20 Breakfast Toast Ideas Story

Don’t underestimate toast! It's golden brown and crispy top is the perfect slate for sweet and savory toppings. These 20 delicious and easy breakfast toast ideas are sure to make your morning brighter!

There’s nothing I love more than enjoying my morning coffee with a dressed-up slice of toast. I have yet to find a spread, fruit, cheese, or veg that doesn’t taste great on crispy bread

Breakfast toast recipes couldn’t be easier! Simply throw a slice of bread into the toaster then top with your favorite spread. But don’t stop there, the crunch, sweetness, spice, and flavor are in the toppings!

– Easy way to eat whole grains and healthy fats – Use favorite toppings – A perfect breakfast for busy mornings – Sweet and savory options – Make vegan or gluten free.

Why Breakfast Toast Works

Healthy Breakfast Toast Ideas

Peanut Butter, Banana, And Honey Toast

This classic peanut butter toast is a little piece of heaven. Slather a hefty portion of peanut butter onto your slice of toast, then top with sliced bananas and a large drizzle of honey!

Bread: Change the type of bread you use! Cheese: There’s no need to only stick with cheddar. Swiss, havarti, gouda, and gruyere taste delicious with eggs! Make It Vegan -Nut Butter: The varieties of nut butter are endless!

Variations of Breakfast Toast

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