Air Fryer Banana Chip Recipe

Learn how to make your very own air fryer banana chips! This crispy snack is made with just 3 simple ingredients plus a pinch of salt.

These homemade banana chips are ready in minutes, are perfect for a healthy snack whenever you’re craving something crunchy, sweet, and salty!

Homemade banana chips made in the air fryer are a great way to make a healthier version of this deep fried snack, and to use up any leftover bananas you may have lying around!

– Perfect texture – Super crunchy chips – Naturally vegan and gluten free – Kid friendly – Great healthy snack option, good for easy school snacks as well – Quick method – simple to make air fryer recipe

Why This Recipe Works


How to Make Air Fryer Banana Chip Recipe Story

-Preheat Air Fryer, Prepare Bananas -Season Banana Slices -Air Fry Banana Chips -Check Halfway Through -Remove From Air Fryer -Serve

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Variations of Air Fryer Banana Chip Recipe Story

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