Blueberry Baby Food Story

This healthy, antioxidant-rich, blueberry puree for baby is made with sweet blueberries, crisp Fuji apples, creamy banana, and delicious mango.

This blueberry purée is a great way to get a bunch of fruits into your baby’s diet at once, and it’s super easy to make at this baby food recipe home (and in bulk).

You can do a bunch of things with this blueberry baby food recipe! Mix into oatmeal for breakfast, turn them into mini popsicles for a snack, or use them for “dessert” at the end of the day.

– Packed with healthy antioxidants for baby – Quick and simple – Sweet blueberry flavor – Easily freeze  – Makes 24 servings – Best blueberry puree for baby ever!

Why This Recipe Works


How to Make  Blueberry Baby Food

-Add blueberries, apples, and mangoes along with 1/2 cup water to a large pot.  -Bring to a boil and simmer -Blend blueberries -Serve or store

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Variations of Blueberry Baby Food

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