Baileys Hot Chocolate Bomb Recipe

Filled with Baileys infused ganache, then encased in dark chocolate, these Baileys hot chocolate bombs make a cozy treat! Perfect for holiday gifts and parties any time of year!

Hot chocolate bombs are chocolate spheres filled with hot cocoa mix or chocolate ganache that create an instant cup of hot cocoa!

You could just use a packet, but where’s the fun in that? Carefully place the Baileys chocolate bomb into a mug, pour hot milk over it, and watch as the chocolate shell melts before your eyes.

– Baking Sheet – Medium Saucepan – Spatula – Parchment Paper – Circular Cookie Cutters (2 1/2 diameter and 3/4 diameter) – Piping bags

Tools Needed For This Recipe


How to Make Baileys Hot Chocolate Bombs 

-Melt Dark Chocolate -Mold Chocolate -Unmold Spheres -Make Bailey’s Ganache -Fill Chocolate Spheres -Melt Edges & Finish Bombs -Decorate

Vegan Sugar-Free Basic Hot Chocolate Bomb Recipe Toppings

Variations of Baileys Hot Chocolate Bombs 

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