Sweet Potato Tacos with a Spicy Yogurt Sauce Story

These hearty sweet potato tacos are loaded with refried black beans, veggies, and topped with a spicy Greek Yogurt taco sauce. They’re gluten-free, easily made vegan, healthy, delicious and super family-friendly!

Sweet Potatoes, black beans, and Greek Yogurt. Not the traditional ingredients you’d normally find in a taco, right? It doesn’t matter – because these are some of the most amazing sweet potato tacos you’ll ever have!

I LOVED these Mexican tacos. The sweet potatoes became creamy after they were cooked and mixed in with the black beans perfectly. The carrots still had a bite to them which gave the veggies a bit more texture. The yogurt sauce cooled things down and was silky and delicious


How to Make Sweet Potato Tacos with a Spicy Yogurt Sauce

-Cut up your veggies: sweet potatoes, onions, and carrots.  -Sauté the onions, carrots, sweet potatoes in olive oil over medium heat. -Chop your cilantro and set aside. Prepare your Greek yogurt sauce. -Begin assembling your tacos!

Absolutely! These are some tacos you can feel great about eating! -Sweet potatoes are rich in iron, calcium, B Vitamins and Vitamin C -– High in Fiber and Protein Low Calorie

Are These Sweet Potato Tacos Healthy?

- Make it Gluten Free: Make it Vegan - Switch up the Toppings Add Tofu or Cauliflower -Make it Kid Friendly

Variations of Sweet Potato Tacos with a Spicy Yogurt Sauce

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