmeric and cumin shine through in this authentic Indian recipe that requires minimal prep time and will fill your home with yummy aromas as it cooks. The recipe is great for kids too, due to its mild flavors and a great option for busy weekend dinners. 

Enjoy this traditional Indian comfort food that’s naturally vegan and high in protein any time of the week. This is an effortless, low-calorie recipe you will love!

Calories: 210 kcal — Fiber: 13g — Protein: 13g

Red Lentil Dahl

Red lentil dahl served in small ramekins with cilantro as a garnish.

This twist on a traditional recipe for lentil dahl that’s just as flavorful and deliciously fragrant. It’s a healthy vegan recipe that’s simple to make and full of plant-based protein and fiber, and also happens to be naturally gluten free.

You can customize it according to your preferences, it’s super filling, packed with protein, and family friendly. It’s also great for making big batches and for vegan meal prep dinners too!

Calories: 249 kcal — Fiber: 14g — Protein: 11g

Instant Pot Dal

Vegan dal served in a silver bowl garnished with yogurt and cilantro.

Make this simple and healthy meal for your family with only 25 minutes of prep. It combines wholesome ingredients and Indian spices in one pot, and you can add whatever veggies you have in your fridge.

This vegan dinner recipe is a yummy stew that’s delicious, nutritious, and perfect for meal prep. It’s quick and effortless Indian comfort food that’s packed with flavor. Make this family friendly recipe to save time in the kitchen. If you want easy vegan meals, you have to try this!

Calories: 135 kcal — Fiber: 6.5g — Protein: 7.8g

Instant Pot Dal Makhani

This recipe will replace your favorite Indian takeout order because it tastes like the real deal. The authentic flavors of this traditional dal makhani are satisfyingly good, and using the Instant Pot means it takes no time to make.

Coconut oil and coconut milk add richness and creaminess to this dish, so you can mellow down those warm Indian spices without the added dairy. This recipe is so good that no one will know it’s vegan! 

Calories: 201 kcal — Fiber: 14.2g — Protein: 11.9g

Vegan Mexican Rice

Vegan Mexican rice served in a white bowl, garnished with lime.

This is one of the most simple vegan dinner recipes for rice that is both delicious and full of healthy ingredients. You can whip this up using simple ingredients you probably have on hand, and it’s ready in under an hour with minimal hands-on time.

Enjoy this low-calorie simple recipe that transforms rice into a flavorful dish perfect for dinners on busy nights. Plus, it only requires one pot for easy clean up!

The recipe is authentic, and naturally gluten-free, and tastes unbelievably good. You can use it as a side dish for enchiladas or pair it with crispy avocado tacos. You will genuinely love this ​​as part of your rotation of easy plant based recipes.

Calories: 228 kcal — Fiber: 3g — Protein: 5g

Vegan Bowls & Wraps

Vegetarian Fajita Bowl

Healthy vegetarian fajita bowls with avocado and lime, on a white background.

Mexican-style veggie fajita bowls: vegan-friendly and the perfect meal prep! A great dish to add into your regular rotation since it’s super easy.

This vegan, gluten-free bowl comes together in just 35 minutes. Enjoy the simplicity of a vegetarian fajita bowl bursting with bold flavors and juicy bell peppers! Customize it a little, and your kids will devour this healthy meal.

You can use your leftovers to make these vegan fajitas or make this part of your meal prep routine. There are a few variations: add protein or make this low carb too! I love to top this with vegan sour cream!

Calories: 475 kcal — Fiber: 17g — Protein: 14g

Spanish Paella With Quinoa

This vegan paella is one of the best kid-friendly vegan quinoa recipes for dinner. It’s a delicious replica of traditional paella without meat or seafood.

Packed with Spanish-style spices and healthy vegetables, this paella comes with minimal prep time. This aromatic dinner is a mouthwatering addition to your weekly dinner plans, and you can use any leftovers for a light lunch, too. Your taste buds will thank you!

Calories: 283.8 kcal — Fiber: 13.5g — Protein: 13.5g

BBQ Jackfruit Burrito Bowl

BBQ jackfruit burrito bowl served in a white bowl with rice on the side.

Get the taste of traditional BBQ using canned jackfruit and a handful of simple ingredients. This vegan dinner recipe is super simple to make and popular with kids.

Mild and sweet jackfruit truly absorbs the delectable spice mix to replicate the same flavors you’d expect from a traditional BBQ bowl.

Adding refried beans and rice makes this a more filling dish, and you’ve got a great dinner for the entire family. Top with fresh cilantro and fresh tomatoes!

Calories: 73 kcal — Fiber: 12.7g — Protein: 8.9g

Veggie Burrito Bowl

vegan burrito bowl served with tortilla chips on the side.

A vegan-friendly copycat of Chipotle’s veggie bowl that’s healthier and just as tasty. It’s ready in no time, too!

Loaded with fresh vegetables and black beans, these burrito bowls are just so yummy! This recipe is crunchy, spicy, and extremely flavorful. It’s also naturally gluten-free and easy to make vegan.

You can feel good about eating this copycat recipe because it’s full of protein, fiber, and a wide variety of vitamins from the fresh toppings. Your whole family will love this dinner; you can easily add it to your meal prep. 

Calories: 291 kcal — Fiber: 12g — Protein: 16g

Vegan Egg Roll In A Bowl

Meatless low carb vegetarian egg roll in a bowl, served in a white bowl, garnished with green onions.

This vegan egg roll in a bowl recipe is a gluten-free and vegan deconstruction of traditional egg rolls!

Make this delicious meal that’s packed with flavor, requiring only wholesome ingredients. Enjoy all of the flavors of egg rolls without needing to deep fry anything and keep it vegan + low carb friendly!

You’ll get a vibrant array of veggies in this one-pan meal for the entire family. This delicious recipe is a show-stopper and takes almost no time to make. It’s both low in sugar and carbs, and skipping the deep fryer means it’s also low in fat.

Calories: 144.3 kcal — Fiber: 2.7g — Protein: 10.1g

Samosa Wraps

Indian samosa wraps cut in half and served on a white plate with chutney on the side.

This recipe is much healthier than traditional samosas by skipping the deep fryer and doubling up on plant protein in the form of tofu.

Yet, these samosa wraps don’t miss a beat regarding traditional flavors. Even kids will love this Indian-spiced vegan dinner, which is relatively easy to put together. The tortillas are gluten-free and much simpler to make than samosas. These delicious wraps are perfect for a quick vegan dinner everyone will love.

Calories: 370 kcal — Fiber: 9g — Protein: 16g

Falafel Wrap

Homemade easy falafel wrap recipe on a white plate.

This family-friendly high protein vegan wrap has all the flavors of authentic falafel wraps – crispy, fresh veggies, and creamy hummus sauce. But, since the falafel is baked instead of fried, you get all the flavor without deep frying anything!

This simple recipe full of great flavors is great for a light dinner and perfect for meal-prepping. Add as many veggies as you like, and have a deliciously refreshing wrap. One of the best vegan options for dinner!

Calories: 285 kcal — Fiber: 10g — Protein: 12g

Vegan Crunchwrap Supreme

healthy vegan crunchwrap supreme - taco bell copycat recipe, stacked on a cutting board

This is a vegan friendly, copycat recipe for Taco Bell’s infamous crunch wrap that’s super simple to make. Skip the processed food and make this heart-healthy sandwich as delicious as the original!

You’ll be able to satisfy your cravings guilt-free with this well-rounded meal that happens to be high in plant protein, fiber, and is kid-friendly too.

It’s clever twist on the Taco Bell classic that tastes like the real deal without the added calories, fats, and preservatives. It’s like a loaded vegan taco, but better!

Calories: 569 kcal — Fiber: 15g — Protein: 20g

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