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Hello! I’m Anjali. I’m a board certified health coach, author, wife, mom and food lover from the SF Bay area (now living in Seattle, WA!); with a passion for delicious food and a desire to make healthy eating easy, tasty and fun! Learn more about me here and stay for a while!

Anjali Shah

30 Fruits That Start With O

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This list of fruits that start with O will help you find new and inspiring fruits to try! There are 30 fruits with the letter O, many of which you may not have heard of before. This comprehensive list includes many different types of sweet, tart, and interesting fruits from all over the world.

Fruits that start with O graphic.

This list of fruits that start with the letter O is your guide to trying healthy new fruits! This list is not limited to the well-known fruits; it also includes some exotic options you may not have tried before. For instance, did you know that there are three different types of strawberries that begin with the letter O? In addition, you’ll find some fruits that are often mistaken for vegetables.

Depending on your location, you can find most of these fruits with O at international markets, in your local grocery store, or even online.

Let this list of fruits with the letter O inspire you to incorporate more exciting and nutritious fruits into your diet!

1. O’Henry Peach

What Is An O’Henry Peach?

First up in fruits starting with O, O’Henry peaches are a very large freestone variety of peach. They have red skin with firm flesh that has a yellow color, and are known for their large size and firm texture. They are grown primarily in California, but can be found throughout the United States. The peach is typically harvested in late July or early August, making it a popular summer fruit.

What Does An O’Henry Peach taste like?

They have a juicy texture, sweet taste and mildly herbal flavor balanced with acidity, which makes for a tart and tangy aftertaste. The sweetness of the peach is well-balanced and not overpowering. Some people describe the taste of the O’Henry Peach as similar to that of a traditional peach, but with a more intense and complex flavor.

Are O’Henry Peaches Healthy? 

These peaches are an excellent source of antioxidants, including vitamin C. They are high in fiber, great to strengthen the immune system, and reduce inflammation.

Recipe To Try!

easy healthy dairy free gluten free vegan peach cobbler recipe in a white bowl with ice cream
Vegan Peach Cobbler
This vegan peach cobbler is a delicious dessert that is a total crowd-pleaser! Sweet, comforting, and full of fruity flavors, this easy cobbler recipe is made with ripe peaches, vegan butter, cinnamon, and almond milk. Perfect for spring and summer, but with canned peaches you can enjoy this fruit crisp all year round!
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2. Oeillade Noire

What Is Oeillade Noire?

Oeillade noire is a red French wine grape variety that has always been grown in the Languedoc and Provence wine region. These grapes are were close to extinction, and have been slowly revived over the past 100 years. They are a large, round, dark colored grape. 

What Does Oeillade Noire Taste Like?

This fruit beginning with o has a sweet flavor similar to other dark grapes. 

Oeillade Noire grapes are primarily used as a blending grape in red wine production, and is not typically used to make wine on its own, and is not typically eaten on its own.

That being said, Oeillade Noire is known for contributing fruity aromas and flavors to wine blends, with notes of red fruit such as cherries and raspberries. It is also low in tannins, which can make it a good option for blending with other grapes that are higher in tannins, such as Syrah or Mourvèdre. Overall, the taste of Oeillade Noire wine will depend on the specific blend and winemaking techniques used.

Are Oeillade Noire Healthy? 

Oeillade noire grapes are good for you! They are full of antioxidants and nutrients. They also contain fiber and are a low-calorie food.

3. Ogallala Strawberry

What Is An Ogallala Strawberry?

The ogallala strawberry is a less common fruit name starting with O, and is one of the many different varieties of strawberries. They are a large, plump, firm berry. This strawberry variety makes a great edible fruit to grow at home and in areas with less than ideal soil. They are drought resistant, productive, and hardy. 

What Do Ogallala Strawberries Taste Like?

Ogallala strawberries are sweet and have a flavor similar to wild strawberries.

Are Ogallala Strawberries Healthy? 

Strawberries are great healthy additions to your diet. They are full of essential vitamins like vitamin C, folate, and potassium, are high in fiber, and are actually 91% water – which makes them a very hydrating fruit. They are also rich in antioxidants which help boost immunity and improve overall health. 

Recipe To Try!

Strawberry smoothie bowl topped with banana slices, strawberries, nut butters and seeds on a white countertop.
Strawberry Smoothie Bowl
This strawberry smoothie bowl is naturally sweet, filled with fruit, and so simple to make. With just 4 ingredients, you can easily customize this creamy smoothie bowl for a healthy breakfast, lunch, or snack. Vegan, gluten free, and perfect for any smoothie lover!
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4. Ogeechee Limes

What Are Ogeechee Limes?

The Ogeechee lime, also known as “wild limes,” or “sour limes,” comes from the Ogeechee tupelo, which is a scarce small tree or branched shrub found along rivers and swamps. This citrus fruit grows wild in the coastal regions of the southeastern United States, particularly in Georgia and Florida. These trees grow in constantly wet soils that are often flooded. 

Despite their name, Ogeechee limes are not actually limes, but rather a variety of the native persimmon fruit, which has a tart and sour flavor that is similar to that of a lime.

What Do Ogeechee Limes Taste Like?

This o letter fruit has an extremely bitter and sour flavor. They are usually used in sweetened preserves.

Are Ogeechee Limes Healthy? 

Ogeechee limes are high in vitamin C, flavonoids, and antioxidants — which are thought to have anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting effects.

Recipe To Try!

taco stuffed peppers on a white plate
Taco Stuffed Peppers with Avocado Lime Sauce
Taco Stuffed Peppers are super satisfying, flavorful, and easy to make! They're loaded with hearty quinoa and black beans, fresh corn, bright cilantro, gooey cheddar cheese, and are topped with an avocado lime sauce that will rock your world. A perfect Taco Tuesday recipe that the whole family will enjoy!
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5. Ogen Melon

What Is An Ogen Melon?

Ogen melons are a type of melon, or cantaloupe, that has a netted rind. Its rind can be dark green to pale yellow with light green stripes, and a pale flesh. They release a sweet, tropical, and floral aroma when ripe. 

What Do Ogen Melons Taste Like?

The flesh of ogen melons is high in sugar, and has a soft, juicy texture, which gives them a honey-sweet flavor and a pleasant tang. They’re often described as a mix of honeydew and cantaloupe.

Are Ogen Melons Healthy?

Yes! Ogen melons are a great source of vitamin A, fiber, and vitamin C to strengthen the immune system while reducing inflammation. 

Recipe To Try!

Easy wintermelon milk tea with boba pearls in a glass with a straw.
Wintermelon Milk Tea
Wintermelon milk tea is a refreshing, sweet bubble tea made with fresh wintermelon, jasmine tea, brown sugar, and chewy tapioca pearls! Serve this fruity beverage for a quick pick-me-up or mid afternoon treat.
View this recipe

6. Oil Palm Fruit

What Is Oil Palm Fruit?

Oil palm fruit comes from the oil palm tree (whose scientific name is elaeis guineensis). These trees are a tropical plant that is native to West and Central Africa, but is now grown in many other tropical regions, including Southeast Asia and South America.

When ripe, the fruit of the oil palm tree are black with a red base and feature a single oily seed known as the kernel. Palm fruit is commonly used to make palm oil. Palm oil is widely used in margarine, vegetable fat, food oil, and cooking oil. Palm oil is a highly versatile and stable oil that is commonly used in the food industry for frying, baking, and as an ingredient in many processed foods.

What Does Oil Palm Fruit Taste Like?

Oil palm fruit has a smoky, distinct and strong flavor and aroma. 

Is Oil Palm Fruit Healthy? 

Oil palm fruit is healthy and is used for things like preventing vitamin A deficiency, cancer, brain disease, aging, along with treating malaria, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and cyanide poisoning.

7. Okra

What Is Okra?

Okra, also known as ladies’ fingers, is a vegetable from a flowering plant in the mallow family. It is a warm-season crop that is native to Africa, but is now grown in many other regions, including the Middle East, South Asia, and the Americas. It has edible green seed pods that can be slimy and off putting in consistency to some people. It’s often enjoyed breaded and fried, which improves the consistency. 

What Does Okra Taste Like?

Okra has a mild and grassy flavor, with subtle earthy and nutty undertones. Some people also describe okra as having a slightly sweet or sour taste. The texture of okra is soft and slightly slimy.

Is Okra Healthy? 

Okra is very healthy! This nutritious vegetable is low in calories, high in fiber, and packed with essential nutrients (like vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin K, folate and antioxidants) for good health. 

8. Okuzgozu Grape

What Is An Okuzgozu Grape?

This fruit with the letter O is a red wine grape variety which is bright ruby-colored with a similar red fruit aroma of raspberries and cherries and hints of mint. It’s primarily grown in Turkey, and is known for producing deep red wines that are full-bodied and rich in flavor.

What Does Okuzgozu Grape Taste Like?

These grapes have hints of flavor reminiscent of black cherry and dark plums.

Are Okuzgozu Grapes Healthy? 

Okuzgozu grapes are full of antioxidant power. They are a very healthy fruit starting with O and can be enjoyed as often as you like.

9. Olallieberry

What Are Olallieberries?

The olallieberry fruit is often mistaken for the blackberry. It has the physical characteristics of the classic blackberry, but it is genetically about two-thirds blackberry and one-third red raspberry, so it’s more of a hybrid of the two. They are typically larger than blackberries and have a deep, dark red color when fully ripe.

What Does Olallieberry Taste Like?

This O name fruit has a sweet, slightly tart flavor that is similar to blackberries, but with a more complex taste that includes hints of raspberry and blueberry. They are great to add to sweet or savory desserts.

Are Olallieberries Healthy? 

Olallieberries are very healthy and are an excellent source of vitamin C and fiber.

Recipe To Try!

Homemade blackberry simple syrup recipe in a glass jar with fresh herbs and blackberries on the side.
Blackberry Simple Syrup
You'll need just 15 minutes and 4 simple ingredients to make this mouthwatering blackberry simple syrup recipe. Use it in your favorite cocktails (or mocktails), in teas and sodas, in place of maple syrup on pancakes, over vanilla ice cream, and more!
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10. Olives

What Are Olives?

This fruit name with O seems odd to be a fruit. But the olive fruit is actually a fruit that grows on trees. They belong to a group of fruits called stone fruits. They are related to mangoes, cherries, peaches, almonds, and even pistachios. Olives come in all different colors and shapes – green olives, black olives, and kalamata olives are commonly found everywhere, but there are rarer varieties too. They are used in all kinds of different ways for cooking in different cultures and cuisines, and are of course, used to make olive oil as well.

What Do Olives Taste Like?

Olives have a distinctive and complex taste that is often described as salty, tangy, and slightly bitter. The flavor of olives can vary depending on the type of olive, where it was grown, the age of the olive, and how it was processed. Some olives are more bitter and have a stronger flavor, while others are milder and have a sweeter taste.

Are Olives Healthy? 

Yes! Olives are rich in healthy fats, vitamin E and other antioxidants.

Recipe To Try! 

easy healthy gluten free pasta salad recipe in a bowl
Gluten Free Pasta Salad With Olives and Herbs
If you are looking for an easy, make-ahead dish, then this Gluten Free Pasta Salad could be for you!
View this recipe

11. Opal Apple

What Is An Opal Apple?

Opal apples are a mix between Topaz apples and Golden Delicious apples. They have a bright yellow skin with a red-orange blush, with a yellow flesh. They are crispy and firm and easy to grow because they are disease resistant.

What Do Opal Apples Taste Like?

Opal apple’s white flesh is juicy and has a similar flavor to honeycrisp apples. It is sweet and slightly floral, with subtle hints of pair, coconut, and candy.

Are Opal Apples Healthy? 

Opal apples contain vitamins and minerals necessary for good health. They are also high in fiber and vitamin C.

Recipe To Try! 

slice of easy gluten free keto apple pie on a white plate
Keto Apple Pie (Low Carb, Gluten Free)
Craving the comfort of a warm slice of pie? This keto apple pie is every bit as delicious as a traditional apple pie, but without all the carbs and sugar! You won't believe what the secret ingredient is, which, when combined with the right spices and scrumptious almond flour crust, has the same taste and texture as an apple pie! Gluten-free and easy to make too!
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12. Opal Plum

What Are Opal Plums?

Opal plums are a medium-sized fruit. They have mottled skin and yellow flesh. They mature randomly over a few weeks, not all at the same time like other plums. They are great eaten fresh or cooked into hot dishes.

What Does An Opal Plum Taste Like?

Opal plums are mildly aromatic and sweet. Like other plums, the flavor is subtle but juicy and delicious. 

Are Opal Plums Healthy? 

Opal plums are a very nutritious fruit. They are an excellent source of vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants. 

13. Orangelo

What Is An Orangelo?

Orangelo is a hybrid citrus fruit that is a cross between a grapefruit and an orange. It was developed by the University of California, Riverside in the 1980s as a way to combine the flavor and nutritional benefits of both fruits. This fruit is pear-shaped and around the size of a grapefruit. It has a bright orange yellow skin that is easy to peel and the inside is segmented much like an orange or grapefruit. 

What Does Orangelo Taste Like?

The orangelo fruit tastes like a cross between oranges and grapefruits. Its flavor is tangy, tart, but not as bitter as a grapefruit, and it’s mildly acidic. 

Are Orangelos Healthy? 

These common fruits that start with o are high in vitamin C and other antioxidants which are great for boosting immunity and overall health. 

Recipe To Try!

Cranberry Orange Muffins
This fluffy, easy cranberry orange muffins recipe is a perfect blend of tangy and sweet! These super moist muffins are bursting with the vibrant flavors of fresh orange zest and tart cranberries in every single bite. These muffins are a delicious treat that will brighten up any breakfast or snack time!
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14. Oranges

What Are Oranges?

Oranges are one of the most popular fruits that start with O. They are citrus fruit that is bright orange in color, and are typically the size of a baseball. Oranges grow on a tree and are mostly eaten fresh, used to flavor desserts, fruit salads, and meals, and also often made into orange juice, which is one of the most popular drinks in the US.

What Do Oranges Taste Like?

Oranges have a sweet, tangy, and tart flavor that is acidic and refreshing. The flavor of oranges can vary depending on the variety and their ripeness, but generally, they have a juicy and refreshing taste. Riper oranges will have a sweeter taste than less ripe ones.

Oranges have a sweet and tangy taste with a citrusy flavor. The taste of oranges can also be influenced by their ripeness, with riper oranges having a sweeter taste than less ripe ones. Some varieties of oranges, such as blood oranges, have a slightly more complex flavor profile, with hints of berry or raspberry undertones.

Are Oranges Healthy?

Yes! Oranges are high in vitamin C, fiber, antioxidants, and folate. They also provide smaller amounts of other nutrients, including calcium, potassium, and thiamine.

Recipe To Try! 

Chocolate orange cake topped with orange slices and a chocolate ganache frosting on a white cake board.
Chocolate Orange Cake With Chocolate Frosting
This healthy chocolate orange cake boasts a deeply rich and moist chocolate cake topped with a dark chocolate orange ganache! It's a chocolate lover's dream. It's easy to make with a vegan and gluten-free option.
View this recipe

15. Oregon Grape

What Are Oregon Grapes?

Oregon grape is a plant that is used medicinally and also eaten regularly for its flavor. The bark, root, and stem are all used to make medicine. The berries, which resemble grapes, are not actually grapes at all. They are edible, but taste nothing like grapes. 

What Do Oregon Grapes Taste Like?

The berries can be very tart and unpleasant, but they can be mixed with other sweet berries or honey which makes them very tasty. They are typically used in jams, jellies, and other sweet dishes

Are Oregon Grapes Healthy? 

The Oregon grape has a long history of use in traditional medicine. The bark, roots, and berries of the plant contain a compound called berberine, which has been shown to have anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and immune-boosting properties. It has been used to treat a variety of health conditions, including psoriasis, eczema, stomach problems, and infections.

16. Orient Pear

What Is An Orient Pear?

The orient pear is a hybrid of the Asian pear and European pears. It has a reputation for its beauty. Orient pears have a round or slightly oblong shape and a yellow-green skin that is often speckled or flecked with brown.

What Does Orient Pear Taste Like?

These O name fruits are crisp, juicy, and sweet, with a flavor that is often described as a mix of apple and pear. They have a slightly “crunchy” or “sandy” texture. They are typically eaten raw, but can also be used in cooking, baking, and other recipes.

Is Orient pear Healthy? 

Orient pears are a great source of fiber, vitamins C and K, and antioxidants. They are known for being good for gut health and digestion. 

Recipe To Try! 

Pear Gorgonzola Pizza
With just five simple ingredients, this easy pear gorgonzola pizza with walnuts is guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser! Gooey fontina cheese, savory gorgonzola cheese, fresh sweet pears, and crunchy walnuts all on top of a perfectly crispy whole-wheat pizza crust makes for a mind-blowing delicious meal!
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17. Orin Apple

What Is An Orin Apple?

Orin apples are a Japanese variety of apple. They are a cross between golden delicious and Indo apple varieties. 

What Do Orin Apples Taste Like?

This classic Japanese apple is sweet, aromatic, and fruity in flavor. Its flesh is crispy and juicy, and has a slight hint of tartness.

Are Orin Apples Healthy? 

Orin apples are an excellent source of vitamin C and dietary fiber. They also contain some B-complex vitamins, and antioxidants.

Recipe To Try!

Side shot of a plate of vegan apple crisp with a scoop of ice cream. A pan of the crisp sits in the background.
Vegan Apple Crisp
Vegan apple crisp is made with sweet cinnamon apples, and then topped with a nutty oat crisp! It’s easy to make, gluten-free, dairy-free, family-friendly, and makes the entire house smell amazing!
View this recipe

18. Orlando Tangelo 

What Is An Orlando Tangelo?

The Orlando tangelo is a cross between a tangerine and grapefruit. This variety was originally known as “lake tangelo.” They are about the size of an orange, have a bright orange color, and are harvested between mid-November and mid-February. 

What Does Orlando Tangelo Taste Like?

These tangelos are sweet and have the intense flavor of tangerines. They are also a bit tart, tangy, and flowery like grapefruit.

Are Orlando Tangelos Healthy? 

These fruits are an excellent source of potassium, plus B vitamins, vitamin C, and folate. One tangelo contains 100% of the daily intake for vitamin C, 80% of the daily value for folate, 220 mg of potassium, or 6% of the daily requirement for potassium.

19. Orleans Grapefruit

What Is Orleans Grapefruit?

The Orleans pink grapefruit is grown from a subtropical citrus tree. Grapefruits are relatively large with a segmented interior flesh that varies in color from pale yellow to dark pink.

What Does An Orleans Grapefruit Taste Like?

Grapefruit has a semi-sweet to sour taste and a somewhat bitter flavor. It’s typically sweetened with a little sugar which makes it quite delicious.

Are Orleans Grapefruits Healthy? 

Orlenas grapefruits are a good source of beta carotene and lycopene, an antioxidant “cousin” to beta carotene that has been said to lower stroke risk.

20. Oroblanco / Oro Blanco Grapefruit

What Is An Oroblanco Grapefruit?

Oroblanco grapefruit is a hybrid between white grapefruit and a giant Chinese citrus fruit called pomelo. This fruit that starts with o has a pale yellow or greenish-yellow skin that is often bumpy or slightly pebbled in texture.

What Does Oroblanco Grapefruit Taste Like?

The best part about oroblanco fruit is that it has the great flavor of grapefruit without the bitterness. Its flesh is juicy and seedless, with a flavor that is sweeter and milder than that of a traditional grapefruit. It also has a low acidity level, which makes it easier on the stomach for some people who may have trouble with more acidic citrus fruits. 

Are Oroblanco Grapefruits Healthy? 

Oroblanco grapefruits are very healthy and an excellent source of vitamin C. They have all the health benefits of other citrus fruits, which boost immunity.

21. Ortanique

What Is An Ortanique?

Ortanique is another citrus fruit that is an interesting hybrid of a sweet orange and a tangerine. Its color and form are reminiscent of mandarin oranges.

What Does An Ortanique Taste Like?

Ortaniques are very sweet and very juicy orange hybrids. Its flesh is super juicy, and has a fragrant aroma, similar to that of a tropical flower.

Are Ortaniques Healthy? 

Yes! These fruits that start with o have all the health benefits of oranges and tangerines. They are a go-to source for vitamin C and folate. 

22. Oso Grande Strawberry

What Is An Oso Grande Strawberry?

The oso grande strawberry is a plant that yields high numbers of very large strawberries. They are firm and are grown in all major strawberry growing areas.

What Does An Oso Grande Strawberry Taste Like?

These juicy fruits have a very mild acidity and are sweet. Their rich flavor is often described as being similar to that of a wild strawberry. These O fruits also have a firm texture, which makes them great for using in baked goods.

Are Oso Grande Strawberries Healthy? 

Oso grande strawberries are very healthy. They are loaded with vitamin C, fiber, antioxidants, and more. 

Recipe To Try!

Strawberry juice in a glass with a straw, garnished with fresh strawberries and mint.
Strawberry Juice
Make the most of peak-season strawberries with sweet and refreshing strawberry juice recipe! With just two ingredients, this hydrating drink is jam-packed with antioxidants and feel-good nutrients. Vegan, gluten-free, and refined sugar-free!
View this recipe

23. Osteen Mango

What Is An Osteen Mango?

Osteen mangos are a Spanish variety of mangoes. When they’re mature, these mangoes have a color that goes from green at the base of the fruit to purple on the far end, with some orange, red, and yellow hints in the middle. 

What Does An Osteen Mango Taste Like?

Osteen mangoes have a juicy, tender, aromatic flesh with a sweet and mild flavor. It is considered a fiberless mango, meaning it has minimal fibrous tissue that can get caught between teeth. Its texture is often described as being similar to that of a peach or nectarine.

Are Osteen Mangos Healthy? 

Osteen mangoes are a really good source of vitamin C, a decent source of vitamin A, folate, and high in fiber. 

Recipe To Try! 

Healthy mango protein smoothie served in a glass, garnished with mango chunks and mint.
Mango Protein Smoothie
This creamy, tropical fresh mango protein smoothie recipe with no added sugar is a delicious nutrient powerhouse that will brighten up your morning in just 5 minutes!
View this recipe

24. Otaheite Gooseberry

What Is Otaheite Gooseberry?

The otaheite gooseberry, also known as star gooseberry, malay gooseberries, starberry, and many other names, is a tree with edible smell yellow berries. The fruit is small and looks like a miniature melon before it ripens.

What Does Otaheite Gooseberry Taste Like?

Gooseberries have a mild, thin skin, and the flesh has slight savory flavor with a tartness that resembles the taste of lemons or cranberries, and has a subtle sweetness, similar to tropical fruits.

Is Otaheite Gooseberry Healthy? 

Yes! These fruits that start with o are an excellent source of antioxidants, vitamin C, vitamin E, and phytonutrients.

25. Oullins Gage Plum 

What Is An Oullins Gage Plum?

Oullins gage plums are a French plum that grows well in the cooler climates of the UK and northern Europe. They are large by gauge standards, around the size of a small plum. They have a beautiful golden color, with faint red dots.

What Do Oullins Gage Plums Taste Like?

These delicious fruits that start with o have a sweet, tender, and succulent flesh, often described as being similar to that of honey or apricot. The plum is typically eaten fresh or used in cooking and baking, and is a popular choice for making jams, jellies, and other preserves.

Are Oullins Gage Plums Healthy? 

Yes! Oullins gage plums are a good source of fiber, vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin K. They are also an excellent source of potassium. 

26. Oval Kumquat 

What Are Oval Kumquats?

These fruits starting with the letter O are the most popular of the Kumquat family. Also known as the Nagami kumquat, they are miniature oval-sized fruits that are the smallest member of the citrus family. 

What Does An Oval Kumquat Taste Like?

Known for their intensely tart flavor, oval kumquats have bright orange skin and a sweet, slightly bitter, edible peel. Their juicy flesh is sour with a hint of sweetness. They are popular for their use in marmalades, jams and candied fruit.

Are Oval Kumquats Healthy? 

Like other citrus fruits, this fruit that starts with an O is packed with Vitamin C, and it’s also a great source of vitamin A, making it a very healthy food.

27. Owari Satsuma

What Is Owari Satsuma?

Owari Satsuma, also known as Owari Mandarin tree, is an evergreen citrus tree that grows seedless oranges that are easy to peel. They are popular snacks for children because they can peel them easily and there is no worry of choking on seeds.

What Does Owari Satsuma Taste Like?

These letter O fruits are super juicy with a very balanced sweet yet tart flavor – similar to that of a tangerine. They are delicious on their own as a snack or even used in meal recipes and desserts.

Is Owari Satsuma Healthy? 

Satsuma fruits are a very healthy snack, full of fiber and immune boosting vitamin C.

28. Ozark Beauty Strawberry

What Is An Ozark Beauty Strawberry?

These fruits with O are deep red, large strawberries that are known to be one of the best in the everbearing variety of strawberries. 

What Do Ozark Beauty Strawberries Taste Like?

Ozark Beauty Strawberries not only live up to their “beauty” name, but they also taste sweet, often compared to having a honey-like flavor, and therefore are popular for making preserves.

Are Ozark Beauty Strawberries Healthy? 

Strawberries are in the top 20 fruits for antioxidants. They are also packed with vitamins and fiber, and are sodium-free, fat-free, cholesterol-free and low-calorie, making them a very healthy snack or addition to any recipe.

Strawberry milk tea with boba in a glass.
Strawberry Milk Tea
Strawberry milk tea is sweet, refreshing, and simple to make at home! Homemade strawberry syrup, earthy green tea, and almond milk top chewy tapioca pearls in this pink summer drink. Vegan & gluten-free!
View this recipe

29. Ozark Blue Plum

What Are Ozark Blue Plums?

This fruit with the letter O is a plump, round, large plum with red skin on the outside and a yellow, juicy flesh on the inside. 

What Do Ozark Blue Plums Taste Like?

Ozark Blue Plums are known for being one of the best tasting plums. They have a mellow flavor that is perfectly sweet and juicy.

Are Ozark Blue Plums Healthy?

Ozark Blue Plums are a great source of vitamins, fiber, minerals and antioxidants, making them a very healthy snack choice.

30. Ozark Gold Apple

What Are Ozark Gold Apples?

This O fruit is a cross between an A1291 apple and a Golden Delicious apple. It was developed by the Missouri State Agricultural Experiment Station in Mountain Grove, Missouri. Ozark Gold Apples are large apples with bright-yellow, waxy skin. They typically have a blush color on one side.

What Do Ozark Gold Apples Taste Like?

Ozark Gold Apples are mildly acidic, aromatic and have a sweet, subtly tart flavor. They have been said to have notes of honey, vanilla, pear and marzipan.

Are Ozark Gold Apples Healthy?

This fruit with O has a good amount of vitamins C and B6, and are an excellent source of fiber. They also contain some potassium, magnesium, copper, and phytochemicals such as flavonoids, making this sweet apple very healthy.

Recipe To Try! 

healthy vegan low sugar instant pot apple sauce recipe in a glass jar
Instant Pot Applesauce With Cinnamon
This delicious, homemade, instant pot applesauce with cinnamon and honey is one of the easiest things to cook and is ready in just 20 minutes!
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Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed this list of fruit that starts with O, and that it has inspired you to try different types of fruits! Now that you know what fruits start with O, for more inspiration and ways to use these fruits, be sure to check out my smoothie recipes, snacks, and salads

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