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Hello! I’m Anjali. I’m a board certified health coach, author, wife, mom and food lover from the SF Bay area (now living in Ann Arbor, MI!); with a passion for delicious food and a desire to make healthy eating easy, tasty and fun! Learn more about me here and stay for a while!

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Homemade Healthy Pizza

My husband LOVES pizza. He’s like a pizza addict. And I like pizza too – don’t get me wrong, but I didn’t eat it as often because I never knew how to make a healthy version of it at home – so I’d only eat it if we went to a restaurant. But now – with the help of Trader Joes, I have an awesome recipe for healthy homemade pizza that I thought I’d share 🙂 So here we go….


– Whole wheat fresh pizza dough. If you have a Trader Joes near you – they carry a great version of this dough (picture below). 1/8 of the dough (which is basically one slice of pizza) has ~110 calories and 2-3g fiber!


– Low fat pizza sauce (check the ingredients and make sure there’s no added sugar! That’s where all the unnecessary calories from pizza sauce comes from). I love Trader Joes’ pizza sauce 🙂

– 3/4 red bell pepper (diced)

– 1/2 red onion (diced)

– Baby spinach leaves

– 1 tomato (cut into thin slices)

– 2 cloves garlic (minced)

– 1 cup Fresh grated Parmesan cheese (you don’t have to use the whole cup – that’s the max amount we have ever used)



1. Preheat oven to 450 degrees

2. Lightly spray a pizza pan with cooking spray – use as the base to spread out the dough. One tip for spreading out the dough – don’t try to use a rolling pin if you’re using the Trader Joes dough! Use your hands (sprinkle flour on the dough and on your hands), knead it, and then spread it with the palms of your hands. It should look like this:


3. Once the dough is spread out, top with pizza sauce.

4. Sprinkle garlic, red pepper, onion and tomato slices over the sauce

5. Top with grated Parmesan and spinach leaves

6. Bake in the oven for 10-12 min until the crust is golden brown and the cheese is bubbling/slightly golden

Enjoy! I can’t give you exact calorie counts, but my guess is each slice should have around ~200-250 calories and ~3-4g fiber 🙂


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5 responses to “Homemade Healthy Pizza”

  1. I always make my pizza sauce at home, with tomato, garlic, salt, oregano and olive oil. so I’m sure that it is healthy. and my husband makes pizza dough himself. so we always eat pizza at home not out.

  2. Love your website and your recipes! I was wondering if you have ever made tofu ricotta… I mix firm tofu with lemon juice, basil, salt, and olive oil and it is delicious! I use this on pizza instead of cheese and layer it in crockpot lasagna, use it in manicotti ect. and my hubby (who hates to eat healthy) loves it also.

    • Thank you so much Krystal!! And actually no – I’ve never made tofu ricotta but it sounds delicious!! I will definitely have to try that next time – thanks for the tip! 🙂

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