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Hello! I’m Anjali. I’m a board certified health coach, author, wife, mom and food lover from the SF Bay area (now living in Ann Arbor, MI!); with a passion for delicious food and a desire to make healthy eating easy, tasty and fun! Learn more about me here and stay for a while!

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A Double Giveaway from Sokenbicha and Sweet Leaf Teas!

Sokenbicha and Sweet Leaf are two of my favorite brands of all-natural iced tea.

Most bottled iced teas have tons of calories and sugar – as much as some candy bars or decadent desserts! I’m not a fan of those brands, because they look healthy for you (the words “Iced Tea” don’t really sound unhealthy right?) but they’re actually not. A lot of them aren’t even made with real tea, they’re made with tea “flavoring” and sugar.

I applaud what Sokenbicha and Sweet Leaf are doing in the Iced Tea space – because they’re making Iced Tea from actual tea leaves!

Let’s start with Sokenbicha.

I absolutely LOVE Sokenbicha as a daily drink, because it’s basically like tea you’d brew yourself and chill as iced tea – with no added sugars, preservatives, or anything artificial added. For example, their Replenish Tea has two main ingredients: Water and Brewed Tea from Organic Tea Leaves, Aloe, Rose, Fennel, Ginger, Ginseng, Jasmine Flowers. Their teas have zero calories and zero grams of sugar (and they don’t add any artificial sweeteners either). They could not be more healthy for you, and they are such a refreshing drink!

Drinking Sokenbicha is a great way to get the antioxidants from organic tea leaves, and if you want it to be a little sweeter you can always add a bit of honey or agave – but that way you can control the amount of sweetness which is great!

Now, on to Sweet Leaf Tea. 

Sweet Leaf Tea is another company dedicated to making all-natural, organic iced teas – and they have both sweetened and unsweetened varieties. I love their all-natural Lemon & Lime Unsweet Tea as a daily drink, because like Sokenbicha – it basically has two ingredients: Filtered Water and Organic Black Tea. But for those people who do like sweetened iced tea, Sweet Leaf has some of the best varieties I’ve seen.

Their sweetened teas are made with all-natural cane sugar (so they don’t have that syrupy feel that most sweetened iced teas have), and they are made with actual brewed tea which tastes delicious! Sweet Leaf also doesn’t over-sweeten their teas – so for example: their Organic Mint & Honey Green Tea has only 60 calories for 8 oz with 15g sugar. That’s pretty good compared to most iced tea brands out there.

And now, FOUR lucky readers have the chance to win a HUGE prize pack of tea from Sokenbicha and Sweet Leaf! 

The Grand Prize Winner will receive: 

  • 4 bottles of Sweet Leaf tea of their choosing
  • A package of 12 bottles of Sokenbicha tea
  • Sokenbicha swag including a t-shirt, a reusable grocery bag, a pen, notepad and USB drive

Three Runners Up will receive:

  • A package of 12 bottles of Sokenbicha tea
  • Sokenbicha swag including a t-shirt, a reusable grocery bag, a pen, notepad and USB drive
To Enter: You can enter in one of three ways –
  1. Subscribe to The Picky Eater via RSS or via email
  2. Follow me on Twitter (@pickyeaterblog)
  3. Like The Picky Eater on Facebook

Then post a comment here letting me know which option above you chose. If you already are a subscriber, follower, or like The Picky Eater on Facebook, just leave a comment indicating that – it will count as one entry.

This giveaway will be open until Saturday, March 31st at 11:59pm PSTI will be selecting the winner at random (via and will contact them via email. I’ll be announcing the winner on Sunday, April 1st. Happy tea drinking everyone!


99 responses to “A Double Giveaway from Sokenbicha and Sweet Leaf Teas!”

  1. I just started following you yesterday! Glad I found you. And I’d love to be a winner in this giveaway – warmer weather gives me major iced tea cravings! 🙂

  2. I already subscribed by email, and I have liked you on Facebook! I’m going to look for Sokenbicha. I HATE sweet tea.

  3. I’m an e-mail subscriber. My husband and I are both big tea lovers. While we usually prefer the hot freshly brewed type, I remember really liking iced tea drinks as a kid. I am sure knowing that the teas from the giveaway are healthy and good for you will make them taste twice as good.

  4. I “like” you on Facebook, but I like you in real life, too! I look forward to making your recipes, because I am a vegetarian who has little knowledge in the way of the kitchen. I finally graduated from college so I have time (and a little more money) to spend on having fun making new dishes that me and my hubby will like! (:

  5. Hi Everyone! I’m really excited to announce that Susie Van is this week’s grand prize giveaway winner! But we also have 3 runners up who will receive a Sokenbicha prize pack! They are: Penny Snyder, Robyn and Allie! Congrats to the winners, and thanks so much for entering! 🙂

  6. Follwing on twitter. I love Sweet Leaf Mint & Honey so much that I found your blog on google images when searching for it!!

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