BEST Kids Vitamin For Brain Development Story

Your child is growing not only physically, but cognitively too!  Help support your child’s cognitive growth with the BEST kids vitamin for brain development

The most critical years of brain development occur before birth through to the first 8 years of a child’s life. During this time, your child’s brain size is growing at a rapid rate.

It is often difficult to ensure that your child is getting all the vitamins and nutrients they need. Providing your child with a daily vitamin for brain development is helping your child get the nutrients they need now.

Added Sugar:  Steer clear of gummy vitamins, and chewables that have added sugar of any kind. Added Preservatives Artificial Ingredients

Avoid These in Kids Vitamins

Hiya Chewable Multivitamins

Pros and Cons of Hiya Vitamins

PROS  Organic Easy chewable tablet Only needs one a day Can be used for kids aged 2+ CONS Subscription required to purchase Doesn’t include iron or Omega 3s

Help your little one feel focused, calm and help support their energy. These vitamins include B vitamins like vitamin B12, B6, biotin, folate, L-Theanine, zinc, choline, and inositol, and are especially important if your child follows a vegan diet

Mega Food Kids B Complex

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