Quick & Easy Strawberry Simple Syrup Recipe

Fresh sweet strawberries, sugar and lemon combine to create this easy, homemade strawberry simple syrup. It’s a perfect addition to cocktails, mocktails, lemonade, or sparkling water – great for both kids and adults!

Fruit flavored syrup recipes are some of my favorite simple syrup recipes to make. You can literally infuse them with any flavors you want, and they are always super easy to make! One of my go-to syrups is this strawberry simple syrup recipe. It’s great any time of year – whether it’s the peak of strawberry season or not!

– Super easy recipe – A great addition to your favorite drinks – Requires just 3 simple ingredients – Great alternative to regular simple syrup – Packed with sweet strawberry flavor – Naturally vegan & gluten free – Make homemade delicious strawberry syrup in just a few steps!

Why This Recipe Works


How to Make Strawberry Simple Syrup 

To make any simple syrup: 1) Add sugar and water to a small saucepan, heat over medium heat. 2) Stir continuously until sugar is dissolved into the water. 3) Let the mixture cool completely, and then pour it into an air-tight glass jar or container.

– Add it to lemonade, coffee, or iced tea (1 tbsp per 8oz) – Drizzle it over ice cream – Add it to whipped cream! – As a replacement for soda syrup – Add it to a fruit salad – Add it to a smoothie

Variations of Strawberry Simple Syrup

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