Six Steps to a Healthy Lifestyle

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by the idea of overhauling your lifestyle to create a healthier you, you’re not alone!  With these 6 steps to a healthy lifestyle you will transform your health and well-being in a realistic way!

I recently received a comment from a reader who had started thinking about making some healthy lifestyle changes. It’s really hard to break old habits but you can make small, incremental changes that will make a big difference !

Get moving more Here are some tips! – Stand every hour and stretch. – Park farther away, and take the stairs. – Use a standing desk if your workplace will allow it. – Fit in a lunchtime walk. 

According to a study at Harvard, sleep boosts brain power, is relaxing, rejuvenating, strengthens immune function, and is a critical source of renewal and recovery.

Get a Good Nights Rest

Make Healthier Eating Choices

Manage Your Stress

We’ve all felt it: when we’re stressed, our muscles tighten, we get headaches, we feel tired, maybe even nauseous or sick. It’s no secret that stress isn’t good for us.

Schedule a physical exam and learn your baseline on five simple metrics – blood pressure, cholesterol, fasting blood glucose, body mass index and waist circumference.

Understand Your Current Health

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