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Hello! I’m Anjali. I’m a board certified health coach, author, wife, mom and food lover from the SF Bay area (now living in Seattle, WA!); with a passion for delicious food and a desire to make healthy eating easy, tasty and fun! Learn more about me here and stay for a while!

Anjali Shah

Strawberries And Cream Oatmeal

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This strawberries and cream oatmeal is a wholesome breakfast dish that’s as nutritious as it is delicious. Packed with the wholesome goodness of rolled oats and the natural antioxidant-rich sweetness of strawberries, this oatmeal is the perfect way to start the day. It also happens to be heart healthy, vegan-friendly, sugar-free, and ready in just 20 minutes!

Strawberries and cream oatmeal, served in a white bowl with a spoon.

Who says oatmeal has to be boring? This strawberries and cream oatmeal recipe is a delicious twist on the classic breakfast dish that will make your busy mornings feel like a treat. This recipe stands out from other plant-based recipes because it’s not only nutritious, but also incredibly delicious and kid-friendly too. Trust me, even the pickiest eaters will be asking for seconds!

What sets this recipe apart is the addition of ground flax seed and a hint of cinnamon, giving it an extra nutritional boost and a touch of warming spice. The creaminess comes from organic milk or your choice of plant-based milk, making it a versatile option for various dietary preferences. The finishing touch of coconut sugar, honey, or agave adds just the right amount of sweetness, creating a breakfast bowl that’s truly irresistible.

You won’t believe it, but this delicious breakfast literally tastes like strawberry shortcake in a bowl thanks to the juicy, fresh strawberries combined with the creamy oats and the rest of the ingredients!

This oatmeal recipe is a versatile and appealing choice for everyone in the family. Serve it hot for a comforting breakfast on a chilly morning, or enjoy it cold as a refreshing snack on a warm afternoon. You can even customize it with your favorite toppings – think nuts, seeds, or even more fruits! Plus, it’s a great way to incorporate healthy, plant-based foods into your diet in a delicious way.

The best part? This recipe is as nutritious as it is tasty. The oats provide a hearty dose of fiber, the flax seeds are a great source of omega-3 fatty acids, and the strawberries are packed with vitamins and antioxidants. So why wait? Try this oatmeal recipe today and I’m sure it’s going to become your new favorite!

👩🏽‍🍳 Why You’ll Love Strawberries And Cream Oatmeal

  • Plant-Based: This easy strawberry oatmeal recipe is a fantastic choice for those following a plant-based diet. With the option to use a plant-based milk, it’s a dairy-free breakfast that doesn’t compromise on creaminess or flavor.
  • Quick And Easy: With a total time of just about twenty minutes, this strawberry and cream oatmeal recipe is as quick as it is tasty. Using simple steps and common kitchen tools, you can whip up a hearty breakfast in no time. Perfect for busy weekday mornings!
  • Gluten-Free: This recipe is a perfect choice for those following a gluten-free diet. Rolled oats are a naturally gluten-free grain, making this a safe and delicious option for those with gluten sensitivities or celiac disease.
  • Simple Ingredients: This recipe requires just a handful of simple, wholesome ingredients. Rolled oats, strawberries, milk, flaxseed, and a touch of sweetener are all you need to create a satisfying and nutritious breakfast.
  • Family-Friendly: Not only is this oatmeal a healthy choice, but it is also a hit with kids and adults alike. The sweet strawberries and creamy texture make it a healthy breakfast that the whole family will love.
  • Lower Sugar: Unlike many store-bought oatmeal options, this homemade version allows you to control the sugar content. With just a teaspoon of coconut sugar, honey, or agave, it’s a lower sugar option that still satisfies your sweet tooth.

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🥘 Ingredients

Making this strawberries oats recipe is a breeze, with ingredients that are simple to find. Whether you’re a regular at your local grocery store or a farmer’s market enthusiast, you’ll have no trouble finding these wholesome ingredients.

Ingredients for strawberries and cream oatmeal recipe on a white background.
  • Rolled Oats: A fantastic source of fiber, rolled oats (aka old fashioned oats) are the star of this recipe. They provide a hearty texture and a subtly sweet, nutty flavor. Plus, they’re a great way to start the day, keeping you full and satisfied until lunchtime.
  • Water: The key to cooking your oats perfectly, water helps to soften the oats and bring out their delicious flavor. 
  • Ground Flax Seed: A powerhouse of nutrients, ground flax seed adds a slight nuttiness to the oatmeal. It is also a wonderful source of Omega-3 fatty acids and fiber, making your breakfast even more nutritious.
  • Ground Cinnamon: This aromatic spice gives a warm and sweet flavor to the oatmeal. It pairs beautifully with the strawberries, enhancing their natural sweetness.
  • 1% Organic Milk or Plant-Based Milk: This adds a creamy texture to your oatmeal, making it even more delicious. Whether you choose dairy or plant-based, you’ll get a lovely creaminess that compliments the oats and strawberries. 
  • Strawberries: Fresh, juicy strawberries give this oatmeal a sweet and tangy flavor. They’re a great source of vitamin C and antioxidants. For an extra burst of strawberry flavor, consider blending some strawberries with your milk before adding it to the oatmeal.
  • Coconut Sugar: A touch of sweetness enhances the flavors of your homemade strawberry oatmeal, making it taste like dessert! And trust me a little goes a long way! 
  • Salt: A pinch of salt is crucial to bring out all the flavors in the oatmeal. It balances the sweetness and enhances the overall taste. 

🍲 Ingredient Substitutions

  • Rolled Oats: Alternatively, you can also use steel-cut oats in this recipe. But keep in mind that quick oats or instant oatmeal are not the same and are, in fact, quite processed. I recommend going with steel cut oats or rolled oats (old-fashioned oats) instead. 
  • Ground Flax Seed: Ground chia seeds can be used in place of ground flax seeds.
  • Organic Milk: You can easily make this oatmeal vegan by swapping the organic whole milk for any other type of milk or non-dairy milk. Unsweetened almond milk, oat milk, hemp milk, coconut milk, or cashew milk are all great choices. Want a more decadent option? Try a splash of cream or coconut cream along with the milk!
  • Strawberries: Oats with strawberries really is the best combination. But if strawberries aren’t available, you can use any other berries you like. The natural flavors of blueberries, raspberries, or blackberries would all work well.
  • Coconut Sugar: If you don’t have coconut sugar, you can substitute it with honey, maple syrup, agave nectar, or any other sweetener of your choice. 

🔪 How To Make Strawberries And Cream Oatmeal

Looking for a delicious start to your day? Here’s how to make homemade oatmeal with strawberries! For a more detailed guide and nutritional information, see the recipe card at the end of this post.

Cook The Oats: Start by cooking the oats with about one and a half cups of water. Continue until the oats are fluffy and all the water has disappeared. You can achieve this by microwaving it for two minutes, stirring it, and then microwaving it for another two minutes.

oatmeal in a bow

Add Other Ingredients: To the cooked oats, add the ground flaxseed, a pinch of salt, and a dash of cinnamon while they are still hot. Stir these ingredients in to combine them well with the oats.

oats mixed with flax in a bowl

Make It Creamy: Proceed to add the milk. You can adjust the quantity based on your preference, but about half a cup should give the oats a nice creamy consistency. Add the sweetener of your choice – coconut sugar, honey, or agave, and stir to combine.

strawberries added to oats in a bowl

Stir In The Strawberries: Finally, mix in the sliced strawberries, letting them melt into the hot oatmeal.

strawberries and cream oatmeal, strawberry oatmeal in a white bowl

Serve: Top your oatmeal with a few remaining strawberries for a beautiful and appetizing finish. Enjoy your homemade strawberries and cream oatmeal!

strawberries and cream oatmeal, strawberry oatmeal in a white bowl

💭 Expert Tips

  • Choose the right oats: For this strawberries and cream oatmeal recipe, rolled oats are recommended. They absorb the water and milk well, resulting in a creamy and hearty texture. 
  • Adjust sweetness to taste: The recipe suggests using coconut sugar, honey, or agave. However, feel free to adjust the sweetness according to your personal preference or dietary needs. 
  • Use fresh strawberries: Fresh strawberries give the best flavor and natural sweetness to the oatmeal. However, if they are out of season, frozen strawberries can be used as an alternative. 
  • Stirring is key: After adding the flaxseed, salt, and cinnamon to the cooked oats, make sure to stir well to evenly distribute the flavors. 
  • Experiment with toppings: Feel free to add your favorite toppings to give this strawberry oat recipe your own unique spin. Nuts, seeds, or even a dollop of yogurt can add an extra layer of texture and flavor. See our serving suggestions below for more ideas!

📖 Variations

  • Berries and Cream Oatmeal: Try out some other berries – fresh or frozen berries would work. You can either swap the strawberries completely or add another berry in addition to them. Blueberries and cream oatmeal is delicious – but raspberries or blackberries would also be vibrant and lovely, and they bring a different flavor profile and antioxidant boost to your creamy bowl of oatmeal. If you choose blueberries, you might want to add a little additional sweetener, as blueberries can be a bit tart. 
  • Strawberry Milk Oatmeal: For an even stronger strawberry flavor, blend some extra chopped strawberries with your milk before mixing it into the oatmeal. This will give your oatmeal a beautiful pink color and an intense strawberry taste you’ll love during the strawberry season or a hot day. It’s also a great way to make strawberry oatmeal for a toddler or older baby!
  • Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal: For a fall-inspired twist, try replacing the strawberries with diced apples. Cook the apples with a sprinkle of cinnamon for a warm, comforting breakfast. You might want to add a sprinkling of brown sugar for a caramelized touch! It’s perfect for warmer months. 
  • Banana Bread Oatmeal: Swap out the strawberries for ripe bananas, add a dash of nutmeg, and a few drops of vanilla extract. This variation mimics the flavors of a classic banana bread, providing a sweet and satisfying start to your day. You can also add a dollop of Greek yogurt for an extra creamy texture!
  • Fruit And Cream Oatmeal: Can’t decide on one fresh fruit? Use a mix! This variation is perfect for using up any leftover fruits you have in the fridge. Peaches, pears, nectarines, cherries, apples, fresh berries, or bananas offer a totally different flavor. Just replace the strawberries with your favorite fruit mix. 
  • Strawberry Overnight Oats: For meal prep, you can make individual servings in a mason jar and keep them overnight in your fridge. In the morning, give it a quick stir for a delicious sweet treat. It’s the perfect make-ahead breakfast!

🍽 Serving Suggestions

Ready to take your breakfast game to the next level? This easy strawberry oatmeal recipe is not just a delicious hot breakfast, but it can also be paired with a variety of dishes to make a complete meal. Here are some of our favorite ways to serve it:

  • Breakfast: This oatmeal is a great way to start your day! Pair it with a refreshing kale smoothie or a glass of strawberry juice for a balanced breakfast.
  • Brunch: Serve this oatmeal as part of a healthy brunch spread. It goes well with vegan apple pancakes, a tofu scramble, or avocado toast with honey.
  • Light Lunch: If you’re in the mood for a light lunch, our strawberries and cream oatmeal can be paired with a simple salad like a beetroot and feta salad or a Mexican fruit salad.
  • Snack: This oatmeal also makes a great snack! Pair it with a handful of nuts or seeds for an energy-boosting afternoon pick-me-up.
  • With a Hot Beverage: Enjoy this oatmeal with a cup of hot tea (Learn More: How To Make Tea) or latte for a cozy and comforting meal.
  • With Toppings! There are so many delicious oatmeal toppings that you can try. Some of our favorites include a teaspoon or two of your favorite nut butter, such as peanut butter, almond butter, or cashew butter; whole nuts or seeds (pecans, walnuts, hazelnuts, pumpkin seeds, or almonds would all give you a fun crunch), caramelized bananas, a sprinkle of high protein granola, or the addition of warm spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, or pumpkin pie spice!

🙌 Dietary Adaptations

This strawberry oats recipe is already quite flexible and can accommodate most dietary restrictions with minor tweaks. Here are some adaptations you can make to guarantee it fits your vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free needs.

  • Vegan and Dairy-Free Options: The recipe calls for organic milk, which can be easily substituted with any plant-based milk to make it vegan and dairy-free. Almond milk, soy milk, or oat milk are excellent alternatives that will still provide a creamy texture. The recipe also suggests honey or agave as a sweetener. To keep it vegan, opt for the agave or another vegan sweetener like maple syrup.
  • Gluten-Free Option: This recipe uses rolled oats which are naturally gluten-free. However, if you’re sensitive to gluten or follow a gluten-free diet, make sure to choose oats that are certified gluten-free to avoid any cross-contamination.
  • Sugar-Free Option: If you’re watching your sugar intake, you can make strawberries and cream oatmeal with less sugar by replacing the coconut sugar with a sugar-free alternative. Stevia or erythritol would work well in this recipe. Since these alternatives are often sweeter than regular sugar, add it a little bit at a time till you get the right level of sweetness.

🫙 Storage Directions

  • To Refrigerate: Once your strawberries and cream oatmeal has cooled down, transfer any leftovers into an airtight container. It can be safely stored in the refrigerator for up to three days.
  • To Freeze: Unfortunately, this particular recipe doesn’t freeze well due to the texture of the cooked oats and strawberries. Upon thawing, the oatmeal may become overly mushy and the strawberries might lose their vibrant flavor and texture.
  • To Reheat: If you’re ready to enjoy your refrigerated oatmeal, simply pop it into the microwave and reheat in a microwave-safe bowl. You may need to add a teaspoon or so of extra milk to prevent the oatmeal from becoming too thick and to get a softer texture. Alternatively, you can reheat it on the stovetop over low heat to give it a gentle simmer, stirring occasionally until heated through.

❓Recipe FAQs

Can I Use Frozen Strawberries?

While you can use frozen strawberries in this easy recipe, fresh strawberries are preferred as they don’t become mushy as quickly. If you only have frozen strawberries on hand, I recommend blending them with the milk and mixing them into the oatmeal vs. putting them in whole. It’ll still make a great breakfast!

Is strawberry oatmeal healthy?

Yes! Oats are packed with whole grains, fiber, vitamins and minerals, and strawberries are rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals as well. As long as you don’t use too much added sugar when making your oats, strawberry oatmeal can be a healthy breakfast option to start your day.

Keep in mind, Quaker Strawberries And Cream Oatmeal is not healthy, as it’s full of added sugars and processed ingredients. Instead, make our homemade strawberry oat recipe which is good for you and tastes even better than the Quaker version!

What are the best oats to use for this recipe?

While you can technically use any type of oats for this recipe, I prefer organic rolled oats, as I think that gives you the creamiest oatmeal texture that still has a bit of bite, and doesn’t get mushy. Steel cut oats are much more chewy and not as creamy, and instant oats get super mushy when cooked!

How do I make sure my oatmeal turns out creamy, and not too thick?

The key to getting a creamy oatmeal is using enough water when you’re cooking it, and adding your choice of milk at the end! Cooking oatmeal in just milk will give you a much thicker texture, and you’ll have to use extra milk or water to thin it out once you’re done cooking it.

Strawberries and cream oatmeal, served in a white bowl with a spoon.

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Strawberries and cream oatmeal, served in a white bowl with a spoon.
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Strawberries And Cream Oatmeal

Strawberries and cream oatmeal is a brilliant way to start the day! This healthy and satisfying breakfast is filled with rolled oats, ground flaxseed, cinnamon, coconut sugar, milk, and naturally sweet strawberries. It's hearty, vegan-friendly, ready in just 20 minutes, and sugar-free!
Prep Time5 minutes
Cook Time10 minutes
Total Time15 minutes
Course: Breakfast
Cuisine: American
Diet: Gluten Free, Vegan, Vegetarian
Servings: 1 bowl of oatmeal
Calories: 261kcal
Author: Anjali Shah



  • Cook the oats with 1.5 cups of water until the oats are fluffy and all the water has disappeared (I do this by cooking it for 2 minutes in the microwave, stirring, and cooking it for 2 more minutes.)
  • Add the ground flax seed, salt and cinnamon to the cooked oats while they are still hot. Stir to combine.
  • Add the milk (you can add as much milk as you like – I use about 1/2 a cup to give the oats a nice creamy consistency) and the sugar/honey/agave. Stir to combine.
  • Stir in the sliced strawberries, allowing them to melt in the hot oatmeal. Top with a few additional strawberry slices and serve.


Recipe Variations
  • Add in your favorite nut butter. Just mix in 1 – 2 teaspoons of nut butter, such as peanut butter, almond butter, or cashew butter. It’s another delicious ingredient that goes with the strawberries and oats perfectly. 
  • Mix in some nuts or seeds! Pecans, walnuts, hazelnuts, pumpkin seeds, or almonds would all give you a fun crunch. 
  • Try out some other berries. You can either swap the strawberries completely or add another berry in addition to them. Blueberries and raspberries are vibrant and lovely!
  • Try different fruit altogether! Try peaches, pears, nectarines, cherries, apples, or bananas for a totally different flavor.
  • Make it a Chocolate Covered Strawberry Oatmeal: Sprinkle a few mini dark chocolate chips on top, right before serving!
  • Add protein: Mix 1 serving of your favorite protein powder to give this oatmeal a total of 20-30 grams of protein.
  • Try an extract: Vanilla, almond, or even orange extract would all taste great in this strawberry oatmeal recipe.
Expert Tips
  • You can prepare the oatmeal with strawberries in the microwave or on the stovetop. If you use the stovetop, be sure not to stir it too often. Otherwise, it will turn sticky and mushy. 
  • Add any of your favorite toppings to the oats to give them your own unique spin. 
  • Store any leftover oatmeal in the fridge and reheat in the microwave. When reheating, you may need to add a teaspoon or so of extra milk. This will keep them from being too thick. 
  • For even more strawberry flavor, blend some extra strawberries with your milk before mixing it into the oatmeal!


Serving: 1bowl of oatmeal | Calories: 261kcal | Carbohydrates: 44g | Protein: 11g | Fat: 6g | Saturated Fat: 1g | Cholesterol: 6mg | Sodium: 121mg | Potassium: 467mg | Fiber: 7g | Sugar: 13g

38 responses to “Strawberries And Cream Oatmeal”

  1. Oatmeal is a great way to start the day, but combining it with strawberries and cream makes it good enough for any time of day in my opinion. Thanks for an amazing recipe.5 stars

  2. I made this for breakfast this morning and it was delicious! As an oatmeal fan, I’m always looking for fresh new spins on an old favorite.5 stars

  3. I am not a morning person but I would leap out of bed if this breakfast was waiting for me! The recipe is so easy that I can’t wait to teach the kiddos how to make it for me 😉5 stars

    • Haha!! I totally feel the same way about this recipe! My kids love helping to make this in the morning – I’m sure you could enlist yours to make it too! 🙂

  4. Gave this a try for breakfast this morning and it does not disappoint! So easy and delicious; definitely a great way to start my day!5 stars

  5. this sounds really warming for this colder weather I think I will try this now the kids love strawberry!5 stars

  6. This sounds like a really filling and delicious breakfast. I love combining fruit with oats but never tried strawberries before. Yum!5 stars

  7. Hello Anjali,

    First of all, I would like to thank you so much for your recipes. However, I would like to ask you if you can post some more recipes concerning detoxification and weight lose if possible. Along with that, the amount of carbs that each recipes may contain.

    Thank you 🙂

    • Thanks!! Ground flax seed is the best ingredient to “hide” in oatmeals, smoothies, just about any breakfast food – because it’s packed with nutrition, but doesn’t change the taste of the food! I literally add it to everything, even almond butter sandwiches! Enjoy!

  8. Another yummy recipe, Anjali! I’m starting to eat oatmeal for breakfast just recently and I think I’m gonna try this out. So far, I’ve tried oatmeal + banana + nutella for breakfast. Gotta try it with strawberries next time. Thanks for sharing!5 stars

    • Aw thank you so much Margaret! I’m sure you will enjoy this recipe 🙂 And the next time you make the banana version, try it with walnuts, cinnamon and some honey instead of nutella – it will be delicious and will taste just like banana bread!

    • omggg yes. strawberries + peanut butter = heaven. I think I’ll be adding some peanut (or even almond) butter into this oatmeal the next time I have it!

    • hehe 🙂 thanks so much! This will only take about 5 minutes longer to make, and will be so much tastier too!

  9. Great post and thanks for linking to the other blog articles. I’ve actually really gotten back into eating oatmeal and it’s good to see that their are some alternative things you can do with it. I’m excited to add some fruit and to start experimenting myself.5 stars

    • Thanks Rebecca! I’m so glad you’re getting back into oatmeal – it’s one of my breakfast staples because you can seriously do anything with it! I’ve even turned into a savory dish and substituted it for risotto too 🙂 Hope you enjoy this recipe!

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