Pastel Easter Deviled Eggs

These Easter deviled eggs have bright pastel colors for a festive appetizer.

1/3 cup non-fat Greek yogurt

1/2 tsp black pepper


1/2 tbsp mustard

1 tsp vinegar

natural food coloring

6 hard boiled eggs

1/2 tsp salt

Easter Deviled Eggs


12 eggs


30 minutes

Step 1

Slice each hardboiled egg in half and remove the yolk.

Step 2

Use a fork to mash the yolks. Add the Greek yogurt, mustard, vinegar, salt, and pepper to the bowl and stir until well combined.

Step 3

To dye the egg whites, fill four small bowls with ½ cup of water. Add two to three drops of food coloring to each bowl and stir to combine.

Step 4

Allow the egg whites to soak in the bowls for at least five minutes. The longer you soak the more vibrant the color.

Step 5

Fill the colored egg whites with the egg yolk mixture and serve. 

A simple festive Easter appetizer!

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