Beet Brownies Story

These beet brownies are so decadent and chocolately, you won’t believe there are beets in the batter! In just 45 minutes with simple ingredients, this chocolate beetroot brownies recipe creates a texture that beats (no pun intended) any other traditional fudgy dark chocolate brownies.

Even if you don’t love beets, you will love this healthy brownie recipe. Beets may not be the main ingredient you think of when you think of brownies, but these chocolate beetroot brownies will change your mind.

You might be skeptical that baking with beets does anything positive for brownies. But the amazing thing about beet puree is that it just adds moisture and depth of flavor, without giving any actual beet flavor!

– Vegan/plant-based – Can be made gluten-free – A healthy alternative to regular brownies – Kid-approved – Easy sweet recipe – Great way to sneak veggies into dessert! – Perfect for chocolate cravings

Why This Recipe Works


How to Make Beet Brownies

-Preheat Oven, Blend Wet Ingredients -Mix Remaining Ingredients -Combine Ingredients -Add Brownie Batter To Baking Dish -Cool -Prepare The Frosting -Frost Brownies & Serve

Sugar Free Beetroot Brownies: You’ve got a few options here if you want to eliminate or reduce the sugar in this beetroot brownie recipe Gluten Free Beetroot Brownies: Make these healthy beet brownies gluten-free by substituting the whole wheat flour and all-purpose flour.

Variations of Beet Brownies

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