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Where to buy Holle, HiPP and Lebenswert formula in the US (a trustworthy vendor!)

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Holle, HiPP, Lebenswert in the US

Many of you know that when I had Layla, breastfeeding was not easy. I stuck with it for as long as I could but eventually I needed to supplement with formula.

And after a ton of research, I came up with this list of the best organic formulas for your baby. Last year, I began a screening process to find the most trustworthy online vendor that I could feel comfortable recommending as a place to buy HiPP, Holle, and Lebenswert in the US.

My search led me to Organic Start and Organic Start WholesaleThey sell all of the best European baby formulas in bulk and have FREE shipping to the US!

I have spoken with Peter, the owner of Organic Start, multiple times over the past year and after researching him and his business thoroughly, I feel confident in recommending Organic Start as a resource for purchasing HiPP, Lebenswert, and Holle in the US. Peter is a father of triplets who is passionate about making the best European formulas available in the US. Organic Start also sells Topfer, Goat Milk Formula, Anti-Reflux, and Hypoallergenic Formula. After working with Peter over the past couple years, I can confidently say that formulas purchased from Organic Start are safe, authentic, and reliable. Note: If you’re looking to buy HiPP UK, HiPP Dutch, HiPP GermanyHolleLebenswert or Holle Goat Formula in BULK (with a bulk discount!) I highly recommend Organic Start Wholesale. (The wholesale arm of Organic Start).

1) Organic Start’s founder, Peter, is a health-minded father of triplets. When his children were infants, he and his wife had to supplement with formula, but his babies didn’t respond well to the options available in the US. Everything changed for the better when they found HiPP and Holle formula. Organic Start grew out of their mission to get the best formula to the U.S. to feed their own babies.

Here’s a quote from Peter: “My family was in the European food business owning several brick and mortar European stores in the past in Astoria, Queens, NY. We have a network of importers and this was my obvious choice to go to my family and ask to import formula for my babies to save money since I had triplets. I then sold so much to friends and family that the obvious choice was to adapt my online skills, with my family skills, and create Organic Start and Organic Start Wholesale.”

2) Peter is from a family of importers, so he’s able to effectively source large quantities of formula directly from Europe. He sent me documentation and photos to verify the supply chain. Also, you can be sure the formula isn’t irradiated because they ship through containers (not air) 90% of the time. Sometimes they do ship in through air if they are running low for some units. In that case, they put in paperwork asking not to be irradiated due to the nature of the product and that has worked.


3) Organic Start and Organic Start Wholesale will always have formula in stock! Peter has been working over the past year to beef up his supply chain to help make this happen.

4) Organic Start is based in Astoria, New York. If you contact them, you’ll get a response quickly and from someone who actually works at the company (vs. a call center!)

Please note that The Picky Eater is not responsible for the quality of either the formula itself or the experience of ordering from Organic Start and Organic Start Wholesale. I am simply saying that based on my research, if I were buying a European formula for my own child, I would feel 100% comfortable getting it from Organic Start, and they would be my go-to source of ordering European formula. This post contains affiliate links. 

111 responses to “Where to buy Holle, HiPP and Lebenswert formula in the US (a trustworthy vendor!)”

  1. Hi! My son has a milk protein allergy so I’ve purchased Hipp Pre HA- I believe this is the Germany version. Is there a UK version of the HA formula?

  2. Anjali, how do you feel about any of the stage 2 formulas? I am using Holle Pre currently and we are approaching 6 months of age. I understand I don’t need to switch with any of the Pre’s? But I do want more iron for my little guy. I would like to switch to a similar product and debating between the Hipp Ger and Dutch stage 2’s.

  3. Hi, I ordered Hipp stage 1 from UK, but why is the dutch version better ?…for the ingredients or just the way the package it that is easier ? . I have ordered it from Formuland , have you heard about them ?

    • Hi! HiPP Dutch definitely has an easier to use package (the can vs. the box), but it’s also slightly better than HiPP UK because it has probiotics included and HiPP UK doesn’t. But other than that they are identical! And yes, Formuland is a reputable seller – I’m actually in conversations with them now to learn more about their supply chain and will likely be adding them to this post soon! Thanks and hope that helps!

      • Thank you for answer my questions ! I have ordered Hipp Uk combiotic ( didn’t know it doesn’t have probiotics, ) . Maybe next time I buy the Dutch version ( I’m a little bit worry if my baby will notice the change ) . I’m glad to hear Formuland is a reputable seller and I’ll be waiting when you add information about them ! Thank you so much ! Love your blog ! 🙌🏼

      • Thanks so much!! I’m so glad it was helpful and that you like my blog! And you can totally switch from HiPP UK to Dutch when you order the next shipment of formula, they taste very very similar so I’d be surprised if your baby notices the change 🙂

  4. Were you ever able to verify whether Dutch Expat Shop takes the steps to prevent irradiation of their formulas upon import to the U.S.? Thanks!

      • Anjali, definitely have a look at this article about irradiation as relating to HiPP and Holle. My daughter was very concerned about possible “irradiation” of the HiPP she buys from one of the US sellers and then found this article, which seems to be very well researched and cites all its sources.

        It seems that almost everyone is confusing food irradiation and the use of x-rays to scan imported parcels…they are worlds apart.

      • Thanks for sharing this Rosemary! This is helpful! Personally, I have never been too concerned about formula being x-rayed or irradiated for the reasons stated in that article – but I know a lot of people are concerned about that which is why I have always asked the owners of the companies I work with about it! It looks like the writer of this article has an affiliate partnership with one of the formula sellers here in the US (Bottles & Burps) – and I actually know Blake (the owner of that company). So I will follow up with him to get more info and then I’ll add it to this post! Thank you again! 🙂

  5. BEWARE of Formuland selling Non Authorized Formula….I emailed Formuland to ask if they buy their Hipp UK formula from an authorized distributor (knowing there are only 3 distributors with rights. They told me that they buy it from a “smaller wholesaler” which really means not a legit source. Since they will not share their source and they are not buying from an authorized wholesaler, I have every reason to believe their products could be counterfeit. There are several discussions on underground message boards like blackhatworld where shady people are selling bulk formulas to retailers. With the news out of China about fake formula, one should not trust Formuland as a source for their baby.

    • Hi Jim! I actually just heard back from Formuland and they were very transparent about their sourcing and confirmed that their products are authentic. They also offered to send receipts and tracking #s to prove their sourcing practices. So I think they actually do seem to be reputable! Hope that helps!

  6. Hello Anjali,

    What do you think about website? A lot of my friends are buying from there but I wanted to make sure before buying.

    Thank You,

    • Hi Meri! I know some people who have bought from there as well and seemed to have good experiences, but I don’t know the owners and haven’t worked with them so I can’t vouch for them myself! But in addition to Organic Start, I can vouch for these sellers: BabyKindMarketOrganic Baby Food and Dutch Expat Shop. So I’d recommend buying from one of them if you can! Hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions!

  7. Hello Anjali!
    I’ve been reading through this post and lots of the questions and answers….there are so many options!
    From what I have read, the Dutch version of Hipp is the best? But since it’s not available…what would you recommend? The German Hipp? Topfer? My LO is 9 months old. Would I need to supplement anything like DHA to any of these formulas? Or if I take enough DHA myself, would I still need to supplement?
    I know this question has probably been asked, but there is just so much information here!
    Thank you so much!

    • Hi Doinique! So yes, HiPP Dutch is the best but if that’s out of stock I’d recommend HiPP PRE which basically has the same exact ingredients as HiPP Dutch! For DHA, HiPP PRE already has DHA & ARA added, so no additional supplementation needed there 🙂 Hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions!

      • Thank you for the reply! I’m sorry, I do have one more question….is the HIPP PRE appropriate for a 9 month old? How would I know if I need Stage 1, 2, etc? I just want to make sure I’m ordering the right formula!

      • No problem at all! So technically, HiPP PRE can be used up to age 1. The main difference in the stages is that Stage 2 has more iron in it than PRE or Stage 1 — so as long as your baby is eating well and eating a variety of foods, they should be ok staying on PRE. I’d just double check with your pediatrician to make sure they are ok with it too before you make any final decisions though! Hope that helps!

  8. I am looking to begin supplementing with Hipp Uk stage 1 formula. was recommended as a low cost option for purchasing this formula. I am wondering if you have heard of this site? Also, I saw about that you mentioned gripe water for gas…would you recommend purchasing this from a Europe as well? I’ve never used gripe water, but my little guy has a super sensitive tummy, and has been on alimentum until we heard of the Hipp formula, so anything to help him be more comfortable would be amazing!

    • Hi Jenn! I haven’t heard of actually – so I can’t vouch for them! Regarding gripe water – I actually found Zarbee’s to be the best. So no need to order it from Europe, you can get it directly from Amazon! 🙂 It did wonders for my son who had trouble with gas. Hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions!

  9. Hi,
    I am totally convinced about how these European formulas are superior to the US ones. However, I am still concerned about the authenticity of the formulas I get from any source. Howe can I trust what I am getting is real? Is there a way to spot a counterfeit formula?

    • Hi Vivek! That’s a great question – that’s why I only work with a few reputable sellers of these formulas – like Organic Start and these others in this blog post. I can say that I personally know the sellers I list on my blog and can vouch for their sourcing practices – what you get from them will be real. I can’t speak to all sellers of these formulas though – but the ones I list on my blog are ethical you don’t have to worry about counterfeit formula from them!

    • Hi Felicia! I don’t know if either of those sellers are reputable (I don’t have contacts there so can’t vouch for them) – but you can actually order Kabrita Stage 1 from Kabrita’s website! That’s what I’d recommend doing – the link is here. Hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions!

  10. Hi!

    Being that the Hipp German Pre and Hipp Dutch 1 have the same ingredients why is it you mention Hipp Dutch as the best option? What is the difference between the two that makes the Dutch 1 superior for your recommendation?

    Thanks so much!

    • Hi Nikole! Great question – two reasons: 1) HiPP Dutch comes in a can which is way easier to manage than the foil packets in the box from PRE and 2) HiPP Dutch has multiple stages where the nutrients change slightly based on the baby’s age (e.g. Stage 2 has more iron than Stage 1) and PRE just has one set of nutrients for the entire duration of the formula’s use (no additional stages). That’s why I rank Dutch slightly higher than PRE, but really both are great options and at Stage 1 they are identical ingredients wise. Hope that helps clarify things!

  11. Hi Anjali, Thanks so much for writing these great posts. I wanted to so badly breastfeed and pump for my littles but for many reasons was unable. And so now I want to provide the best I can for them. Just wondering if there are by chance other sites you’d recommend for purchasing Hipp Dutch Stage 1. I was able to get 1 container of it but am still seeing how my daughter reacts to it so I’m hesistant to buy 12 containers of it from Organic Start wholesale and they’ve been out of stock for retail for quite some time now. The European website you recommend doesn’t carry the Dutch version. Any other trusted sources you may have? Thanks!

    • Hi Michelle! Thanks so much for reaching out and for sharing your story! I’m so sorry breastfeeding has been such a challenge for you – I can completely relate. But you are doing great and looking for the right formula is absolutely the best thing to do! Regarding HiPP Dutch, unfortunately I don’t know of any other reputable sellers of it, but what I’d actually recommend is buying one box of HiPP PRE and seeing how she does on that – because it has the exact same ingredients as HiPP Dutch and it’s more widely available (including on Organic Start’s non-wholesale website). Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions!

      • Hi Anjali,
        Thanks for this great post. Did you get chance to vouch Datch Expat Shop? How important irradiation impact on Hipp Dutch formula, if they air ship to us?

        Thanks once again!

      • Hi Brian! I emailed Dutch Expat a few times but haven’t heard back unfortunately! So I can’t speak to whether their formula will get irradiated when it gets imported to the US. I can tell you that Organic Start’s formula is not irradiated – so you don’t have to worry about that when you order with them! Let me know if you have any other questions!

  12. Hi, just an update, Organic Start is not carrying Hipp Dutch anymore. They have been out of stock for quite some time. DutchExpatShop is refusing to ship to USA now as well because of customs interference. Do you have any other recommendations for cost-effective sourcing?

    • Hi Mallory! Unfortunately no, I don’t know of any reputable sellers who have HiPP Dutch available. That said, HiPP Germany PRE has the exact same ingredients as HiPP Dutch so I’d recommend that as a replacement! Hope that helps!

  13. Do you know the difference between the HiPP UK, HiPP German, and the HiPP Dutch products? They seem to come in different sized boxes (making price comparisons fun), but anything other than that?

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