Vegan Cheese Sauce

My vegan cheese sauce for pasta is so rich and creamy you won’t believe it’s made with a healthy vegetable base and no dairy!

Why I Love This Recipe

The cheesy taste is created by using a mix of vegetables, spices, and miso.


Roast the garlic by peeling and wrapping it in tin foil with a splash of veggie broth.

Roast the garlic

Boil the potato, red pepper, carrots, and onion until they’re tender.

Boil your veggies

Add the boiled veggies, cashews, lemon juice, miso, and seasonings into a high powered blender.

Load all ingredients into a blender

Turn the power up to high in order to create a smooth, thick, and gooey consistency.


I like to process the vegetable sauce in the blender until it is warm, but you can also warm it up on the stove in a saucepan.

Heat and serve

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