Instant Pot Apple Sauce With Cinnamon Story

This delicious, homemade, instant pot apple sauce with cinnamon is easy to cook and is ready in just 20 minutes! With just 5 simple ingredients, this warm, sweet applesauce is the perfect healthy snack or dessert.

Healthy applesauce is one of my favorite side dishes. It’s smooth, sweet, and satisfying, plus you can enjoy it year-round!

Last season after apple picking, I decided to make my own applesauce. I was determined to create a homemade recipe that tasted just as good as store bought, but was must healthier for you.

-Naturally sweetened with honey or maple syrup – Use unpeeled apples for a nutrient-boost – Pressure cooking simplifies the process – Perfect for apple season – A healthy snack for picky kids! – The smell of apples is heavenly

Why This Recipe Works


How to Make  Instant Pot Apple Sauce with Cinnamon

-Prep -Place in Instant Pot: Dump the apples into the instant pot and sprinkle with cinnamon and salt. -Cook for 5 mins on high pressure, then release pressure. -Mash and then serve

Sugar Free Apple Sauce Vegan Apple Sauce Cranberry Applesauce Strawberry Applesauce Peach Applesauce -Spiced Applesauce: Variety of Apples: Different apples will give this recipe different levels of sweetness!

Variations of Instant Pot Apple Sauce

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