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A sample feeding schedule for your baby (6-12 months)

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Schedules and babies mix really, really well. They keep things predictable for you, they help your baby to understand when meal times, nap times and bedtime are, and they give babies much needed structure in their day.

Babies on a schedule sleep better and longer, eat better, and are generally in a better mood than babies whose days are constantly changing. Here is a sample feeding schedule for your little one (best for ages 6-12 months). Layla has been on this schedule since she was about 6 months old (with some modifications as she’s gotten older) and it has been working great for us!

Of course, all babies are different and develop differently – so this may not work exactly the same for your baby – especially in terms of quantities of food. But hopefully this helps as a guideline for what a schedule for a 6-12 month old might look like 🙂 Naps and other non-food-related activities are in [ ], and mealtimes are underlined to distinguish

8:00am Breakfast – 5oz Fruit Purees or Chunky Fruit pieces + 2oz Oatmeal

Fruit options: Blueberry “smoothie”apple & prune, pear, avocado to name a few, but honestly any fruit combination works!

10:00am Snack (Bottle): 7-8oz bottle or sippy cup (breastmilk or formula)

[10:30am Nap]

12:30pm Lunch – 3oz veggies + 2oz lentils / beans + 2oz yogurt / cheese + 1oz grains (quinoa, brown rice, whole wheat pasta).

Veggie ideas: Green Beans, Peas, Butternut Squash, Carrots, Sweet Potato, Zucchini, Broccoli/Spinach/Cauliflower

For the lentils/beans – I usually cook them down to be really soft and add spices like cumin, coriander, turmeric, garam masala

3:00pm Snack (Bottle): 7-8oz bottle or sippy cup (breastmilk or formula)

[3:30pm Nap]

5:30pm Dinner – 4oz veggies + 2oz lentils / beans + 1oz yogurt / cheese + 1oz grains (quinoa, brown rice, whole wheat pasta)

OR whatever we are eating for dinner.

[7:00pm Bath, Songs, Massage with lotion or coconut oil]

7:30pm (Bottle): 7-8oz bottle or sippy cup (breastmilk or formula)

[1 book before bed]

[8:00pm Bedtime]

a sample feeding schedule for your baby. homemade baby food organic, making baby food recipes, baby food puree, baby food ideas, baby food introducing, healthy baby food recipes

76 responses to “A sample feeding schedule for your baby (6-12 months)”

  1. Hi there! I love how you laid out the feeding schedule. I have a 6.5 month old, and we’ve done purees off and on (her evenings after daycare are so hit or miss depending on if she gets that catnap in). She seems way more interested in the food we have in our hands, and loves sucking on real food. How do you recommend starting those solid foods? It’s so overwhelming and I can’t really determine what the best way is to start (also, being super nervous of course about choking). Thanks!

    • Hi Krista! It sounds like your daughter might be a baby-led-weaning baby. In general, what you want to do is give her large, soft chunks of food (e.g. super soft/steamed sweet potatoes, banana, squashes, etc) and let her gnaw on them. I wouldn’t recommend packaged finger foods like yogurt melts, puffs, etc. because they are super processed and too sweet – which will make it hard for your daughter to accept more “controversial” flavors like veggies/spices/etc. For the foods themselves, if the pieces are large enough for her to hold with her fist and you can watch her while she’s taking bites, you can regulate how much goes into her mouth (and prevent her from choking). If she is good at chewing and understands how to move her tongue around her mouth to manipulate food she should be ok. You should also chat with your pediatrician about it and google “baby led weaning” which will lead you to a ton of resources to help you and her get comfortable with it! Hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions!

  2. My son is 11months and he only wants food purée and he won’t eat any meat/chicken/ do I switch it up so he can eat more solids? I hope worded it correctly

    • Hi Jasmine! I’d be happy to help you with this but this is something I usually work with parents with in a 1:1 capacity, because it can be quite a complex issue! If you’re interested in learning more, go ahead and schedule a free 20 minute call with me where I can learn more about your son and we can figure out a path forward! Thanks!

  3. Help, my 7 month old is a picky eater! He’s refused to eat all green veggies, he even refused avocado. He will make a disgusted face and act like he’s gagging when I try to feed him these foods. But He does love all things sweet like most fruits and squash. What can I do to slowly reintroduce these foods? So that he eventually accepts them. My 5 year old was and is such a great eater compared to him. Avocado was her first food and she loves it till this day. They are polar opposites! I love your blog and all your baby food recipes, so simple and easy to follow. I downloaded your baby food book into my kindle.

    • Hi Monica! I totally empathize with the struggle – my son was the EXACT same way and my daughter was similar to your daughter (she accepted all foods including avocado with no problems!) Your son might just have a more sensitive gag reflex – that was my son’s issue. And basically we had to do just continually only offer the foods he didn’t like (veggies, mainly) over and over for every meal until he finally began to accept them (about 6 months later). We also did a lot of alternation (e.g. “bite then toy” or “bite of veggie, then bite of banana”) to get him to accept new foods and flavors. And now, at 18 months he is an AMAZING eater and will eat everything. But it took a year of consistent work with literally zero days where I gave in – it was exhausting but we got there! I use a specific technique for babies this young to ensure they don’t develop into picky eaters later! I can email you with more information – but hope this helps in the meantime!

  4. Hi… My son made 6 months today and before I tried introducing solids to him but he wasn’t having it. Like I tried rice cereal on him, the first time he gagged so much he threw up all his milk he drank that morning; another time around 5 months I tried Butternut squash and he did the same thing, gagged and threw up. So I figured he wasn’t ready… so here we are, 6 months. I tried cereal again with him but he is not having it, he has all the signs that he is ready to eat but I don’t think the cereal alone he likes. I saw you started your daughter with Avocado, so I think I will try that on him. He is breastfed and goes daycare, so I carry his milk with him; Is the gagging and throwing up a sign that he isn’t ready? or maybe he isn’t accustom to the new texture; He is also teething, and two teeth popped out also. For cereal, oat is better than the rice one?

    • Hi Glenda! My son also had a really significant/sensitive gag reflex and would often throw up when I started solids with him. I think for my son, it was a combination of not being ready for solids but also not knowing quite how to use his tongue/mouth muscles to move the food back and swallow it, and not being used to the difference in texture. It could be a similar issue for your son. Have you talked to your pediatrician about this? They might recommend getting him evaluated by OT (which is what they did for my son and it helped tremendously!) You could also just wait and try again when he’s 7 months old – no harm in that as long as your peds is ok with it 🙂 You can definitely try avocado – and I’d thin it out a lot so that the texture is closer to milk to start (you can always thicken it later. For cereal I’d go straight to oat cereal – the rice cereal isn’t nutritious at all! Hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions!

  5. Hi I’m new here to the blog I have a 5 and half month old boy who I’m starting on solids I like the way ur schedule is but I’m wondering like for lunch and dinner do u do lentils /beans yogurt /cheese like all that’s listed there in one meals serving..? Thanks

    • Hi Justina! To your question – you don’t have to give all of that for dinner or lunch – those are just options. At that age – I’d give about 1 tbsp lentils or beans, 2 tbsp veggies, and 1 tbsp grains for lunch (more of each food group if your child is hungry!)

  6. As a starting point I read a guide ‘how to introduce solid foods to your baby’ from another blog, which is a very good and understandable guide. Your blog is let say more advanced and it opened a whole new level for me. Thanks!

    • I’m so happy to hear that!! Let me know if you have any questions as you start solids for your little one!

    • Hi Sherifa! Your 9 month old twin boys can use this exact feeding schedule and meal plan! Regarding a sleep schedule – most 9 month olds are on 2 naps a day and bedtime around 730pm (similar to this schedule). If you’re looking for more detailed advice feel free to email me at and we can chat more!

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