Corn Fries (Mexican Street Corn Style + 4 Variations!)

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Sweet and savory corn fries are the ultimate snack or appetizer! Corn is skewered, fried until crispy, then dressed up with one of four seasonings: Plain, Masala, Mexican, or BBQ.

👩‍🍳 Why This Recipe Works

- Sweet yet savory flavor - Only 4 ingredients plus spices - Three seasoning options - Easy and delicious snack recipe


How to make Corn Fries 


Prep: Remove the leaves and silk from the corn cobs.


Cut The Cobs: Place each cob horizontally on a cutting board. Cut the cob into three pieces, each slightly smaller than the length of a toothpick.


Spear: Set the cob facing up on the cutting board and carefully spear each row of corn with a toothpick.


Remove The Corn: Cut each corn cob in half vertically with a serrated knife. Use your fingers to gently pull the row of kernels from the cob.


Repeat until all the sweet corn kernels are removed from the cobs.

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