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Hello! I’m Anjali. I’m a board certified health coach, author, wife, mom and food lover from the SF Bay area (now living in Seattle, WA!); with a passion for delicious food and a desire to make healthy eating easy, tasty and fun! Learn more about me here and stay for a while!

Anjali Shah

60+ Foods That Start With A

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Apples, apricots, and almonds are all popular foods that start with the letter A. But can you think of over 60 foods that start with A? Read on for a complete guide to all the foods beginning with A!

68 Foods That Start With A

This guide is a part of our “Foods A-Z” series, to help you discover new fruits, vegetables, entrees and other whole foods that start with all of the letters of the alphabet! It was inspired by a game we played at the dinner table with our kids – seeing if we could name at least 50 foods that begin with each letter of the alphabet starting with the letter A.

It’s been surprisingly enjoyable!

Not to mention we have been able to introduce the kids to different cultures, cuisines, and traditions while exploring our Foods A-Z. It’s also encouraged them to try new foods and be less picky!

We came across so many different foods beginning with A from around the world, that I thought it would be helpful to share our complete list with you. This is your guide to all the foods that start with the letter A!

Fruits and Vegetables that Start with an A

1. Asparagus

Asparagus is a green vegetable which grows a long stalk with an almost scale-like end. They are full of fiber which helps support a healthy digestive system. The high amount of fiber helps you to feel fuller longer making it a brilliant choice of vegetable as either a healthy snack or side to a main meal.

When cooking asparagus, it’s best to avoid boiling this vegetable. If you boil it for too long, asparagus loses its nutritional value and becomes mushy. Asparagus is best eaten raw, lightly steamed, roasted, or sauteed.

It provides added flavor to meals such as soups, salads, omelettes, stir fries, and pasta.

steamed asparagus - foods that start with a

2. Avocado

Did you know avocados are actually a fruit not a vegetable?

This extremely popular fruit originates from Mexico, Central America and South America. It has a dark green outside and soft light green flesh with a hard stone in the middle.

Due to avocados’ creamy texture when ripe, they are really popular in salads, smoothies, or even simply mashed on toast and topped with fresh tomatoes.

Avocados are ripe when they are slightly soft to touch. When cut in the middle, the flesh will be light green in color, soft to cut, and the stone easily removed. The best way to prepare an avocado is to chop it in half, remove the stone, and peel the skin. You can then dice or slice it as required.

This popular fruit isn’t in demand just for its taste and texture. Avocados are packed with healthy fats and are full of vitamins such as vitamin C, E, K, and B-6. Not to mention they provide a plant-based alternative to omega-3 fatty acids (non plant based options are made from fish oils).

3. Amaranth Leaves

These delicious, leafy greens originate from the Amaranth plants that grow in the Caribbean, Asia, and Africa. Extremely popular in the Caribbean, they are also known as Callaloo.

Amaranth leaves are incredibly healthy, containing tocotrienols, which have anti-inflammatory qualities. They are also high in iron and potassium. 

Most often, amaranth leaves are a great alternative to using spinach as they offer a similar texture. They can be used in salads, stir fries, curries, or even soups.

4. Arrowroot

Arrowroot are tropical plants native to Indonesia. This is a tubular vegetable similar to yams and sweet potatoes.

It is easy to digest and, as it contains no gluten, a great alternative for those with gluten allergies. It is often processed into arrowroot flour for this very reason.

Arrowroot itself is used as a thickening agent for soups, stews, and gravy.

5. Artichoke

This vegetable has a bitter taste when raw. But as soon as it’s cooked, it softens and tastes very similar to brussel sprouts and asparagus.

Artichokes have a purple and dark green appearance. It is the bud part of a plant which is harvested before the flowers bloom

Being low in fat, high in fiber, and full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, artichoke hearts make a great side dish option for your main meal.

6. Arugula

Arugula is extremely popular in the Mediterranean where it originated from. Also known as rocket or roquette, arugula comes from the same family as brussel sprouts, kale, and broccoli, and has all of the health benefits of its cruciferous family siblings (high in antioxidants, high in fiber, vitamins and minerals).

It has a peppery-mustard flavor and is used in salads, sandwiches, and on pizza, and is complimented with a citrus or vinegar based dressing. Originally, it was used in the Roman times as a medicinal herb.

photo of fresh arugula

7. Aubergine

Also known as Eggplant, Aubergine is a long, oval shaped fruit. With a bright purple exterior, it has a dark and soft flesh on the inside.

Aubergine’s are a great source of fiber, vitamins B1 and B6. Plus, they are high in antioxidants.

They are often a key ingredient in baba ganoush, which is similar to hummus, and in moussaka, a traditional Greek dish. Aubergine is also a popular vegetable choice to be used in vegetarian curries (like in this aubergine curry), grilled on the BBQ, or roasted in salads.

8. Apricot

Apricots originated in China and Central Asia. It’s a fruit smaller than a peach but very similar in appearance, with a firm skin on the outside and soft fruit on the inside. The fruit itself isn’t too juicy and can be eaten fresh, just watch out for the large stone in the middle!

Another way to enjoy eating apricots is by purchasing them dried. The fresh fruit is cut in half, the stone is removed, and then they are placed in a dehydrator until the skin is firm. Dried apricots are a tasty, yet satisfying snack. They have a sweet flavor and chewy texture compared with when eaten fresh. Not to mention they are full of vitamins A and C.

9. Asian Greens

Asian Greens typically are a mix of leafy vegetables such as Chinese broccoli, bok choy, and choy sum.

The leaves are great to fill out a stir fry and become softer and smaller in size as they are cooked. Asian Greens go particularly well with soy, ginger, black bean, and hoisin sauce served with noodles or rice.

10. Apples

You probably have heard the saying ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’.

Well, with over 7,000 varieties worldwide, you will find apples in grocery stores around the world, and you certainly could eat a different type of apple each day of the year.

When eaten whole, with the skin on, they contain 50% more phytonutrients than when eaten without the skin. Apples are incredibly good for gut health and have been linked to lower the risk of certain diseases.

Apples are one of the most versatile and popular foods to cook with. You can make applesauce to apple pie, muffins to turnovers, apple juice and even an apple cocktail, appletini!

various kinds of fresh apples on wooden table, top view

11. Aonori

Aonori is a type of green seaweed that grows off the coast of Japan. It is an extremely popular garnish used in Japanese cuisine to compliment a range of dishes. Aonori is dried and then crushed before being added to a finished dish. 

It’s high in calcium, magnesium and amino acids. Though popular in Japan, it isn’t readily available to buy in supermarkets in the US. The best place to find Aonori is in Asian supermarkets or online.

The Japanese believe that by adding Aonori to a dish it helps to provide umami flavor which helps deepen the flavor of said dish. The other four core flavors are sweet, sour, salty, and bitter.

12. Acorn Squash

Similar to pumpkins, and in the winter squash family, Acorn Squash is a lot smaller and dark on the outside vs. a pumpkin. The texture is similar with having a firm and hard outer skin, revealing a dry flesh when cut open.

To prepare an Acorn Squash, first cut off the skin and scoop out the seeds. You can then chop up the flesh in order to roast, make soup, add to a chilli or curry, or even to make a tart filling.

Alternatively, for a simpler preparation, cut in half and remove the seeds. Then roast in the oven and stuff with rice or quinoa.

13. Anchovy pear

Also known as River pears, Anchovy Pears are native to the West Indies. They are brown and grow in a standard pear-shape. Though a pear, they taste similar to a mango.

14. Almonds

Almonds are actually an edible seed from the almond tree native to the Middle East. Almonds can support lower blood sugar levels and cholesterol. 

Almonds are extremely versatile and can be found in stores as:

  • Raw almonds
  • Almond flour
  • Almond butter
  • Almond oil
  • Almond milk

They are often a great addition to a range of recipes around the world including tagines in Morocco, Amaretti cookies in Italy, and curries in India.

15. Allspice

Allspice is actually made from the dried berries of the Pimenta Dioica plant. Its appearance almost reminds me of floured blueberries that are slightly pinker in color. Its flavor resembles a combination of cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, and pepper.

The Pimenta Dioica grows in the Caribbean, Mexico, and Central America. It’s a key ingredient in the Caribbean to make Jamaican jerk seasoning. 

Allspice is used in a variety of foods such as chutneys, soups, desserts, and seasonal recipes e.g. eggnog or this cranberry sauce from dried cranberries.

16. Achacha

Achacha is a tropical fruit that grows in the Amazon Basin. It’s also locally known as Achachairu, which means ‘honey kiss’.

It’s red-orange in color and shaped like an egg. To open an Achacha, simply pinch the skin between your fingers until it pops to access the fruit inside. 

Achacha is sweet and sour, similar to a mango, and can be eaten at room temperature but is also tasty frozen.

17. Acai Berry

Native to the South American rainforests, the Acai Berry comes from the Acai Palm Trees. They are deep purple in color and have a very similar appearance to blueberries. People compare the taste to a mix of blackberries and dark chocolate. 

Acai berries are often soaked first to soften them and then mashed into a paste. They offer the perfect consistency as a base for a thick smoothie bowl.

acai berry foods that start with a

18. Ackee

Ackee is a tropical fruit from West Africa which was brought over to Jamaica in the 18th Century. Now, it is a key ingredient in Jamaica’s national dish, Ackee and Saltfish. 

Ackee must be prepared properly and when fully ripe, otherwise it is highly poisonous. The only edible part of the fruit is the arils and is often boiled first to enable the poison to dissipate. 

The fruit itself is softened when cooked and is creamy in texture.

19. Amanatsu

Amanatsu is known as Japanese Summer orange and originated in Yamaguchi, Japan.

The Amanatsu orange is similar in size to a grapefruit but with orange-yellow skin. It is best eaten fresh to gain its full flavor, juice, and zest.

20. Acerola

Acerola are cherry-like berries grown from an evergreen shrub. The berries are also known as West Indies cherry or Barbados cherry and originated in Southern Mexico and the Caribbean.

Acerola are full of Vitamin C and are best eaten when first picked as they begin to perish within 5 days.

21. Alfalfa Sprouts

Alfalfa Sprouts are one of my favorite types of sprouts! They are mild in flavor, and are often used as a topping for sandwiches and salads. They seem to have originally come from Asia, but now are grown all over the world.

Sprouts are a super nutritious food. They’re very low in calories, but are high in vitamins like Vitamin C, K, Folate, Copper and Manganese.

Snacks, Condiments, and Spices that Start with an A

22. Agave Syrup

Also known as agave nectar, agave syrup is a natural sweetener similar to honey but thinner in consistency.

It comes from the agave plant which grows in Mexico and South Africa.

It is often used by vegans as a sweet alternative to honey and golden syrup. Agave syrup can be used to make sweet desserts and snacks such as healthy flapjacks, or used on the top of cereal, pancakes, even in your oatmeal.

23. Adzuki beans

Adzuki beans grow in East Asia and the Himalayas. They are also referred to as azuki or aduki beans.

Though small in size, they are very sweet in taste and are a great source of protein. In Asia, they are used in red bean desserts and provide a sweet stuffing inside sesame balls.

Adzuki beans can be used in a range of meals such as chilli, curry, and buddha bowls.

Raw red adzuki beans - Phaseolus vulgaris

24. Ajowan Seed

Ajowan seed, or also known as Carom seed, grows in India and Iran. They look like fennel, but taste more similar to oregano and anise.

Within Indian cuisine, they are used to increase the herbal flavor of a dish. Frying the seeds in oil releases their natural, nutty flavor and can be added to curries, pakoras, and breads.

25. Anise Seed

Anise seed is a spice and can be used ground, whole or made into essential oil and anise seed extract. The seeds are from the Pimpinella anisum plant which grows in Egypt, the Middle East, and Europe.

You may have come across anise seed if you’ve ever tried desserts such as Italian biscotti or alcoholic beverages like anisette and ouzo.

Anise seeds provide a licorice flavor and can taste delicious when baked in fruit pies, or even used to season meat.

26. Ashcake

Ashcake is actually a type of bread usually made in Arabian countries. It is also referred to as ash bread or fire cake. 

Traditionally, it is made over a layer of heated stones and then covered with hot ash to cook.

This very simple bread uses just two key ingredients of flour and water. Any choice of flour can be used and you just add water to gain a dough consistency. Salt and other flavorings such as nuts and berries can be added to make your preferred taste and texture.

27. Alfredo Sauce

Traditionally, Alfredo sauce is a simple white, creamy sauce made from butter, cream, and parmesan cheese or cream cheese.

Originating from Italy, this now worldwide popular sauce is most often served mixed with pasta.

28. Agrodolce

Agrodolce is an Italian condiment combining reduced honey, vinegar, fruit, and/or vegetables to give a sweet yet sour flavor.

Agrodolce offers a complimentary taste when served with pork chops, chicken wings, or even roasted vegetables.

29. Allemande Sauce

Allemande sauce, also called ‘German sauce’ is made from veal veloute. Cream and eggs are added to thicken the sauce along with seasoning.

This sauce is often used as a base for making other sauces such as poulette and aurora, but can also be served with a range of meats, vegetables, or eggs.

Side Dishes that Start with an A

30. Antipasto

Antipasto is an Italian word that means ‘before the meal’. So as expected, antipasto is a dish that is usually served as a shared starter and includes meats, cheeses, olives, pickles, crackers, vegetables, and fruit.

Antipasto platter with ham, prosciutto, salami, blue cheese, mozzarella with pesto and olives on a wooden background. Top view, overhead

31. Asida

This sub-saharan African dish is also known as posho, ugali, pap, and fufu, depending upon the country and local language spoken.

Asida is a side dish made from grains and almost resembles a ‘doughy’ bread roll. It is similar to how rice or potatoes are used in other countries.

Asida is served with almost every meal including fish, meat, vegetables, and stews. To eat it, you simply cut a piece of the asida and squish it in between your fingers making a scoop, then use it to scoop up your main meal and eat. 

32. American Cheese

American Cheese is technically not classified as real cheese. It contains less than 51% curds and doesn’t meet the FDA’s standards to be listed officially as a type of cheese.

Even so, this cheese is extremely popular in American cuisine. It is a processed cheese with a yellow-orange color cut into flat square shapes. Due to its consistency, it is most commonly used as a topping for your burger along with lettuce and a slice of tomato.

It provides the flavor of cheese along with a nice melted consistency when heated, but without making your burger greasy.

33. Adai

Adai is a protein-rich pancake made from rice and lentils (a combination of moong dal, urad dal, and other dals) and is part of the Tamil cuisine. First, you soak the ingredients and then grind them into a batter. At this point you can add your selected herbs and spices, with common flavors added such as ginger, chili peppers, and cumin seeds. 

You allow the Adai mix to rest for 1-2 hours, then add onions, coconut, and coriander before cooking on a large, hot pan smeared with olive oil. 

34. Applesauce

Applesauce is extremely popular in the US, Australia, and the United Kingdom and is most commonly used as a snack, dessert or side with goose or pork roasted dinners.

It is extremely simple to make, requiring you to boil slices of apples with water, lemon juice, and a cinnamon stick. Once cooked, the mixture is then blended together.

Applesauce is very versatile and can be a good option to add a sweet, tangy flavor when mixed with yogurt, cottage cheese, nuts, or even dried fruit.

instant pot applesauce with cinnamon and honey, in a white ramekin with a sliced apple on top, pictured with an instant pot in the background

35. Appam

Appam’s are soft hoppers, similar in appearance to a pancake. They are made from fermented rice, which is ground, and coconut batter. Baking soda, yeast or palm toddy can be used to ferment the rice mixture.

Appam’s are a popular breakfast in Kerala, India, served with a vegetable or meat stew.

Vegetarian Dishes that Start with an A

36. Asian Noodles

Asian Noodles are incredibly common and a staple food in China. They are usually broken into different categories based on the types of noodles used such as wheat noodles, rice noodles, and glass noodles.

Asian Noodles will often include a type of protein e.g. pork or egg, along with a variety of vegetables, the most frequently used being spring onions.

Popular dishes such as chow mein are made using asian noodles and can be bought either fresh or dried. Try this recipe: Vegan Peanut Noodles.

37. Aloco

Aloco is a West African snack made from plantains. Plantains are a type of banana plant and are often confused with bananas. But unlike the sweetness you get from a banana, aloco’s are actually a starchy vegetable.

Popular dishes using aloco vary depending upon the country. They include Dodo in Nigeria, where aloco is fried or roasted, and Makemba in the Congo, where it is boiled.

38. Ambuyat 

The National dish of Brunei, Ambuyat, is made from the inside of the trunk of a sago palm. Ambuyat looks a little like glue paste and resembles a similar consistency too. It’s a starchy substance that is traditionally eaten with a two-pronged utensil made from bamboo called ‘chandas’. Ambuyat is most often eaten with lots of side dishes such as fish, beef, prawns, and vegetables.

39. Arborio Rice

Originally from Italy, Arborio rice is now cooked around the world. It is oval-shaped and quite thick in size compared with other grains e.g. basmati or long-grain rice. 

Cooking with Arborio rice provides a creamy consistency to a dish in comparison to other types of rice, due to its starchy coating.

It is most commonly used in risottos such as mushroom risotto, butternut squash risotto, and chicken risotto.

40. Aloo Gobi

Aloo gobi is an Indian dish which translates as potato cauliflower. The key ingredients are cooked in one pot along with onions, tomatoes, and spices. Additional ingredients can be added to your taste preferences as well such as chillis or coriander.

cauliflower sabji in a stainless steel bowl with rice

41. Akara

Akara is also called African bean fritters, black-eyed peas fritters, or Acaraje. Though originating from Nigeria, it is now a popular dish across multiple African countries.

This dish is a deep-fried bean cake made from black-eyed peas paste. Depending upon the country, it can be eaten at different meals during the day. Within Cameroon, it is eaten as a snack. But in Nigeria, it is eaten at breakfast.

42. Alphabet Soup

This is a common childhood dish made from alphabet pasta (which you can find online and in grocery stores), vegetables, seasonings, and broth. There are so many ways to make alphabet soup that it’s easy to customize based on your preferences. Feel free to add any seasonal veggies you like, make it spicy or savory (or both!) and enjoy!

Meat Dishes that Start with an A

43. Ahi Tuna

Ahi tuna is known as yellowfish tuna and bigeye tuna. When cooked, it is usually seared on the outside and left raw in the middle. Most often, it is cooked on it’s own, but does go well marinated in soy sauce and honey. It’s mostly served alongside green vegetables.

44. Chicken Adobo

Chicken Adobo is the national dish of the Philippines. It provides a sweet, yet savory taste with ingredients such as green onions, soy sauce, vinegar, sugar, garlic, peppercorns, and chicken thighs. 

These key ingredients are important to use as it helps give the Chicken Adobo its sticky glaze that it is famous for. Within the Philippines, it’s mostly served with rice to help soak up the glaze.

45. Amok Trey 

This steamed fish curry is Cambodia’s national dish. Amok Trey is traditionally steamed in banana leaves and presented in a banana leaf bowl. It is made using white flaky fish, but more recently, other variations have been made with chicken or tofu.

46. Abalone

Abalone is a type of mollusk, a large sea snail with a flat shell on one side and foot on the other which it clings onto rocks with.

They can be found in cold waters around the world in places such as New Zealand, South Africa, and Japan.

It does have a chewy texture with a salty, yet buttery flavor. Due to it being quite rubbery, it does need to be tenderized first. After which it is often fried, steamed, poached, or even eaten raw.

47. Anchovies

Anchovies are small salty fish which live in the Black Sea, Meditteranean Sea, Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. It is said that those sourced from the Meditteranean Sea taste the best.

Unfortunately, its flavor does not last long once it has been caught. Hence, Anchovies are usually packed into tins or jars and preserved to help intensify and retain their flavor.

Anchovies are commonly used in salads, pizza, pasta, or eaten straight from the tin.

48. Angus Beef

Originally from Scotland, Angus Beef is the name of the breed of cattle. It is the most popular type of beef consumed in the United States. Compared with other types of beef, Angus beef has a marbled effect, which makes it more tender and juicer. 

It is most commonly used as steak, or turned into beef mince to create juicy and flavorful burgers.

49. Abgoosht

Abgoosht is a traditional Persian food. It means ‘meat broth’ and is used with beef or lamb. Traditional ingredients often include meat, white beans, tomato paste, sour grapes, and seasonings, but each recipe can vary.

The meat and veg are removed and served together as one dish and then the leftover broth is poured over toasted flatbread as a second dish to be eaten together.

50. Avgolemono Soup

Avgolemono soup is a Greek sauce made from eggs, lemon, and broth. It is very similar to a basic chicken soup, but with the lemon and eggs, offers a tangy sauce. Unlike chicken soup, these ingredients provide a tasty thick and creamy consistency.

avgolemono - delicious creamy greek chicken soup with lemon, egg yolk, rice and herbs in a casserole on a concrete table with ingredients at the background, flatlay, close-up

51. Aguachile

This Mexican dish is very similar to Ceviche. Both ceviche and aguachile use fish or shrimp marinated in lime juice. But unlike ceviche, aguachile adds blended chillies and cilantro.

Once the shrimps turn a light pink color in the marinade, they are ready to be served. Aguachile is usually served cold as a refreshing appetizer.

52. Arroz con huevos

Arroz con huevos is a Mexican breakfast or lunch. Translated it literally means ‘rice with eggs’. Traditionally, it is simply boiled rice with a fried egg on top. Historically, it was a simple dish called ‘comida de pobre’ meaning poor people’s food. But now, it is enjoyed by all and often has additional ingredients added such as tomatoes, pepper, cheese, chilli, and garlic.

53. Albondigas

Albondigas is a type of Spanish meatball and served as a tapas dish. Tapas is a type of dining where there are a range of smaller dishes served for sharing. It is very common in Spain.

Albondigas are made from beek and pork minced and served in a tomato sauce. They can be served as a main if not being used for tapas and are accompanied by green vegetables and rice or quinoa.

54. Apaki

A traditional Cretan dish, Apaki is made using smoked and salted pork. Traditionally, the meat is sliced and hung on strips of wood above a fire. The smoke rises to a chimney and smokes the meat. Now, the pork strips are often marinated in red wine, seasoning, and vinegar before being smoked.

55. Asopao

Asopao is a Puerto Rican dish and in Spanish means ‘soup-like’. It is a cross between soup and paella often described as a ‘soupy-rice dish’. Key ingredients include chicken thighs, diced ham, rice, and seasonings. It can also be made with other meats and seafood.

Desserts that Start with an A

56. Apple Pie

This popular dessert is made from apples and covered in short-crust pastry. Apple pie usually has pastry plaited on the top giving a weaved basket appearance. 

Apples used to make apple pie can vary, but granny smith apples are a great choice for offering a ‘tang’. They also keep their shape better when cooked compared to sweeter, red apples which often turn mushy.

The apples are mixed with seasonings and spices such as cinnamon and allspice. Apple pie can also be altered to make apple crumble and apple tart. 

To make the crumble, replace the pastry on top for a crumble mix of flour, sugar, spices, and butter. For apple tart, there is no need for a pastry top like this keto apple pie, only the pie crust around the apple.

Homemade Organic Apple Pie Dessert Ready to Eat

57. Arrowroot Cookies

Also known as Uraro, arrowroot cookies are a popular gluten free dessert from the Philippeans. They are easy to make with simple ingredients such as butter, sugar, vanilla, eggs, arrowroot flour, all purpose flour, and baking powder. These simply require mixing the ingredients together, and shaping the arrowroot cookies before baking in the oven.

58. Abnabat

Abnabat is a delicious Iranian Candy. Traditionally, they are made from cardamom and sugared water. But these hard boiled candies can come in other flavors such as saffron.

59. Amygdalopita

Amygdalopita is a traditional Greek dessert which translates to ‘almond pie’. Instead of using flour, these cakes are made with ground almonds, semolina, or dried breadcrumbs.

Citrus fruits are often added to flavor the cakes and a syrup is poured over the top once it has been baked and cooled.

60. Andagi

In Japan, andagi is a dessert also known as Okinawan fried donut. These small round balls, about the size of a golf ball, are crunchy on the outside with soft cake on the inside. 

With only three core ingredients used, cake flour, eggs, and sugar, andagi is then deep fried to provide that crispy outside. Other variations may include vanilla and/or evaporated milk.

61. Angel Food Cake

Angel food cake is a sweet sponge cake that is unique because it doesn’t use any butter. It’s typically made with egg whites, flour and sugar. It has a light and fluffy texture and is often served with whipped cream and strawberries.

Angel food cake with whipped cream and slices of fresh strawberries on top on a concrete background. Summer dessert. Horizontal orientation, copy space - foods that start with a

62. Anmitsu

Anmitsu is a Japanese dish eaten in the warmer months. It is served in a bowl containing jelly made from algae, a variety of sweet fruit, syrup, and sweet red bean paste called ‘anko’. Fruits used are often peaches, strawberries, kiwi, melon, grapes, and pineapple.

Beverages that Start with an A

63. Apple Juice

Apple juice is one of those drinks you will find anywhere! It’s made by macerating and pressing apples, then filtering and pasteurizing the juice. Although, you can find some raw and unpasteurized apple juices in grocery stores and at juice bars as well. Apple juice is to be enjoyed in moderation, because while it does have some vitamins and minerals, it is also very high in sugar – the same amount as a candy bar!

64. Ale

Ale is a type of popular beer which is more fruity in flavor compared with lagers. The difference occurs during the fermentation process. The yeast used to make ales tends to rest on the top of the fermentation tank during the brewing process. Compared with the yeast used in lager, it stays at the bottom of the tank.

Ales are best served cold and are enjoyed by many in a local beer garden on a hot summer’s day. With over 70 different types of ales, you definitely have a wide selection available to enjoy with friends and family.

65. Appletini

An appletini is a popular cocktail drink which uses vodka and apple juice as its key ingredients. It is served in a martini glass and offers a sweet cocktail choice. Lemon juice and maple syrup are often added for a sweet and sour flavor combination. 

Boozy Refreshing Appletini Cocktail with Vodka and Garnish - foods that start with a

66. Albarino

Albarino is a type of dry white wine which is typically made from grapes that grow on the Iberian Peninsula. With notes of grapefruit, lemon, apricot, and melon, it is often paired with seafood courses.

67. Atole

A popular beverage in Mexico, atole is a hot, sweet drink. It is made from steeping brown sugar cane and cinnamon in water, then thickened with corn flour and milk to make it creamy. It is traditionally drunk during cold weather and festivals such as the Day of the Dead. Common variations of this hot beverage include adding fruit or chocolate.

68. Americano

An americano is a popular American coffee. Americano’s are made by diluting espressos with hot water, compared with a brewed coffee which is made from coffee beans. 

The americano originated during World War 2 when American soldiers wanted a hot beverage similar to their coffee from home. They added water to the Italian espresso shot and the americano was created.

Usually you don’t add milk to an americano, however cream can be added to make the espresso taste subtler. Syrups such as hazelnut, white chocolate, or mocha can be added for extra flavorings.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, over 60 foods that start with the letter A! How many did you know? There are certainly a few recipes beginning with A that I am looking forward to trying at home. From sides to mains, beverages, to a fruity snack, there is certainly something to satisfy everyone’s tastes in this list of foods beginning with A.

For more recipe inspiration and ideas, be sure to check out the full ‘Foods that begin with’ series from covering the letters A to Z:

Don’t forget to take a look at my other healthy eating guides so you can enjoy healthy, yet tasty food that the whole family will enjoy.

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