Gooey and Delicious Vegan S’mores

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These vegan s’mores are made with fluffy vegan marshmallows and dark chocolate that are sandwiched between crunchy and crumbly sweet graham crackers.

👩‍🍳 What Makes These S’mores With Vegan Marshmallows So Good?

- Low Calorie - Easy to Prepare - Perfect for Everyone


– Vegan Graham crackers sheets – Large vegan Marshmallows Vegan dark Chocolate squares

How to make Gooey and Delicious Vegan S’mores


FOR THE MICROWAVE (MAKE INDOOR S’MORES!): First, top one graham cracker with one large, sweet marshmallow and chocolate.


FOR THE MICROWAVE (MAKE INDOOR S’MORES!): Next, microwave on high until the marshmallow expands or puffs up.


Roast Marshmallows: In the beginning, break the chocolate bar into smaller squares. Then, set aside.


Roast Marshmallows: Place the vegan marshmallow on skewer and roast over the campfire or low flame on the stovetop until it’s golden brown.


Assemble: Carefully, with the skewer, place the cooked marshmallow on top of one graham cracker crust and place the chocolate on top of the gooey marshmallow.

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