Vegan Christmas Pudding Story

This vegan Christmas pudding is a dairy and egg-free take on a traditional British pudding! It’s a steamed and sticky cake with boozy fruit and warming spices. Easy to make, rich, moist, dairy-free and gluten-free!

Christmas pudding is a steamed cake filled with boozy fruit, grated apple, citrus peel, and warm spices.

Our easy recipe for Christmas pudding doesn’t require a few weeks of aging, it can be served right after it’s made!

– Serve after Christmas dinner! – Better than shop-bought Christmas puddings – Classic Christmas pudding texture – Sweet, sticky, and moist – No eggs, dairy, or animal products – A popular holiday dish in Victorian times – Best vegan Christmas pudding ever!

Why This Recipe Works


How to Make Vegan Christmas Pudding

-Soak Fruit: Pour in the brandy, mix with a wooden spoon, and cover. -Add Apple The Next Day -Combine Wet Ingredients -Mix: Add the remaining ingredients to the oil mixture, along with the soaked fruit (and the juices!). Mix until well combined. -Grease Tin & Prepare Pudding Basin -Steam Pudding Batter -Remove Pudding -Flip Pudding

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Variations of Vegan Christmas Pudding

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