How to Make Pizza Healthy Story

Learn how to make pizza healthy with these simple swaps for sauce, cheese, dough and toppings. With healthier options, you can even eat pizza on a diet!

So, in order to be able to have pizza night more than once a week, I knew I had to make pizza healthier!

– Use a Whole Wheat Crust- Try Using Whole Wheat Pita Bread -Load Up on Veggies -Cut Back on the Cheese -Watch the Sugar in Pre-Made Sauces

Tips to Make Pizza Healthier

Many stores like Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods have started carrying fresh, whole wheat dough that you can roll out into a crust and make at home.

Order Smaller Sizes when Eating out

Best Cheese to Use to Make a Healthy Pizza

I’d recommend part skim mozzarella. It’s lower in calories and sodium than most other cheeses, and it melts well so you can use less of it and still get some melty cheese in every bite

All you need is tomato sauce, tomato paste, salt, and spices. Combine all the ingredients in a small pot, bring to a boil and then reduce to a simmer for 15 minutes. In terms of which seasonings to use, you can use any Italian herbs you like! 

Tips for Making Healthy Pizza Sauce

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