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Hello! I’m Anjali. I’m a board certified health coach, author, wife, mom and food lover from the SF Bay area (now living in Seattle, WA!); with a passion for delicious food and a desire to make healthy eating easy, tasty and fun! Learn more about me here and stay for a while!

Anjali Shah



I can’t believe just how almost 4 weeks ago I couldn’t walk without taking 5 breaks! I was sore and the thought of cooking exhausted me and the thought of veggies was gross. I wanted my big juicy burger with lots of cheese. I wanted my sundaes with lots of hot fudge. Now…..I honestly can’t imagine eating anything but my veggies. Every meal is sooo good and so healthy. I feel better than I ever have into my teen years and I look forward to the future. And I’ve lost 20 lbs in 1 month! I couldn’t have even started or had the support without Anjali who kicks my butt even when I’m feeling discouraged. I would have never started this journey with cooking healthy meals, or even begun to work out without her so thank you bunches.


After struggling with emotional eating for a few years, working with Anjali really put me on the right track. I had too many notions in my mind regarding how I should eat, what should I eat, etc. I made it too complicated. Anjali explained it to me in such a manner that it not only made a lot of sense but also felt intuitive. I am now a smaller version of myself and more importantly a more calm and confident version as well.


I was searching online for healthy recipes for my mom when I found Anjali’s site. I immediately fell in love with not only her wholesome and delicious recipes, but found her blog name adorable! We have tried her recipes and were simply amazed at how such wonderful food can be made through her healthy tips and tricks! Now both my mom and I are always eager and excited to try her recipes. Aside from creating magic in the kitchen, she creates magic in life as well! I feel very lucky to know her as a wonderful cook and a trustworthy confidant. She has truly inspired my mom and me to lead a healthy life filled with happiness and hope.


I had been a picky eater my entire life–the bad kind. I was trying to teach myself how to cook and eat healthier when I came across this blog. It used to be so hard to cook because I hated the taste of vegetables! With Anjali’s recipes, I learned that veggies could actually taste good. And her recipes are so easy that even a novice cook like me could make them! The pictures are soo helpful too. This blog is an inspiration to me and with the help of Anjali I have completely changed my eating habits and lifestyle. Thank you Anjali!


I was introduced to Anjali’s delicious recipes through my daughter. It was at a time when I was trying to lead a more healthy life, but was having trouble finding recipes that would not only make me healthy, but were also pleasurable to my taste and offer vegetarian choices. After trying a few out, I was simply amazed by how wonderful all the food was! Now, a few years later, not only have I adopted her healthy substitutions and incorporated her recipes into my life, but I have also become more knowledgeable in finding healthy products, reading and searching for wholesome ingredients, and even begun creating my own recipes using Anjali’s tips and guidelines. Not only does she make healthy and delicious food for the whole family, but she also makes cooking fun and easy with her beautiful pictures and easy to follow directions. I cannot wait to share her recipes and tips with my friends!


Before I started working with Anjali, I couldn’t sleep through the night, I would wake up in the middle of the night and binge-eat, I had cravings throughout the day, I was stressed all the time, and I was making terrible food choices. After working with Anjali for the past few months I: am sleeping through the night more often (yay!), when I do wake up in the middle of the night and I’m feeling hungry, I eat a healthy snack of veggies or fruit and go back to sleep instead of binge eating, I’m making better food choices overall, I have lost weight, I feel more balance in my life and I feel more relaxed and calm overall. Anjali helped me balance not only my food but my life overall.


Five years ago, I hated cooking. Today, I love it, and there is only one reason for this drastic change: The Picky Eater. I never felt comfortable cooking, however I realized after the birth of my daughter that if I didn’t shape up, we’d eat out too much on nights when my wife worked late. This blog literally has fed our family ever since. The recipes are delicious, innovative and healthy. And the way each step is described in detail has helped ease me into the kitchen and even turned the “chore” of cooking into an enjoyable daily experience. At times, this novice cook feels like a chef and it’s all due to this beautiful blog.


Anjali and this blog have been a lifesaver! I am a very healthy (vegetarian) eater and I recently moved in with my fiance who is used to eating anything and everything! Anjali’s recipes have helped us out tremendously – they are not only delicious but extremely easy to follow. I’m so thankful and just wanted to share my appreciation!


I just came across your blog and I have to tell you I LOVE it 🙂 I am a vegetarian and my husband is not so I am always trying to come up with things that we both will like to eat. Its been rough! Your recipes are some of the only ones that both me and my husband enjoy – so thank you!


I just started to follow this blog and already tried two recipes which tasted amazing! I stumbled upon Anjali’s blog and the title attracted me since I am an extremely picky eater. I’m on a journey to get back to my (somewhat) original weight but find it very difficult. I’m at a point were I want to lose my weight and get healthy for myself. So I want to say thank you for the blog and wonderful recipes! Its making me finally enjoy cooking, helping me learn how to cook, and I’m confident that I can now get on a path to being healthy!


I absolutely adore Anjali and her blog. I’m an avid follower of hers, and I’m always thrilled when we have a conversation about food, when I try one of her new recipes, and when I find myself experimenting in the kitchen thanks to her encouragement. Anjali inspired me to get into more of an “active lifestyle” and between work and the workouts, I always find myself in need of a variety of healthy and delicious recipes – which thanks to Anjali are always at my fingertips! Anjali makes healthy eating easy and fun – I’m no longer stressed about trying to “diet” – I just feel like I’m eating delicious food that also happens to be healthy.


I’ve been looking for a blog that has simple healthy recipes and other healthy-lifestyle related articles, and I’m happy to say I consider Anjali’s blog a one-stop shop for a lot. She is always available whenever I need to talk or whenever I have a health related question, and her advice is always easy to follow, encouraging and practical.

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  1. I found your page on the children’s vitamins very useful. We took a few of the recommendations and ordered some from Amazon.

    Do you have a mailing list for notification when new content is available on your site?

  2. Thanks I love your blog and your recipes, in particular the baby recipe section! My wife and I were struggling to cook healthy and varied food for our 10 month old baby. You saved us thanks 🙂

    • Thank you so much Anto – this is so wonderful to hear. I’m glad that my blog has helped you to make healthy and tasty foods for your little one! 🙂

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