Spicy Samosa Wraps Story

Homemade samosa wraps are filled with spiced potatoes, sweet peas, protein-packed tofu, warm spices and fresh jalapeños all rolled into a soft, whole grain tortilla.

One of my favorite Indian snacks of all time is samosas. They’re the perfect combination of crispy, flaky, spicy and sweet – with the lightly fried samosa pastry crust just topping it off.

This copycat Amy’s Indian Samosa Wrap recipe uses all of the great flavors of delicious samosas, but repackages the “crust” and “filling” with good-for-you-but-still-tasty ingredients. 

– Easy to make – Vegan and vegetarian – Healthier than traditional Indian samosas – Super flavorful and satisfying – Best samosa wrap recipe ever!

Why This Recipe Works


How to Make Spicy Samosa Wraps

-Prep Tofu, Saute Veggies -Cook Potatoes & Tofu -Finish Filling -Prep Wrap -Add toppings -Wrap tortilla

-Different Toppings (Instead of cashews and tarmarind chutney, try ketchup, mango chutney, Indian pickle) -Try A Different Wrap -Use A Different Protein -Make It Kid Friendly

Variations of Spicy Samosa Wraps

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