👩‍🍳 Why Snowman Cupcakes Are The Best Holiday Treat for Kids?

Kids will adore both making and eating these deliciously sweet holiday  treats! They are easy enough to make with the kids in the kitchen, and  with a little help, they can decorate the faces of the snowmen too.


How to make   Snowman Cupcakes


Prepare cupcakes according to package’s directions. Add oil and eggs to the mix, mixing until combined.


Transfer the batter to lined cupcake tins and bake (according to package directions)


Allow them to cool completely before decorating. As the cupcakes cool,  use an electric mixer to beat together butter, confectioners’ sugar and  milk.


Use an offset spatula to frost each cupcake with a hefty amount of buttercream.


Dip each frosted cupcake in the bowl of sugar.


Decorate each cupcake with a “snowman face” by using the black and orange frosting.

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