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Hello! I’m Anjali. I’m a board certified health coach, author, wife, mom and food lover from the SF Bay area (now living in Seattle, WA!); with a passion for delicious food and a desire to make healthy eating easy, tasty and fun! Learn more about me here and stay for a while!

Anjali Shah

The Best Vitamins for Immune System Support

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With so many vitamins on the market it’s difficult to know which ones are the best when you’re looking to boost your immunity. These are my recommendations for the best vitamins for immune system support.

the best vitamins for immune system

Before I had kids, I thought I had the best immune system. I never got sick! After I had kids, it was a totally different story. I was sick all the time. It was ridiculous. There was one year, when Layla was 1-2 years old, that I literally was sick every month. I’d get over some viral plague, and then get sick again.

It was the same for the husband. We were knocked out and miserable. I couldn’t figure out where I was going wrong – I ate well, exercised, but somehow my immune system was a disaster in fighting the germs Layla was bringing into our house!

I realized that lack of sleep post kids and the lack of downtime post kids was likely zapping both my energy and immunity. And so, I decided to do a ton of research to bring in some reinforcements.

(Note: This guide is focused on immunity for adults. Here is a separate guide covering the best immune boosters for kids).

Do Vitamins Really Help With Your Immunity?

Yes, vitamins can help boost your immunity. But there are a lot of really low quality vitamins out there that basically do nothing when you take them. And on top of that, the vitamin and supplements section of the store can be SUPER overwhelming. Most of the time it looks like this:

grocery aisle shelves stacked with vitamins

How Do You Figure Out Which Vitamins Actually Work?

There are hundreds of vitamins on the shelves, all of them with marketing messaging saying that they’re the best. So what are you supposed to do if you need a boost for your immunity, digestive health, or overall health? How are you supposed to know which vitamins are the best and actually work?

That’s where this post comes in. After all of my research, I have been able to narrow down the best daily vitamin regimen for adults to help boost immunity, energy and overall health.

How do I know these are the best vitamins for immune system support?

These vitamins are going to work because they are high quality, come from whole food sources and are easy to absorb in your body.

Even my husband was super skeptical when I put him on this vitamin regimen, but now he swears by it. And he was the most anti-vitamin person of them all!

When I’m coaching clients with young kids, I always put them on this regimen and they always come back with positive results (e.g. “I don’t get sick anymore even when my kids are sick!” “I feel like I have way more energy now!”).

Many of you have come across my best vitamins for kids article, so just think of this as the adult version 🙂 And if you’re looking to boost your child’s immunity, I recommend giving them this whole food multivitamin that includes 12 organic fruits & veggies along with this immunity gummy as well!

What’s Wrong With Most Commercial Vitamins?

  • Not food based – most of the cheap, widely available, commercial vitamins derive their vitamins synthetically – they don’t come from food. That means your body can’t absorb them as well. The vitamins I recommend all come from whole food sources, or they are derived naturally (e.g. folic acid or cyanocobalamin derived from bacteria fermenting sugars), which means they act like food would in your body.
  • Additives, preservatives, artificial ingredientsI found these ingredients on the labels of some popular vitamin brands: Centrum had: Microcrystalline Cellulose, Pregelatinized Corn Starch, BHT (to retard Oxidation), Gelatin, Hydrogenated Palm Oil, Yellow 6 Lake; One a Day had: Microcrystalline Cellulose, FD&C Blue #2 Aluminum Lake, FD&C Yellow #5 (tartrazine) Aluminum Lake, FD&C Yellow #6 Aluminum Lake, Gelatin, Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose. These preservatives, artificial colors and non-vegetarian friendly ingredients are not ones you want to be taking on a daily basis! Add that to the fact that the actual vitamins in these brands are synthetic and you’ve basically got a totally useless multivitamin on your hands.

What Is The Best Vitamin Regimen For Me?

For people looking for a customized plan to fit your needs, along with vitamins to help with anti-aging and to reduce inflammation, contact me!

For more general recommendations, I usually recommend that people take all these supplements below on a daily basis. At first, it can feel like a lot of vitamins! But it is SO worth it. Some are for immunity, some are for digestive health and some are for overall health. I’ve indicated which vitamins do what below so you can pick and choose, but if you’re ok with taking all of these vitamins each day – I’d take them all!

#1 | Best Multivitamins for Your Immune System

See below for specific vitamins for men and women

All of these multivitamins are made from whole food sources so it’s super easy to absorb, and have a gentle form of iron that won’t irritate your stomach. Choose one of the following below.

Vitamins For Women:

  • Ritual Essentials for Women 18+, 2 tablets a day. I absolutely love Ritual vitamins. They are one of the few clinically-backed multivitamins for women 18-49 formulated specifically to help fill the nutrient gaps in your diet. (In a clinical trial over 12 weeks, their Essential Multivitamin for Women increased vitamin D levels by 43% with no change for placebo; and increased Omega-3 DHA by 41% with no change for placebo). Ritual takes a food-first approach to their multivitamins, giving you the exact amounts of the nutrients you need that you likely aren’t getting through your diet alone. They are also completely transparent – they share sources, studies, and suppliers — their multivitamin is Made Traceable™ with the first visible supply chain of its kind. They have a separate multivitamin for women 50+, a prenatal vitamin, and a postnatal vitamin as well.
  • Passion 4 Life Multivitamin, liquid vitamin. This high potency liquid multivitamin is great for anyone who has trouble swallowing capsules or wants a super comprehensive vitamin designed to boost immunity and overall health. It’s sugar free, gluten free, and made with 135 all natural whole food based ingredients!
  • Performance Lab Whole Food Multivitamin, 4 tablets a day. This vitamin contains 17+ essential daily vitamins + minerals that are bioavailable and absorb easily. They are vegan, allergen-free, gluten-free, non GMO, and super clean from an ingredients standpoint. This is a great all-around vitamin! They also have an ongoing buy 3 get 1 free offer (so if you buy 3 bottles, you get 1 free!)
  • Garden of Life Prenatal Multivitamin, 3 tablets a day. Even though Garden of Life is a prenatal, it’s actually great for non-pregnant women because the combination of vitamins/herbs are more beneficial than the regular women’s once daily. (Note: If you are pregnant, check with your OBGYN to make sure they are comfortable with you taking this prenatal – it contains holy basil which some OB’s recommend avoiding during pregnancy. I took this prenatal with both of my pregnancies and had no issues, but if you are pregnant, make sure your OB is ok with this prenatal before taking it)
  • Naturelo Whole Food Multivitamin, 4 tablets a day. It contains a high dose of magnesium so if you are sensitive to that it’s best to avoid this brand.
  • Mary Ruth’s liquid vitamin (for anyone who can’t swallow pills). This is a good option for those who do not like swallowing pills. It’s also a good all around vitamin for the family as it can be taken by women, men, and children. Just adjust the dosage based on who in the family is taking it.

Vitamins For Men:

These are great for the same reason as the women’s vitamins – for just overall health and energy, but also makes sure you’re getting the proper nutrients to boost your immunity!

  • Performance Lab Multivitamin for Men, 4 tablets a day. This is my top pick for a men’s vitamin. It contains 17+ essential daily vitamins + minerals with food cofactors for optimal absorption. It’s a highly bioavailable vitamin calibrated for men’s specific nutritional needs. It’s also vegan, allergen-free, gluten-free, non GMO, and super clean from an ingredients standpoint. They also have an ongoing buy 3 get 1 free offer (so if you buy 3 bottles, you get 1 free!)
  • Ritual Vitamins for Men, 2 tablets a day. Ritual is an awesome option for men who eat well and are looking for a vitamin to fill the nutrient gaps in their diets. Essential for Men is Made Traceable™ with a visible supply chain so you know what you’re putting in your body. Essentials for Men contains 10 key vitamins and nutrients in a highly bioavailable form designed for easy absorption. They have a separate multivitamin for Men 50+ as well!
  • Garden of Life Men’s Once Daily Multivitamin, 1 tablet a day. This vitamin is specially formulated for men with prostate support in mind. It’s made from nutritious and organic whole foods and is a good option if you only want to take one vitamin a day.
  • Naturelo Whole Food Multivitamin for Men, 4 tablets a day. Naturelo has a Once Daily and the Whole Food. I recommend the Whole Food which is 4 tablets a day. It contains an organic fruit and vegetable blend, probiotic blend, energy blend, and brain, heart, and eye health blend. Just like the women’s vitamin, it has a high dose of magnesium so wouldn’t be a good option for people sensitive to magnesium.
  • Mary Ruth’s liquid vitamin (for anyone who can’t swallow pills)

#2 | Best Vitamins for Immune System: Vitamin C

The three vitamin C supplements below all have different benefits. I like to combine them to get comprehensive immune boost, but you can pick one, two, or all of these to take daily:

This is for all adults who need an immune boost. The bioflavonoids in both Solaray and C-Lyte help you to absorb the vitamin C better, and liposomal Vitamin C is a fat-soluble version of vitamin C that is highly bioavailable when taken with food. All 3 of these vitamins contain different forms of Vitamin C and different bioflavonoids – so I like taking them together to get that FULL immune boost!

#3 | Best Vitamins for Immune System: Vitamin D

Jarrow Vitamin D3 1000IU, 1 tablet a day is the one to get here. There are actually a lot of good Vitamin D3 brands out there, but I like Jarrow because it’s a reputable brand, the Vitamin D3 bottle isn’t too expensive, and the capsule doesn’t have any random ingredients added to it. This is for all adults who want to boost immunity and overall health – most of us don’t get enough Vitamin D and it’s really beneficial and necessary for our bodies!

#4 | Best Vitamins for Immunity: Turmeric with Curcumin Supplement

Naturo Sciences, 1 tablet a day or Truvani, 1 tablet a day. This is another area where there are a lot of brands with turmeric & curcumin – I like these two because they have black pepper and ginger added, it’s affordable, and it’s non-GMO (no random ingredients added). Turmeric with Curcumin is a powerful antioxidant with a number of health benefits (listed here). This is for all adults, to help with immunity and to reduce inflammation in the body.

#5 | Best Vitamins for Immune System: Fish Oil

Nordic Naturals, Ultimate Omega, 2 tablets a day. Nordic Naturals is my favorite fish oil brand: it’s all natural, non-GMO, nothing chemical added. Their fish oil is pure so you don’t get those “fishy burps” after taking it. And fish oil is great for all adults to take for heart health and cholesterol, reducing inflammation, and brain health.

#6 | Best Probiotic For Immunity

Garden of Life Once Daily Ultra, 1 tablet a day. I absolutely love Garden of Life’s probiotics. This one in particular, is excellent for immunity. Most of your immunity starts in your gut, so having a strong gut is essential to helping you to not get sick. The best probiotics have these strains in them (which are the most beneficial): L.Plantarum, L.Acidophilus, L.Brevis, B.Lactis, B.Longum – and Garden of Life fits the bill here. For anyone looking to improve immunity or gut health, this one is for you. If you need a probiotic that you can take with you on the go that doesn’t need refrigeration, I recommend this one for men, this one for women, and this one for pregnant women!

garden of life probiotics, best vitamins for immune system

#7 | Best Immune Booster

Better Way Health Beta Glucan. This little capsule is seriously amazing. I’m convinced this is what has helped me to fight off virus after virus that my kids have brought into the house this winter! It’s pure beta-glucan – and uses scientifically backed immune-health-supporting compounds to help prime, strengthen, and balance the immune system for better overall health. It’s also completely free of artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, and is dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free, kosher and vegetarian. If you buy just ONE thing to boost your immunity, get this and take it every day.

For those of you looking for a great multivitamin, or a daily vitamin regimen to help boost immunity and overall health, I hope this post helps you navigate the crazy world of vitamins and supplements out there!

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The Best Daily Vitamins for Adults to Help Boost Immunity - vitamins for adults, vitamins for women, vitamins for men, immunity booster for adults, immunity booster vitamins

158 responses to “The Best Vitamins for Immune System Support”

  1. HI Anjali
    My name is Jahzeel and I am wondering to know what do you think about Woman’s Ultra Mega Energy by GMC. Thanks

    • Hi! I wouldn’t recommend this vitamin. It’s sweetened with sucralose which is an artificial sweetener, it also has titanium dioxide (which is used in sunscreens) and is used in food as a colorant to enhance and brighten the color of white foods. Both of these ingredients indicate to me that this vitamin is highly processed — the vitamins on my list are much better in quality!

  2. Hi, are there any mood bosters, stress reducers, or energy vitamins or supplements out there that really work? I have depression, anxiety, and stress and that tires me mentally and physically so I would like something that helps with all or any of these things.
    Also what are your thoughts on the First Day vitamins for kids?

    • Hi Melissa! If you take all of the supplements on this list it should help with both mood and energy since vitamins typically associated with mood boosting are: probiotics, curcumin (in the turmeric supplement), Vitamin B12, Iron, Magnesium, Vitamin D and Fish Oil. In addition to that, for both mood and energy I’d recommend Ashwagandha, COQ10 and Rhodiola Rosea. First Day vitamins have great ingredients and are a wonderful food-gap supplement for kidis. Basically, it’s a good choice for kids who are already really good eaters, as it provides only the gap between the vitamins a child will get from a well balanced diet and the total amount of vitamins a child will need each day (not the full amount of vitamins kids need every day). If your child is a picky eater, a higher dose supplement like Thorne Research might be a better fit! Hope that helps!

  3. My son has severe treenut/ peanut and sesame allergies. Do you have any reccomendations? He just turned 12. Your information is so important and appreciated!!!!

  4. Hi, Anjali!
    I was wondering what multivitamin you would suggest that I take? I am a 37…almost 38 year old female, and I have the MTHFR mutation (I only have one..not the double mutation). I want something that is healthy, that my body can easily absorb, and that I feel like I have more energy when I take. I’m going to start taking the garden of life probiotics too.
    I also wanted to ask you if you have a specific multivitamin that you could recommend for my son. He is 2 years old, and has the MTHFR mutation too. I need a liquid multivitamin for him, because he is a picky eater with a very limited diet. He can’t swallow pills, and he will not chew gummies. I also wanted to give him a probiotic and possibly a fish oil. He is currently taking Poli-vi-sol which is a prescription liquid multivitamin with iron. I like it and he tolerates it well, but it does not have a large array of vitamins…and he has such a limited diet.
    Thank you for your time. I really enjoy your site!

    • Hi Kelly! For you, I’d recommend Naturelo since all of their B vitamins are methylated and from whole food sources. For your son, I’d recommend Bio Naturals which is a liquid vitamin with methylated B’s. It also already has a probiotic included which is a nice benefit! For fish oil, I’d recommend Nordic Naturals. Hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions!

  5. Hi Anjali,
    I deal with clinic depression and bipolar disorder, because of these my diet can’t drastically vary day by day depending on my mood and my sleep schedule can be a mess so you can imagine how much this affects my immune system, energy levels, and I’m constantly getting sick and catching any virus that comes into my classroom ( I’m a kinder teacher, my only happy place but full of germs lol)
    I’m currently taking antidepressants and attending therapy. I researched different foods to add to my diet to improve my immune system but I still want to add a good source of vitamins to make up for those days when my diet is not the best. I recently read an article about mushrooms and I bought HOST DEFENSE CORDYCHI – supports stress and fatigue reduction and HOST DEFENSE MYCOMMUNITY- comprehensive immune support…. ARE THESE GOOD?
    What is hands down your best suggestion for my struggles? I’m not concerned about the price I just want to make sure is worth my investment.
    Thanks in advance for your answer and the great article.
    Crista Mayra

    • Hi Crista! I’m so sorry to hear about how much you’ve been struggling! That must be so stressful! Kudos to you for getting help and doing what’s right for your body. Regarding the two supplements you mentioned – their ingredients look clean (nothing artificial added) and I do know that mushrooms have many antioxidant and beneficial properties so it should help. Regarding other suggestions, I would recommend a B complex vitamin for energy – I like this one from MyKind Organics. I’d also recommend this Vitamin C and this probiotic. I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions!

      • Hi Anajali! I was wondering what would be a great multivitamin for my kids ages 3, 7, 9, 13. My kids are extremely picky eaters and should I also get a vitamin c and D supplement apart from their multivitamins?? Thanks!!

      • Hi Tanya! I’d recommend the Smarty Pants Kids Multivitamin for your kids – it’s very comprehensive so it should fill the gaps that they’re missing nutritionally. You won’t need to add a Vitamin D supplement, but you could add a Vitamin C supplement if you wanted to since the Smarty Pants vitamin only has about 30% of the daily value of Vitamin C. If you do decide to get additional vitamin C, I like this one from Garden of Life (it’s labeled for babies but is actually great for kids of all ages).

  6. Hi,
    Thank you for the hard work you put into this research.

    However, Do you have a list with “affordable” options? if i calculate the cost for the brands of the supplements and vitamins you recommended, the total cost is pretty high for me- and this is just for one adult. If i have kids + husband then wow. SO wondering if you looked at other affordable brands when you did the research. Or is the list above solely based on your affiliation with the brands.

    • Hi Priscilla! To your question about affordability — unfortunately most vitamins on the market today are made with super processed, low quality ingredients, and so they don’t work – your body doesn’t absorb them and it’s just like a waste of money. All of the cheaper brands fall into that category. These vitamins are more expensive because they are higher quality and because they work! I’m not affiliated with any of these brands — you’ll notice I recommend a wide variety of brands across the different categories — and that’s because these are the brands that I use personally and can vouch for. I hope that helps answer your question!

      • Hi, one more question. What are your thoughts on “digestive Enzyme blend ” supplements ? i read online it helpful to take these with probiotics to help breakdown different kinds of food.

      • Hi Priscilla! I think that certain digestive enzyme supplements can be helpful if you have digestive issues. But not all enzymes are created equal! I like Digest Gold for Enzymes – and this particular one even has probiotics added, although I’d still recommend taking the separate probiotic from my list! Hope that helps!

  7. I am looking for a one a day multi vitamin for the whole family. (Mainly to Target my teens needs who are very picky eaters) they are both heavy for their age and I was wondering if they can take adult vitamims?

    • Hi Kim! I’d recommend Naturelo for Teens if you’re looking for a teen specific vitamin. It is 2 capsules taken at the same time (once daily). Teens can technically take adult vitamins (the rule of thumb is above the age of 12 is ok for adult vitamins), but since every child is specific I’d recommend talking to your pediatrician first to see if they’re more comfortable with you sticking with a teen vitamin or going with an adult vitamin. Adult vitamins are formulated specifically for men vs. women — so you’ll have to pick the right one depending on your kids genders 🙂 Here is the one for women and the one for men I’d recommend. Thanks!

  8. Hi Anjali! Do you recommend calcium? My mom has osteoporosis and my Dad had a fatal heart attack. I have heard calcium can be bad for the heart (and too much iron for men and post menopausal women), so I am torn about supplements. I also am confused if men need calcium and iron as women do. My husband and I are both 44 and my mom is 65. I have regular menses and my mom is of course menopausal. She has not started meds for her osteoporosis yet due to impending dental implant surgery (dentist advised her to wait on medication which will interfere with her bone healing). My husband and I take all of the recommended supplements you have listed above daily. I think we should be ok for iron but I don’t know if we should also be taking calcium. My mom probably does. My mom thinks she does not need iron any more similar to a man. Do you have any recommendations? I have a calcium supplement for myself but I do not like to take it, so it sits on my shelf!

    • Hi Jennifer! So sorry to hear about your dad 🙁 I can’t imagine how hard that must have been! To your questions – if you’re already taking a multivitamin and eating a balanced diet, you likely don’t need extra calcium (but I would double check with your primary care doc and your husband’s primary care doc about that!) Personally, I don’t take extra calcium because I get enough from my multivitamin + the foods I eat. Men don’t need an iron supplement – which is why multivitamins are specially formulated for men and women. Women do need iron, but the amount needed changes as we age, and all women’s specific multivitamins include the right amount of iron needed. So the main thing to do there is to make sure you’re just taking your multivitamin regularly. For your mom, I’d just have her talk to her doctor to find out whether she needs any extra calcium or iron than what’s in her multivitamin. Hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions!

    • Hi Molly! Great question! The Paradise Herbs vitamins by Earth’s Blend are actually quite good! There are some minor differences between these and the MyKindOrganics vitamins in my post. They are:
      1. Paradise isn’t 100% organic; MyKind Organics only uses certified organic, non-GMO and vegan food sources for their vitamins.
      2. Paradise looks like it’s gender neutral – “one size fits all” for men & women; MyKind makes formulas that address the unique health needs of men vs. women as well as different age groups.
      3. Paradise vitamins are vegetarian; MyKind vitamins are vegan.
      But these aren’t huge differences and Paradise is definitely more affordable. So if you can’t afford MyKind then I’d say Paradise is a good backup! Hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions!

  9. I’m still nursing my 19 month old for naps and bedtime. Are all of these safe to take while nursing?

    • I took these while nursing, and many doctors will recommend that you take a prenatal while nursing, but I would just check with your OB to make sure they’re comfortable with it too!

  10. Hello again Anjali,
    My husband and I are both 44 and my mother is 65. Do you recommend coq10 (ubiquinol)? If so, do you like a particular brand? My father passed away suddenly and unexpectedly last year at 64. He had been the picture of a healthy, strong man. We were told he had a cardiac arrest and that has made me much more cardiac conscious. We do take Omega 3 from Nordic Naturals. Thank you!

    • Hi Jennifer! Thanks so much for reaching out to me. I’m so so sorry to hear about your father. 🙁 Given that, I think something more than just the supplements for immunity would be helpful to both you and your husband. I do like coq10 as an anti-aging supplement, but not all coq10’s are created equal. The one I recommend and stand by can be ordered – it’s part of a daily supplement that I take myself and love! I’ll send you an email with more info!

  11. Hi, What is your opinion of the multivitamins ” earth blend” ? it’s a cheaper option compare to the great options in your article but I was wondering if they active and “clean” ?


    • Hi Molly! Do you mean this vitamin from Paradise Herbs? If so, they are clean from an ingredients standpoint (nothing unnecessary added to the capsule) – but some of their vitamins aren’t as high quality as the ones in Naturelo or Garden of Life (e.g. the form of Vitamin A used, or the form of folate used). So they aren’t bad, but probably not AS beneficial as the two listed in my post in terms of absorption. When it comes to vitamins, generally, the price of the vitamin usually correlates with the quality of the vitamins used. Hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions!

  12. Hi Anjali,
    I have been taking Nature made prenatal.. I am 6m PP..

    I wanted to switch to One a day Multivitamin.: And I wanted to understand if it’s ok to take that.. From what I read from your post this brand seems to fall under it..

    Could you please let me know what you think?

    • Hi Gayatri! The Nature Made one is better than One a Day but both aren’t great. The Nature Made one has gelatin (which is only an issue if you are vegetarian) and soybean oil added (which I don’t love because extra non-organic soy should be avoided). The One a Day is really bad actually – it has maltodextrin (a high glycemic preservative), artificial colors, gelatin and a number of other preservatives and stabilizers which are super processed. The artificial colors are the most concerning since they are banned in Europe and the FDA really should ban them in the US as well. Both of these brands make pretty low quality vitamins that are hard for your body to absorb. Instead, I’d recommend the Garden of Life Once Daily Prenatal – which has much higher quality ingredients and will be more beneficial for you! Hope that helps!

      • Thank you for your reply!! I will immediately return my ONE A DAY 😊😊 Soy is not good for health? Pardon my ignorance

      • No problem at all! As for soy – it’s just controversial. I recommend avoiding any soy that’s not organic since most non-organic soy is GMO, highly processed and for some people can negatively affect their hormones. So as an additive in food, I recommend avoiding it. If you’re eating whole, organic soy like organic tempeh or tofu – that’s totally fine in moderation!

  13. Hello. I am looking for a very good prenatal vitamin with folate. Which one do you reccomend? I noticed that the garden of life doesn’t have iron, so which iron should I do if I want to do that one? Also which DHA for pregnant woman do you reccomend along with also extra vitamin D for pregnant woman? I also want to take extra folate, do you reccomend a particular company? One last question… What do you think of Best Nest Mama Bird prenatal company?

    • Hi Suzy! The Garden of Life prenatal actually does have both folate and iron. It has 200% the daily value for folate for pregnant women and 100% the daily value for iron for pregnant women. For DHA, I’d recommend Nordic Naturals Prenatal DHA – that’s what I took when I was pregnant. For the Mama Bird vitamin, do you mean this one? If so, it actually looks pretty good but it has “orange flavor” which is basically artificial flavors added, which I don’t love. For that reason I’d prefer Garden of Life. But if you’re looking for extra folate I like this one from Natural Health. I’d also double check with your OB to make sure that the extra folate is necessary / a good idea for you to take if you’re already taking the Garden of Life prenatal! Hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions!

  14. Hi,
    What do you think about Rainbow Light’s – Women’s One Multivitamin? I didnt see it on your list so wondering . I have been taking that one for couple of months and it gives me a boost of energy which i need with two toddler buys.

    Also wanted to know – in your kids multivit list – you had chewables, gummies, powder forms – but have you tried/tasted any or have your kids liked any one in particular? i am giving Zarbees liquid multi with iron to my boys – my older boy takes it well but my 20 month old hates it so much that i have to make him cry everyday to take it. Both my boys are picky eaters and i have to depend on a multivit supplement. before i purchase another kind , i wanted to know your personal favorites. No powder forms for my kids cause they dont eat their food lol – will be hard for me to mix. im thinking gummies or chewable. Don’t like gummies personally cause they think its candy and ask for more than their daily dose – i saw that happening with my sisters kids – kept asking for more. Yes – i could say no but i want to avoid tantrums. Having said that if gummies is the best taste and they are more likely to eat that then ill offer that. At the end of the day I just want them to get that extra vitamin supplement.

    • Hi! Rainbow Light is good! But I just found Garden of Life to be more effective since their vitamins are derived from whole foods (so for example, they have folate instead of folic acid in their vitamins). But Rainbow Light is also a perfectly good option if it works for you. For the kids vitamins, honestly, it really just depends on each child. I have found each of the options on my list to work for different kids! If you need another option for your 20 month old, try Children’s Advanced – it’s liquid and can probably be added to any drink if you need to (like milk or water – or whatever your 20 month old likes to drink!) Hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions!

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