Pre- and Post-Workout Meals Story

Eating the right foods are so important to making sure your workout is a success! Here is a breakdown of the best pre- and post-workout meals to keep you satisfied and workout-ready.

It’s not enough to simply eat something before you get on the treadmill or after you work up a sweat. Nutritionists and personal trainers typically agree that there are certain foods that should be go-to choices for most people.

3 Tips for What to Eat Before Your Workout

-It’s generally a good idea to eat something before a workout -In general, you should keep your pre-workout meal or snack on the small side -Choose something light, with a combination of complex carbs and lean protein.

– Oatmeal with fresh fruit and nuts – Greek yogurt or a protein smoothie – Rice cakes with nut butter and banana slices – A piece of fresh fruit with nut butter – An avocado and cheese roll-up – Homemade energy bars or protein balls

Popular Pre-Workout Meals

Avoid unhealthy “rewards.” It’s easy to justify a sweet treat or a salty snack, but the truth is that what you eat after you work up a sweat matters. Be sure to drink plenty of water following your fitness regime to keep your body hydrated, and aim to eat as soon as possible.

Tips for What to Eat After You Exercise

A Lentil Salad is a Great Post-Workout Meal

Other Post Workout Meal Ideas – Protein pancakes – Banana or whole grain toast  – Whole wheat pita with hummus and veggies – A fruit and veggie protein smoothie – Egg omelet and avocado on toast – A quinoa bowl with berries and nuts

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