Vegan Potato Pancakes Recipe

With just 5 ingredients plus spices, these easy vegan potato pancakes feature golden brown, crispy edges and creamy centers! They’re family friendly, simple to make, and ready-to-eat in just 20 minutes. Dairy-free, vegan, and gluten-free too!

Nothing is more versatile in the kitchen than the humble potato! You can mash, fry, roast, or bake it, with lip-smacking drool-worthy results.

While I relish a crispy French fry or a creamy mash, nothing compares to vegan potato latkes! The edges caramelize in a hot skillet, while the centers stay creamy & light.

– Allergen-friendly eggless potato pancakes – Perfect meal for a busy weeknight – Only 10 minutes of prep time – Super simple recipe – Great recipe for the holidays, but delicious any time of year too – Gluten-free

Why This Recipe Works


How to Make Vegan Potato Pancakes Recipe 

-Make Flax Egg -Grate Potatoes -Remove Excess Water -Add Remaining Ingredients -Pan-Fry Latkes -Flip Latkes -Serve

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Variations of Vegan Potato Pancake Recipe

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