Veggie Quesadilla Recipe (Healthy, Easy)

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This easy, healthy veggie quesadilla recipe is packed with gooey cheese, black beans, and crunchy veggies. Done in less than 30 minutes they make a great weeknight meal!

👩‍🍳 Why This Recipe Works

– Melty cheese – Crispy and hearty – Super satisfying – Easy to make – Quick cleanup


How to make Veggie Quesadilla 


Cook Beans: In a medium skillet, heat black beans over the stove on medium heat. Add taco seasoning to taste and stir until combined.


Warm Tortillas: Heat a large skillet or nonstick pan over medium to medium-low heat, spray with olive oil cooking spray. Add tortilla to the pan.


Assemble quesadillas: On half of the tortilla, add one layer of beans, one layer of cheese (1/8 cup), a layer of the vegetable mixture, and another layer of cheese (remaining 1/8 cup).


Cook Quesadillas: Grill your vegetable quesadilla in the pan until both sides are golden brown and crispy and the cheese has melted. Transfer to a cutting board and cut into quarters.

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