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Hello! I’m Anjali. I’m a board certified health coach, author, wife, mom and food lover from the SF Bay area (now living in Seattle, WA!); with a passion for delicious food and a desire to make healthy eating easy, tasty and fun! Learn more about me here and stay for a while!

Anjali Shah

43 Foods That Start With V

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In this guide, we are continuing our food lists from A-Z with a focus on foods that start with V! Below you’ll find a huge variety of food beginning with v from velveeta to venison, and many foods in between. Some will be familiar to you, and some you have probably never heard of before! Keep reading to discover 43 foods that start with the letter V!

Graphic of foods that start with V on a background of veggies.

🍎 Fruits That Start With V

There are 4 fruits that start with the letter V and you may be surprised what they are!

1. Valencia Orange

What are valencia oranges?

This food beginning with v is a citrus fruit that looks a lot like a typical orange. It has an oval shape, golden color on the outside, and bright orange flesh on the inside. They have a thin skin, normally have a couple of seeds and are very juicy.

What does a valencia orange taste like?

Valencia oranges are known for their sweet flavor, and are one of the sweetest fruits with letter v. These citrus fruits don’t have much limonin, a natural compound that can cause a bitter taste when exposed to air, so they are able to remain perfectly sweet even after they are peeled or cut. It’s been said that they taste like a hybrid cross between pomelos and mandarins.

Are valencia orange healthy? 

Yes, valencia oranges are rich in nutritional value. They are loaded with vitamin C. In fact, just one orange can meet more than 100% of your daily requirement of Vitamin C.

Recipe to Try!

Valencia oranges would taste great in this delicious chocolate orange cake recipe!

Chocolate orange cake topped with orange slices and a chocolate ganache frosting on a white cake board.
Chocolate Orange Cake With Chocolate Frosting
This healthy chocolate orange cake boasts a deeply rich and moist chocolate cake topped with a dark chocolate orange ganache! It's a chocolate lover's dream. It's easy to make with a vegan and gluten-free option.
View this recipe

2. Vanilla

What is vanilla?

Yes, vanilla is a fruit! Did you know that vanilla is one of the fruits that start with a v? This is one of the most interesting foods that start with a v because it’s actually the only edible fruit from the orchid family. You read that right, orchid! It grows as a long, dark brown bean pod, hence the name vanilla bean.

What does vanilla taste like?

There are over 150 varieties of these popular foods that begin with v, and no two vanilla beans are the same in flavor or aroma, and they come in a variety of different colors as well.

Is vanilla healthy? 

Vanilla is a good source of B-vitamins like niacin, thiamin, Vitamin B6 and pantothenic acid. Even the alcohol in vanilla extract can numb some toothache pain, while its antioxidants may provide healing effects. If you’re using vanilla extract instead of pure vanilla, just watch out for added ingredients like corn syrup that are not so healthy. This is one of my favorite fruits that starts with v, because it’s so versatile!

Recipe To Try!

Vegan vanilla pudding topped with fresh berries in a glass bowl.
Vegan Vanilla Pudding
This vegan vanilla pudding is out-of-this-world creamy, smooth, and full of delicious flavors! Just like traditional pudding, this non-dairy vanilla pudding recipe is quick and easy and made with basic ingredients.
View this recipe

3. Velvet Apples Fruit

What are velvet apples?

This food that starts with a v is a tropical fruit closely related to the persimmon. Native to the Phillipines, this velvety reddish orange fruit is similar in size and shape to a standard apple and covered with a velvet-like skin.

What does a velvet apple taste like?

This fruit that starts with v has a mildly sweet taste, similar to a peach. However, it has an odor that is similar to a strong cheese, which is found to be quite unpleasant by most people.

Are velvet apples healthy? 

Velvet Apples are very healthy. They are not only a good source of calcium and potassium, but they also contain vitamins A, C, and B-complex vitamins, iron, dietary fiber and some protein. They also have been shown to offer some anti-inflammatory properties.

4. Victoria Plums

What are Victoria plums?

Victoria plums are one of the prettiest fruits beginning with v. They are a type of English plum with a yellow flesh and a red or mottled skin.

What does a Victoria plum taste like?

These plums are known to have a balanced sharp and sweet flavor with a small hint of almond. They are best when allowed to ripen on the tree. When store-bought, they are often picked too early and may lack their normal flavor.

Are Victoria plums healthy? 

Victoria plums are healthy and especially known for their anti-inflammatory properties.

🥬 Vegetables That Start With V

There are two vegetables beginning with V. Have you tried the second one?

5. Vidalia Onions

What are vidalia onions?

These V foods are a type of sweet onion that is known for its mild flavor and low pungency. They are named after the region in which they are primarily grown, Vidalia, Georgia, in the United States.

What do vidalia onions taste like?

These sweet onions are popular for their unique taste and are often considered one of the sweetest onion varieties available. They have a pale golden to light brown outer skin, and their flesh is typically white and tender.

Are vidalia onions healthy? 

Yes, these veggies that start with v are very healthy! Vidalia onions are rich in vitamin C, chromium, folate, and fiber. They are also a moderate source of B vitamins, and are high in antioxidants.

Recipe To Try!

Vidalia onions work really well in most Italian dishes! Try them in this baked vegan pasta with roasted veggies and onions!

Baked Vegan Pasta
This cheesy, healthy, Baked Vegan Pasta recipe is so easy to make and packed full of tasty, nutritious ingredients. Lightened up with roasted veggies, paired with a rich tomato sauce, it's a meal that the whole family will enjoy!
View this recipe

6. Velvet Beans

What are velvet beans?

Next on our list of vegetables that start with v are velvet beans, a vigorous annual climbing legume originally from southern China and eastern India. It’s also sometimes called the Florida velvet bean and the mucuna bean and its outside pod is inedible. The bean inside is the only part of the legume that we can eat.

What do velvet beans taste like?

These vegetables that start with the letter v taste like boiled green peanuts and you can eat them when they are both green and mature.

Are velvet beans healthy? 

This vegetable that starts with v Is a healthy legume that is rich in minerals, essential elements, and phytonutrients. These beans are also an antioxidant powerhouse.

🥨 Snacks, Condiments, And Spices That Start With A V

These different v food items offer quite a variety. There are 9 condiments, spices, and snacks that start with v.

7. Valerian Root

What is valerian root?

Valerian root is an herb native to Europe and parts of Asian countries. Valerian can grow to be just over 6 feet tall and has a strong odor. Valerian root has a long history of use as a sedative because it relaxes the brain and nervous system. It’s usually consumed in the form of valerian tea or a supplement.

What does valerian root taste like?

The taste of valerian root is an earthy or rooty taste. The flavor gets stronger the lower you let the tea brew.

Is valerian root healthy? 

Valerian root is used medicinally and can be safe in low doses. Some common side effects include dizziness, drowsiness, headache, stomach upset, mental dullness, and vivid dreams.

8. Vegemite

What is vegemite?

Vegemite is a thick, brown, shiny paste that is made from leftover brewer’s yeast from the bottom of the barrel when beer is made. It’s mixed with vegetable and spice additives and spread on toast. Vegemite is made in Australia. Those who have never seen or tasted it before may be put off by it but it’s very popular among Aussies.

What does vegemite taste like?

This food that begins with V has a strong, salty, rich, and meaty flavor, even though there is no meat or meat byproduct in it. The flavor is like an intense tamari or soy sauce flavor.

Is vegemite healthy? 

This food that starts with the letter V actually has a ton of health benefits! It is an excellent source of vitamins B1, B2, B3, and B9. The low-salt version of vegemite even contains vitamins B6 and B12.

9. Vegetable Oil

What is vegetable oil?

Vegetable oil is a mild, odorless, light-colored cooking oil. It’s good for cooking, frying, and making salad dressings. It’s usually made from canola, corn, palm, soybean, or sunflower oils.

What does vegetable oil taste like?

Vegetable oil is flavorless, but it does help foods cook to a crispy texture. Put this on your groceries that start with v list!

Is vegetable oil healthy? 

Unfortunately no, vegetable oil is high in saturated fat and also contains a high amount of omega 6 fatty acids (which are more inflammatory than the healthier omega 3 fats found in fish oil and olive oil), making it one of the least healthy oils you can eat.

10. Veggie Chips

What are veggie chips?

Veggie chips are a snack food starting with V. They are made from all different kinds of veggies that are sliced thin, tossed in an oil, and baked until crispy.

What do veggie chips taste like?

Veggie chips are crispy, sometimes salty, and have the flavor of whatever vegetable they are made with.

Are veggie chips healthy? 

Veggie chips are a much healthier option than regular potato chips, as long as they aren’t made with vegetable oil.

Recipe to Try!

Garlic Parmesan Oven Baked Kale Chip Recipe in a white bowl
Parmesan Kale Chips
These oven baked parmesan kale chips are the perfect guilt-free snack because they have the crunch and flavor of traditional chips but are much healthier for you! Plus, this easy kale chip recipe can be made in your oven – no dehydrator necessary!
View this recipe

11. Veloute Sauce

What is veloute sauce?

Veloute sauce is another food starting with V, and it’s one of the 5 mother sauces in cooking various foods. The main ingredients for veloute include chicken, veal, or fish stock and cream and thickened with butter and flour. It has a velvety smooth texture and is used to pour over meats or vegetables. This is one of the v food names that is a little harder to pronounce.

What does veloute sauce taste like?

Veloute sauce has a mild flavor – it tastes like a light gravy and can can be used as a base to add other flavors from spices and ingredients.

Is veloute sauce healthy? 

Veloute sauce isn’t necessarily unhealthy, but it isn’t exactly healthy either. It doesn’t have many nutritional benefits, so it’s best enjoyed in moderation.

12. Velveeta

What is velveeta?

This food starting with the letter V is a shelf-stable cheese product made from whey, milk, milk protein concentrate, modified starch, canola oil, and cheese culture, and is very popular in the United States. It’s smooth and creamy with an orange color, and can be found at just about any grocery store. This American cheese was first introduced in 1928 by the Kraft Foods company.

What does Velveeta cheese taste like?

Velveeta cheese has a creamy and sharp cheesy flavor. One of it’s notable features is its meltability – it can be melted easily without separating or becoming greasy, which makes it convenient for cooking and adds a creamy texture to dishes.

Is Velveeta healthy? 

Velveeta is a processed cheese product, is high in calories and fat, and is definitely not a healthy food, but can be tasty to enjoy in dips and sauces in moderation.

13. Vermont Cheddar Cheese

What is Vermont cheddar cheese?

This food that starts with a V is similar to regular cheddar cheese. It’s white, naturally colored cheese produced in Vermont and other places as well.

What does Vermont cheddar cheese taste like?

This v food has a more potent sharp and bitter cheddar taste than other cheddar cheeses.

Is Vermont cheddar cheese healthy? 

Vermont cheddar cheese, like other cheeses, is high in calcium, but it’s also high in saturated fat and sodium, which are not healthy things to be consuming on a regular basis.

Recipe to Try!

healthy mac and cheese with broccoli served in a white bowl
Healthy Mac and Cheese
Healthy Mac and Cheese is the comfort food you have been craving! It’s so creamy and decadent, and is filled with whole wheat macaroni, veggies, and a rich, cheesy sauce. It's lower in calories and fat than your typical mac and cheese recipe, but still super satisfying and absolutely delicious!
View this recipe

14. Vinaigrette

What is vinaigrette?

Next in our list of foods beginning with v is vinaigrette. A vinaigrette is a sauce, usually a salad dressing, made of oil, vinegar, and seasonings. Typically, vinegars like red wine vinegar or apple cider vinegar are added to a vinaigrette to give it that classic acidic flavor.

What does vinaigrette taste like?

Vinaigrette has a tart and acidic taste and depending on the flavor may always have a sweet taste.

Is vinaigrette healthy? 

Vinaigrette is the healthiest when it comes to salad dressings. It has all the benefits of healthy oils and vinegar, but it does still have high-fat content so keep that in mind if you’re trying to lose weight.

Recipe to Try!

Roasted pumpkin quinoa salad on a white serving platter.
Roasted Pumpkin Salad
This roasted pumpkin salad is flavorful, comforting, and super healthy! It's made with wholesome ingredients like pumpkin, quinoa, kale, and arugula that come together in the most delicious way! It's perfect as a side dish but hearty enough to be a main meal too. And, it is naturally gluten-free and vegan friendly!
View this recipe

15. Vinegar

What is vinegar?

Vinegar is a sour liquid that is made by the fermentation of dilute alcoholic liquids into a liquid containing acetic acid. Vinegar can be made from a variety of materials. Apples or grapes make wine or cider vinegar. Malted barley or oats make malt vinegar, and industrial alcohol makes distilled white vinegar.

What does vinegar taste like?

This food that starts with v tastes sour and acidic. I don’t recommend trying it on its own!

Is vinegar healthy? 

Vinegar contains polyphenols, plant chemicals that have an antioxidant effect that may protect cells from oxidative stress. Some studies suggest that the antioxidant properties of vinegar may prevent the growth of cancer cells.

🍲 Foods That Start With V: Side Dishes

These side dishes that start with V are interesting to learn about and would be fun to try!

16. Vatapá

What is vatapá?

First on the list of side dish foods starting with V is Vatapá, which is an Afro-Brazilian dish. It’s made from five simple ingredients that include bread, shrimp, coconut milk, finely ground peanuts, and palm oil mashed into a creamy paste.

What does vatapá taste like?

Vatapá tastes rich, hearty, and creamy. It’s a hearty and substantial dish.

Is vatapá healthy? 

Vatapá is high in calories and fat, but not necessarily unhealthy in moderation.

17. Vermicelli Noodles

What are vermicelli noodles?

Vermicelli noodles are a type of noodle made from maida flour or rice flour. Vermicelli noodles are round in shape and originate from Southern China. This is one of the foods with v that you may have tried before!

What do vermicelli noodles taste like?

Vermicelli noodles have been said to taste like rice pudding. They are soft and slightly chewy.

Are vermicelli noodles healthy? 

This type of pasta or noodle are a great source of carbs. They don’t contain any cholesterol and only have a small amount of fat. They could be considered a healthy source of carbohydrates.

18. Vetkoek

What is Vetkoek?

Vetkoek is a traditional South African fried dough bread. It’s deep-fried so it’s rich and translates to “fat cake” in English. Africans normally fill it with ground beef.

What does Vetkoek taste like?

Vetkoek is rich and has a doughy taste, sort of like an unsweetened donut.

Is Vetkoek healthy? 

Vetkoek is not a healthy food, it’s very high in fat and refined carbs, and probably shouldn’t be consumed regularly.

19. Vietnamese Noodles

What are Vietnamese noodles?

Vietnamese noodles are made of mung beans. They’re often added to fried or fresh spring rolls after being soaked in hot water until they’re still a little bit chewy. Sometimes they’re also served in a soup.

What do Vietnamese noodles taste like?

Vietnamese noodles don’t have much taste on their own. They will taste like whatever they are served in like soup or a spring roll.

Are Vietnamese noodles healthy? 

Vietnamese noodles are actually fairly healthy. They are high in protein but they can also be high in calories and sodium so portion size matters.

🌿 Vegetarian Dishes That Start With The Letter V

There are five vegetarian foods beginning with V. These vegetarian food dishes that start with V are from various cultures and all sound delicious.

20. Vada Pav

What is Vada Pav?

Meaning Indian potato sliders in English, vada pav is Mumbai’s most popular street food! It consists of a deep-fried potato dumpling (made of a spicy potato filling), sandwiched between burger buns with spicy garlic chutney.

What does Vada Pav taste like?

This Indian fast food tastes spicy and fragrant with a mild potato flavor. When paired with the burger buns it resembles an Indian spiced potato burger or slider.

Is Vada Pav healthy? 

Vada pav is not a healthy food. It’s full of calories and deep fried so it’s better served occasionally.

21. Vegetable Biryani

What is Vegetable Biryani?

Vegetable biryani is a rice dish made of basmati rice, mixed veggies, herbs, and biryani spices. Biryani spice contains star anise, black pepper, garam masala, green cardamom, black cardamom, fennel seeds, mace, nutmeg, coriander seeds, bay leaves, and other spices.

What does Vegetable Biryani taste like?

This Indian dish is extremely flavorful thanks to the combination of fragrant spices. It has a warm, sweet and spicy flavor, and a hearty texture thanks to the rice and veggies.

Is Vegetable Biryani healthy? 

Vegetable biryani is a healthy dish that’s low in sodium, cholesterol, and saturated fat.

Recipe To Try!

easy, gluten free, healthy vegan biryani recipe with cauliflower in a bowl
Vegan Biryani With Cauliflower
This traditional Vegan Biryani with Cauliflower is one of my favorite vegetable curry recipes! It's made with chickpeas, brown basmati rice, and quinoa for a well balanced and tasty meal, full of Indian spices!
View this recipe

22. Vegetable Curry

What is vegetable curry?

Vegetable curry is a dish made of vegetables in a sauce containing hot spices. It can be made in a variety of ways, sometimes with a curry paste as a base, sometimes with a combination of spices. It is usually served with rice and is one of the main dishes regularly served in South Asia and Southeast Asia.

What does vegetable curry taste like?

Vegetable curry has a rich, savory, umami flavor and a spicy taste from the curry.

Is vegetable curry healthy? 

Vegetable curry is a healthy dish. The vegetables contain many minerals and nutrients, and turmeric – the main spice in most curry powders – has anti-inflammatory effects.

Recipe to Try!

Easy vegan Thai green curry recipe served with quinoa in a black bowl.
Vegan Thai Green Curry
This delicious vegan Thai green curry with chickpeas and fresh vegetables is so simple to make at home! It’s satisfying, comforting and nourishing – great for weeknight dinners, and tastes even better as leftovers the next day.
View this recipe

23. Vegetable Soup

What is vegetable soup?

Vegetable soup is a mixture of vegetables with a vegetable, beef, or chicken broth as the soup base. Some varieties of vegetable soup also include pasta like minestrone.

What does vegetable soup taste like?

Vegetable soup has the flavor of the broth base, such as chicken stock, used plus the vegetables and any spices added. Typically Italian seasonings like oregano, rosemary, thyme and / or basil are added to vegetable soup. It’s a savory soup with a little bit of a salty flavor.

Is vegetable soup healthy? 

Vegetable soup is healthy as long as you don’t add too much sodium. Vegetables contain vitamins, minerals and fiber so they are an essential part of a healthy diet.

Recipe To Try!

Easy vegan minestrone soup served in a white bowl with a spoon.
Vegan Minestrone Soup
Vegan minestrone soup is comforting, healthy, and full of flavor. It is the kind of soup recipe that you’ll continue to make again and again whenever you crave something cozy and nourishing. The best part? This recipe needs only 15 minutes of prep time and can easily be transformed into a gluten free vegetable soup recipe too!
View this recipe

24. Vichyssoise

What is Vichyssoise?

Vichyssoise, or cream of leek and potato soup, is a french soup that is served cold.

What does Vichyssoise taste like?

This soup is salty and savory, even served cold, it’s very satisfying.

Is Vichyssoise healthy? 

Leeks are high in flavonoids and potatoes are very healthy root vegetables. This soup can be a healthy addition to your diet.

🍖 Meat Dishes That Start With A V

There are eight meat dishes in foods that begin with the letter V, all of which are uncommon in American culture.

25. Varuval

What is Varuval?

Varuval is a spicy dry-fried chicken curry from the Chettinad region of Tamil Nadu in Southern India.

What does Varuval taste like?

Varuval has an intense flavor of herbs and spices.

Is Varuval healthy? 

Varuval isn’t necessarily unhealthy, but it’s high in saturated fat so it should be limited.

26. Veal

What is veal?

Veal describes meat that comes from calves that are usually aged between 6 and 8 months old at slaughter. It’s low in fat and considered a choice cut of meat.

What does veal taste like?

Veal is tender and has a mild meaty flavor compared to full-grown beef.

Is veal healthy? 

Veal is healthier than beef because it has less saturated fat with the same nutritional benefits.

27. Venison

What is venison?

The term venison comes from the Latin verb venari, meaning “to hunt.” Venison can refer to meat from boar, hares, goats, and antelopes, but is most commonly describes deer meat. 

What does venison taste like?

Venison is described as earthy or rich, even having a gamey taste.

Is venison healthy? 

Venison steaks tend to have about 50% less fat than beef. This is usually because they are wild game animals, which tends to stay more lean and healthy. So this food is healthier than most meats.

28. Vienna Sausage

What is Vienna sausage?

The Vienna sausages are small sausages that are very similar to hot dogs and frankfurters with similar ingredients used. Vienna sausages are softer and smaller in size. They are small, open-end sausages that are packed in cans.

What does Vienna sausage taste like?

Vienna sausages taste like chicken hotdogs, but they are much softer.

Is Vienna sausage healthy? 

Vienna sausages are not healthy food. They are highly processed meat that contains a lot of sodium and saturated fat.

29. Vindaloo

What is vindaloo?

Vindaloo is Indian cuisine. It’s an Indian curry dish usually made with chicken or pork and marinated in vinegar and garlic.

What does vindaloo taste like?

It’s very spicy, but also has a bright, acidic, and vinegar-tinged taste.

Is vindaloo healthy? 

Vindaloo is pretty healthy, although it is really high in sodium which should be eaten in moderation for best health results.

30. Vitello Tonnato

What is Vitello Tonnato?

Vitello tonnato is an Italian dish. Vitello means ‘veal’ and tonnato, ‘tuna sauce’ in English. Served cold, this dish is sliced veal covered with a creamy, mayonnaise-like sauce that has been flavored with tuna.

What does Vitello Tonnato taste like?

Vitello tonnato has a creamy and tangy flavor.

Is Vitello Tonnato healthy? 

Vitello tonnato has lots of vitamins and minerals. It’s high in protein and low in fat.

31. Vol-Au-Vent

What is Vol-Au-Vent?

Formerly called a patty case, vol-au-vent is a hollow puff pastry filled with a savory mixture of meat or sauce.

What does Vol-Au-Vent taste like?

The pastry itself is mildly sweet and flaky and the filling is usually savory meat with a wine sauce.

Is Vol-Au-Vent healthy? 

Vol-au-vent is definitely delicious but also high in calories. It can be higher or lower in calories and fat depending on the type of meat and other fillings.

32. Vori Vori

What is Vori Vori?

Vori vori is a Paraguayan dish. It’s a thick yellow soup with small balls made of cornmeal, corn flour, and cheese.

What does Vori Vori taste like?

This soup has a chicken broth base and lots of flavor from the savory vegetables and cheesy dumplings.

Is Vori Vori healthy? 

Vori vori isn’t really a healthy dish. It’s high in calories and sodium, but the vegetables do give it some healthy points.

🍰 Desserts That Start With V

There are eight dessert foods that begin with V and they all sound delicious!

33. Vanilla Bean Crème Brulee

What is Vanilla Bean Crème Brulee?

Creme brûlée is a dessert made of egg yolks, cream, sugar, and vanilla. Its simple ingredients make a delicious custard-like filling that you put into a ramekin. Then you torch it to get that crispy top.

What does Vanilla Bean Crème Brulee taste like?

Creme brûlée is a rich, creamy dessert with a slightly sweet and tangy flavor.

Is Vanilla Bean Crème Brulee healthy? 

Creme brulee isn’t healthy, but it definitely deserves a spot in your dessert recipe rotation because it’s so delicious! It’s a great once-in-a-while treat!

34. Vanilla Ice Cream

What is vanilla ice cream?

Vanilla is the most used flavor of ice cream in North America, Asian, and Europe. It was originally created by cooling cream, sugar, and vanilla above a container of ice and salt. Today the commercial process of making ice cream has become a little more complicated and efficient, but it’s still the same delicious ice cream.

What does vanilla ice cream taste like?

Vanilla ice cream has a creamy, rich, sweet, vanilla flavor.

Is vanilla ice cream healthy? 

Vanilla ice cream isn’t healthy. It’s high in fat and sugar. But it’s fine as an occasional treat!

Recipe to Try!

Try this homemade healthier variation of vanilla ice cream that has some caramel mixed in!

Two scoops of vegan caramel nice cream in a white bowl.
Caramel Nice Cream
Try this guilt-free, creamy, healthy caramel nice cream to satisfy your sweet tooth! This smooth and luscious "ice cream" is made with blended frozen bananas, dates, and vanilla. Vegan, gluten-free, & plant-based!
View this recipe

35. Vanilla Wafers

What are vanilla wafers?

Vanilla wafters are a round, thin, light wafer cookie made with flour, sugar, shortening, and eggs.

What do vanilla wafers taste like?

These cookies that start with v are crispy, light, vanilla cookies.

Are vanilla wafers healthy? 

Vanilla wafers may be very tasty, but they aren’t very healthy as they are filled with sugar and processed grains. It’s best to enjoy them in moderation!

Recipe To Try!

Use vanilla wafers in this delicious banana pudding recipe!

Banana pudding lasagna in a baking dish.
Banana Pudding Lasagna
This banana pudding lasagna is the perfect no-bake dessert for picnics and potlucks. Cheesecake filling, Nilla wafers, and banana slices are layered in a convenient lasagna style that's easier for serving.
View this recipe

36. Vasilopita Cake

What is Vasilopita Cake?

Vasilopita comes from Greece and many other areas in eastern Europe and the Balkans. It’s a New Year’s Day bread or cake which contains a hidden coin or trinket said to give good luck to the person who finds it.

What does Vasilopita Cake taste like?

Vasilopita cake has a blend of vanilla, orange, and cinnamon flavor.

Is Vasilopita Cake healthy? 

Vasilopita cake, like most other cakes, is not a healthy food, but it’s a lovely treat!

37. Vatrushka

What is Vatrushka?

Vatrushka is an Eastern European pastry. It’s formed as a ring of dough with quark cheese and sometimes raisins and fruit in the middle and baked using sweet yeast bread dough.

What does Vatrushka taste like?

Vatrushka is a sweet cheese danish and other flavors come in when raisins or other fruits are added.

Is Vatrushka healthy? 

Vatrushka is a fairly healthy dessert, although it is high in calories.

38. Victoria Sponge Cake

What is Victoria Sponge Cake?

Victoria sponge cakes are soft cakes made with eggs, sugar, flour, and butter. It is made in two layers with jam or cream, or sometimes even both, between them.

What does Victoria Sponge Cake taste like?

Victoria sponge cake has a mild taste, sometimes close to flavorless if not for the jam or sweet cream between the layers. It’s named Victoria sponge cake because it’s made in a way that Queen Victoria preferred.

Is Victoria Sponge Cake healthy?

Victoria sponge cake is full of sugar and fat so it’s not a particularly healthy dessert.

39. Viennoiserie

What is Viennoiserie?

Viennoiserie are breakfast pastries made in the style of Vienna, Austria. They are baked goods made from yeast-leavened dough. They are made in a way similar to bread or puff pastry, but with added ingredients.

What does Viennoiserie taste like?

Viennoiserie flavor resembles pastries. They have a rich sweet flavor.

Is Viennoiserie healthy? 

Viennoiserie is a pastry, which is definitely not a healthy dessert because if it’s sweet and sugary ingredients.

40. Vla

What is Vla?

Vla is a custard or pudding-type dessert cream. It’s very popular in Belgium and the Netherlands. It’s made with eggs, milk, sugar, and vanilla. Its texture is thicker than a custard but less than pastry cream.

What does vla taste like?

Vla has a chocolatey flavor with vanilla notes.

Is vla healthy? 

Vla is not a healthy dessert due to its high saturated fat content.

🍹Drinks That Start With V

We’ve gone over what foods start with v, but what about drinks? Have a cocktail or mocktail! Check these out!

41. Vermouth

What is vermouth?

Vermouth is an aromatized fortified wine, flavored with various botanicals. Sometimes people drink it straight and sometimes it’s used to make cocktails.

What does vermouth taste like?

It depends on what it’s flavored with. Vermouth is flavored with aromatic herbs like cloves, cinnamon, quinine, citrus peel, cardamom, marjoram, and more.

Is vermouth healthy? 

Vermouth and vermouth based cocktails are alcoholic drinks that some research show is healthy in moderation.

42. Virgin Drinks

What are virgin drinks?

A virgin drink, also known as a mocktail, is a drink that doesn’t contain alcohol. For example, a virgin mojito would contain all the ingredients of a mojito, minus the alcohol.

What do virgin drinks taste like?

Virgin drinks typically have sweet flavors that come from the cocktail ingredients without the strong flavor of alcohol.

Are virgin drinks healthy? 

Virgin drinks are typically not healthy due to the high sugar content of most mocktail recipes.

Recipe to Try!

Make a delicious virgin drink using this simple syrup recipe!

Homemade easy strawberry simple syrup for drinks stored in a mason jar.
Strawberry Simple Syrup
Fresh strawberries, sugar and lemon combine to create this homemade strawberry simple syrup. It's a perfect addition to cocktails, mocktails or even just a homemade strawberry soda – great for both kids and adults!
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43. Vodka

What is vodka?

These days, most vodka is made from fermented grains such as sorghum, corn, rice, rye or wheat, though potatoes, fruit, and even sometimes just sugar can be used.

What does vodka taste like?

The legal definition of vodka in the U.S. includes “flavorless,” although it does have a strong alcohol flavor. Vodkas can be made from many different ingredients that can make them sweeter or even spicy.

Is vodka healthy? 

Vodka is a liquor that is not considered healthy, although there is some research that says it’s okay in moderation.

Recipe To Try!

Witches Brew Cocktail
Witches Brew Cocktail is the perfect drink to liven up your party! Ready in less than 10 minutes, with only 3 ingredients, it’s delicious and easy to make. Its spooky natural green coloring, vodka, and dry ice is exactly what you need in your life! I guarantee this witches brew vodka cocktail will be a major hit.
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💭 Final Thoughts

This list of foods that start with v has introduced us to foods from around the world. Whether you are in the mood for something sweet or savory, there is sure to be a “v” food that will satisfy your cravings. I hope they inspire you to try at least one of these new foods that begin with v!

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