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The Healthiest Children’s Vitamins: 2018

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Note: I update this post monthly to ensure all of the information is accurate! The original post was created in 2017, but the most recent update has been done as of January 2019. If you’re looking for the best adult vitamins, go to this post.
the best healthy vitamins for kids. healthy baby vitamins, best healthy vitamins for babies and toddlers
 Kids Vitamins can be confusing. There are so many questions: Is there a such thing as an “unhealthy” kids vitamin? Do you need a vitamin with iron? Which vitamins are the best? Do kids even need vitamins at all?
Recently, I was talking with a friend and realized that a lot of these questions can be really overwhelming because there is so much information out there! So I did a bunch of research and found the healthiest kids vitamins out there today. This is your guide to multivitamins for kids: what to buy, what not to buy, and what to look out for!
So first of all, do kids even need vitamins to begin with? 
Most pediatricians will tell you that it’s not necessary for most healthy children who are growing normally (source). For kids who eat well and eat a variety of food, they can get all of the nutrients they need from whole foods. But many kids are very picky, or don’t eat a lot of food, or aren’t growing well, and that makes a lot of parents worried that they aren’t getting the nutrients they need! In those cases, I’d recommend talking to your pediatrician, and if they suggest giving your child a multivitamin then definitely do so.
When buying a multivitamin, what should you look for? 
So to start, kids multivitamins generally come in two groups: 1) With Iron and 2) Without Iron. You should buy a multivitamin that doesn’t exceed 100% daily value of most of the vitamins for your child’s age group – primarily Vitamins A, E and K (that will be indicated by the label on the back). The exception here is for Vitamin C and other water-soluble vitamins. Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin but is ok to have at more than 100% of the daily value because most people are deficient (including kids) and Vitamin D isn’t toxic unless it’s in exceptionally high doses which wouldn’t be in a daily vitamin. If the vitamin does have more than 100% of A, E and K then I would just give your child half the dose on the bottle.
It’s also important to look for the ingredients that are added to the tablet that aren’t vitamins. Ingredients like: Sorbitol, carrageenan, artificial colors and flavors (Red #40 anyone?), aspartame, sucralose, to name a few! You definitely don’t want to be dosing your child with these ingredients on a daily basis along with their multivitamin.
So let’s start with what not to buy:  The answer here is most of the commercially available, leading brands of multivitamins. The biggest offender of which is Flinstones Chewable Vitamins. 
the best healthy vitamins for kids. healthy baby vitamins, best healthy vitamins for babies and toddlers
What’s crazy is that on the label, Flinstones calls out that they are “Pediatrician’s #1 Choice.” And most people do buy Flinstones vitamins! I even remember eating them when I was a kid. They tasted so good! It was like a treat every morning. And if you are giving your kids Flinstones vitamins right now, don’t feel bad! You are not alone, and thanks to all of the deceptive marketing out there, there’s no way you’d know that Flinstones isn’t the best choice for any child. Before doing all of this research I didn’t realize how problematic they were, and why it’s important to switch away from them.
The reason they are problematic, is because there are a ridiculous number of offensive ingredients in Flinstones Vitamins that truly, should not be there at all, and are not necessary. Take a look at two of their best sellers (I’ve highlighted in red all of the ingredients to avoid):
Sorbitol, Mannitol, Fructose, Sodium Ascorbate, Ferrous Fumarate, Silicon Dioxide, Carrageenan, Natural and Artificial Flavors, FD&C Red #40 Lake; Less Than 2% Of: Aspartame†, BetaCarotene, Cholecalciferol, Cyanocobalamin, D-Calcium Pantothenate, dl-Alpha-Tocopheryl Acetate, FD&C Blue #2 Lake, FD&C Yellow #6 Lake, Folic Acid, Magnesium Stearate, Niacinamide, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Riboflavin, Soy Lecithin, Thiamine Mononitrate, Vitamin A Acetate.
Granulated Calcium Carbonate (Calcium Carbonate, Dextrose Monohydrate, Sugar, Maltodextrin, Microcrystalline Cellulose), Sorbitol, Sodium Ascorbate, Ferrous Fumarate, Natural and Artificial Flavoring, Pregelatinized Starch, dl-Alpha Tocopheryl Acetate; Less Than 2% Of: Beta-Carotene, Biotin, Calcium Pantothenate, Cholecalciferol, Cupric Oxide, Cyanocobalamin, FD&C Blue #2 Lake, FD&C Red #40 Lake, FD&C Yellow #6 Lake, Folic Acid, Gelatin, Magnesium Oxide, Magnesium Stearate, Mono- and Diglycerides, Niacinamide, Potassium Iodide, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Phytonadione, Riboflavin, Silicon Dioxide, Soy Lecithin, Sucralose, Thiamine Mononitrate, Vitamin A Acetate, Zinc Oxide.
Let’s take these one by one:
  • Sorbitol and Mannitol are sugar alcohols. They have been known to cause digestive issues and discomfort in some people because they can’t be digested properly by the body.
  • Carrageenan is an emulsifier that thickens products, but it has been linked to high levels of inflammation in the body, digestive issues, etc.
  • Maltodextrin: this is an indicator that the food is highly processed. It’s used as a thickener, filler, or preservative in many processed foods, and it can cause spikes in your blood sugar because it has a high glycemic index.
  • Natural and Artificial Colors – Red #40, Blue #2, Yellow #6. I mean, #wtf. What are these doing in a kids vitamin? These are so problematic and have been linked to all kinds of health problems including allergies, hyperactivity, learning impairment, irritability and aggressiveness.
  • Artificial flavors – also highly processed and unnecessary in a kids vitamin.
  • Aspartame and Sucralose – this is what diet sodas are sweetened with, and are highly controversial. Research hasn’t proven one way or the other whether they lead to long term health issues, but it has been proven that they cause an insulin-response by the body (because your body thinks you are eating sugar when you are not – source). If you wouldn’t give your child a diet coke, you shouldn’t give them a vitamin with this in it!
  • Mono- and Diglycerides is one of the most widely used emulsifers to keep oil and fat from separating. It’s just an indicator that the food is processed.
  • Oh, and gelatin. While this isn’t a harmful ingredient, it kind of sucks for any vegetarians or vegans out there who are giving their kids this vitamin without knowing that it’s not actually veggie-friendly.

So what should you buy instead? What’s the healthiest multivitamin out there? 

Luckily there are tons of options! Below is a list of my favorites: they all are made with natural ingredients, have no weird preservatives or any of the ingredients above added, and some even derive the vitamins from organic food sources which I absolutely love because they are better absorbed by the body that way. Most of these will have a tiny bit of cane sugar or fructose added, but as long as it’s less than 4g per serving it’s not a huge issue.

Note: ALL of the vitamins I recommend below do NOT contain gelatin. They are all vegetarian friendly!

With Iron:
Without Iron:

Liquid Vitamins Without Iron:

  • ChildLife – it’s a little higher in sugar than I’d like, but you can start using it at 6 months of age (the other two options are for older kids)
  • Children’s Advanced – no sugar added and you can use it starting at 1 year of age
  • Premium Children’s – no sugar added and you can use it starting at 4 years of age
  • Tropical Oasis – sweetened with xylitol (just note that’s a sugar alcohol) and you can use it starting at 4 years of age

Iron Only Supplement: is a good option if you go with a multivitamin without iron, because it will add the iron missing from those vitamins back into your child’s diet. I like Nature’s Nutra because of its super clean ingredients list!

For Omega 3s: The primary Omega 3 supplement I’d recommend for kids is Nordic Naturals. They have an infant DHA supplement and a children’s DHA supplement – both of which are extremely pure, has no added preservatives or sugar, and are in liquid form so they can be added to just about anything! ChildLife Cod Liver Oil is also a good option for kids starting at 6 months of age!

For Vitamin D: If you’re just looking for a Vitamin D supplement – e.g. in the winter, I love (and use) these Vitamin D Drops. There is literally nothing added to them (no flavors, colors, etc.). They are liquid and you only need one drop in your child’s milk per day. They’re marketed for infants, but you can use them for any age. Super easy, tasteless and pure. For another great option, UpSpring makes a pure vitamin D with only coconut oil added.

For ProbioticsI love Garden of Life’s line of probiotics – they are shipped cold and their powdered kids probiotic can be added to your child’s drink (milk, water, etc.). They also have a kids’ chewable probiotic if you need an option that doesn’t require refrigeration (but it does have maltodextrin). Two other probiotic options that I like are PROKids and Dr. MK’s Natural Probiotic (the only caveat with Dr. MK’s is that it’s sweetened with sorbitol which is a sugar alcohol).

Runner Ups:

  • Solgar. This is one I’d get only if you can’t find any of the other ones on the list above, because while most of the ingredients are good, it does have carrageenan which – as I mentioned – it’s better to avoid.
  • YummiBears Organic Multivitamin (note: this vitamin does have cane sugar added – if you give your kids the full dose then it’s 6g sugar which is more than I would like in a vitamin)
  • Seeking Health (Note: The link may say women’s/mens but the label indicates this can be used for kids aged 4 and up. It’s also good for kids with MTHFR mutations. But I am waiting for a response from the company on the prop 65 warning on its label, so I’ve moved them down here for now!)
  • Natures Plus (another one that has a Prop 65 warning! Pending response from the company, I’m moving it down here for now!)
  • Nature’s Way Alive! The only downside to these is they are sweetened with sorbitol – which is a sugar alcohol that can be irritating to the digestive system. Other than that though, their ingredients look good!

I hope this helps you in navigating the world of kids’ vitamins!

If you’re looking for healthy meal inspiration in addition to the best vitamins for your child, pick up a copy of my newest cookbook here!

the best healthy vitamins for kids. healthy baby vitamins, best healthy vitamins for babies and toddlers

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494 responses to “The Healthiest Children’s Vitamins: 2018”

    • Hi Aarthi! Great question! I didn’t know about this brand. So yes – Yummi Bears Organics Multivitamin and Yummy Bears Complete Multivitamin (not organic) are both good. The Yummy Bears Sugar Free Multivitamin isn’t great because it has gelatin in it, so it’s not veggie/vegan friendly. None of their multivitamins contain iron – so that’s something to consider if you’re looking for one that does have iron. But other than that they are a good brand! I’ll add them to the list in this post!

      • Hi, I realize that this is probaby not going to be a popular question but I’m at my wits end with trying to figure this out. Is there a gummy vitamin with iron that you recommend? My son has sensory processing issues and texture is a huge deal for him. He will NOT take anything but a gummy vitamin and his iron is low.

          • A gummy with iron can be found in zarbees children’s multivitamin plus iron (try target website)depending on your child’s age he could probably take it but the reviews about the taste are not so great. I guess because of the smell from iron. They are natural gluten and gelatin free.

            • Thanks for the rec! I found it on Amazon too! Here is the link – and I have added it to my list! 🙂 It’s ok if the taste isn’t that great because they don’t add any unnatural ingredients (which is probably why the taste is still not the best). But I’d rather have that than a gummy vitamin with a ton of additives in it!

      • Hello, do you think Nature’s Plus Animal Parade Gold-Children’s Multi-Vitamin is good? It says it’s vegan and contains xylitol?

        • Hi Michele! Yes it does look good! Xylitol is just a sugar alcohol, which, in small quantities is ok (it can be irritating to the digestive system for some people though). Hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions!

          • Hello, thank you for this list! The Amazon listing makes it appear that prop 65 applies to this product… is this a mistake? If not, why is that not a concern? Thanks again!

            • Hi Emily! I saw the Prop 65 warning for Seeking Health (which is why I moved them down to the “Runners Up” section), but not for Nature’s Plus. Can you send it to me? Then I can look into it. Thanks!

        • If you have dogs, I would HIGHLY recommend not having anything in the house with Xylitol. It is highly toxic to dogs – even just a small amount could kill your dog.

          • That’s a great point Melanie! Even though xylitol isn’t really harmful to humans, it would be horrible if a dog accidentally ate a vitamin that had xylitol in it (that fell on the floor by accident!)

      • WHat do you think about Nordic Berries? It has 6g sugar per serving. None I have found has vitamin K so I thought I might do the kids amazing grass greens drink too but it has Stevia. It has vitamin K too.

        • Hi Britney! Nordic Berries actually has 8g sugar per serving, and for that reason I’m not a fan of them. 8g sugar is almost as much as one fun sized milky way bar! It’s like candy. For the Amazing Grass Greens Drink – it does have Stevia, which I don’t love giving to kids (it’s totally fine for adults). I’d probably recommend one of the other vitamins on my list – it’s not critical that a multivitamin has vitamin K in it. Vitamin K is important but it’s a fat soluble vitamin (so you definitely don’t want to take too much of it). We get it from food, and we produce it ourselves like Vitamin D – Vitamin K is made from certain bacteria in your gut. Vitamin K deficiency is extremely rare in the general healthy population; those who are deficient tend to have problems with gastrointestinal function or have taken medications known to interfere with its metabolism. That’s why, unless your pediatrician recommends it for your child, most kids don’t need Vitamin K supplementation. Hope that helps!

        • Hi Ruth! Is this the one you mean? If so, it looks fine to me, but I couldn’t get any information on what the additional ingredients are besides just the vitamins included. So I’d just check with your pediatrician to make sure they are comfortable with this for your child!

    • I have a 55 lb 8 year old who can swallow pills lik and a boss, but doesn’t really like the taste of gummies. Are there any vitamins he can swallow without tasting it?

    • What about ChildLife Cod Liver Oil? We tried Nordic Naturals Omega 3 (that’s what I have taken for years) but it was not as effective for our child’s state of mind as ChildLife.

          • Hi Lisa! Do you mean this one? If so, most of the ingredients are good – but they use a lot of artificial flavors (masked as “natural pineapple flavor” for example) – which I don’t love. That’s the only reason I didn’t include them on my list!

    • Hi Jessica! The doTerra vitamins aren’t bad, but there are a couple ingredients that I don’t love: 1) Stevia extract – while I’m ok with “Organic Stevia Leaf” as an ingredient since that’s a whole food, “stevia extract” is something I lump into the category of “fake sugar” – since just about anything can be included in the extract – it’s not as tightly regulated as organic stevia leaf. 2) Microcrystalline cellulose is a refined wood pulp used as an emulsifier for vitamins. It’s not harmful, but it is an ingredient I like to call out because it’s also not natural. It is hard to find the “perfect” vitamin though, as one of the vitamins on my list does include microcrystalline cellulose, and another has organic stevia leaf in it (but not stevia extract). Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions!

      • Thank you, that does help. 🙂

        You are right, it is hard to find the perfect. I think for now as long as both my kiddos like them and are willing to eat them, we’ll keep them. I’ll keep your list saved though for future reference.

        • Makes sense Jessica! And yeah exactly – nothing is 100% perfect and the doTerra ones are definitely better than most of the vitamins on the market (like Flinstones, etc.)! Glad it was helpful!

    • Hi Courtney! Those vitamins actually look pretty good! I don’t love that they add sugar to them — but that’s the only ingredient that stands out as less-than-ideal — and at least it’s a small amount of sugar from natural sources. Hope that helps!

    • Hi Carol! SmartyPants Kids Complete Gummy Vitamins actually look great! The only downside is that they are a bit higher in sugar than I’d like — 5g per serving which is more than some of the other options on this list, and they have gelatin in them which makes them non-vegetarian – but other than that the ingredients look good. Hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions!

      • Hi! Thank you for All of your info on kids vitamins! I have been so confused and ran across your blog and am so greatful to you for posting this all! I researched a couple weeks ago and found one I liked. I wanted something with omega 3 fish oil. I see you said you like the Smarty pants multivitamin besides the sugar content. So the one I got was Smarty pants Multivitamin with omega fish oil, fiber.i wanted to see what you thought of these before I gave them to him. I have been waiting to switch because I wasn’t sure but I’ve been giving him flinstones for years. I really want to switch from the flinestones . He also takes juice plus every day! Thanks for your help!

        • Hi Leanne! No problem at all – so glad you found my post helpful! The Smarty Pants vitamins with fish oil & fiber looks good! It does have sugar added but it’s only 2g per serving which isn’t bad at all. It has gelatin in it, so that just makes it non-vegetarian – which isn’t relevant if you aren’t vegetarian 🙂 I think they would be a good choice to switch from the Flinstones vitamins! Hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions!

          • This is only anecdotal but we are not the only family I know who experienced this – something in Smarty Pants Kids with Omega-3s causes ADHD symptoms to become worse. I cannot figure out what it is but I see a marked difference in both of my kids and have spoken to friends with kids with ADHD who have had the same issues.

            • Hi Vita! Oh no! That’s disappointing to hear. Thank you for letting me know – if I hear of a significant number of cases like this I will certainly update my list!

              • In order to balance/process the mythelated folate one needs the appropriate amount of B1 and B2 which smarty pants does not have. Most will get the Bs they need through wheat products that are enriched; however, if you are gluten free these are harder to come by. This embalance can causesome to feel jittery/high energy. The same thing happened to me when using their vitamins.

      • Hello, I just came across your blogs,they’re very informative thank you. I was wondering your thoughts on the smarty pants organics for toddlers and if you have any recommendations for organic multivitamins for toddlers. Thank you.

        • Hi Jenni! The Smarty Pants Organic vitamins for toddlers look good! I have added them to my list. But any of the vitamins on my list would work for toddlers — some may just have to have a lower dose depending on whether the vitamin is for ages 2+ or 4+. Hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions!

  1. Hi Anjali! So glad I found your blog and so cool that you’re in AA! I’ve been searching for a great supplement for my kids to take since they’ve been sick 2x (already!) since going back to school. Would love your input on this one: . It’s the L’il Critters™ Fruit’n Honey Vitamin C, I need something to boost their immune system and it doesn’t have the bad stuff (I hope).

    • Hi Trina! So that Vitamin C supplement is actually pretty good! The only less ideal ingredient is that it does have added sugar. And if you’re vegetarian it’s made with gelatin so that’s not good either (but not an issue if you are not vegetarian!). But everything else looks good, and the amount of sugar is small – 3g per serving, so that’s about 3/4 tsp sugar added. Hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions!

  2. You had stated that the vitamin shouldn’t have 100 percent or more of the needed daily dose of each specific vitamin but it looks like your top 3 favorites have over that. Like 200 percent vitamin c and 100 percent or more on almost all others. So I guess I’m a little confused. Thanks for your time. Dawn

    • Hi Dawn! That’s a great question! I should have been clearer in my post. The vitamin shouldn’t have more than 100% or more of the daily value for Vitamins A, E and K (the fat soluble vitamins). But for Vitamin C all the water soluble vitamins it’s completely fine. Vitamin D, even though it’s a fat soluble vitamin often has more than 100% daily value because most people (even kids) are deficient in it – so that should be fine as well. And even if it does have >100% of the dose for A, E or K you can just give your child half the dose. I updated my post too – to make that clear! Hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions!

      • Hi there, I was wondering the same thing…specifically about the non-iron Klaire Labs capsules. It doesn’t appear to be made just for children and the serving size says 6 capsules. All the daily values are considerably above 100%. Is there a dose that would be recommended for a 2 and 4 year old? Also, many of the reviewers mentioned it helped their child’s behavior. Is this a general multi vitamin or one that’s recommended for children with behavioral issues? Thanks!

        • Hi Janice! On the label it says: “Suggested Use: Adults or Children 4 or more years of age: 6 capsules daily with food. Children under 4 years of age: As directed by a healthcare professional.” I think that’s why they have 6 capsules per “serving” – because for a 4 year old you wouldn’t use all 6 and would be able to easily cut the dose down to be appropriate for that age. But for a 2 year old, I don’t know that you’d be able to cut the dose down to be small enough for that age. I’d just ask your pediatrician what they think about it to figure out the right dosing for your youngest! As for vitamins recommended for children with behavioral issues, I don’t know of any recommended for general behavioral issues, but for ADD/ADHD specifically I know that 1) Fish Oil, 2) A B-Complex Vitamin, 3) A Zinc, Magnesium and Calcium supplement like this one, 4) A probiotic, and 5) Rhodiola Rosea – which is an herb that can help with focus. I like this supplement for Rhodiola Rosea for kids. But again, those are what I’ve heard can help with ADD/ADHD – so you can ask your pediatrician whether they think any of these might help with general behavior! Hope that makes sense! Let me know if you have any other questions!

  3. How do you feel about Zarbee’s toddler multivitamins. I like the ideal of Garden of Life but it says for 4 years and up. My daughter is 2.

    • Hi Colleen! Zarbee’s multivitamins look good. The only issue I see is that they have honey and sugar added but it ends up being only 3g per serving (which is about 3/4 tsp of sugar) per day. They don’t have iron in them so that’s something to consider but other than that they could work!

    • Hi Alex! Overall Plexus is pretty good – they just have two ingredients in their vitamins that I’m not a huge fan of: 1) Hydroxypropyl Cellulose – which I don’t love as an emulsifier because it’s made from refined wood pulp – but it’s not harmful as far as I can tell from a research standpoint – it’s not absorbed by the body so it just passes through and 2) Xylitol & Erythritol – which are sugar alcohols. In the quantity that’s in the vitamin it’s probably fine – sugar alcohols are to be avoided in large quantities because they can cause gas/bloating/diarrhea – but again, in the quantity used for the vitamin it’s probably ok! Hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions!

      • I give my son the plexus xfactor chewable for kids and their vital biome for anxiety. It has helped him TOOOONS!
        As I read your comment I coud not help but wonder what else is out there as a substitute for Hydroxypropyl Cellulose orXylitol & Erythritol? Thank you kindly.

        • Hi Rosalie! Most of the vitamins I recommend just don’t use sugar alcohols at all – they sweeten the vitamin with fructose or fruit extracts – so that’s the alternative there. Instead of the synthetic cellulose, some brands use plant cellulose or don’t use any at all. Hope that helps!

  4. Love your article. Do you have any suggestions on a flavorless multivitamin? Or a flavorless omega 3 vitamin? My son is two and autistic and will not take chewables or gummies. He only drinks milk so I’m definitely not worried about vitamin d, but his food list is pretty small and not so healthy.

    • Hi Stephanie! I’m not sure about a flavorless multivitamin, but Zarbee’s has a liquid one that you can mix into milk, and Rainbow Light has a powdered form that can also be mixed into milk! Hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions!

    • Hi Mike! I don’t like Puritan’s Pride as much as some of the other multivitamins on this list because they have corn syrup and maltodextrin added. They also have gelatin which makes them not vegetarian friendly (for those who are vegetarian). Hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions!

    • Hi Melissa! Yes Little Critters Multivitamin looks good – except that if you are vegetarian it won’t work because it has gelatin in it. But if you aren’t vegetarian it’s a good option! It doesn’t have iron in it so that’s just something else to consider. Hope that helps!

  5. Hi, Thanks for the useful information! I saw that the YummiBears Organic Multivitamin have gelatin from pork skin. It is noted in the FAQ section of their website. Would that change your recommendation?

    • Hi Seema! YummiBears specifically notes on their website that they do not use gelatin in their organic vitamins – see their website here. Can you show me where you saw gelatin listed as an ingredient for their vitamins? Thanks so much!

      • Hi,

        Great article.
        On yummy bears website in faq section it actually says that’s their gelatin is non gmo and it is from pork skin . So definately not vegetarian:(
        Thanks .

    • Hi Manjiri! These look pretty good to me! They have cane sugar added but not too much (only 2g sugar per serving which is only 1/2 tsp).

    • Hi Nacia! Do you mean the Juice Plus chewable supplements of fruits & veggies? I don’t like the chewables because they have tapioca syrup, cane juice and maltodextrin as the first three ingredients listed. The capsules are fine, but might be too difficult for kids to swallow. And neither option really counts as a full multivitamin because they are more focused on powdered fruits/veggies than a complete multivitamin. I’d probably go with a multivitamin over these and try to have your kids get their veggies/fruits from whole food sources. Let me know if that makes sense and if you have any other questions!

  6. Hi,
    What do you think about the brand Naturelo?
    I was looking at the mens and women (Not the 1 a day) and the childrens chewable.


    • Hi Megan! For the children’s chewables – they add stevia to it which I don’t love (since it doesn’t say stevia leaf extract, we can’t be sure what form of stevia this is). The mens and womens vitamins look good though!

      • Just as an FYI, if you look at the website Naturelo says that the sweetener comes from Stevia leaf extract. I’m not sure why it doesn’t specify that on the bottle.

        I just bought these for my kids. Do you know the reasoning behind why the vitamins are for children 4 and up? I wanted to give them to my three year old as well as my give year old.

        • Oh that’s great – thanks for the heads up about that – with Stevia Leaf Extract I feel much more comfortable with it! I think the reasoning behind labeling some vitamins for kids 4+ vs. kids under 4 is due to the quantity of each vitamin in the pill. If you’re giving it to your 3 year old, I’d just check with your pediatrician that you don’t have to cut the vitamin in half to limit the dosage (so that they’re not getting too much of a vitamin they may not need at a younger-than-4 age!)

  7. What are your thoughts on Kirkland Children’s multi-vitamin gummies and Iron Kids essentials zgummies Omega -3? Thank you

    • Hi Courtney! I wouldn’t recommend the Kirkland ones – they have maltodextrin and gelatin in them (among other preservatives that aren’t necessary). The Iron Kids Gummies Omega-3 aren’t a multivitamin – they’re just an Omega 3 supplement – and they’re only ok. They also have gelatin, sugar and other preservatives added – so I wouldn’t recommend them. If you’re looking for a good children’s omega 3 supplement I’d recommend Nordic Naturals Children’s DHA. It’s much more natural and pure than almost any other DHA supplement for kids out there!

    • Hi Mary Ann! I’m not a huge fan of Animal Parade because they have maltodextrin added to their vitamins. But any of the vitamins on my list would be great for a toddler! Hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions!

      • Hi there.
        You say here you are not a big fan of Animal Parade but isn’t that what you recommended- Nature’s Plus in your article?

        • Hi Nina! Sorry I should have been more clear in my earlier comment. There are a few different Animal Parade vitamins – and only the one linked from my post is a good option (the rest of the Animal Parade vitamins for kids have ingredients that I don’t recommend). Hope that helps clarify things!

    • Hi Kristen! Yes I do! There are three good options: 1) ChildLife – it’s a little higher in sugar than I’d like, but you can start using it at 6 months of age (the other two options are for older kids). 2) Children’s Advanced – no sugar added and you can use it starting at 1 year of age. 3) Premium Children’s – no sugar added and you can use it starting at 4 years of age. Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions!

    • Hi Megan! I haven’t found any vitamins that have probiotics included in them (since probiotics usually need to be kept cold). But Rainbow Light is a great multivitamin in powdered form that can be combined with Garden of Life’s Kids Probiotic – and you can just add both to your kids’ milk or water at the same time. That’s what I’d recommend doing! Hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions!

        • That’s good to know! And their ingredients look pretty decent, except for the fact that they use two sugar alcohols to sweeten their vitamins (which can cause irritation to the digestive system – so it’s something to keep in mind if your child is prone to that!)

    • Hi Bridget! Yes unfortunately, Airborne for Kids has maltodextrin and 6g sugar per serving! I wouldn’t recommend it.

    • Hi Tram! Juice Plus is more of a fruit/veggie supplement vs. a comprehensive multivitamin. It’s also better for adults than kids. So while it’s fine as a supplement, I wouldn’t recommend it as a good multivitamin for kids. Hope that helps!

      • My son will be starting pre k and looking into buying a vitamins to help his immune so he doesn’ get sick . What do you recommend

        • Hi! Any of the vitamins on my list would work great for him! It all depends on whether you want a vitamin with iron/without iron etc. For immunity I’d definitely recommend adding in the omega 3, vitamin D and probiotics that I reference in the post. Hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions!

  8. Hi Anjali,
    I am a nurse and always super cautious with vitamins and supplements of any kind for many reasons. And I think that those that do use multi vitamins are best off taking one on a very staggered basis, such as one every 2-4 days as a little boost. However, I just came across this article during a course I was taking and thought I would share. It does not address children but I think that the information is important enough to share. Thank you for your blog! I agree with you on absolutely everything else and I LOVE your recipes. 🙂

    • Hi Angela! What you said makes sense and I actually have read that article before! I think vitamins are more of a personal decision – some parents are really worried about their kids’ nutrient intake, especially if they are picky eaters – in which case vitamins can be helpful (under the approval of the child’s pediatrician). We started giving Layla probiotics after she was on antibiotics for a bout of pneumonia earlier this winter, but we don’t feel the need to give her a multivitamin because she eats such a variety of foods and has a healthy appetite. But if she was a 1-3 foods type of picky eater, I think I would be giving her a multivitamin on a regular basis!

    • Hi Michelle! That’s a great question! Garden of Life has a small amount of probiotics added (1 billion) – so it’s totally up to you on whether you want to supplement with a probiotic as well. Most kids probiotics have about 5 billion in them, so that’s considered a full/daily dose for kids. I’d probably still supplement with a probiotic in addition to what’s already in the Garden of Life multivitamin. Hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions!

  9. Hi my daughters is a picky eater too she just eat eggs ham chicken soup sometimes for fruit just banana and orange and she drinks lots of milk her vitamins is flinstones but today i bought this vitamins for her is this the same as tne animal parade on your list.its also nature plus and animal parade its says childrens chewable multivitamins& Mineral supplement sugar free sweetened with xylitoland orange flavor .

    • Hi Nadia! I’m glad you switched your daughter’s vitamin! I think you meant to link to a specific vitamin in your comment but it didn’t come through – are you using the Nature’s Plus/Animal Parade vitamin that I linked to from my post? Or a different Animal Parade vitamin? The one from my post is sweetened with xylitol which is ok – but some of the other Animal Parade vitamins have maltodextrin in them which I don’t recommend. Let me know, and then I can give you more direction. Thanks!

  10. Which one of the vitamins are clear with no flavor? My daughter is very picky eater. She drinks a lot of water. She doesn’t like juice.

    • Hi Irene! I think your best bet is to go with Rainbow Light – which can be mixed into food or water and has a very mild flavor (if at all). All of the liquid vitamins I’ve found that have good ingredients do have a slightly sweet flavor so they probably wouldn’t work. Let me know if the Rainbow Light one works for your daughter!

    • Hi Leanne! Those look pretty good! I don’t love that they’re sweetened with a highly processed extract from stevia though – that’s the only ingredient I’d avoid. Will your 4 year old do a liquid vitamin or a powdered one mixed into water or milk? Or you could try the Zarbees Toddler Multivitamin which is a gummy chewable and a good option!

      • Sorry I only just saw your reply. Thank you for taking the time to respond! I will try the liquid ones but he prefers a chewable tablet, as he thinks it’s a treat! I try to stay away from the gummies as it’s a struggle to brush his teeth properly twice a day!!
        Btw, I have tried a couple of your recipes now and they are amazing!!! Thank you!!!

        • No problem at all! Makes sense about the chewables! I hope the liquid one works well for him! And I’m so glad you’ve been enjoying my recipes – that’s so great!! Thanks for letting me know! 🙂

  11. Hi Anjali. My children keep coming down with the flu, strep, and cold viruses. I was thinking of switching their sundown naturals kids complete multivitamin gummies to the following:;;; and Is this too much for each child? Their ages are 7 and 11. If this is all fine, I don’t have an iron vitamin. Any recommendations? Anything else I’m missing.
    Thank you.

    • Hi! Those are both great – I recommend both and you can absolutely combine them 🙂 For iron, I’d recommend this supplement. You can also add DHA / Fish Oil (I have a couple options that I’d recommend in my post) if you’d like! DHA is good to add if you and your family don’t eat a lot of fish. Thanks and let me know if you have any other questions!

  12. Hi Anjali,
    Recently I came to know about gelatin in multivitamin(not vegetarian). Can you please give me few multivitamin suggestions for my kids aged 6+, without any gelatin that’s available in US?. thanks a lot for the wonderful blog. Keep up the good work.

    • Hi Nath! You are right – I actually don’t recommend any vitamins that have gelatin in them because like you said, that makes them not vegetarian friendly. All of the vitamins listed in my post are vegetarian friendly and do not contain gelatin. They are all also available in the US! The Amazon links are in my post above. Hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions!

        • Hi Nath! You read my mind! I was just writing a post about the best vitamin regimen for adults! Stay tuned – it’ll be live this week!

  13. hELLO, Hi Nacia! Do you mean the Juice Plus chewable supplements of fruits & veggies? I don’t like the chewables because they have tapioca syrup, cane juice and maltodextrin as the first three ingredients listed. The capsules are fine, but might be too difficult for kids to swallow. And neither option really counts as a full multivitamin because they are more focused on powdered fruits/veggies than a complete multivitamin. I’d probably go with a multivitamin over these and try to have your kids get their veggies/fruits from whole food sources. Let me know if that makes sense and if you have any other questions!

    • Hi Xima! I think you meant to reply to Nacia’s comment much earlier in this comment thread 🙂 But I completely agree with your assessment of Juice Plus! I wouldn’t recommend it as a good multivitamin for kids, or as a replacement for whole fruits & veggies. We’re on the same page for sure!

  14. What is the required dose of Iron for a 9 year old. When I look for multivitamins for my child I look at the doses. I do not want to overdose on Iron.

      • Hi Anjali… how about for 12 years old, how much Iron per day? (Fyi, the link “Mayo Clinic” doesn’t work). Thank you so much for your blog, you don’t have any idea how much it helps me…. 🙂 My son is the pickiest eater I have ever known. He eats only chicken, no vegetable, no sauce, his food has to be dry and not touching each other. And he will literally throw up if I force him (by threatening, not to buy the video game he wants) to eat something he doesn’t like . Now, I can be more relax and feel confident about his nutrition intake.

        • Hi Cecylia! Can you try the link again? It works for me! Here it is. A 12 yr old needs 8mg iron per day. I’m so glad my blog has been helpful for you! Regarding your son’s picky eating – have you already ruled out a sensory or textural issue? Because most kids who throw up when they eat something they have been refusing have either a severe gag reflex or a sensory issue, both of which can be helped with OT! Just something to ask your pediatrician about if you haven’t already 🙂 Thanks so much for your comment and let me know if you have any other questions!

        • Hi Ervisa! Has your pediatrician recommended that you look into something for your son to help him with concentration? The reason I ask is because 4 year olds naturally have a hard time focusing on one activity for too long – it’s developmentally appropriate at that age to not be able to focus on one activity for TOO long. That said, if your pediatrician has mentioned that your son has focusing issues, then there are a few supplements I have heard that can help with concentration (but make sure to talk to your pediatrician before you give any of these to your son): 1) Fish Oil, 2) A B-Complex Vitamin, 3) A Zinc, Magnesium and Calcium supplement like this one, 4) A probiotic, and 5) Rhodiola Rosea – which is an herb that can help with focus. I like this supplement for Rhodiola Rosea for kids. Another thing to keep in mind is that most focusing issues in kids are due to dietary issues — like too many processed foods, too much added sugar and artificial flavors/colors in their diet. So I would make sure your son’s diet is free of these as well. Hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions!

  15. Hi there! What about rainbow light kids one chewable? It looks like it’s over 100 percent daily value for vitamin a? I want a chewable vitamin with some iron for my 3 year old. I used to use the rainbow light powder but I can’t rely on sneaking it into something every day. What I do like about flintstones toddler chewables is that theyre formulated for her age.

    • Hi Erin! The Rainbow Light Kids One Chewable is a great option for kids aged 4 and up. But yes, for a 3 year old it would contain too much Vitamin A. What you can do is just break the tablet in half and give her half a chewable pill each day. There are 5 kids vitamins that contain iron that I’d recommend, but the two chewable ones (Nature’s Plus and Seeking Health are formulated for kids 4 and up (although Nature’s Plus says their vitamin can be used for any child who can chew). What I’d recommend is just buying a pill cutter and cutting the vitamins in half so that your daughter can have half of a vitamin each day! Hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions!

      • Hi Anjali! Firstly, I absolutely adore your blog and the baby recipes are great. Kindly advise on the best multivitamin suitable for a 10 year old?

        • Hi Melissa! Thanks so much I’m so glad you’ve been enjoying my blog! For a 10 year old, you can use any of the vitamins on my list that are for kids aged 4 and up 🙂

  16. Great article and insight. I have used Garden of Life and and Natures Plus for my children. I have been pleased with both and they rarely get sick…. can’t attribute it to the vitamins only as they eat a very healthy diet. I am still always searching for more options and came across Naturelo Chewable Multivitamin for Children. What’s your take on that one?

    I also agree with you on the Nordic Naturals….I have been giving my children for about 10 years now.

    • Thanks so much Kim! Regarding Naturelo’s vitamins – they look good except I don’t love that they are sweetened with Stevia – but other than that they look ok to me!

  17. Can you please recommend a good tasting vitamin that’s soft as well? So, as an example you listed Zarbees but one of the complaints was that they were too hard for a toddler. Just wondering if you have any leads on one suitable one for a three year old.

    • Hi Sam! I’m surprised Zarbee’s is too hard for a 3 year old to chew – since they are gummies I just assumed they’d be easy. The other chewable vitamins on this list should all be appropriate for a toddler to chew since none of them are tougher than say, an apple with skin or raw veggies. But if your toddler has trouble chewing I’d recommend either one of the liquid or powdered vitamins on the list! Hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions!

  18. Hello,
    I got Sanostol multivitamin syrup (Takeda) Kinder from Germany, it has a sugar in it doesn’t say how much. Can you tell me if these vitamins are good and safe. It seems to me they’re very popular in Europe. Thank you

    • Hi Anna! I couldn’t find an ingredients label / nutritional info panel in English for this vitamin online. If you have a translated label that you can send me I’d be happy to take a look! Thanks!

      • Active ingredient concentration:
        100 ml: retinol palmitate 13.2 mg (24000 Vit A), colecalciferol 0.05 mg (2000 Vit D3), thiamine chloride hydrochloride 20 mg (Vit B1), riboflavin phosphate sodium 20 mg (Vit B2), pyridoxine hydrochloride 10 mg (Vit B6), ascorbic acid 1000 mg (Vit C), all-rac alpha-tocopherol acetate 20 mg (Vit E), nicotinamide 100 mg , Dexpanthenol 40 mg

        asking the same question regarding this vitamin and is it safe to give to my one year old? On the labeling it says it is so but I am having an issue regarding this since my German cousin swears by this and my ped prescribed MultiVitamin with fluoride

        and is this multivitamin prescribed OK? I don’t see what filler it has.

        • Hi Azadeh! Can you actually send me the list of non-active ingredients? The active ingredients are just going to be the vitamins included in the tablet, but the inactive ingredients are often where the “bad” stuff can hide (e.g. artificial colors, sugar, etc). The other vitamin you sent me (Poly Vi Flor) has caramel color – artificial colors and artificial flavors added so I wouldn’t recommend it. You can see those listed in the “other ingredients” section in the link you sent me. I hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions!

    • Hi Stacy! It depends on how old your child is. Kids aged 4-8 years need 10mg iron per day and kids aged 9-13 years need 8mg iron per day. For kids older than that, teen boys need 11mg iron per day, teen girls need 15mg iron per day. That includes iron from foods. So you can actually use this pediatric iron supplement for all aged kids since one dose has 15mg iron in it. Let me know if you have any other questions!

  19. I have been using whole food vitamins since my kids were old enough to take them thinking that this would be the healthiest way to get the nutrients. I’ve seen some lab tests on vitamins and seems a lot have heavy metals too. Is there a brand that has clean ingredients that has also been independently laboratory tested to be free of heavy metals?

    • Hi! I’m so sorry but I don’t have a great answer to this question. I haven’t seen any independent lab tests on the vitamins listed in this post or on most kids vitamins to be honest. In general, organic vitamins will be more free of heavy metals vs. non-organic vitamins, but that’s the only guidance I can give you!

      • Have you seen Kirkmans? They test for over 950 contaminants including heavy metals. what is your take on these kids chewables from kirkmans?

        • These look pretty good! They do have gelatin and it doesn’t look like they have the methylated form of B vitamins (so not good for MTHFR issues) but other than that their ingredients list is pretty clean!

  20. Hello! Could you please tell me if any of the other ingredients in flintstones gummies complete, besides gelatin (making it non vegan), are bad? Any info would be great.

    • Hi Chris! Actually Flinstones Gummies Complete have a decent ingredients list other than the gelatin like you pointed out. The only thing is they have a little more sugar than I’d like to see in a vitamin (4g for kids over 4 – which is 1 tsp – which is a lot for a vitamin). Other than that though, they are ok!

    • Hi Karie! I’d recommend the same probiotics for an 11 year old as for a younger child – the Garden of Life chewable probiotic is perfect. Similarly, the iron only supplement I list in the post will work for an 11 year old too, since it has 15mg per dose and most 11 year olds only need about 8mg a day. Hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions!

    • Hi Karie,
      Which multivitamin did you decide to give your son? My 9-year-old son has GERD (a reflux disease). I’m having a difficult time finding a multivitamin that doesn’t aggravate his reflux/stomach issues. Which multivitamin (& other supplements) are working well with your son’s situation? Thank you for any helpful info.

      If anyone else has any helpful info to provide, thank you as well.

  21. Hi there! I came across your blog – you are SO helpful. Thank you. 🙂 My son is 6 and a half and definitely on the small side. He is growing, but slow and steady. I was always the smallest one in my class and now, as an adult I am barely 5″2, my husband is 5″9, so we are certainly not big people. 🙂 My concern is that he’s not getting enough calcium, as he does not really eat any dairy. He stopped drinking milk completely at around 4 years old and does not like pizza or mac and cheese any longer either. He eats spinach almost everyday and broccoli a few times a week; I do plan to up the broccoli. That being said, is there a vitamin you would recommend for him? I prefer organic, but would do non gmo, as well. He takes a daily organic probiotic but he does not take a multivitamin (yet). I am curious what you would recommend for him. We are not vegan or vegetarian. Thank you in advance, I really look forward to hearing your feedback. 🙂

  22. Have you checked into Smarty Pants? Since this is over a year old. I was curious what your 2018 picks are?

    • Hi Trisha! I actually update this post monthly, even though the original post was done in 2017, I have updated it frequently since then! Smarty Pants is good – the only reason I don’t love it because it’s not vegetarian friendly (it has gelatin in it). I like the Smarty Pants vitamins with fish oil & fiber. It does have sugar added but it’s only 2g per serving which isn’t bad at all. Hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions!

    • Hi Christina! Koala Pals looks good to me! I couldn’t see how much sugar there was per serving, but other than that it looked great. Hope that helps!

  23. I have taken a look at the different ingredients and I am really shocked that a vitamin company would add corn syrup to a vitamin for children. A little honey or natural sugar is really not bad for kids because kids are usually active if they are not glued to a screen all day. I am surprised by some of the other ingredients. Thanks for taking the time to research. It’s so important to read labels!

    • Thanks Rose! I completely agree – it’s crazy what food companies will hide in their products to make them taste better or be more “addictive.” I’m so glad you found this post helpful!

    • Hi! Thanks for reaching out about this – the link you sent was from 10 years ago – is that correct? Additionally, it looks like all of the vitamins were well below the daily limit of lead (even for kids aged 0-6 years). Both of these make me not very concerned about this study – since lead and other heavy metals are in everything in tiny amounts — and I would guess that Nature’s Plus has made changes to their vitamins, formulations and production process in the past 10 years. Hope this helps, let me know if you have any other questions!

  24. Hi, Anjali –
    I’m a nurse practitioner and focus a lot on nutrition (largely whole foods) and supplementation with my patients.
    I’m a bit confused by the focus of having iron in children’s vitamins (or adult vitamins, for that matter, aside from individuals with anemia or pregnant women). Iron is a pro-oxidant – it literally causes inflammation in the body by increasing free radicals, thus increasing the risk of multiple inflammatory conditions, including cardiovascular diseases just for starters (that’s among the reasons why you won’t find iron in most supplements targeted towards people over age 50 or specifically in “men’s” vitamins). PLUS, iron causes constipation, which is often a struggle for kids who are picky eaters to start with.
    If we make sure to give kids anti-oxidants in the form of vitamins C and E and also via omega-3’s to counteract free-radicals, I’m not sure why we’d want to supplement children with iron unless their hemoglobin has tested low at their physician/primary care provider’s office.
    Can you give me your insights or opinions regarding this?

    • Hi Mandy! Great questions – here are my thoughts: 1) In general I don’t think kids need an iron supplement unless they are picky eaters, vegetarian/vegan and have tested low for iron – I agree with you there! 2) Re: iron in children’s vitamins – I can see a need for it in cases when kids do need supplementation. But the iron in all of the vitamins I recommend is actually less than 100% daily value for a kid, so even with supplementation it shouldn’t cause major GI issues or inflammation. 3) Iron isn’t constipating if it comes from whole food sources – but yes I agree with your point about some vitamins having iron that is constipating. Let me know if you have any other questions or thoughts! Thanks again!

  25. Hi Anjali,
    My daughter turns 6 in July. What multivitamin do you recommend, I would like her to have iron too. Would you recommend probiotics for her? She is a picky eater!
    Thanks in advance.

  26. Hi Anjali!! Thanks for this helpful post! Question for you: my seven year old can swallow pills now (and is cavity prone) so I’d like to switch her off of gummies and onto a regular pill for her multivitamin. But she’s still so little that I don’t think the adult or teen oriented vitamins are a good fit, right? And we’re vegan so that complicates the search a bit for me. Just wondering if you had a product, brand, or direction you could point me in!

    • Hi Chez! For a 7 year old I’d still go with one of the chewables in my post! The ones for adults/teens will have the wrong quantity of vitamins for your daughter’s age – so I wouldn’t recommend that. This one from Seeking Health, while a chewable tablet, is for kids aged 4 and up and would be perfect for your daughter. It’s not a gummie (it’s a hard chewable) so hopefully that will help with the cavities issue a bit! Let me know if you have any other questions!

  27. Hello Anjali.,
    Thanks for your article.
    I have 2 daughters aged 21months and 5 years. For the 5 year I have recently started with NATURELO Chewable Multivitamin :
    Could you please advise if the above are good and if there is any better multivitamin compared to the NaTURELO?
    Which multivitamin will be good for my younger daughter?
    Are iron, oemga-3 and prebiotic recommended for both of my daughters and if yes which ones should I go for.

    • Hi Swapnil! Thanks for reaching out! Regarding Naturelo’s vitamins – it has two artificial sweeteners in it (Stevia – which I’m only ok with when it’s listed as “Organic Stevia Leaf Extract”; and Monk Fruit Extract) – both of which I don’t love as ingredients in kids vitamins. Instead I’d recommend this one which is a whole food vitamin but doesn’t have artificial sweeteners in it. For your younger daughter I’d recommend this one – since it’s powdered you can mix it into your daughter’s food which will make it easy for her to eat it. As for iron, omega 3s and probiotics – all of them are optional. It depends on how well your kids eat and what nutrients they are getting from whole foods. If they are super picky eaters, then I’d recommend omega 3 and probiotics for sure. For iron, I’d get their iron levels checked before deciding whether supplementation is needed. If you do decide to add probiotics and omega 3s, I’d recommend this probiotic for both kids and this omega 3 supplement for both kids. For iron, this is a good supplement but again, I’d only use that if your pediatrician tests their iron and it comes back too low. Let me know if that makes sense and if you have any other questions!

    • Hi Oksana! I wouldn’t recommend these vitamins. They have a lot of ingredients added that I recommend avoiding for kids: carrageenan, maltodextrin, and cellulose (to name a few). Hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions!

  28. Thank you so much for your help!!! I would also really appreciate if you take a look at few others:
    1)Dr. Mercola Children’s Chewable Multivatamin
    2)Garden of Life MyKind Organics Kids Multi Gummies
    4) Smarty Pants Kids Fiber Complete Multivitamin Gummies (I wonder if these have too much of B12)

    Thanks again)))

    • Hi! No problem! Here are my thoughts:
      1) Has mannitol (a sugar alcohol which I recommend avoiding)
      2) Looks great! I have added it to my list!
      3) Looks good! I have added it to my list!
      4) Looks good! I have added it to my list! Re: the B12 – it is high but B12 is water soluble so any excess is eliminated from the body. Here is what Smarty Pants had to say about the B12 in their vitamins: “We created SmartyPants with our own children in mind, so you can be sure we take safety very seriously. We include a high dosage of vitamin B12 because it is a very important nutrient that is difficult to absorb, due to the large size of the vitamin molecule and the necessity of bonding with intrinsic factors found in the stomach. Since vitamin B12 is a water soluble vitamin, any excess you consume is eliminated from the body safely and naturally. We choose to use vitamin B12 as methylcobalamin (not the commonly used cyanocobalamin – which is a cobalamin attached to a cyanide molecule). At SmartyPants we choose each and every ingredient that goes into our product very carefully. Rather than simply include each nutrient at 100% of the RDI, we take a different approach – we focus on those nutrients that are the hardest to get from diet alone. We include each nutrient at very specific amounts, based on a combination of factors, including the RDIs, how easily the nutrient is absorbed and used by the body, how common the nutrient is in a typical Western diet, and the most current advice from nutrition experts.”

      Let me know if you have any other questions!

  29. What would be the best multi for iron + MTHFR mutation? I have read about HEALTHY KIDS MULTIVITAMIN, but did not see it here, so I would love to get your take and see if you have any other suggestions. Thanks so much!

    • Hi Danielle! For iron + MTHFR – I’d recommend either Thorne Research or Seeking Health. I couldn’t find “healthy kids multivitamin” as a brand anywhere so I’m not sure about that one! I’d go with either Thorne or Seeking Health. Hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions!

  30. Hi Anjali… are those supplements listed above good for teenagers as well? What is the best you’d recommend for a teenage boy? Thank you…

    • Yup – those would all work for teenagers! At some point though, you can switch teens to just a regular adult multivitamin. For a teenage boy, the adult multivitamin I’d recommend is this one. Hope that helps!

    • Hi Doris! I don’t love that vitamin you linked to because it has artificial flavors and maltodextrin. I’d recommend one of the vitamins on my list instead! Let me know if you have any other questions!

  31. Hello Anjali,
    I’m looking for natural multivitamins for a 6-year-old. Some of the multivitamins listed have synthetic ingredients, such as folic acid instead of folate and cyanocobalamin instead of methylcobalamin for B12. How important is this? I was looking for some potent multivitamins like Thorne research for children, Progressive Child Chewable Multi, and Naturelo. Could you tell your opinion on these?
    I also found interesting this article by Alex Swanson

    • Hi Srodri! Great questions! The difference is just in the amount that’s absorbed in the body. The versions you listed (folate and methylcobalamin) are in a form that’s more readily available to the body so that’s more ideal, but not essential (because unless you have an MTHFR mutation, you can absorb folic acid and the other form of B12 as well). The naturelo multivitamin is good but I don’t love that it’s sweetened with monk fruit extract and stevia. Progressive Child also looks good but is sweetened with Stevia. Stevia/Monk fruit seem to be ok, just not ideal. Other than that they look good though. I love the Thorne Research one – I’d prefer that over Naturelo. I have added the Thorne Research one to my post! So I’d go with that one if you’re deciding between those three. I think Alex Swanson and I are on the exact same page when it comes to kids vitamins too – thanks for sharing her post!

  32. Thanks a lot for taking your time !!! I became more cautious about vitamin supplements after reading your post, Alex Swanson, and Multavitamin guide. By the way, I used to give my child Garden of Life (Vitamin Code) and Megafod multi. But then I read were Alex Swanson’s comments:
    “They start with a nutrient rich broth and added synthetic vitamins, then use the yeast saccharomyces to metabolize and convert them. I asked if I were to explain these to people could I say “yeast based vitamins with small amounts of whole food blends,” and they said “yes that would be accurate.” So you have to ask the question, are these really whole food vitamins? I think it is misleading for people who think they are just getting blended fruits and vegetables in a capsule. The premium cost really doesn’t seem justified since yeast and synthetic starting material are both pretty cheap”.
    So, I’m pretty much confused.

    • No problem at all! While I agree with Alex Swanson that many vitamins are too synthetic, the ones I recommend like Garden of Life are absolutely not synthetic. They come from whole foods – you can see the whole food source listed next to the vitamin, which is why I trust it. Some vitamin brands are not beneficial, but I strongly believe in the brands listed in my post! I hope that helps clarify!

    • Hi Mary! It’s a little bit higher in sugar than I’d like (5g per serving – which is more than 1 tsp of sugar per day in just the vitamins!) but other than that the rest of the ingredients look good!

        • Hi Jessi! Yes overall Alive! has good ingredients. It does have sorbitol which is a sugar alcohol – so I don’t love that because it can irritate kids’ GI systems. But other than that it looks pretty good!

  33. Anjali, any specific brand/type vitamin you would suggest for a 13 year old? My son very short compared to his peers and is a picky eater.

    • Hi Taz! For a 13 year old you can actually just use the regular adult multivitamin. I’d recommend My Kind Organics Men’s Once Daily Multivitamin. Regarding his height and picky eating though, for kids, height is related to 1) genetics and 2) caloric intake – so the vitamin will give him some of the nutrients he might be missing but he will need to change his diet as well! Hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions!

  34. Hi Anjali
    My 9 and half years old son is 75 Pounds about 4.5 feet tall. He is extremely active, very skinny, and vegetarian: no meat, no fish, no eggs, no gelatin, no rennet (in cheese). He is very active all 7days with soccer, kumon, bhangra, etc. Last couple of weeks he is feeling dizzy, after eating any sugary product or in the school he complaints about no energy even while talking. Recently in blood test his iron came very low. 16. I have gluten allergy. He may have same but it was not tested in his blood. My iron was low whole life. I was tested in India that I had gluten intolerance that was the reason my iron was low always. I want to start minerals and vitamins, protein powder, iron, omega 3, full fat food. Please if you can help. Many time he is very depressed maybe because body has no energy. Can you please help me with diet chart and vitamins .

    • Hi Navdeep! Thank you so much for reaching out to me and I’m so sorry your son is struggling with having enough energy and with his mood! Since he is 9, any of the iron-rich multivitamins in my post would work well for him. Children’s Best, Seeking Health, and Thorne Research would all be great. Depending on how his blood work comes back after being on one of these multivitamins for a few weeks, you can also start this iron only supplement. For protein powders, I like SunWarrior or Tera’s Whey. And for fish oil, I’d use this Nordic Naturals supplement. Regarding his diet, I’m happy to work with you 1:1 if you’d like! Feel free to email me at and we can go from there. Thanks and let me know if you have any other questions!

  35. Hi Anjali! My daughter is currently taking Smarty Pants multivitamins with fiber. I wanted to add mineral supplement from this brand as well.
    I don’t want to give her too much sugar, so I decided to combine 1) Thorne research (but giving her 3 capsules instead of 6, 2) SmartyPants Kids Mineral Complete (giving her 1 chew). 3) Nordic Natural’s DHA. My daughter is 6 years old 4’7” 68 pounds. She is a picky eater and has difficulties with focus in school. Could you give your opinion? I’m wondering if there is not too much of everything, so she can safely consume these products. Thank you)

    • Hi Oksana! I’d actually recommend just giving her the Thorne Research vitamins – because that one is more comprehensive than the Smarty Pants Kids Mineral Complete, and it actually has all of the minerals that the Smarty Pants one has. So I’d do the full dose of the Thorne Research and then the Nordic Natural’s DHA. Hope that helps! Let me know if you have other questions!

  36. Hi .what would you recommend for a 3 year old very very picky eater and has low iron?btw sometimes he has bowel problems like constipation… Also, are enfamil liquid drops good the ones that says multivitamin with iron.I give those to my 1yr old……

    • Hi! I’d go with either Children’s Best, Seeking Health, or Thorne Research. If he has constipation, you can try adding this probiotic to either his food or drinks – but really the best way to resolve constipation is to make sure he’s getting a lot of fiber in his diet and drinking plenty of water! I don’t love the enfamil liquid drops because they have Polysorbate 80 which is an emulsifier used in cleaners and personal care products, and “natural flavors” which basically means artificial flavors. Instead I’d use this one for your 1 yr old. Hope that helps! Let me know if you have other questions!

  37. Hello!
    I am looking into a multi vitamin for my 2 year old, and most that i am looking at say for 4 years and up.. any advice on what kind would be good?

  38. Hi Anjali,
    I was wondering if I could ask you, I was about to re order the Natures Plus Gold multivitamins and I decided to do some research and stumbled across your blog, thank you for all your research!
    I didn’t realise that they shouldn’t overdose. Do you think I should cut a tablet in half for my 3 year old, since it says 200% vitamin A for under 4s? She’s already had 60 tablets!

    • Hi Taryn! Yes I’d just cut them in half until your little one turns 4 and then you can give her the full dose! You can check with your pediatrician but my understanding is an overdose would take a long time to accumulate in the body and that 60 tablets shouldn’t be a big problem as long as you cut back on the dose now. But I’d double check with your pediatrician as well! Let me know if you have any other questions!

  39. Hi Anjali,

    I am unbelievably grateful, I stumbled across your blog! The vitamin industry is so misleading and almost impossible to navigate unless you are a dietary expert, like yourself. Trying to find healthy supplements is like digging for a needle in a haystack, a few good ones and 1000’s of bad ones! Having experts, like yourself. Makes all the digging so much easier!

    I am on a hunt for a multi vitamin for my
    2 ½ year old granddaughter. I have a couple of questions for you. 1st, as I was looking at all your recommendations. I noticed that most of the chewable vitamins are recommended for 4 yrs and older. Would it be exceptable to give her ½ the dose daily? I would prefer a chewable for her instead of a liquid or powder. 2nd, with or without iron? I am a little concerned about constapation if giving her iron daily. Would you recommend a multi vitamin without iron and supplementing with iron a few times a week? Or should I just give it a try and see how it goes?

    Once again so grateful I found you! I will be following your blog closely. Thank you for your time, research and advice.


    Sandra Fitzgerald

    • Hi Sandra! Thanks so much for reaching out and for your kind words! I’m so glad my post was helpful. To your questions: 1) For the chewables, yes I’d recommend cutting them in half if the % daily value for kids under 4 is over 100% for any of the fat soluble vitamins! 2) Regarding iron, if she’s a good eater and isn’t anemic or doesn’t have low iron, then supplementing with iron isn’t necessary! I’d just get her tested to make sure her iron isn’t low and only supplement if she needs it based on the test. Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions!

  40. Hi

    I had been giving my son Doterra’s IQ Mega as his fish oil supplement. It was fine and I actually noticed increased focus and behavioral health. When I started reading about ADHD in children there’s actually a recommended 2:1 ratio at minimum in favor of EPA. This is the reverse. Would you mind giving me your opinion on the supplement in general? I also see a lot of people recommend Nordic Naturals for kids, but I see really unfavorable reviews from parents. Thank you!

    • Hi Jelena! The DoTerra Fish Oil looks good – it basically looks comparable to Nordic Naturals. Regarding the EPA to DHA ratio, I have seen some articles stating that fish oil in general (with both DHA and EPA) has helped with ADHD, and then other articles saying what you mentioned – that EPA should be greater than DHA in the supplement. This article and this article are a good example of what I mean. So essentially I haven’t seen anything definitive one way or the other that says EPA must be greater than DHA in a specific ratio for all kids – most of the research just points to both EPA and DHA being necessary for the fish oil supplement to be effective. If you’re looking to treat ADHD specifically, you may want to oversupplement with EPA just to be safe, since it certainly can’t hurt and might help. But for any other child, the standard DHA to EPA ratios should be sufficient as far as I have read. As for Nordic Naturals, I have had nothing but good experiences with them. I haven’t seen any negative reviews that you mentioned – but happy to look into it if you have specific reviews to link to. Let me know and I hope this helps!

    • Hi! Regarding Nature’s Way – I couldn’t find information on the additional ingredients in the capsule besides the vitamins (e.g. it says “berry flavor” but there’s no information on where that flavor comes from). So I can’t be sure about that particular brand! Regarding Healthy Care – it has “natural color” and “natural flavor” added – but the “natural color” doesn’t seem to come from food sources – it seems to come from chemicals (because of the numbers listed on the ingredients label). So for that reason I wouldn’t recommend Healthy Care. Let me know if you have any other questions!

      • Thanks for your suggestions and now I’m planning to take Nature’s Way Alive!® Children’s Chewable Multi-Vitamin . Hopped this could be good for my son…

  41. Hi Anjali! Which gummy multivitamin would you choose for your almost 2.5 year old who doesn’t have a great appetite and is a very picky eater? Thank you!

    • Hi Sheila! I’d go with Zarbee’s or Olly Kids. Either of these would be good options! If you’re concerned about iron, I’d give that separately (via the liquid supplement) and mix it into whatever food or drink your child will always eat/drink!

    • Hi Kimberly! The only other ingredients I’ll point out are mannitol – which is a sugar alcohol that can cause digestive issues, and “natural colors and flavors” which are basically a close relative to artificial colors and flavors. And then like you said they sweeten with monk fruit. Essentially I’d say these vitamins aren’t terrible but there are better more natural options in my post too 🙂 Hope that helps!

    • Hi Bonita! Great question! So the Healtheries vitamin I don’t love because it’s sweetened with stevia and sugar alcohols. The Thompson’s one I’m not sure about because I couldn’t find the list of “extra ingredients” beyond the vitamins that are added to it! If you can find that and send it to me I’d be happy to take a look!

  42. Hi Anjali,
    Thank you for this well informed article. My daughter’s pediatrician recommended to give my daughter zinc supplements since she is starting to show signs of psoriasis. The doctor did not prescribe a particular brand. Would you happen to have any recommendations?

    All the Best,

    • Thank you so much Andy! The Pure Encapsulations Multivitamin is great! Thanks for letting me know about it, I’m adding it to my post! And yes you can absolutely take probiotics daily for maintenance. The probiotics you linked to is ok – but I don’t love that it uses Isomalt (a sugar alcohol). Because of that I’d probably go with the Garden of Life one instead! Hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions!

  43. Hello, in the link to
    Optimal multivitamin shows the adult multivitamin, is that the one recommended?
    Or the kids multivitamin?
    I really loved this post
    thank you for taking the time to investigate.

    • Hi Digna! Great question! So the link says it’s for adults, but on the label it says kids aged 4 and up can take this vitamin 🙂 So that is the right one! I’ll update the post so it’s clear. Thanks!

  44. Thank you for sharing information. Its very informative. Actually I am searching which multivitamins are great for my daughter. But after reading your blog my confusion has gone.

  45. Hi! I have a 3 year old son and he has the MRFHR mutation, can he take the Seeking Health or Thorne Research multivitamins? Actually he is taking the Smarty Pants (red) multivitamin

    • Hi Marisel! Did you mean the MTHFR mutation? If so, both Seeking Health and Thorne Research are for kids aged 4 and up (so once he’s 4, he can take either one – both will be good for his MTHFR mutation). In the meantime, this Smarty Pants vitamin should work well for him (not sure if that’s the one he’s already taking, but if it is then great!)

  46. Hello,
    Do you have recommendations for a 21 month old with a dairy allergy to get his calcium? He will not regularly drink almond/coconut/soy milk (he’s partial to water), I can occasionally get him to have one of the dairy free yogurts, but I think it might be best to have a calcium supplement or a probiotic supplement? Thoughts? Much appreciated!

  47. I am so happy I found this blog!! This is so very helpful. And it has all the requirements I’ve been looking for! Thank you. My question is-when should a child take a probiotic? Omega 3’s? These in addition to a multivitamin…
    My 4 year old eats pretty well. She isn’t super picky and eats what I make with very little processed foods in her diet daily but I still like to add a small dose of a multivitamin as she doesn’t eat that much dairy, I want the extra vitamin d, vitamin b12, she also doesn’t eat enough fish so the omega 3s may be good…
    I need some help please!

    • Hi Christina! I’m so glad this was helpful to you! To your questions — for kids who eat really well and eat a variety of foods I don’t think a probiotic or multivitamin is absolutely necessary, but it definitely doesn’t hurt and it can help with immunity! I do recommend that most (if not all) kids take fish oil and vitamin D at a minimum, since those are two nutrients that most of the population doesn’t get enough of. So regarding your 4 year old, I would recommend the Omega 3, and the probiotic is up to you! Probiotics can help with immunity and as long as your daughter is fine with taking it, I’d say go ahead. Let me know if you have any other questions!

  48. Hi Anjali,
    Very helpful and detailed blog! I’ve become particularly interested in some of the multivitamins from your list, but have questions about them:
    1) Animal Parade Gold (some of the ingredients are in the form of aminoate complex, is it OK? How is it absorbed?)
    2)Thorne Research (has enormous amounts of B vitamins, especially B12, even for adults, is it still safe for kids from 4 y.o.?)
    3)Seeking Health (has stearic acid, natural flavors(?), magnesium stearate, and licorice root – are they safe fillers? Also, there is prop 65 warning on the label, how serious is this?
    4)Pure Encapsulations (has the same issue as Thorne with B12 and I noticed it has a little higher amount of zink and no copper. I’ve read that it should be a proper ratio for both of the ingredients in order not to have deficiencies of ether zinc or copper.
    I will really appreciate if you could give me your opinion about this. Thank you)))

    • Hi Mariya! Thanks so much for your detailed questions! Here are my thoughts: 1) Regarding the aminoate complex – that basically just means the vitamins were derived synthetically (not extracted from food). As long as your child doesn’t have an MTHFR mutation, there shouldn’t be issues with absorption. I prefer whole food vitamins but so few vitamins have that option which is why I included this one on my list since the rest of the ingredients are good and synthetic doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t be absorbed. 2) I usually just recommend cutting the vitamins in half if they have more than 100% of fat soluble vitamins in them – but since all the B vitamins are water soluble, it shouldn’t be an issue! That said, if you are concerned, you can just cut it in half and give it to your child 🙂 3) Seeking Health – the additives aren’t terrible – they’re on the more “natural” side of additives and I included it because of the MTHFR mutation benefits it has. However, I had sent them an email and posted on Amazon about the Prop 65 question and haven’t heard back so I have removed them from the recommended list for now, and have moved them to the bottom of the post. If they get back to me about it I’ll move them back depending on what they say! 4) The B12 shouldn’t be an issue, and not all kids vitamins include both zinc and copper. Some vitamins like the Pure Encapsulation one includes just a subset of vitamins, since not all parents want all vitamins included for their kids (e.g. some parents just want the bare essentials – A, C, D, etc.). So the fact that it has more zinc and no copper isn’t a reason not to use it and it doesn’t make it unhealthy or anything – but depending on what you’re looking for it may not be the best fit for your child – but I’m sure one of the other options will be! Hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions! 🙂

  49. Hi Anjali,
    I am so glad I stumbled across your website while doing some research on Multivitamins. I never realized how overwhelming the information could be. Thank you for posting about this!!
    I’m a mother of a 3 1/2yr old with Autism, and I’m looking for the best multivitamin for him. As you can imagine he is a very picky eater. Should I chose a multivitamin with or without Iron? I currently have him on Nature’s Plus Gold, and I feel that the iron is backing him up. Thanks 🙂

    • Hi Bobbi! I’m so glad this post was helpful for you!! For your son, if he’s a picky eater I’d normally recommend a multivitamin with iron. But if you feel like the iron is backing him up, then I’d get a multivitamin without iron – and keep him on that for a while, and then get him tested to make sure he’s not anemic. And if he’s not anemic, then I’d just keep him on the multivitamin without iron. And if he is anemic, then I’d talk to your pediatrician about more gentle forms of iron supplements he can take! Hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions!

  50. Thank you very much for this article. My long-standing dilemma on this topic is that I can’t seem to find a gummy multi that contains iron. Did I overlook this on your list, or does your research also show that there are no gummys available with iron?

    • Hi Jacqueline! You didn’t overlook my list! You are right – I hadn’t found a clean, gummy multi that contained iron. But I just did some more research because of your question – I figured there had to be a couple good options at least – and I’m happy to share that I’ve found two that are gummy multis with a gentle form of iron 🙂 They are: 1) Zarbee’s Gummies with Iron and 2) Vitamin Friends Multi with Iron. Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions!

  51. Do you have a recommendation for teens? My daughter’s doctor recommended she start taking a prenatal type vitamin prior to going through puberty. Several of these brands have teen options but wondering if there is a specific one you recommend. Bonus if she only has to take one. Several of them require 3-8 tablets per day.

  52. Hey how are you. My daughter 3 1/2 is bout to start headstart in a couple weeks. Is there a vitamin you recommend She take with iron. She’s a picky eater and I don’t want her getting sick or catching something from the other kids.

  53. Hi! Thank you for this article. I am trying to figure out which brand of multivitamins to get for my daughter. She is 10-years-old but she’s growing very fast and already has her period (she got it a few months ago). I know she needs a multivitamin with iron but I am not sure which one would be best for her. Are there any you could recommend that would be safe for girls in her age group that are going through puberty? I would very much appreciate the help. Thank you!

    • Hi Shaaz! I’d recommend this one from MyKindOrganics – it’s technically a prenatal, but it’s one I actually recommend for all teens and women because the vitamins are really high quality and the iron is easily absorbed and is a gentle form of iron. I’d just double check with your pediatrician that they’re comfortable with you giving her this vitamin, but that’s the one I’d give my daughter once she started puberty! Hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions!

  54. Hello, I wanted to get your thoughts on the Alive! Children’s vitamins. Also do you recommend all of the Olly kid’s vitamins or just the one you stated, what about Olly kid multi vitamins + Omega 3? Is it best to choose a vitamin with iron out without?

    • Hi Cindy! The Alive! Kids Chewable Vitamin is ok – but it has sugar alcohols in it which I don’t love. For Olly – I do like the Kids Superfood Multi the best because it has the cleanest ingredients. The Kids Multi + Probiotic is ok but the probiotic in it isn’t especially beneficial, the probiotics in Garden of Life are better, and the Kids Multi + Probiotics has gelatin in it. The Kids multi + omega 3 and the olly girl multi both have gelatin as well, which is why I didn’t include them on my list. But other than the gelatin they are ok (although again, I prefer the omega 3s that are fresh/need refrigeration in Nordic Naturals over the ones in Olly’s. So that’s why I only included the Olly Superfood Multi on my list! As for whether to choose a vitamin with iron vs. not – that’s really up to you and your pediatrician. If your child is a good eater and is eating a variety of foods, and isn’t anemic, they probably don’t need the extra iron in a vitamin. But I’d just ask your pediatrician their opinion or even get your child’s iron levels checked to know for sure! Hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions!

  55. Hi! My son is 1.5 years old and was just started on the Ketogenic Diet for medication-resistant epilepsy. I am hoping you could suggest an *almost* sugar/carb free multivitamin preferably with calcium sweetened with organic stevia (as this is the only sweetener I will use). I am not a fan of the vitamin his doctor’s suggested and was hoping to bring another option to them that we can all be comfortable with. Thank you!

    • Hi Rebecca! I’m so sorry to hear about your son’s epilepsy!! That must be so terrifying – I can’t imagine what you’re all going through. So I haven’t found any *completely* sugar/carb free kids vitamins, but here are a few options (all have calcium): 1) Rainbow Light – only 1g carbs and sweetened with fructose 2) Children’s Best – 2g Carbs, 0g sugar, sweetened with organic stevia leaf 3) Zarbee’s Liquid Vitamin – 1g Carbs/1g sugar – sweetened with xylitol 4) Garden of Life: 1g sugar, 4g carbs for 2 tablets – sweetened with organic stevia leaf, organic cane sugar and organic erythritol (I’m guessing the cane sugar is an extremely low amount though given the whole serving only has 1g sugar). Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions!

  56. Thank you so much! It’s very helpful! Thank you for being so knowledgable! I will happily bring these options to his next ketogenic appointment! One more question. I also found Naturelo whole food vitamins for kids. I emailed the company regarding the carb/sugar count but was wondering what you thought of the vitamin itself. I want to bring as many options as possible to his doctor. Thanks again!

    • No problem – so glad it’s helpful! Regarding Naturelo – I’m on the fence about it. The vitamins are definitely high quality, but they use sugar alcohols in addition to stevia to sweeten it which is less ideal. It’s certainly not bad though and if your son can tolerate sugar alcohols it’s worth bringing to his doctor to see what might work best!

  57. Hi Anjali, Thank you so much! This is very helpful. Just wanted to ask you, that if I use the Children’s complete multivitamin, should I also use the ones with the Omega3s,Vitamin D and Probiotics separately on a day to day basis? Or any one of these at one time?

    • Hi Sun! No problem – so glad it’s helpful! If you’re using the Children’s Best multivitamin, you can absolutely supplement with Omega 3s and Probiotics separately since the vitamin doesn’t contain those – and most kids don’t get enough Omega 3s, and probiotics can be helpful for immunity so both are beneficial. You don’t need to supplement with Vitamin D because Children’s Best already has vitamin D added. If you do decide to supplement, I would recommend doing so on a daily basis. Hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions!

  58. I just read the ingredients on the Smarty Pants vitamins you listed and it does contain gelatin. Thanks for your research on this subject.

    • Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention! They must have changed their formulation since I posted this originally. I just removed them from my list!

  59. Hi, your blog is so informative. Thank you for sharing all these infromation. I have a 2 year old girl and she is a taking her food via GTube( feeding tube) i am giving her blended diet and her dietician recommend Centrum junior to add on her food since she needs additional nutrients. What can you suggest? Is centrum junior good? thank you

    • Hi Camilla! Thanks so much for reaching out! To your question – I really don’t like the ingredients in Centrum Junior unfortunately – there are so many processed ingredients and preservatives there are almost too many to list out! But some examples: BHT – a preservative that shouldn’t be in a vitamin, gelatin, maltodextrin, xylitol, etc. Is your dietician ok with your daughter using any multivitamin? If so, I’d recommend any of the ones on my list that can be added to her diet given your constraints and her feeding tube! Let me know – happy to help you find other options if the vitamins on my list won’t work for her!

  60. Hello Anjali, my son is turning 3 years old 3 months from now and the dosage on the multivitamins said to give 4 gummies for children’s 3 years of age & older. My question is can I give my son the same dosage with his age now?Thanks.

    • Hi! That is very close to the age cutoff, but to be safe I’d give 2-3 gummies to him per day until he turns 3, and then switch to 4 gummies a day when he turns 3. I’d also make sure your pediatrician is ok with that dosing too! Hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions!

  61. Some of these have some pretty terrible reviews on Amazon and it looks like Garden of Life sold to Nestle, which ethically and morally is a pretty crappy company. They’ve seemed to have changed a lot of ingredients in the chewables at minimum, while several purchasers of the gummies stated they aren’t the same anymore either. Just a heads up

    • Hi Jessica! You are right that Garden of Life was sold and that their parent company doesn’t align with their values – which is the case for most natural foods companies these days, sadly. That being said, the ingredients in Garden of Life actually haven’t changed. The review you’re referring to on Amazon are mostly from 2014 (before the sale) and most people were complaining about the taste – which makes sense, since there are no additives, the vitamin doesn’t taste like candy the way most chewable vitamins do. All of the reviews from the end of 2017 complaining about the sale to nestle don’t actually refer to any changes of the product, they are just unhappy about the sale, are worried about the potential for the vitamins to change, and consequently have given the product 1 star to show their stance on the sale. The 1 star reviews actually don’t have anything to do with the ingredients in the vitamins themselves, which, haven’t changed since the sale as far as I can tell. Hope this helps clarify things!

  62. Hi. My 10 year old son is ADD/ADHD and he currently does not take any medication. We don’t like the thought of giving him prescription medication for this. However, he does need something. I have been reading on what to give him that is natural. What vitamins and supplements would you suggest for him? He currently doesn’t take anything. Thanks..

  63. My oldest daughter along with myself and husband all take the Garden of Life Vitamins as well as the probiotics and then my youngest takes the liquid Zarbees vitamins. I was recently old that both of these brands have been bought out one of them being by folgers. Do you still feel these brands are clean options?? I have been looking to swap all of us, but have yet to find a completely pure option yet!

    • Hi! I just replied to your other comment and saw this one as well! So far, I think both are still great options. Nothing about their ingredients or sourcing has changed yet as far as I know. I’ll be keeping an eye on it though and if anything does change I’ll update this post! But lots of whole food / organic / pure companies have been bought by the larger, less healthy conglomerates – but for the most part they let the healthy companies operate as is because they’re buying them for the market share, not to change their business model. Hope that makes sense! Let me know if you have any other questions!

  64. Hello! I know that Garden of life as well as Zarbees was bought out. Are they still as clean and free of toxins as before? Do you still recommend?

    • Hi Leah! Great question – they were bought out but their ingredients and sources haven’t changed (and hopefully they won’t in the future either!) So yes, for now, I’d still recommend them both!

    • Hi Payal! While I love Nordic Naturals as a brand, their multivitamins have WAY too much sugar (8g per serving – almost as much as a fun sized milky way bar!) So I’d choose one of the multivitamins on my list instead. For Omega 3s, flax oil is great! But the omegas 3s in fish oil are more beneficial than in flax: Fish Oil has eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). Flax oil contains a third, plant-based omega-3, alpha-linolenic acid (ALA). So you’re getting different omega 3 fats from each – but the fish oil omega 3s are more directly linked to health benefits which is why I recommend fish oil first. But ideally you are able to take both of them and then you’re getting all the healthy omega 3s together! Hope that helps!

  65. Hi! I had another question! I have these other supplements I got to use for when I felt like my kiddos were becoming ill and wanted your thoughts on them! The vitamin c would be for whole family.
    1-truly natural vitamin C, powder form
    2-gaiakids Enchinacea goldenseal-drops
    3-upspring baby vitamin d 400iu-drops

    • Hi Leah! For Kids, the truly natural vitamin C is great. For adults, I’d recommend this one from Solaray. The Gaia drops are great as are the UpSpring Baby Vitamin D! In fact, I’m adding the Baby Vitamin D to my post as another option (in addition to the one I already recommended!) 🙂

  66. Hello Anjali,
    I want to thank you for your amazing article!! I have been trying to find high quality multivitamins for my 6 y.o. and 2 y.o. boys when I came accross your blog, and let me tell you that the information you provide is EXACTLY what I was looking for!! 🙂
    What are your thoughts about the rite start kid vitamins from 4life? (

    Your opinion is highly valued and appreciated! Thanks in advance for your time!

    • Hi Monica! I’m so glad this post was helpful! To your question – the ingredients in this particular vitamin look pretty decent. The main thing that stood out to me was that the form of iron it uses is ferrous fumarate which can be really constipating (I prefer vitamins that have a more gentle form or iron or use iron from whole food sources). So if you find that this vitamin is constipating for your kids, I’d recommend switching to one of the vitamins that have iron on my list because none of those will be binding! Let me know if you have any other questions!

  67. Is it safe for my kids to take vitamin c if they’re already taking a multivitamin and probiotics? If so, which do you recommend ?? Thank you!

  68. Hello Anjali, Thank you for this great post! My daughter is 6 yrs and based on her latest blood test she has issues with anemia and the HPA axis (T3 reverse : T3 is not good and low triglicerid level). We were recommended to take as follows:
    Kirkman Labs – Children`s Multi-Vitamin/Mineral Capsules
    Life Extension, Sea-Iodine
    3000 NE Vitamind D
    1000 mg Vitamin C / splited during the day
    150 mg magnesium / day
    I would love to hear your opinion. Or what would you recommend? Thank you very much in advance.

    • Hi Rita! Thanks so much for reaching out! The Sea-Iodine supplement looks good and the quantities of the vitamins seem fine (on the high side, but if that’s what your pediatrician recommended I’d go with it). The Kirkman Labs vitamin has gelatin in it, which isn’t an issue if you’re not vegetarian. It also has the less-easily absorbed forms of B vitamins (non methylated) – which isn’t an issue as long as your daughter doesn’t have an MTHFR mutation. Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions!

  69. Hello, I have a question. I am looking for a vitamin for my grandson. I hope this doesn’t sound dumb, but Why would I buy one w/iron or one w/o iron? I’m trying to decide if I should buy with or without iron.
    Thanks for your help.

    • Hi Joie! That’s not a dumb question at all! Most parents who buy a vitamin with iron have kids who are picky eaters or who have had low iron levels in the past (or are on a diet that happens to be low in iron). If your grandson is a good eater and eats a large variety of foods, and hasn’t tested low in iron, then you could probably go with a non-iron multivitamin and be ok! Hope that helps!

    • Hi Oksana! For the vitamins you linked to – I wouldn’t recommend them because they use artificial flavors, sugar alcohols and stevia (not listed as stevia leaf extract). I haven’t heard back from Seeking Health yet unfortunately – but I would recommend any of the other vitamins on my list above instead of the Michael’s Naturopathic ones!

  70. Hi ,
    You mentioned Rainbow light multivitamins powder is good for infants and toddlers.
    What about Rainbow light multivitamin chewables .I want to give it to my 12 year old daughter.

    • Hi Saima! Which Rainbow Light Chewables are you referring to? They have so many – it was hard for me to figure out which one you might be looking at! If you send me the link (either on this comment thread or feel free to email it to me at – I can give you better guidance 🙂 Thanks!

  71. Hi Anjali,
    Thank you for the thorough and informative blogs you write that helps us make smarter and healthier decisions. I am currently looking for a multivitamin for my 6 year old, who also for a while now has had a bit low iron and ferritin as well. His doctor said to continue with a multivitamin with iron for now -(I currently give him Flintstones with Iron). I will choose one from your list as I now have learned of the many negative ingredients in the Flintstones. My two picks came down to Thorne Research (in my opinion offers more comprehensive coverage as well as the better form of folate) and Childrens Best Complete. However, I’m a bit confused in deciding.
    A) MY concern with the Thorne is:
    1)VIT E – 536%,(from what I understand from your blog, VIT E is a fat soluble vitamin and should be be given at above 100%; can you also explain why?
    2) THIAMIN – 1000%, – is this much harmful?
    3)B12- 5625% – is this much harmful?
    4)PANTOTHENIC ACID – 2480%
    5)I also noticed way above 100% for a lot of the others
    Can you maybe shed some light on why this multivitamin offers so much of everything? Including the top for above? I know you suggested cutting dosage in half, if there are concerns with the extremely high ones, but would that not also reduce dosage of the other vitamins and minerals that they also need? Is there a comparable vitamin in terms of the wide array of vitamins and minerals that Thorne covers thats a good choice?

    B) CHILDRENS BEST – it says 5000 IU OF beta carotene is 100% but in comparing that to the Thorne it says: VIT A 562.2 from Beta Carotene and 225 mcg as Palmitate. My questions for this are:
    1) Which vit A is better? The combination or just the single ingredient one?
    2) Why is one in IU and the other in mcg? Whats so different about them that the unit of measurement is not the same?

    C) I had also considered the Nature’s Plus in your list for the ones with iron but when I clicked on the link I noticed there is also a Prop 65 Warning. Do you have any info on this? I know you’re waiting on answers for the Seeking Health one but I see there is a warning for this one as well.

    D) I also wanted to know your opinion for giving Mega Food Kids B complex? Can this be given along with a multivitamin or not? I’m looking for something to help with calm, focus, tics and nervous health.
    Btw, apart from low iron and ferritin, he is also extremely picky so that’s why I’m looking for a multivitamin that has a broad coverage.
    Again, thank you for all the priceless information you impart.
    Regards, Annie.

    • Hi Annie! Thanks so much for your comment and for your kind words about my blog! I’m glad you found this post helpful. To your questions – I do agree that Thorne is more comprehensive and has the better / methylated forms of B vitamins – so I do like their vitamin a lot. I can’t speak to why they formulate their vitamins to contain so much of each vitamin — but it’s really only a concern for the fat soluble vitamins vs. the water soluble ones. If you cut it in half it would reduce the dosage of the other vitamins they need, but remember your son is also eating food where he is getting some vitamins and nutrients from – so the multivitamin doesn’t need to be 100% of his daily value of every vitamin (unless your pediatrician recommends otherwise). Thorne is one of the most comprehensive kids vitamins out there, so I haven’t found one that has as broad of coverage + methylated B vitamins the way Thorne does. To your second question – the combination is better, because some people have trouble converting beta carotene into the active/bioavailable form of Vitamin A, so having palmitate there helps to ensure that the Vitamin A is getting absorbed at least partially. As for why it’s labeled as IU vs. mcg – I honestly don’t know – each vitamin manufacturer has their own preferences with labeling. But the important part of the label to look at is the % daily value. You can also just convert IU to mcg (Google has a calculator for this!) if you need the apples-to-apples comparison 🙂 Regarding Nature’s Plus – yes that is disappointing – I saw that too! I have contacted them but still waiting to hear back – so have moved them to the “Runner’s Up” section for now. For the Mega Food Kids B complex – most people I know do give it with a multivitamin and it’s ok since B vitamins are water soluble. That being said, I would still double check with your pediatrician so they can sign off on the combination of vitamins you’re using for your son! Hope that all helps, don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any other questions!

  72. Hi – Thanks for this great article. I was interested in the children’s Garden of Life multivitamins on your list, but I am a little confused. They seem to go against your recommendation to avoid buying vitamins that contain 100% vitamin A. Can’t really cut this one on half because it would lack too much of the other vitamins. Thanks for clarifying.

    • Hi Michele! I think you misunderstood my recommendation — I recommend avoiding buying vitamins that contain more than 100% daily value of Vitamin A (so like 101% or higher). Both of the Garden of Life vitamins I’ve listed in the post have 100% of the daily value of Vitamin A or less – so you should be just fine using them! Hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions!

  73. Hi,
    I have looked at your recommendation but I still have a question. Would you recommend the Garden of Life chewable bears over the Nordic Naturals gummy vitamins? I was looking into switching because of the sugar content of the Nordic Naturals. After looking at the vitamin content of the other recommendations I noticed that only a few had calcium included. My oldest daughter has a dairy allergy and is a picky eater so I’m concerned about her calcium intake. Is the sugar content the only thing that I should be concerned about in the Nordic Naturals? Also the Nordic Naturals appear to have higher levels and a wider variety of vitamins included than most of the brands recommended. I guess I’m just wondering if there’s a children’s vitamin with comparable vitamin content with less sugar. Thank you!

    • Hi Amanda! Did you mean a different brand (not Nordic Naturals but another one from this post?) Nordic Naturals is only fish oil and it’s a liquid supplement, not a gummy 🙂 I couldn’t figure out which other brand you might have meant though! Let me know and then I can better answer your question 🙂 Thanks!

  74. A lot of great information in this post, thank you! Question – what about healthy vitamins for teens? Could I give my teen these same kids vitamins or should I start giving him healthy adult vitamins? He is 14.

  75. You mentioned not to go over 100% in particularly A, E, K. But the child life liquid is 200% E for children under 4. I know C and D and good to go up high but I thought E was not ok with at high. Looking for a 13month old.

    • Hi! That’s a great question – I wouldn’t recommend going above 100% for A, E and K – that’s true. What I suggest doing is just taking half the dose of any of the vitamins in my post that have >100% of any of those 3 vitamins! Hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions!

  76. Do you have a recommendation for a calcium vitamin for an 11 year old. She has braces so she can not do the gummy vitamins. And she can’t swallow pills yet!

  77. The pediatric GI dr wants my 4 year old on a multi-vitamin with calcium and vitamin D. He will take some gummies but I haven’t found any that have calcium. I am fine with a liquid supplement. If there is anything you can suggest?

  78. Is there a good vitamin that doesn’t have iron or folate/folic acid in it? My son takes a separate prescription folic acid vitamin so he doesn’t need a multivitamin with that in there. Thanks!

    • Hi Leshay! I’m so sorry but I actually haven’t come across a kids multivitamin that doesn’t have folic acid or folate in it. There are plenty without iron on this list, but all of them have either folic acid or folate included. It might be worth asking your doctor if it’s ok for your son to have a multivitamin with a small amount of folate included (less than the % daily value for folate) – because then many of the vitamins on this list that don’t contain iron would be a good fit. Since folate is water-soluble, it might be ok to take a multivitamin with folate even with a prescription folic acid supplement – as long as your pediatrician signs off on that!

    • Hi Deirdre! Honestly I don’t love that all of the smaller organic companies are being bought out by all of the big manufacturers – but this is just the nature of the market now I guess. There are very few organic companies left that are still independent! It’s unfortunate, but just is what it is. That said, with Garden of Life – the ingredients in their vitamins actually haven’t changed. And I believe their values haven’t changed as well. Until I notice a difference in the ingredients and/or quality of their vitamins I will continue to feel ok about their brand and vitamins! Personally, I still take them and give them to my children as well.

  79. Hi Anjali,
    Thank you for all the great info. Do you recommend any good multivitamins without Vitamin C for my 4 year old daughter. We are looking one with good amount of Copper and Vitamin B12.

    • Hi Naren! I’m so sorry but I haven’t come across a multivitamin that doesn’t contain Vitamin C. Is there a reason why you’re trying to avoid Vitamin C for your daughter? Did your doctor recommend avoiding it? Vitamin C is water-soluble so in general it’s very hard to take too much of it! Let me know why you’re trying to avoid it and then I might be able to guide you better 🙂 Thanks!

  80. Do you have any recommendations for toddlers that are only 18 months. A lot of these are for kids 4+. We tried the Bio Naturals Children’s Advanced and Miss Picky won’t drink it, even mixed with juice (that she never gets otherwise). I was able to get the 4 year old to drink it mixed…but not the little.

  81. Hi, I had heard about usana usanimals vitamins for kids. They claim to be great for kids, they also had a creamy Omega 3 product for kids name omega jr. What is your opinion about them? thanks.

    • Hi Sergio! I’m not a fan of Usana Usanimals for Kids. They have too many processed added ingredients including: fructose/cane syrup, xylitol, dextrin, stevia (not organic stevia leaf extract) and hydrolyzed rice protein. They have a similar issue with their Omega 3 product. I would choose one of the vitamins on my list instead!

  82. I was giving my children a multivitamin from trace minerals and BOTH my children had an allergic reaction and now I’m worried to use any vitamins. Pediatrician doesn’t want to do allergy testing at this time. Any recommendations?

    • Hi Dawn! Unfortunately without more information about your children’s medical history, current food intake, and any other allergic reactions – it’ll be hard for me to make a recommendation for them. I would take some of the vitamins on this list to your pediatrician and see which ones they’d be the most comfortable with you using given your children’s previous allergic reaction. Also, is there a reason why your peds doesn’t want to do allergy testing? That seems very unusual given what happened. If it were my child I’d probably push to have them allergy tested (and if my peds absolutely refused, I’d go to another pediatrician).

  83. Hi there! I recently purchased the Zarbee’s gummies with probiotics but realized that the folate contains folic acid and that the Vitamin B12 is from cyanocobalamin. Does this concern you at all? I was looking at the GOL gummies as an alternative since it seems to have better ingredients. However those have 5g of sugar per serving whereas Zarbee’s only has 3g and you had said you don’t like to see more than 4g per serving. Would you say GOL would be a better choice or is the sugar too high? I know both are on your list as good choices but which would you say is better? Thank you!

    • Hi Christine! As a general rule, I do like methylated forms of vitamins better. But if your child doesn’t have an MTHFR mutation then the non methylated forms of folate & B12 should be ok. If your child does have a MTHFR mutation then you should definitely use the GOL gummies. I don’t love the 5g sugar (I would stick to under 4g if possible) – but it also depends on how much sugar your child eats on a daily basis. If your child eats no added sugar daily, then I’d go with the GOL gummies regardless. So I guess I’d choose the Zarbee’s ones only if your child doesn’t have an MTHFR mutation and does eat added sugar on a daily basis! Hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions!

  84. Hello Anjali! I love the wealth of info. I have 3 kids (2 girls, 9 & 12; 5’3″, 82 lb. 12 yr. old has sensory issues & ADHD and will not take adult “swallow whole” vitamins or gummies. She is also mid-puberty/no menstruation yet, and has hair shedding issues, so I think iron/biotin are important per her pediatrician. 9 year old girl @ avg. height, 52 lbs. eats no cheese/yogurt and zero signs of puberty but has anxiety. My son is 6, a picky eater, and a bit small height and weight @ 36 lbs. Slight focus issues and very high energy. Had bad tooth enamel as a baby so calcium important. We avoid all gummies for that reason and also because daughters are headed for braces in a few months.)
    I have been using the following after switching from our old standby of Flintstones, and have tried many others to no avail due to their collective pickiness:

    Multivitamin w/ Iron:

    Omega 3:


    I like the Childlife calcium liquid you recommended but have yet to order it. Not sure how they will like it but I will try! Do you have any recommendations or suggestions? Thanks so very much! LOVE this blog!

    • Hi Jennifer! Thank you so much for sharing your experience and I’m so glad my post was helpful to you! Question for you – the three vitamins you listed and tried – have your kids been able to take them, or do they not like them? If they don’t like the ones you listed, then I’d recommend either the Premium Children’s liquid vitamin, or the MegaFoods powdered vitamin because you can mix into their food or drink and they won’t notice it at all! If you need an additional iron supplement you can use this one, which is also very easy to mix into food or drinks 🙂 And the Nordic Naturals children’s supplement is also liquid so can also be mixed into anything. I hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions!

      • Thank you Anjali! I am happily almost through the 2nd bottle of Childlife Calcium Magnesium with the 2 younger kids who did not like the calcium chewables older daughter takes religiously. Thanks for the great suggestion (one takes it straight/one in his juice). To answer your questions about my picky eaters, yes, they do actually all tolerate the Solaray Children’s Chewables (black cherry flavor).
        ***I do have a question: I saw this alternative Solaray called Spectro Kid:
        I compared it to the regular Solaray Chewables they like, and it offers a bit of a different combination of vitamins and minerals. It appears to be sugar free with higher Biotin and more Zinc, slightly lower Iron. Higher calcium and a tiny bit of Lutein as well. Vitamin A is half. What are your thoughts between pros and cons between the two Solaray formulations?
        Also, Vitamin K seems to come up in my reading, and I don’t see it in either of these (it used to be in their Flintstones.)Should that be a concern?
        Thank you again so much.

        • No problem at all!! I’m so glad it’s working out for you – that’s great! 🙂 Regarding the two Solaray Chewables — it’s really a toss up. I think I might be slightly leaning towards the Spectro Kid one vs. the regular Chewable for these reasons:
          1) Spectro Kid has closer to the 100% daily value for each of the vitamins – the regular Chewable goes way beyond 100% for many of the water soluble vitamins, and while that’s technically ok, I don’t think it’s necessary for kids.
          2) Spectro Kid is sugar free (which is a plus) but it’s sweetened with sugar alcohols (a minus) – so I’d say it’s only better on that front if the sugar alcohols don’t bother your kid’s tummy!
          3) Spectro Kid has a number of other herbs and minerals that are beneficial e.g. Selenium and more Bioflavonoids – which I like
          4) Spectro Kid has a prebiotic added (FOS) which helps with healthy gut bacteria
          Regarding Vitamin K – it is important but it’s a fat soluble vitamin (so you definitely don’t want to take too much of it). We get it from food, and we produce it ourselves like Vitamin D – Vitamin K is made from certain bacteria in your gut. Vitamin K deficiency is extremely rare in the general healthy population; those who are deficient tend to have problems with gastrointestinal function or have taken medications known to interfere with its metabolism. That’s probably why it’s not included in the supplement – most kids don’t need Vitamin K supplementation.
          Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions!

  85. Hi! I love love love this!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to do the research and break down the different ingredients that aren’t good for our kiddos! I’ve shared this post on Facebook, a couple moms didnt know about the flintstone vitamins! My son was taking NATURELO Whole Food Vitamin Gummies for Kids – Best Chewable Gummy Multivitamin for Children – Organic Great Tasting Berry Flavor – Non-GMO – All Natural Vitamins & Minerals – 90 Gummies which seemed to be good but aren’t sold on Amazon anymore and I’m not sure where else to find them. However, I decided to go off your list, at least I think it is 🤣 I looked at so many vitamins! And got Natures Plus Animal Parade Sugar-Free Childrens Multivitamin!

    • Hi Brittney!! Your comment made my day!! I’m so so happy this post was helpful for you and thank you for helping to spread the word too!! I hope your son likes the Natures Plus vitamin – you’ll have to keep me posted on how he does on it! 🙂 Thanks again!

    • Hi Srodri! These look great! I have added them to my list. I don’t have a problem with magnesium stearate – it’s in almost every single supplement I’ve seen – even the cleanest ones use it. Magnesium stearate is a magnesium salt of stearic acid. Stearic acid is a saturated fatty acid found in many foods, including animal and vegetable fats and oils. Cocoa and flaxseeds are examples of foods that contain substantial amounts of stearic acid. After magnesium stearate is broken back down into its component parts in the body, its fat is essentially the same as that of stearic acid. Some sources even claim that the magnesium part of it can be used to supply the body with this essential mineral. Magnesium stearate is the most common ingredient used in forming tablets because it’s a fabulous lubricant. It makes pills easier to swallow and move through your digestive tract. And while there are some claims that it’s a chemical and/or affects nutrient absorption – I believe those claims are unfounded because there is no actual research to back it up. Additionally, the quantity of magnesium stearate used in supplements is so minuscule that it poses little-to-no threat to people who consume them as a part of their natural health supplement regimens. You should always check with your pediatrician before starting your child on a supplement, but this is my perspective! I would give a supplement with magnesium stearate in it to my child. Hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions!

    • Hi Jenna! Great question! From an ingredients standpoint, the only thing I don’t love is that they use sugar alcohols to sweeten it (Erythritol). Otherwise the rest of the ingredients look good and I like that they derive the vitamins from whole foods! The only reason I wouldn’t include them on this list is that you can’t buy them online (since Young Living is an MLM, you have to go through a consultant to get it). Hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions!

  86. Thank you so much! My child has used Thorne research, and she liked it! I have noticed 2 other multivitamins
    1)Seeking Health for kids in capsules

    2) Klaire Labs vitaspectrum

    I really love the active ingredients and mineral chelates. My main concern is if the doses are ok for a 6-year-old. Specifically, I’m wondering about niacin content and its forms (niacinamide and inositol hexanicotinate). I know that the upper tolarable intake for this age is 15 mg. However, maybe these specific forms allow to take more. Your advise will be very helpful.

    • Hi Oksana! Thanks so much for reaching out! Both the vitamins you listed – Seeking Health and Klaire Labs are great! My main guidance for dosing is that for the fat soluble vitamins, don’t go over 100% daily value (so adjust dosing as needed). But always check with your pediatrician to make sure they are ok with the dosing for your child as well! Regarding the forms of niacin – I do like that both vitamins have more of the bioavailable forms of niacin. But the main difference between the forms of niacin you listed is that niacinamide and inositol hexanicotinate don’t have effects on cholesterol levels and don’t cause flushing. But in terms of whether those forms allow for a higher upper limit, I believe 15mg is the upper limit no matter what form of niacin you are using – but again I would double check with your pediatrician on that one! Hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions!

    • Hi! That one actually looks pretty good! It does have xylitol which is a sugar alcohol, but other than that it looks fine 🙂

  87. Hi! I have a 4.5 month old that I have been giving a multivitamin supplement as she’s not ready for food yet. I was using Zarbees multi with iron but found out it has a proposition 65 warning and I’m not sure why. So I switched to wellements organic multi, but noticed it wasn’t on your list of vitamins you like. Would like your opinion on these, thanks!

    • Hi Jessica! I hadn’t seen that about Zarbee’s – that’s a bummer – I’ll be reaching out to them to get more clarification on the Prop 65 issue! Regarding Wellements – they actually look pretty good. The only reason they’re not on my list is that they don’t list how many grams of sugar are in each serving of their vitamins! And given that they sweeten with agave – there has to be some sugar in each dose. Does your box have the sugar content on it? I couldn’t find it online! Let me know and then I can give you a better sense of whether I’d recommend it.

  88. Hi,

    I have been using Krikland Children’s Multi vitamin gummies for my kids. Are they natural food based and good to use? They said that contains 80%Organic ingredients and Organic Sugar. Kindly guide me. Thanks.

    • Hi Rose! Unfortunately, they are not as pure as the other vitamins on my list. They are sweetened with corn syrup (which is higher glycemic), and they contain maltodextrin (another high glycemic ingredient), and mannitol – a sugar alcohol that can cause digestive issues. I’d recommend any of the other vitamins on my list! Hope that helps!

  89. You didnt list nordic naturals kids vitamin on here was there a reason? That is the one I give my kids so I would love to know if I should give them something better. I know they do a third party testing on their vitamins so that always made me feel comfortable. Thanks so much.

    • Hi Lisa! Do you mean the Nordic Berries Multivitamin for kids? I don’t recommend them because they have 8g sugar per serving, which is almost as much as a fun sized Milky Way bar! Way too much sugar for a vitamin. Any of the other vitamins on my list would be a better option! Hope that helps!

  90. Sorry if you’ve addressed this already but there are so many comments to read through! When I was pregnant my OB told me not to take gummy vitamins because they don’t get absorbed properly-making them ineffective. Is this true? My children would much prefer the gummy versions but I was under the impression they wouldn’t do much good!

    • Hi Christen! That is really strange that your OB told you that. As far as I’ve read – there isn’t any difference between a gummy, chewable or swallowed-whole vitamin. The only difference is that chewable vitamins often contain a larger variety of nutrients and higher amounts of nutrients than gummy vitamins (not sure why that is, but it’s something I’ve noticed). From an absorption standpoint though, I don’t think there’s a difference!

  91. If using the Natures Plus (Animal Parade), which includes some probiotic, do you think its necessary/helpful to include a separate probiotic supplement for kids? (like the Garden of Life chewable) I guess on the flip side, would it be harmful?

    • Hi Emily! It’s not necessary to include a separate probiotic – but you certainly can if you want to improve your child’s digestion or immunity. As far as whether it would be harmful, theoretically it shouldn’t be harmful. But before giving your child a double dose of probiotics I’d still check with your pediatrician first to make sure they’re comfortable with it!

    • Hi Miera! It’s not bad – it does have sugar added but it amounts to 3g sugar per serving which is below my threshold (I recommend no more than 4-5g sugar for a vitamin). It has gelatin so if you’re vegetarian or vegan it wouldn’t be a good option, and it has the non-methylated forms of B vitamins, and folic acid instead of folate – so it’s not ideal for anyone with MTHFR mutations. And in general I prefer either food based or methylated forms of B vitamins because they are easier to absorb, but this vitamin is still pretty ok from an ingredients standpoint — it doesn’t have any of the “offending” ingredients on my list!

    • Hi Jen! So if this was for adults, I’d actually say it was pretty good because it has only 3g added sugar (from the cane sugar), clean ingredients, good in terms of fiber/protein/calories, etc. The only reason I wouldn’t give it to kids is because it has stevia leaf extract in it – and while I’m ok with organic stevia leaf extract for adults, I don’t like giving kids artificial sweeteners in any form because their taste buds are still evolving, and stevia is way way sweeter than sugar. It’s also unclear what form of stevia extract is used in this smoothie (whether it’s the processed, powdered kind, or whether it’s the more pure liquid extract like this, which is the only one I’d use). I hope that helps!

  92. Hi Anjali-
    Thank you so much for all your helpful advice.
    My son has been taking Mighty Mins since he was 18 months so for 10 years! Do you know this multivitamin by Nutrispec? Will list their ingredients at the bottom of this email.

    He also needs to take a calcium supplement (he recently broke his arm) bec he doesn’t drink cow’s milk or eat cheese or green veggies or almonds. I went to WF and got the SolarRay Calcium Citrate 1000mg with vitamin D-3 since he can swallow a pill. Do you recommend this brand?
    Appreciate any thoughts you can share!
    All best,

    Mighty Mins by Nutrispec
    FOUR WAFERS SUPPLY: Vitamin A (as retinyl palmitate and 3500 IU 57% from beta-carotene) Vitamin C (as ascorbic acid and 40 mg ; 50% as ascorbyl palmitate) Vitamin D (as cholecalciferol) 400 IU Vitamin E (d-alpha-tocopheryl succinate) 40 IU Thiamin (as thiamin pyrophosphate) 0.2 mg Riboflavin (as riboflavin-5-phosphate) 0.2 mg Niacin (as niacinamide) 3 mg Vitamin B6(as pyridoxal-5-phosphate) 0.3 mg Folate (as folic acid) 300 mcg Vitamin B12 (as cyanocobalamin) 2 mcg Biotin 100 mcg Pantothenic acid (as D-calcium pantothenate) 4 mg Calcium (as calcium citrate) 150 mg Iron (as ammonium ferric citrate) ♦ 5 mg Iodine (as calcium iodate) 100 mcg Magnesium (as magnesium citrate) 100 mg Zinc (as zinc citrate) 10 mg Selenium (as sodium selenite) 50 mcg Copper (as copper citrate) 1.2 mg Manganese (as manganese citrate) 1.5 mg Chromium (as chromium dinicotinate glycinate) 80 mcg Molybdenum (as sodium molybdate) 50 mcg Vanadium (as BMOV) 20 mcg Silica (as silicon dioxide) 10 mg Choline (as choline bitartrate) 5 mg Rutin 30 mg Inositol 5 mg Other ingredients: Sweetener blend (sucrose, sorbitol, fructose), natural flavors, stearic acid, coconut oil complex, citric acid and magnesium stearate. ♦ WARNING: Accidental overdose of iron-containing products is a leading cause of fatal poisoning in children under 6. Keep this product out of reach of children. In case of accidental overdose, call a doctor or poison control center immediately. Small bottle contains 120 chewable (and tasty) tablets. Large bottle contains 240 tablets. Dosage: 6 months to 30 months – 1 per day (can be crushed) 30 months through 5 years – 2 per day 6 years and older: 3 -4 per day

    • Hi Jean! To your question – I love the Solaray brand! So yes, that one is a good option for you. Regarding the multivitamin you mentioned, I haven’t heard of it actually! It looks pretty good to me – the only potential issue is that it’s sweetened with sorbitol which is a sugar alcohol that can be irritating to the digestive system. Other than that though, their ingredients look good! So if your child doesn’t have issues with sugar alcohols, it can be a decent option. Hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions!

  93. Not sure if this has already been asked but are any of the vitamins on your list chewable without being gummy? My grandson unfortunately has had a lot if dental work and cant have anything gummy. Thank you.

  94. Hi Anjali,
    Your article was very helpful for me in narrowing down a multivitamin that I can easily give my children. Just a quick question, my son is 5 and daughter is 3. I give them the elderberry by Zarbees and was considering giving them an additional supplement of Vitamin C. Do you think this is necessary? I was thinking of giving them the Lil Critters Vitamin C Fruit n Honey ( for some extra added boost. Thank you so much. 🙂

    • Hi Cathy! I’m so glad this post was helpful for you! To your question – the Zarbee’s Immune Support (which is the elderberry one) – already has over 100% of the daily value of vitamin C (156% for kids under 4, 200% for kids over 4). I think that should be sufficient and you don’t need to give them an extra boost. That being said, Vitamin C is water soluble – so if your pediatrician is ok with a 400-500% daily value of vitamin C for your kids (which is what it would be if you combined both supplements) then you can go ahead and do both. But I don’t think it’s necessary and I’d definitely make sure your pediatrician is comfortable with giving your kids that much vitamin C before you add the Lil Critters one! Hope that helps!

  95. Hi Anjali,
    I was wondering about Barlean’s Kid’s Omega Swirl Fish Oil Lemonade, and also Nature’s Way Alive Multivitamin For Children. Would you recommend any of these?
    Thank you.

    • Hi Jenny! The Barlean’s fish oil isn’t bad – but the Nordic Naturals one has more natural ingredients (e.g. no sugar alcohols) vs. the Barlean’s one. Nature’s Way Alive is actually pretty good! The only downside to these is they are sweetened with sorbitol – which is a sugar alcohol that can be irritating to the digestive system. Other than that though, their ingredients look good! So if your child doesn’t have issues with sugar alcohols, it can be a decent option. I have added them to my list under “Runners Up!”

  96. Hello,
    I have a 16 month old that I am trying to find a good vitamin for. She is able can take chewables so I would like to avoid liquid vitamins since she doesn’t take them well. All of the vitamins I have found say 2 years and older. Is there a good chewable vitamin that is safe for a child her age? She doesn’t need one with iron according to some recent blood work. I appreciate your help!

    • Hi Payton! I haven’t found chewables for kids younger than age 2, but what you can do is use one of the 2 yrs and up vitamins, but only give your daughter 1/2 or 1/4 the dose (using a pill cutter). But before you do that, I’d just double check with your pediatrician on the exact dose for her age and whether half of the 2 yr old dose will work. Hope that helps!

    • Hi! They’re ok – they are sweetened with corn syrup (which is less ideal and higher glycemic) so I’m not a fan of that. And they use the non-methylated forms of B vitamins. I’d say many of the options on my list are better, but these aren’t bad either. Hope that helps!

  97. Hello,
    This is the most helpful blog for vitamins I’ve came across thus far. THANK YOU!
    I am looking for a multi vitamin for my 1 year old who cannot chew gummies or swallow capsules. So, ideally I am looking for a liquid or powder vitamin.
    She currently takes vitamin D drops as well.

    any suggestions?

    Thanks so much!

    • Naturelo is actually really great! But it’s for kids aged 4+. If you want to use Naturelo for your 3 year old, I’d definitely ask their pediatrician first! But there are plenty of other vitamins on my list that are great for kids under 4 – so you can use one of those and then switch to Naturelo when your child turns 4!

  98. Hi
    I have my daughter who is taking Flintstones with Iron and i thank my star i came across this website …she is 10 yr old and has started her periods now ..she is 5 feet now but am worried about her health since she is an early bloomer …can u please advise what is best multivitamin for her to help her with skin her mood swings and her growth …please
    I am truly thankful for your time ….hoping this message reaches you

    • Hi Raji! Since your daughter has started her period, you will probably want to make sure she’s getting enough iron. I think either Children’s Best or Thorne Research would be good options for her. For growth, the main thing is to make sure your daughter continues to eat a balanced diet low in sugar and high in protein, complex carbs, healthy fats and fruits & veggies. I can also work with you 1:1 to develop a more customized plan for her! Feel free to email me at and we can go from there!

  99. Hi
    Just wondering if you know anything on this ? …
    I was about to buy the animal parade vitamins. Then I saw something in the reviews about lead being found in them in 2008. I can’t find any concrete articles on this.

    • Good question Claire! I haven’t been able to find any updates since the 2008 study, and nothing on Amazon suggests that the lead is still an issue for these vitamins. That said, if you’re concerned about it you can pick any of the vitamins on my list as all of them are good options!

      • Thank you so much for your response

        I was looking for something with calcium and iron

        There’s so much less choice in the uk it seems. Some of the links aren’t available I don’t think.

        But your article is the most helpful I’ve come across

        Thank you

        • Ah I see! That’s too bad re: the availability in the UK! If you have any other questions I’m more than happy to help!

  100. This is good information and now i look at the labels really carefully. i do love smarty pants multivitamin & fiber but i did realized that they dont contain no iron, wondering what other brand can i add that only contains iron? since my son hates any type of meat or vegetable

  101. Hello Anjali,

    Thank you very much for this article. Perhaps you have answered this already but, what would you recommend for my 3 year old boy. He is very picky eater and in the 10th percentile for weight (he was always in the 25th but has dropped to the 10th). The doctor recommended multivitamins but didn’t specify anything. I prefer if it also contains Iron (tastes good with it?). However if not then I can use the supplement you suggested.

    Also, for vitamin B12, I read that metyhlcoblamin is the better form.

    What do you recommend?

    • Hi Jacky! You can use any of the vitamins in my post under the “With Iron” section that have the methylated form of B vitamins (which I agree is easier to absorb than the non-methylated versions, especially for people with MTHFR mutations!) Thorne Research would probably be a good option for you!

  102. Hello Anjali,
    Thank you for providing very helpful information on this blog! My son is 3.5 years old, it is very difficult to feed him. For dinner, he will only eat roti with ghee and sugar. How do we get him to try new foods? How do we increase his food intake? He likes Indian sweets, like boondi ladu. I am afraid he is not getting enough protein, we are vegetarians. Also, what do you think about Up and Up Multivitamins for kids?
    Also, between Zarbee’s liquid vs., do you think is better for a newborn? Thank you.

    • Hi Dee! I’m so sorry you’re struggling with feeding your son! Does he eat other things besides sweets, roti with ghee & sugar? I’d honestly recommend only giving him the things he likes once he has eaten a few bites of something you want him to try (veggies, lentils, etc.) and being consistent about that every day, at every meal, until his picky eating decreases. I have a bunch of strategies on how to do this and I’m happy to work with you 1:1 if you’re looking for more detailed guidance! For protein – lentils, beans, nuts, seeds, nut butters, and dairy (yogurt, cheese, milk) are all great sources of protein. With a variety of these throughout the day he should be fine protein wise! For the vitamins you sent me – the Up and Up Vitamin isn’t good mainly because it’s not vegetarian – it has gelatin in it. Other than that, the ingredients look ok, but because you are vegetarian I wouldn’t recommend it. For a newborn – it actually depends on whether your newborn is drinking breastmilk or formula. If they are drinking formula, they don’t need a multivitamin because the formula is fortified with all of the vitamins that a multivitamin has (and you don’t want to overdose on vitamins – especially the fat soluble ones). If they are drinking breastmilk, you can give a multivitamin but your baby really doesn’t need it until after they start solids and decrease breastmilk. I’d go with Zarbee’s because it has more of a variety of vitamins than Nova Ferrum, and it has all the vitamins that Nova Ferrum has. Hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions!

  103. Hi, I am wondering what is your inputs on Young Living supplements? are there any recommendation for vitamin C brand for kids? I have healthy kids, but I just wonder if I should provide supplements to keep with strong immune system. I read somewhere else that probiotics, digestive enzymes and Vitamin C are important..

    • Hi Tracy! Great questions! So for kids, I actually don’t think you need digestive enzymes unless they have a digestive issue and your pediatrician has recommended digestive enzymes. Probiotics and Vitamin C though are great for boosting kids’ immunity. For Young Living – I’m assuming you mean their “MightyVites” for kids? I looked at their website and their vitamins look pretty good! They use stevia leaf extract which I don’t love to sweeten kids’ products, but it’s the most natural of all of the sugar-free sweeteners and I’m ok with it for adults. Since young living is a network marketing company though, you pay a lot more if you try to order it online yourself vs. going through one of their sellers – so it’s just a bit harder to access compared to the other vitamins out there which are equally good! For a vitamin C brand, I like ChildLife, Olly Kids Immunity, or Zarbee’s Immune Support. Hope that helps!

  104. Sorry if this is a repeat, I tried to scroll through the comments and look for any information you may have posted about Hero Nutritionals Yummi Bears® Sugar Free Complete Multi-Vitamin for my 8 year who is in the 42nd percentile for height. I know they aren’t vegan, but in terms of nutrition is this a good source? If not, what do you reccomend? He has EOE and can’t take anything with major allergens in it.

    Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Megan! These look good to me! Like you said they have gelatin so they aren’t vegetarian friendly, but as long as that’s not an issue for you they should work well for your child!

  105. Thank you so much for this very good information. my 5 year old who seems to becoming worse and worse of a picky eater and I was wondering if I can give him both the vitamin friends vitamins with iron + the smarty pants toddler multivitamin? thank you so much for your time and care

    • Hi Angelica! No I wouldn’t recommend giving him two different multivitamins! I’d just go with one of the two options you listed – doing both at the same time risks giving him an “overdose” of vitamins – especially the fat soluble ones. And then just continue to try to help your 5 year old accept and try different foods! I work with parents on a 1:1 basis to help picky eaters expand their diets, so feel free to reach out to me over email (at if you’d like more support with this!

  106. Hi,
    I would love to know what supplement, in tablet form, you would recommend for my 6 year old vegetarian twin boys which contains both multivitamins and iron. I want to be sure they are getting the correct amount of iron – 10mg per day, etc. I have looked closely at your list but would love your advice please

  107. I have recently been educated in the fact that no vitamin is verified unless it has a USP symbol/stamp. Could you update this with the best vitamin choices that are USP certified? That would be so helpful. Thank you!

    • Hi Chandra! That’s not necessarily true actually. The USP certified stamp is limited to a very small list of products and even a smaller list of brands (which you can see here) – and none of those products are kids vitamins. Also most of the brands on their list do not use clean ingredients. But any vitamin sold in the US has to pass the FDA’s “current Good Manufacturing Practice” (cGMP) regulations requiring that manufacturers evaluate their products through testing identity, purity, strength, and composition. Which should apply to all of the vitamins on this list!

  108. I have a newly turned two year old who is mostly breastfed and drinks pediasure. Watermelon and bananas. What is the best chewable ( so I can crush it ) for him that will cover everything he is missing?

    • Hi Nick! Have you talked to your pediatrician about this? For a 2 year old, this is an extremely limited diet, and I don’t know that any vitamin would truly cover all of the nutrients he’s missing. That said, a comprehensive vitamin with iron is probably your best bet like Children’s Best, Rainbow Light, Super Mini Multi, or Bluebonnet (but just check the dosing instructions to make sure they are appropriate for a 2 year old). I’d also talk to your pediatrician about maybe cutting back on the liquids (milk/pediasure) and starting to introduce more solid foods so that he can get more whole food nutrition! Especially because pediasure is literally just liquid sugar – the first few ingredients on the list are: Water, Corn Maltodextrin (which is a high glycemic additive), Sugar, Blend of Vegetable Oils (Canola, Corn) – and these oils aren’t the best fats, Milk Protein Concentrate, Soy Protein Isolate (isolated soy protein can mess with hormones), Nonfat Milk – none of which I’d really want any child consuming on a regular basis. I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions!

  109. Hi, first and foremost thank you for this information. I am wondering what is your opinion about the Tropical Oasis vitamins/products. They have a children’s liquid vitamin that I am considering for my son. I feel like his diet is not as comprehensive as it could be. Although I try my very best. Most morning it’s a battle to get him to eat breakfast, he doesn’t like milk (I try to make up ofr that with yogurt and cheese). I am also not very confident that he is always eating his lunch at school. He is 12 (will be 13 in March). We are also dealing with some focusing issues as well. We will be starting Omega 3 supplements soon. I have ordered one from Nordic Naturals.

    I am including the link for Tropical Oasis:

    Thank you

    • Hi Vanessa! Tropical Oasis actually looks great! It is sweetened with xylitol which is a sugar alcohol that can cause digestive issues in some kids – so that’s just something to keep in mind. But if your son doesn’t have any problems with it then it’s definitely a good option for him! Regarding milk – if he eats yogurt and cheese, that’s actually sufficient – it’ll give him the same nutrients as milk would. Hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions!

  110. Do you recommend a good multivitamin and probiotic combo? My son currently takes the Kids XFator by Plexus and it is a multivitamin and probiotic combo and it seems to work well. But if there is something else out there as good and more cost effective I would be willing to try it.

  111. Hi Anjali, I’m wondering what your thoughts are about MaryRuths vitamins? I have to start my son on a liquid d3 k2 and there’s seem quite clean.
    I’m also looking for a liquid iron. I prefer everything to be non gmo organic no sugar, additives, or anything really. Do you have a suggestion?
    Thank you for you lovely blog,

    • Hi Betty! For MaryRuth – do you mean this one? If so, it’s great for a D3 supplement! But is obviously not a full multivitamin. For liquid iron, I like Nova Ferrum and Nature’s Nutra Easy Iron they both have the cleanest ingredients I could find (not perfect, but better than everything else I’ve come across!) Hope that helps! 🙂

  112. Hi Anjali, First off, thank you so very much for all that you have shared here. You are very humble, thorough and diligent at answering questions. I have 2 sons, age 14 and age 11 1/2. I wonder what you would recommend for them? They are very good eaters and both are vegetarian. They do consume eggs. I also sent you an email with more details on their health profile. My younger son, in the past (like maybe 2 years ago) tested on the lower side for iron, and I’ve had him on flinstones chewables for the last 2~3 years and just had him retested. His iron is in the normal range(14-80 ng/mL) and came back as 28 ng/mL.

    should my sons take a multivitamin? if so, what might you recommend. My sons do take vitamin D3 2000 IU Kirkland brand every day as well as nordic natural fish oil every day. Since my sons do allergy shot (mostly for environmental allergies), I try to make sure they don’t forget to take D3 as it is supposed to help with the immune system and on allergy shot days the immune system could be compromised some for long term gain.

    Thanks so much for everything!

    • Hi Rupal! Thank you so much for your kind words! I’m so glad this post was helpful to you! I just saw your comment so will check my email in a little bit, but thought I’d reply here first. If your kids are good eaters they don’t necessarily need a multivitamin, especially if they are taking fish oil and vitamin D. If your main goal is immunity, you could just add a vitamin C supplement like this one from Solaray – as long as your kids can swallow pills. (or you could use a chewable vitamin C like this one from Olly Kids, or this one from MRM). For your 14 year old, you might want to ask his pediatrician if he’s old enough to just start taking a regular men’s multivitamin. If so, and if he’s comfortable swallowing pills, I’d recommend the Garden of Life Men’s multivitamin. For your younger son, I’d probably go with either Children’s Best or Thorne Research, since both are really comprehensive and contain iron (and are good for older kids). Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions and I will reply to your email as soon as I can!

  113. This is great! Thank you so much! My two year old is such an picky eater and will just go without eating if he doesn’t like what we are eating. This saved me to the time of researching each brand individually and I am very appreciative.

  114. I’m seeing varying levels of biotin in these multivitamins. My two-year-old and four-year-old currently take Zarbees complete toddler multivitamins where the biotin amount is 15 mcg. But it seems a lot of the multivitamins on this list have a higher biotin level: 50 mcg and up. And I’m getting conflicting daily allowances for that age group online for biotin. Just wondering your insight. Thanks!

    • Hi Susan! Great question! Depending on the age of the child, their RDA for biotin could be anywhere from 10-20mcg up to 3 yrs of age, 25mcg for 4-6 yrs, 30 mcg for 7-10 yrs, and 30-100mcg for over 10 yrs old. So for your 2 yr old the 15mcg is right, for your 4 yr old you need a bit more. But biotin is a water soluble vitamin, so getting a little more than that is generally fine. That said, if you’re concerned about the levels of biotin in a particular multivitamin, I’d recommend asking your pediatrician for their thoughts first, and if they tell you it’s too high of a dose you can always just give half of the vitamin to your child on a daily basis instead of the full amount! But definitely talk to your pediatrician and get their thoughts!

  115. Hello thank you for the great article. What do you know about Nutrilite vitamins from Amway? Would like to hear some cons and pros. Also what would be a good alternative? Thanks!

    • Hi! Do you mean the Nutrilite Kids Chewable Vitamins? If so, unfortunately, these are really bad – probably as bad as Flinstones. They have sorbitol, mono and diglycerides, multiple sweeteners (both artificial and sugar added), gelatin, natural flavors from soy (which are really artificial flavors), etc. There is nothing redeeming about these vitamins – I wouldn’t recommend them at all. Any vitamin on my list would be a great alternative! Super Mini Multi or Zarbee’s or Children’s Best would be great places to start! Hope that helps!

  116. Hi Anjali,
    What are your thoughts on this one?
    Yummi Bears Organics Complete Multi, 180 Gummy Bears. My son likes them and did not like the smarty pants organics that you recommended.

    • Hi Pooja! Do you mean this Yummi Bears Organic vitamin? If so, the main reason I wouldn’t recommend them is that they’re quite high in sugar: 5g per serving is more than 1 tsp of sugar per serving – it would be the same as if you measured out 1.25 tsp sugar and just let your son eat it straight – which is a lot for a vitamin. There are lots of other options on my list that are lower in sugar, so maybe try one of those first? Hope that helps!

  117. Hi Anjali,
    Thank you so much for this post, it’s the best out there! Could you please recommend an Calcium supplement? I have a 3 year old and a 4 month old, and also what brain supplements you recommend for autistics children.
    Kind Regards from Uk 🇬🇧

    • Hi Mariana! I like this Calcium supplement from Childlife – you can use it from age 6 months onwards (I’d just wait until your 4 month old turns 6 months before you start using it for them). For autistic kids, I’m certainly not an expert but I have heard that Fish Oil is one of the supplements that can help along with a high quality multivitamin that has methylated B vitamins like super mini multi. But I’d talk to your pediatrician more (or an autism specialist) who can recommend the categories of supplements you need (e.g. a Vitamin D supplement or zinc supplement etc) — and then if you let me know types of supplements recommended I can give you the best brands to use! Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions!

  118. Have you ever reviewed Renzos picky eaters vitamins? Also, do you recommend cod liver oil or other omega 3 supplements for kids? Thanks!

    • Hi Adrienne! Yes I have looked at that brand – it’s not ideal because it has mannitol (a sugar alcohol that can be irritating to the digestive tract) and “natural flavors and colors” – which is really artificial flavors & colors. Some of the other supplements on my list are better ingredients wise! I do recommend one cod liver oil supplement and one Omega 3 supplement in this post — the cod liver oil I like is from ChildLife and the Omega 3 supplement I like is from Nordic Naturals. Hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions!

  119. Hi, thanks for the info. The childrens best complete multivitamin has stevia leaf extract, I thought you said to stay away from that. What do you thik?

    • Hi Matt! It depends on what the source of the stevia is. Organic stevia leaf extract is ok but I don’t like the more processed forms of stevia (eg Truvia, stevia in the raw etc). Hope that helps!

  120. I have a 4 year old who’s absolutely refuses to eat most foods. She has sensory processing issues and will literally throw up if she eats something she doesn’t like. It’s been such a struggle. She does eat yogurt and a lot of fruits, but vegetables and meat (besides chicken) are a no-go. I worry about her not getting enough nutrients. Is it ok to give her something with iron, even though she hasn’t been tested for low iron? I asked a pharmacist about an iron supplement, and she said I shouldn’t give her one unless she has been diagnosed with low iron. I don’t want to poison her, but since she doesn’t eat greens or red meat, I assume she doesn’t get enough iron. Is it safe to give an iron supplement? Also, what is the best all around option for the pickiest kids in the entire world? Her lack of nutrients stresses me out and I’d love to find something to help her.

    • Hi Stephanie! I’m so sorry you’re dealing with such a picky eater – that can be so stressful! To your question about iron – I agree with your pharmacist – I’d recommend just getting her iron levels checked first, and then giving her a supplement if she does in fact have low iron. Otherwise there’s no need to give her additional iron if her iron levels aren’t low. For a good multivitamin for her – try Thorne Research or Children’s Best. They are both very complete in terms of the vitamins they offer. I also have some thoughts on additional things you can do – so I’ll send you an email with more info! Hope that helps!

  121. thank for the details. really informative. MY son is 1 year old and his pediatrician is suggesting its ok to take supplements if baby is not eating complete meal. But did not clearly said how often. My son is a picky eater. And doctor has also suggested blood test for iron/hemoglobin level.
    However there are multivitamins, vitamin D, pro and prebiotic, baby DHA. I am not sure what to give when and which quantity. I do not want to give something and disturb his very delicate system. One one hand I want to provide him everything good and on the other hand I feel what if I am unnecessary putting something which might increase chance of these rare diseases. I am really confused as all these sounds really good for the baby. should I give him all these everyday or once a week? there must be some vitamins in more than one supplements so how to deal with that?
    Have you thought about this? how much these supplements helps vs damage/make dependant them?
    your reply would be really appreciated.

    • Hi Pinali! Thanks so much for reaching out! As for quantities, if you follow the directions on the package of the vitamin for your son’s age, you don’t have to worry about giving him too much of any vitamin. It is ok to combine a multivitamin with a probiotic and with DHA. If he is taking a multivitamin, he doesn’t need additional Vitamin D. None of these vitamins are going to cause dependence, and they are all very gentle so they shouldn’t disrupt your baby’s digestion. If your baby isn’t eating well and your pediatrician suggested a multivitamin it’s probably a good idea to go ahead with one – and you should just your pediatrician the bottle before giving it to your baby to confirm that they are comfortable with it! For the multivitamin, you could try Rainbow Light or Honest Company since both are ok for babies under 2 years of age, and they both have iron in them. For DHA, I’d recommend Nordic Naturals and for a probiotic, you can use Garden of Life’s powdered probiotic! Hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions!

  122. Hi, my 2 year old is an extremely picky eater. There are some days when he may only eat a couple of crackers and that’s it! He drinks only milk and wants to drink it all day. I’m sure that’s probably why he doesn’t want to eat. I’ve tried Zarbees liquid vitamin, but the taste is horrible and he won’t take it even mixed in milk. I just recently bought Mama’s Select powdered vitamin because it is tasteless and I think I may be able to get him to take this one. What are your thoughts on this vitamin?

    • Hi Racquel! I’m so sorry you are struggling with a picky eater – that is so tough! For the vitamin – do you mean this one from Mama’s Select? If so, the ingredients look fine to me, but I couldn’t find out how much fructose is in each serving of the vitamin. “Fructose” is listed as the only added ingredient but there are no quantities on the labels I could find online! I did see reviews from moms who didn’t like it because they said it was too high in fructose but I don’t have any more information than that. Does your container have any information on the amount of sugar in each serving? If so, let me know and then I can give you better guidance there! On a separate note, have you thought about cutting back on milk and introducing more foods that way? I work with parents of picky kids on this exact issue, so I’ll send you some more information over email that might help!

    • Hi! Yes it’s completely fine, the dosing for kids over the age of 4 is listed on the bottle itself. But the reason I put Nature’s Plus at the bottom of my post is because of the Prop 65 warning on their products. Hope that helps!

    • Hi Kaydee! It looks ok but I don’t love that they add “natural flavors” to their vitamins – because “natural flavors” are essentially artificial flavors – there’s no regulation around what’s actually behind that ingredient on the label and it doesn’t have to be disclosed. So it’s not really bad (like Flinstones) but also not the best option either. I think some of the vitamins on my list are likely higher quality! Hope that helps!

  123. Hi Anjali,
    Just stumbled across your blog, I’m thankful I found something trustworthy. My son is 8 yrs old, he often falls sick and catches cold and cough, so many doctor trips, nothing comes out. They say he has to outgrow. We feel he has less immunity. Can you please suggest a good multi vitamin for him, keeping in mind that we don’t take gelatin, animal by products as we are strictly vegetarians.

    Thanks a lot.
    Desperate Mother from California

    • Hi Lara! I’d recommend Children’s Best or Thorne Research for your son since both of those have the most comprehensive list of vitamins that can help with immunity. You can also add some extra vitamin C/Elderberry – like this immune booster from Zarbee’s. Immunity is pretty complex and has more to do with our overall health (the nutrients we’re absorbing from food, our gut health, etc.) than just the multivitamin we take – although that obviously helps too! I’ll email you with some additional thoughts about this! Hope this helps!

  124. Hi Anjali,
    Have you heard back from Nature’s Plus regarding the Prop 65 warning? They seem to be the only sugar free non-gummy vitamins I can find for my 3 year old son.
    Are there other alternatives you would recommend? He’s also allergic to tree nuts and sesame seeds.

    • Hi Geselle! Unfortunately I haven’t! For an alternative, I’d recommend trying Vitamin Friends – which is a gummy vitamin that is also allergen free. Hope that helps!

  125. Hi I was wondering if you could recommend a really good immune system vitamin C gummie for children please? I’m sorry if it’s in the comments there are so many to get through I will never make it through them all 🙂

    • Hi Sarah! I wouldn’t recommend either. Airborne has artificial flavors and sucralose (which is splenda, fake sugar) added; and Emergen-C has maltodextrin and Rebaudioside A – which is marketed as stevia extract but is actually a highly processed form of non-organic stevia that I wouldn’t recommend – added. One of the vitamins on this list would be a much better option!

  126. Are any of the gummy’s real soft and easy to chew? My daughter has sensory issues and low oral muscle tone and if the gummy is too tough then she will get either too tired chewing or get gagged and throw up. Most the gummy’s we have tried are really tough for her to chew.

    • Hi Jon! Honestly, I’m just not sure as I haven’t tried out all of the gummy vitamins listed myself (and my kids don’t like gummy vitamins, they prefer regular chewables). My suggestion would be to read through some of the reviews of the vitamins to see if any are highlighted as particularly tough to chew and use that to narrow down the list!

      • Ok, I’ll try to battle through them and see if anyone mentions if they are tough or not. Are the chewable smile your kids like easy to chew? I’m not dead set on gummies, just trying to figure out anything to help her progress until she can chew tougher things. Thank you for responding and all you do.

        • Hi Jon! My kids don’t have any trouble with the chewables – they kind of just crumble in their mouth once they start chewing them. I hope that helps and hope your daughter is able to chew one of the vitamins on this list! 🙂

  127. Hi,

    I am looking for a liquid or powder form multivitamin for my 18month daughter. I prefer no iron.
    I came across Mega Foods Kids Daily Multivitamin Booster but it says 5years+
    Is this safe for her age range?

    Are there any multivitamins you would recommend other than Zarbees?


    • Hi Shaniqua! If Mega Foods says for ages 5+ it’s probably not a good idea to give it to your 18 month old! Instead, I’d recommend Children’s Advanced – it’s a liquid vitamin, it has no iron, and it’s for kids aged 1 and up. Hope that helps!

      • You are a life saver!
        Thank you so much for responding. This has been an overwhelming process.

        Lastly, I’m hesitant about giving her iron because I don’t know how much is she supposed to have per day. I’d rather control the iron myself being that there are some vitamins with too much iron in the ingredients (in my opinion)

        What is the average amount for an 18month old and which would you recommend (again in liquid or powder form)

        • No problem at all! Regarding iron – I wouldn’t supplement her with iron unless she is actually anemic. So the first step there is to get her iron levels tested at her pediatrician’s office — and if you need an iron supplement after that, let me know and I can recommend one. And for now, the Children’s Advanced multivitamin should be fine because it doesn’t contain iron so you don’t have to worry about that. Hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions!