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What’s The Best Goat Milk Formula for Your Baby?

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best goat milk formula

So many of you have come across my best organic baby formula post – and I’m so glad that post has been helpful to all of you!! One of the most common questions I get when it comes to baby formula is: What about goat milk formula? Is it better than cow’s milk formula? And which one is the best?

In general, goat milk formula can be a good option for babies – especially for babies who just aren’t tolerating cow’s milk formula well. For more details on what the pros & cons are of goat milk vs. cow milk formula, check out this post!

Now, as for which one is the best? There aren’t as many goat milk formula options as there are cow’s milk — here are the ones I’ve found: Kabrita USA, Holle Goat, NannyCare, and Sammy’s Milk. Out of these, Kabrita USA is absolutely, by far, the best Goat Milk Baby Formula on the market today.

best goat milk formula

If I was going to give my own child a goat milk baby formula, I would choose Kabrita USA (not to be confused with!) Kabrita is unique because it contains the beneficial type of palm oil (more info on that here), it’s certified glyphosate-free, it adds whey protein to model the whey-casein ratio of breast milk, it adds lactose to model the carbohydrates in breastmilk (vs. maltodextrin which lower quality formulas use), it has no glucose syrup solids added, and it has DHA/ARA added.

Kabrita is offering 10% off all orders with the coupon code GENTLEKABRITA.

Here are more details on what to look for in a goat’s milk formula – and Kabrita meets all of these guidelines!

#1: Ideally organic, or at least non-GMO/Free-range. If the milk is imported from the EU or NZ that’s even better, because you end up with higher standards for the treatment of animals and the processing of milk. Note: Holle Goat is the only formula that’s officially organic.

#2: A formula that simulates breast milk with their whey/casein ratio: to avoid digestion issues, constipation, gas, discomfort in babies! This can be accomplished by: a whey/casein ratio similar to breastmilk. Since breast milk contains more whey than casein – and goat milk contains much more casein than whey – it’s crucial that formula adds goat whey protein.

#3: Addition of lactose, to simulate breastmilk. Breast milk contains more than one and a half times the amount of lactose as goat milk. So, it’s essential that goat milk formula adds carbohydrate to meet babies’ needs.

#4: No synthetic ingredients like taurine, L-Carnitine, etc.

#5: No maltodextrin or syrup solids used. 

#6: DHA/ARA and Prebiotics added, and the right composition of fatty acids (this just saves you the time/energy to supplement yourself!) Since 20-25% of the fat in breast milk is palmitic acid, most of which exists in a specific structure, it’s important that the fat in goat milk formula simulate this structure. (Note: Kabrita is the only goat milk formula that uses a fat blend with beta palmitate. This blend is designed to simulate the fat found in breast milk. Kabrita does use hexane to extract their DHA/ARA, but assures me that there is no hexane present in their final product.)

So how do the other formulas measure up? The chart below outlines the 4 goat milk formulas on the market today, ranked from best to least-desirable! As I mentioned, I would choose Kabrita USA, but if you wanted to purchase one of the other options, here are my recommended retailers for each – and a couple reasons why they are ranked second, third or fourth!

Nanny Care: BabyKindMarket. No Non-GMO/Organic certifications, but their milk is sourced from New Zealand which has higher standards than the US. No soy based ingredients, maltodextrin, and only two of the synthetic ingredients that I recommend avoiding. They are ranked lower than Kabrita because they don’t have a whey-casein ratio as close to breastmilk as Kabrita, they don’t have DHA or prebiotics added, and they have two synthetic ingredients added!

Holle Goat: Huggable, OrganicBabyFood. This is the only officially organic formula! Why it’s ranked 3rd even though it’s organic: it doesn’t have a whey-casein ratio similar to breastmilk, and I have heard it can constipate babies more than Kabrita or NannyCare. It also uses maltodextrin and palm oil, which I don’t like. And it has no DHA or prebiotics added.

Sammy’s Milk: I think you can only purchase it through their website. Why it’s tied with Holle for 3rd: They use molasses instead of lactose which I don’t love – since that’s just added sugar. They had a recall a while back, so I’ve been a little skeptical about it. But they are free range and Non GMO, they don’t have palm oil or soy added, and they don’t use hexane to extract their DHA. So it’s kind of a toss up between whether you prefer organic or non-hexane extracted DHA + no palm oil when you’re comparing Sammy’s Milk to Holle!

Best Goat Milk Formula Ranking:

I hope this helps you navigate the world of goat milk formulas! If you have any questions at all, please leave a comment – I respond to every single one! 🙂

22 responses to “What’s The Best Goat Milk Formula for Your Baby?”

  1. The Kabrita USA offers formula for 12 months+ I did not see another option. Do you know if they carry formula for a 4 month old ?

    • Hi Myranda! Kabrita USA is marketed as a toddler formula but it meets the FDA nutritional requirements for infant formula. So I would just double check with your pediatrician that they are comfortable with you using it, and then you should be fine giving it to your baby!

  2. Hello again!
    I recently changed to Kabrita which my baby has done well with, she’s 3 months today! My pediatrician wasn’t too happy with it though, more so because he had never heard of Kabrita & said that if she didn’t have an intolerance to cow milk there was no reason why I should have her on goat. That she needed the cow formula to benefit her brain and so on. (I also live in a city where doctors are not very progressive & are “old school” who just want to prescribe similac & enfamil, which I don’t want to give my child. Any suggestions!? Thanks so much

    • Hi Denay! I think if your baby is doing well on Kabrita there is no need to change formulas! I agree with your doctor that you don’t have to do goat’s milk formula if your baby does well on cow’s milk, but Kabrita is nutritionally complete for infants according to their website. I think if you really want to get your pediatrician on the same page as you, I’d print out the nutritional label for Kabrita and the nutritional label for Similac and show it to them (they’ll see that the nutrition labels are quite similar, even though the actual ingredients in Kabrita are totally different and far superior to Similac!) Hope that helps!

    • Hi Valeri! I couldn’t find any info on Earth Fare – are you sure that’s the brand of the formula you’re looking for? If so, feel free to email me a photo of the label/ingredients/nutrition ( and I can take a look!

  3. Do you know why Kabrita USA is labeled as a toddler formula, but meets FDA nutrition guidelines for infant formula? Why not just label it as infant formula?
    Thanks for you help!

    • Hi Michelle! Basically, there are additional FDA regulations for infant formulas that Kabrita USA hasn’t gone through yet (I believe they are doing this in 2019) and that’s why for now, it has to be labeled as a toddler formula even though it meets the nutritional guidelines for infant formulas. I know lots of moms who have used Kabrita for their infants and their babies have done well on it, so if your pediatrician is comfortable with you using Kabrita for your baby I don’t see any reason why it should be an issue! Hope that helps!

  4. Sammy’s is the only one that doesn’t have folic acid. I want to avoid that because baby has mthfr. But the recall makes me nervous. What do you think of my capra recipe and making it myself?

    • Hi Crystal! That makes sense – that’s why Sammy’s is ranked lower on my list as well! Regarding the capra recipe, as far as I know it looks good and the moms I know who have tried it have had success with it. If you’re thinking of going down that path I’d talk to your pediatrician to make sure they’re comfortable with it too!

    • Hi Courtney! I have never used Mt. Capra’s recipe personally, but I know other moms who have and have had success with it. If you are thinking of trying their recipe I’d just check with your pediatrician to make sure they’re comfortable with you following that recipe for homemade formula for your little one. Mt. Capra’s goat milk products have super clean ingredients and it looks like they are non-GMO and organic (the goats either graze on grass or are fed organic hay/feed). Hope that helps!

  5. Hello!
    Thanks for the great info! I see that Kabrita seems to only have a 12-24 month formula. is that for labeling purposes, but its actually ok for infants? thanks!

    • Hi Heather! So yes it is for labeling purposes, and I know moms who use Kabrita for their infants with no issues. That said, you should definitely check with your pediatrician before using this formula for your little one just to make sure they are on board with it! Thanks!

  6. Did you know that organic start has Kabrita goats milk for infants, but the only downside is that they are charging $69 a can. Is this the same company that makes Kabrita toddlers formula and is it as good?

    • Hi Rebekah! Actually the one on Organic Start isn’t the same one that I recommend. The one on Organic Start is Kabrita from Europe, and the one I recommend is actually Kabrita USA. Kabrita is the one brand where the US version is way healthier than the UK version! The UK version has glucose syrup solids added among other things, but the US version has really clean ingredients and it’s way cheaper! So buy the US version, and don’t buy the one on Organic Start. Hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions!

      • But this one is toddler formula for 12-24 month.
        My baby is 5-1/2 months old.
        How is it ok to use the toddler formula? Just need to know before I try one. I just got the Holle brand stage 1. It does not show taurine in the ingredients. It also has decent mg of whey protein. Help

      • Hi Shari! Regarding Kabrita – you can use it for infants. This is what Kabrita says about the toddler formula designation: “Kabrita Goat Milk Toddler Formula meets the FDA nutrient requirements for infant formula, but we do not recommend it as the only source of nutrition for either infants or toddlers. Our formula is naturally easy to digest and designed to maintain the natural comfort of little ones during feeding transitions, such as weaning and supplementing. We encourage you to speak with a healthcare provider to discuss your child’s nutritional requirements and the available feeding options.” I know lots of moms who have given it to their infants with no issues, but you should just check with your pediatrician before starting any new formula just to make sure they are on board. Holle Stage 1 does not have taurine – you are right. In my post I didn’t say it had taurine, I ranked it third because it has maltodextrin, palm oil, and while it does have whey, the whey-to-casein ratio is not ideal for infants and can be constipating for some babies. I hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions!

  7. Do people use the goat milk formula even if their baby doesn’t have a cow’s milk sensitivity? I am sensitive to cow’s milk and so is my older son. I’m looking for something to supplement with as I can’t keep up my milk supply with working. I just can’t pump the same amount of ounces that he’s eating at daycare. Your post mentioned this is the closest thing to breastmilk so it caught my attention.

    • Hi Heather! Yes you can use a goat milk formula even if your baby doesn’t have a cow’s milk sensitivity! Goat milk formula is a replacement for cow’s milk formula – it has all of the same nutrients you’d get but just uses goat milk as a base instead of cow’s milk. So I think as long as your pediatrician is ok with it, you can use this formula for your little one!

    • Hi Jennifer! I do know parents of infants who use Kabrita and have had no issues with it. Kabrita is similar to Baby’s Only in that it’s marketed as a toddler formula but can be used for infants. That said, I would definitely ask your pediatrician before starting your baby on it – just to make sure they are comfortable with it as well! Hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions!

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