Benefits of Organic Milk vs. Regular Milk Story

Is organic milk really healthier than regular milk? What are the benefits of organic milk? This guide outlines 4 reasons why you should always buy organic dairy, and why it’s worth it!

When it comes to buying organic, there are many different ways to prioritize. The Dirty Dozen is a great guide to produce, but there’s more to buying organic than just produce! When it comes to milk and dairy, organic milk is my milk of choice.

Reason I choose milk (instead of milk alternatives)

1. I don’t have any digestive issues when it comes to milk or lactose 2. Most milk alternatives have added sugars, preservatives and stabilizers 3. Most milk alternatives are very low in protein, so regular low fat organic milk is better protein wise for me.

– There are no synthetic fertilizers used on the farm – Farmers avoid most synthetic pesticides – Farmers do not use growth hormones or antibiotics – Farmers never use genetically modified (GMO) crops.


Organic Milk is Healthier

1. More healthy fats because when you feed cows more grass, you improve the fatty acid profile of the milk they produce 2. No risk of exposure to hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, etc. 3. Higher concentrations of antioxidants and vitamins/minerals

Main Benefits of Organic Milk

DIFFERENCE BETWEEN ORGANIC AND REGULAR MILK 1)  No Growth Hormones 2) No synthetic pesticides 3) No GMOs.

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