Healthy Veggie Lasagna

Super healthy vegetable lasagna.  A hearty classic Italian dish!

4 zucchini

6 cloves garlic


3 red peppers

6 oz baby spinach

1 tbsp Italian Seasoning

Lasagna Noodles

28 oz Crushed tomatoes

1 red onion

28 oz Jar Pasta Sauce

Mozzarella and Ricotta

Healthy Veggie Lasagna


12 servings


2 hours

Step 1

Sauté red pepper, onions, garlic, and zucchini. 

Step 2

Add spinach, and sprinkle with seasoning.

Step 3

Sauté onions, garlic. Add crushed tomatoes, and Italian seasoning to taste.

Step 4

Combine the ricotta and mozzarella.

Step 5

Assemble. Layer sauce, noodles, vegetables, and cheese. Repeat three times. 

Step 6

Top with sauce and parmesan cheese. Bake for 30 minutes at 350 F. 

A classic Italian dish made lighter!

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