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Hello! I’m Anjali. I’m a board certified health coach, author, wife, mom and food lover from the SF Bay area (now living in Seattle, WA!); with a passion for delicious food and a desire to make healthy eating easy, tasty and fun! Learn more about me here and stay for a while!

Anjali Shah

21 Life-Changing Vegan Dessert Recipes You Have To Try Today!

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Dessert just got sweeter with these 21 vegan dessert recipes that also happen to be gluten free! From chocolatey treats to fruity dishes, these quick and easy recipes can help satisfy your sweet tooth without any extra fuss! 

Vegan desserts don’t have to be dull and boring. Below is a compilation of the best vegan desserts that taste just like the real thing! All of your cravings will be satisfied with a huge variety of creative vegan and gluten-free dessert recipes. Let’s dig in!

White Chocolate Raspberry Blondies

White chocolate and raspberry blondies stacked on a white plate.

Calories: 196 — Fiber: 1 gram — Protein: 3 grams — Sugar: 17 grams

Why You’ll Love It: A fun way to change up regular brownies, always a hit and ready in just 30 minutes! 

Next up on the list of gluten free vegan dessert recipes, white chocolate raspberry blondies! If you’re looking for a treat that’s decadent, chewy, gooey, and buttery all rolled into one, these are perfect! Use vegan butter, vegan white chocolate chips, flax egg, and gluten free flour for a plant based gluten-free recipe. It’s a classic flavor combination that makes for an irresistible dessert. Get the white chocolate raspberry blondies recipe here. 

Vegan Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

easy healthy vegan oatmeal chocolate chip cookies recipe - with a gluten free option - on a white plate

Calories: 345 — Fiber: 4 grams — Protein: 5 grams — Sugar: 21 grams

Why You’ll Love It: Quick and easy, no chilling time required, ready in less than 30 minutes!

These irresistible, chunky, vegan oatmeal chocolate chip cookies are the perfect way to enjoy vegan nut free desserts! Use all purpose gluten free flour or all oat flour to make these gluten free. Filled with all the goodness of nuts, whole grains, and chocolate, these chewy cookies are great with dried cherries, raisins, or just as-is! This one definitely needs to be on your list of quick gluten free desserts. Get the vegan chocolate chip cookies recipe here.

Lemon Blueberry Cookies

Lemon blueberry cookies stacked on a white plate.

Calories: 143 — Fiber: 1 gram — Protein: 2 grams — Sugar: 8 grams

Why You’ll Love It: Easy recipe, packed with lemony flavor, perfect for beginner bakers.

Lemon blueberry cookies are next up on the list of vegan gluten-free desserts. You won’t have to wait long for these delectable lemon blueberry sugar cookies. Made with fresh blueberries, lemon zest, and other 8 straightforward ingredients, these sweet and tart treats can be ready in under 20 minutes. Use vegan butter, flax egg, and gluten free flour that has xanthan gum added and is meant for baking cookies! Crispy edges perfectly complement the soft and chewy texture of these delightful cookies. Get the lemon blueberry cookies recipe here. 

Matcha Brownies

Matcha brownies stacked on white parchment paper on a countertop.

Calories: 224 — Fiber: 0.2 grams — Protein: 5 grams — Sugar: 18 grams

Why You’ll Love It: Moist and chewy, unique flavor, easy to make, dense and fudgy brownies.

White chocolate matcha brownies are one of those vegan gluten free desserts that you can’t tell is vegan and gluten free! If you’re a matcha lover, you need to try these! With a moist and chewy center, these fudgy green tea treats don’t last long when they are shared. Use flax eggs, vegan butter, and gluten free flour. Get the matcha brownies recipe here. 

Vegan Pound Cake

Vegan pound cake, sliced and served on a white cutting board.

Calories: 228 — Fiber: 0.5 grams — Protein: 2 grams — Sugar: 21 grams

Why You’ll Love It: A plant based version of a classic that retains all of the moist, dense texture and delicious flavor of the original!

Are you looking for an easy yet incredibly delicious and satisfying gluten and dairy free cake? Look no further than this vegan pound cake! Its dreamy sweet vanilla flavor, rich, dense texture, and simple glaze make it one of the best vegan dessert recipes you’ll find. For a gluten free option, just use gluten free flour. Prep it in just 10 minutes and bring it to your next gathering, or keep it all for yourself for a yummy afternoon or evening treat! Get the vegan pound cake recipe here. 

Protein Powder Mug Cake

Chocolate protein mug cake served in a mug, topped with whipped cream and chocolate shavings.

Calories: 378 — Fiber: 5 grams — Protein: 19 grams — Sugar: 12 grams

Why You’ll Love It: Easy healthy dessert for one with simple ingredients that will satisfy your sweet craving.

Behold, an easy and delicious mug cake that is ready in minutes! This deserves a spot on the list of vegan and gluten free desserts. This healthy chocolate protein powder treat has 19 grams of protein per serving and is full of rich, decadent flavors and fudgy texture. Plus, it’s easy to make it vegan and gluten-free, just use oat flour, almond flour, or coconut flour, and vegan chocolate chips. Let your chocolate cravings be instantly satisfied! Get the protein powder mug cake recipe here.  

Lemon Popsicles

Lemon popsicles on a white tray with lemon slices as a garnish.

Calories: 22 — Fiber: 0.1 grams — Protein: 0.5 grams — Sugar: 5 grams

Why You’ll Love It: Easy to customize, perfect summer treat, or any time you crave something refreshing!

Enjoy a cool and refreshing treat any time of the year with this simple recipe for lemonade popsicles! Made with just three ingredients, this guilt-free, no bake dessert is naturally gluten-free, low in sugar, and vegan to boot. Perfect for cooling off on a hot summer day, these lemon popsicles are sure to be a hit with the whole family. Get the lemon popsicles recipe here. 

Edible Brownie Batter

Easy edible brownie batter served in a glass jar, topped with chocolate chips.

Calories: 206 — Fiber: 2 grams — Protein: 2 grams — Sugar: 21 grams

Why You’ll Love It: No baking required, sweet, gooey, and ready in just 10 minutes. 

Indulge yourself in this scrumptious, eggless, chocolatey brownie batter! It has the ideal consistency and an intensely gratifying taste. Use almond or oat flour and vegan butter and chocolate chips for vegan and gluten free batter. The fabulous part is that it is an oven-free and easy to make dessert that takes only 10 minutes to prepare. Get the edible brownie batter recipe here.

Peach Cobbler Pound Cake

Peach cobbler cake on a wire rack with vanilla icing on top.

Calories: 352 — Fiber: 1 gram — Protein: 5 grams — Sugar: 32 grams

Why You’ll Love It: Best peach cake recipe with so many different topping options.

This scrumptious vegan and gluten free cake will be a resounding hit with your family the next time you get together. Vegan gluten free baked goods don’t have to skimp on flavor, and this recipe proves that. For vegan and gluten free, use all-purpose gluten free flour with xanthan gum, vegan butter, vegan cream cheese, plant-milk, and a flax egg. It’s topped with sweet, fresh peaches, brown sugar, and cinnamon, and drizzled with a heavenly vanilla glaze. Get the peach cobbler pound cake recipe here. 

Biscoff Mug Cake

Calories: 299 — Fiber: 0.5 grams — Protein: 3 grams — Sugar: 19 grams

Why You’ll Love It: Total comfort food, great sweet treat to satisfy cravings.

In just 6 minutes you can satisfy your sweet tooth with this gluten free vegan dessert! All you need is a microwave, a handful of ingredients, and you have a soft and fluffy mug cake for one. It’s naturally vegan and can be made gluten free by substituting a gluten free flour blend (choose one that’s designed for making gluten-free cakes). Filled with gooey and yummy Biscoff cookie butter, this indulgent treat is sure to be irresistible! Get the Biscoff mug cake recipe here. 

Powdered Peanut Butter Cookies

Powdered peanut butter cookies stacked on a sheet of parchment paper.

Calories: 77 — Fiber: 1 gram — Protein: 2 grams — Sugar: 6 grams

Why You’ll Love It: Best powdered peanut butter cookies ever, kid and family approved.

Vegan gluten free baking has never been easier with this healthier plant based twist on classic peanut butter cookies! This base recipe requires just 7 ingredients, with both gluten free and vegan recipe options depending on your dietary needs. Make a big batch and enjoy them all week long! Get the powdered peanut butter cookies recipe here. 

Chocolate Walnut Cake

Slice of chocolate walnut cake on a white plate.

Calories: 318 — Fiber: 5 grams — Protein: 6 grams — Sugar: 15 grams

Why You’ll Love It: Easy to make, perfect for chocolate cravings, parties, or get-togethers. 

Next on the list of vegan and gluten free dessert recipes, chocolate walnut cake! It’s a moist chocolate cake topped with rich whipped ganache and luscious crushed walnuts – and comes with substitutions to make it both a vegan and gluten free chocolate cake. This vegan chocolate cake is great for any special occasion – a birthday party, holidays, get togethers, or just because! Get the chocolate walnut cake recipe here.

Vegan Snickerdoodles

Snickerdoodles without cream of tartar stacked on a white plate.

Calories: 192 — Fiber: 1 gram — Protein: 2 grams — Sugar: 17 grams

Why You’ll Love It: Super fluffy snickerdoodle with vegan gf pantry staples.

Create delicious, chewy, and sugar-coated snickerdoodle cookies in just 30 minutes with this easy, cream of tartar-free recipe! These dairy free cookies taste just like the traditional version and require minimal effort to make. Get the snickerdoodles without cream of tartar recipe here. 

Vegan Chocolate Pudding

Healthy chocolate almond milk pudding served in white bowls topped with chocolate shavings.

Calories: 166 — Fiber: 6 grams — Protein: 3 grams — Sugar: 6 grams

Why You’ll Love It: Dreamy chocolate pudding that’s low in sugar, great for a plant-based diet, and naturally gluten-free.

Next on the list of gluten free and vegan desserts, chocolate almond milk pudding! Packed with wholesome ingredients like avocado, almond milk, and cacao powder, this delightfully indulgent recipe has a super creamy texture and is packed with chocolate flavor. In minutes, you’ll have a naturally sweetened snack without the hassle of baking. And with only 6 grams of sugar, this is one of those vegan & gluten free desserts you can enjoy with zero guilt! Get the chocolate almond milk pudding recipe here. 

Vegan Banana Pudding

Banana pudding lasagna in a baking dish.

Calories: 223 — Fiber: 2 grams — Protein: 4 grams — Sugar: 23 grams

Why You’ll Love It: Classic summertime dessert that’s always a crowd pleaser!

This gluten free easy dessert is sure to be a hit at any holiday party, picnic, or potluck. Layers of cream cheese filling, juicy ripe bananas, and crispy Nilla wafers take the classic banana pudding to a lasagna-style level for a dish that’s sure to please the crowd. Get the banana pudding recipe here. 

Caramel Nice Cream

Two scoops of vegan caramel nice cream in a white bowl.

Calories: 156 — Fiber: 4 grams — Protein: 2 grams — Sugar: 28 grams

Why You’ll Love It: Easy, healthy, no churn ice cream, made with natural ingredients. 

If you’re looking for easy vegan gluten free desserts, then satisfy your sweet tooth with this guilt-free, vegan, and gluten-free caramel nice cream! The delicious and creamy treat is made with blended frozen bananas, dates, and vanilla extract and can be customized to your liking with salted caramel sauce or sprinkles. Enjoy the smooth and luscious “ice cream” that is plant-based! Get the caramel nice cream recipe here.

Vegan Lemon Cupcakes

Vegan lemon cupcakes topped with vegan buttercream frosting and a lemon wedge.

Calories: 355 — Fiber: 1 gram — Protein: 2 grams — Sugar: 37 grams

Why You’ll Love It: Beautiful and decadent, best lemon cupcakes ever.

Treat yourself to the perfect balance of sweet and tangy flavors with these delicious fluffy vegan lemon cupcakes! Use a gluten free all purpose flour blend for gluten free cupcakes. They are moist and light, with a silky smooth lemon buttercream on top, and are great to add to your list of spring and summer vegan gluten free dessert recipes. Get the vegan lemon cupcakes recipe here.

Vegan Carrot Cake Cupcakes

easy vegan carrot cake cupcakes recipe on a cupcake stand

Calories: 272 — Fiber: 3 grams — Protein: 3 grams — Sugar: 11 grams

Why You’ll Love It: Perfect comforting dessert with tons of carrot cake flavor.

These vegan carrot cake cupcakes are both easy to make and beautiful to look at, and they definitely deserve a spot on the list of healthy gluten free dessert recipes. Perfect for kids, a special occasion, or any time of the year, these cupcakes are completely milk-free and egg-free, and are topped off with a scrumptious vegan cream cheese frosting. Makes these gluten free with gluten free all purpose flour. Get the vegan carrot cake cupcakes recipe here.

Vegan Rice Krispie Treats

healthy rice krispie treats on a white plate

Calories: 49 — Fiber: 1 gram — Protein: 1 gram — Sugar: 4 grams

Why You’ll Love It: Marshmallow free, sticky sweet rice krispie treats that are vegan, naturally gluten free, and have only five simple ingredients!

Enjoy guilt-free treats with all the buttery, gooey goodness! These dairy-free, vegan, and kid-approved healthy rice krispie treats are the perfect portable snack. They are some of the best vegan gluten free dessert recipes to make at home! Get the healthy rice krispie treats recipe here.

Peanut Butter Bliss Balls

no bake peanut butter bliss balls on a white platter

Calories: 90 — Fiber: 1.3 grams — Protein: 3.1 grams — Sugar: 3.2 grams

Why You’ll Love It: Great on the go energy snack that also makes a great healthy dessert!

Craving something sweet but don’t want to compromise your health goals? These no bake vegan, gluten-free and low sugar peanut butter bliss balls are the perfect answer! They are easy to make, super delicious, kid-friendly, and one of those quick desserts you can keep coming back to. With only about 100 calories and 3 grams of sugar each, they provide a healthy and decadent snack or dessert. You can even make them with almond butter for a peanut free option! Get the peanut butter bliss balls recipe here. 

Eggless Brownies

easy, healthy, vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, egg free brownies with walnuts on a white plate

Calories: 187 — Fiber: 1 gram — Protein: 1 gram — Sugar: 8 grams

Why You’ll Love It: Best vegan brownies, gooey, chocolatey and the most delicious dessert!

Eggless brownies deserve a spot on the list of gf vegan desserts! If you’re looking for a rich, sweet and delicious treat, homemade egg-free brownies are the way to go! Not only are they better than the boxed kind, but they’re also so easy to make and can be adapted to be gluten-free by using gluten free all purpose flour. Get the eggless brownies recipe here. 

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