Vegan Turkey Roast Story

This vegan turkey roast is tender on the inside & crispy on the outside with a meaty herb-roasted flavor! 

With Thanksgiving dinner just around the corner, it only felt right to master a vegan roast turkey. It took a few tries to perfect, but I finally made a vegan turkey loaf that made my mouth sing!

This vegan turkey recipe is made with chickpeas instead of tofu and vital wheat gluten. Vital wheat gluten holds moisture to make it juicy!

-Tastes like real turkey – Perfect centerpiece for  for a vegan Thanksgiving dinner – Cut into vegan turkey slices for sandwiches – No preservatives or natural flavors – Best vegan turkey roast recipe ever!!

Why This Recipe Works


How to Make Vegan Turkey Roast

-Blend Ingredients -Make Seitan -Knead the dough -Steam Seitan, Combine Basting Ingredients -Baste Fake Turkey -Bake Turkey

-Sides: Serve this vegan holiday roast with any of your favorite vegan sides. Sandwiches: Cut the entire meatless roast into slices and use it for vegan sandwiches. I like to make it into club sandwiches.

Variations of Vegan Turkey Roast

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