Easy Starbucks Dragon Drink Recipe

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Made with nutty and creamy coconut milk, sweet mango and apple juice, and bits of dragon fruit, this Starbucks dragon fruit drink recipe copycat is full of dreamy sweet flavors!

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– Healthy – Easy Kid-Friendly Customizable


How to make Starbucks Dragon Drink 


Combine Ingredients, Stir: First, in a mixing bowl, combine both the dragon fruit and green coffee powder with a little bit of apple juice. Stir until smooth.


Add Rest of Ingredients: Next, in a cocktail shaker, add a scoop of ice, the dragon fruit mixture, remaining apple and mango juice, and coconut milk.


Shake! Attach the lid and shake until combined.


Pour, Serve: Add ice cubes and dragon fruit pieces to a large glass. Pour the pink drink into the serving glass and serve immediately.

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