Easy Black Bean Fajitas with Veggies and Corn

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These corn and refried black bean fajitas are the best vegetable fajitas you’ll eat! Simple to make in only 15 minutes, this healthy meal and delicious Mexican recipe is something the whole family can enjoy!

👩‍🍳 Why This Recipe Works

- Easy to Make - Healthy - Kid-Friendly - Versatile


How to make Black Bean Fajitas


Heat Beans: First, heat the refried beans over medium to medium-high heat in a nonstick skillet, then add the taco seasoning.


Cook Veggies: In another large skillet, heat the sour and peppers over medium heat. Add some taco seasoning to the vegetable mixture and allow the ingredients to simmer for about 10 minutes while stirring often.


Heat Tortillas & Assemble Fajitas: Heat the corn tortillas in the oven or microwave. 


Finally, assemble your black bean and veggie fajitas. On one side of the tortilla, spread some refried black beans on it and then top with the vegetables and salsa.

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