This Taco Lasagna Recipe brings Mexican flavors and Italian layers to this veggie loaded weeknight meal. With layers of tomato salsa, corn tortillas, veggies, and beans, then topped with cheese and black olives, you’ll have a complete healthy meal rich in nutrients


– Full of plant protein – Full of fiber – Tons of veggies! – No refined grains


- Red onion - Frozen corn - Bell pepper - Cloves garlic - Seasoning to taste - Chunky salsa - Frozen spinach - Ancho chili powder - Tomato sauce - Corn tortillas - Refried black beans - Roma tomato - Shredded cheddar cheese

How to make Vegetarian Taco Lasagna


Chop your veggies, and saute the red onion, red pepper, garlic and corn over medium heat until the onions are translucent.


Heat up the beans, and add a couple teaspoons of taco seasoning until the beans are as spicy as you like.


Meanwhile, add a couple teaspoons of taco seasoning to the veggies, and add in the spinach.


Start assembling your “lasagna”! In an 8×8 baking dish – start with a layer of the tomato sauce, 1/3 of the salsa, and a layer of the corn tortillas.


Top the corn tortillas with 1/2 the refried beans, 1/2 of the veggie mixture, and a drizzle of the tomato sauce + salsa.


More layering – top with the corn tortillas, the remaining 1/2 the refried beans, and the remaining 1/2 the veggie mixture, a drizzle of the tomato sauce + salsa.


Then top with the corn tortillas again, and the rest of the tomato sauce + salsa. Top that with the cheese, olives and tomatoes, and it’s ready to go into the oven!

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