25 Best Immune Boosters For Kids Story

Curious about what the best immune boosters for kids are? While it may seem impossible to avoid colds during the school year , there are actually quite a few things you can do to strengthen your child’s immune system.

Now that we have entered flu season, you’re probably doing everything you can to keep your children happy and healthy. There are plenty of immunity boosters for kids that will help decrease their frequency and severity.

When you first think about things you can do to boost your child’s immune system, you might be thinking about supplements or vitamins. And while supplements are  important there are actually so other things you can do

They are frequently sick.  Delayed healing.  Failure to gain weight -Nutritional deficiencies (skin and hair changes, brittle nails, and easy bruising)

Signs That Your Child’s Immune System Is Weak

Adequate Sleep is important for immunity

Best Immune Boosters

-Breastfeeding -Handwashing -Exercise -Wearing a Mask -Zinc -Antioxidants -Elderberry

Vaccines can help protect against certain diseases by imitating an infection. The imitation teaches your immune system how to fight the virus, which can help with future exposure.

Vaccines are Important for Immunity

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