Small Meals vs. Regular Meals – Which is the Healthier Diet Story

When it comes to your diet, you may wonder what is best, to eat 6 small meals a day, or to have 3 regular meals a day. The truth might surprise you! Here I’ll explain the benefits and pitfalls of each!

Most people think that if they want to lose weight, they should just eat less and the weight will come off. That’s not exactly true

Eating 6 meals a day vs. eating 3 meals a day is only healthier if you aren’t consuming more calories.  The key is to truly eat 6 SMALL meals. That means that each mini-meal should be about 200-300 calories max.

– Keeps your metabolism going at a steady rate. – Helps you maintain hunger cravings and random food binges. – Keeps your energy level up!

Benefits of 6 small meals a day

Pitfalls of 6 small meals a day

-Overeating! Small means small! -Takes effort to plan out -Many experts feel that trying to spread out the day’s calories may throw off the body’s internal clock making it forget how to recognize hunger cues

Benefits of 3 Regular Meals

– Eating a minimum of three times a day helps you feel full and reduces hunger pains. – Eating regular meals helps with weight loss.. – You feel full after each meal, instead of feeling hungry not too long after having a small meal.

Are 3 regular meals a day healthier than snacking during the day?

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