Prune Puree Baby Food Story

This simple recipe for homemade prune baby food puree will quickly become one of your baby’s favorites. Full of healthy antioxidants and dietary fiber, prune puree helps keep baby regular!

Ah, prunes. Prunes get such a bad rap – but they’re actually quite delicious! They’re basically just dried plums – and they look like massive raisins.

Prunes are the number one source of antioxidants for babies and they also help keep things moving along, so if your baby is prone to constipation, a couple cubes of this a day should help keep them regular!

– Simple homemade baby food recipe – No artificial colors or flavors – Made with organic ingredients – Easy to store – Best home remedy for baby constipation

Why This Recipe Works


How to Make  Prune Puree Baby Food

-Prep Your Fruits, Add To The Pot -Cook Until Soft -Add To Blender And Puree -Store And/Or Serve

-Mash Or Lightly Blend Into Chunks -Mix With Breast Milk Or Formula -Add New Flavors such as cinnamon

Variations of Prune Puree Baby Food

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