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Hello! I’m Anjali. I’m a board certified health coach, author, wife, mom and food lover from the SF Bay area (now living in Seattle, WA!); with a passion for delicious food and a desire to make healthy eating easy, tasty and fun! Learn more about me here and stay for a while!

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14 Indian Recipes for Kids: Easy, Kid Friendly Meal Ideas

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When I was growing up, our family ate Indian food nearly every day of the week! It was part of our culture, and I loved the flavors and spices. These are my favorite Indian recipes for kids that have become my go-to recipes for my own kids now that I’m in charge of meal time! They are big on flavor, high in nutrients, and yet simple and kid-friendly!

Indian Recipes for Kids collage: curry pizza, Indian mixed vegetables, spaghetti squash, Indian fried rice.

My parents are both amazing cooks. Growing up, they would trade off cooking, and made the most delicious meals for us kids!

When my husband and I lived close in the Bay Area, we used to have dinner with my family on a weekly basis and got to enjoy homemade, gourmet, Indian meals regularly.

The thing with Indian cuisine is it can go one of two ways:

  1. Tasty, but not healthy: Super oily and full of fat (curries are made with butter, ghee, oil, cream, etc.)
  2. Tasty, and super healthy food! These Indian dishes use inventive ingredients and substitute spices for the oil – making it healthy, flavorful and a great option for kids! Common Indian dishes that are also healthy include dals, sabjis or bhajis (which pairs the goodness of vegetables with Indian spices), and all kinds of curries!

These vegetarian Indian recipes are straight from my family, and represent what I think is Indian Home Cooking at it’s best: easy to prepare, really nutritious and good for you, but so flavorful you keep going back for seconds, and thirds, and fourths… you get the picture.

These easy Indian recipes for kids and adults, are full of healthy ingredients, while still familiar and approachable for little ones!

I’m sure your kids will love them as much as I did as a kid! They’ve now become some of my kids’ favorites too!

Tips for Helping Kids Try New Foods

These 9 tips have helped me raise young kids who love vegetables! If you follow these consistently over time, you’ll be able to change any picky eaters habits in your house!

  1. Train your child’s taste buds from an early age by making vegetables a part of every meal!
  2. Engage all of your child’s senses.
  3. Tray alternating foods, and limit snacks.
  4. Cook at home often, and keep your recipes simple!
  5. Incorporate values around food into every day conversation.
  6. Experiment with new tastes and textures.
  7. Get your kids involved in the kitchen.
  8. Don’t force them to eat foods they don’t like. Super spicy food can be tough for kids to eat. Many Indian dishes you’d get at an Indian restaurant can have too much “hot” spice like cayenne or chili peppers. These healthy recipes however, have very little “hot” spice that can easily be modified to suit your kids’ preferences.
  9. Treat teenagers like equals when it comes to food. Get them to take responsibility for making a healthy meal that will enjoy eating once a week.

Indian Recipes for Kids

Healthy Curry Spaghetti Squash

This Curry Spaghetti Squash recipe is wonderfully spicy, delicious, and filling! It’s a good substitute for pasta, and a great way to enjoy an Indian pasta dish that’s totally low-carb! Topped with fire roasted tomatoes and chickpeas for added protein, it makes a healthy and satisfying dinner for the whole family!

keto spaghetti squash tossed with spices herbs and cashews in a white bowl

Easy Chana Masala

This flavorful authentic Chana Masala recipe is an easy, Indian chickpea curry, with the perfect amount of spice and veggies! Served with creamy yogurt and cilantro, it’s healthy, naturally gluten-free and easily made vegan too!

chana masala served in a silver bowl with yogurt and cilantro

Instant Pot Dal

A simple instant pot dal has a rich, creamy texture and is an easy, healthy and delicious weeknight dinner! Made with cauliflower, diced tomatoes, carrots, bell pepper, moong dal, and Indian spices, it’s a nutritious dish with only 25 minutes of hands on time. It’s great for sneaking in veggies for fussy kids who don’t like to “see” veggies in their meals. If you don’t have an instant pot, you can make this on the stovetop or in a regular pressure cooker too! Family-friendly and a one pot meal!

instant pot dal in a stainless steel bowl with a dollop of yogurt on top

Indian Vegetables

Indian Vegetables or Vegetable Sabji is best described as sautéd veggies with roasted Indian spices to amp up the flavor. It’s a delicious side dish, or can be a main meal when served with roti, daal, or plain yogurt for protein!

indian vegetables served in a stainless steel pot with naan and rice on the side

Samosa Wraps

These homemade Samosa Wraps are super easy to make, vegan, easily made gluten-free and tastes great warm or at room temperature, packed in lunch boxes. It’s an incredible dish filled with spiced potatoes, green peas, protein-packed tofu, warm spices and fresh jalapeños all rolled into a soft, whole grain tortilla. 

samosa wraps with tofu served on a white plate

Indian Fried Rice

This Indian Fried Rice (or vegetable khichdi) is wholesome, delicious, and packed with lentils and fresh veggies. It’s super easy to make, and is naturally gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan. Filled with lots of healthy nutrients, topped with fresh coriander leaves and spiced to perfection, it’s the perfect family-friendly one-pot weeknight meal!

indian fried rice in a large pot

Indian Sloppy Joes: Pav Bhaji

This Pav Bhaji is the perfect Indian inspired street food, but it has a healthy and nutritional twist that is insanely good. Munching on this Indian spiced, sloppy-joe-style healthy sandwich will keep the entire family happy. Feel free to use burger buns, dinner rolls, or slices of bread for serving. Great for lunch or an easy recipe for dinner! 

Pav Bhaji (or Indian Spiced Vegetarian Sloppy Joes) served on a wooden cutting board with a wheat bun

Indian Stew with Rice and Lentils

This Indian Stew with rice and lentils create a complete protein in this one pot vegetarian meal. A combination of fresh vegetables and Indian spices give this stew a rich depth of flavor. Feel free to change things up by using wild rice, quinoa or even coconut rice with these lentils. Perfect for an easy family dinner!

indian stew with rice and lentils, served in a white bowl with cilantro on top

Vegan Tikka Masala

This vegan tikka masala is quick, healthy, easy and oh so tasty! Fresh paneer is substituted for tofu in this vegan friendly dish. Packed full of delicious Indian spices, this is a great recipe for an easy weeknight meal. Made with coconut milk, this mild curry will be a hit with the whole family!

Curry Pizza with Chickpeas

Grab a knife and fork and dig into this Curry Pizza with Chickpeas and Quinoa — a real treat for the senses! Whole wheat tandoori naan bread is topped with a delicious and spicy topping to create a healthy, vegan, and well balanced meal.

Traditional Indian Samosas

A healthier, Indian samosa recipe that’s lightened up but just as flavorful as the traditional version! These savory puff pastry packets of heaven are spicy and sweet, with a crispy crust surrounding a piping hot filling of potatoes, onion, and peas!

Rajma Masala: Indian Spiced Chili

This Rajma Masala (or Indian Spiced Vegetarian Chili) is thick and creamy: simmered in a rich tomato sauce with onions, garlic and ginger. It’s easy to make, healthy, vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free, but so satisfying that it will please everyone at your dinner table!

Indian Spiced Cabbage

This delicious Indian cabbage with peas is spiced with cumin seeds, coriander, and turmeric powder. In India it is called sabzi which means “vegetable dish.” It’s got a bit of a kick from the cayenne pepper, and a nice char on the cabbage gives it a smoky flavor! A delicious traditional Indian side dish!

Indian Cabbage or cabbage sabzi served in a white bowl

Vegan Palak Paneer

Palak Tofu, or vegan palak paneer, switches out tofu for cheese but has all of the delicious fragrant flavor of a traditional palak paneer recipe! Traditionally made in northern India, it’s a healthy but indulgent dish that is super easy to make and ready in just 40 minutes!

vegan palak paneer served with tomatoes and rice in a white bowl

More Kids Recipes & Eating Guides For Kids!

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