Vegan Nutella Recipe

Creamy, rich, easy homemade vegan nutella is made with raw hazelnuts, dark chocolate, and naturally sweetened with maple syrup. It is a decadent, healthy chocolate hazelnut spread for dipping fruit, or slathering over pancakes, toast, and more!

When I first discovered the original Nutella as a child I thought I’d found the best-kept secret! This chocolate hazelnut spread tasted amazing on just about anything, and quickly became my new favorite treat.

It wasn’t until I got older that I wondered, “Is Nutella Vegan?” turned the jar over to look at the nutrition facts to see that not only was my favorite chocolate treat not suitable for a vegan diet, it also wasn’t healthy!

– Has all of the nutty flavor of hazelnut Nutella, but is much healthier for you! – Vegan, dairy free hazelnut spread with deep hazelnut flavor – Will satisfy your chocolate cravings – Simple ingredients – No added sugar, no artificial flavor – Spreadable

Why This Recipe Works


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Roast Hazelnuts Blend Into Hazelnut Butter Add Melted Chocolate Add Rest Of Ingredients -Blend -Store Or Serve

Mint Chocolate Nutella: White Chocolate Nutella Add More Sweetness Mix-Ins Extracts & Spices 3 Ingredient Nutella

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